Skidbin - Terms of Service

Don't violate anyone's copyright, do anything illegal, anything “really stupid”, or anything offensive with Skidbin. By submitting data to our website you agree to all the below as well. In short, if anything bad happens, it's your problem and you are liable, not us (Skidbin Team). If you would like to report a paste violating our ToS, you can contact us via email. We only remove pastes that violate our Terms of Service. To contact Skidbin, email us at
Condition of Use
When using Skidbin, you agree that you will not do any of the following on our service:
1. Incentivizing people to harass, humiliate, endanger, or harm an individual.
2. Sharing illicit photos of people under the age of 18, or sharing "Revenge Porn".
3. Automating the posting of pastes to Skidbin, with the sole intent to spam, advertise, or flood the website.
4. Sharing personally identifiable information (PII) of any person under the age of 14.
5. Posting repetitive and/or spam content with no clear purpose.
6. Posting any content that is is unlawful or promotes unlawful activities.
7. Using Skidbin to spread malware is not allowed, and will result in your paste being deleted.
You accept all risk and liability. Skidbin & Team are not responsible for any loss, damages, emotional breakdowns, psychiatrist visits, or any other "bad thing" that comes about either directly or indirectly because of Skidbin. Any information you retrieve or use from Skidbin is done at your own risk.
You accept all risk and liability for things you paste or quote. Skidbin & Team are not responsible for your bad choices. We don't screen pastes or quotes, although we do reserve the right to remove content we deem in violation of this agreement. We may monitor pastes and quotes if we so choose, and we may deny access to individuals who break these rules. You've been warned.