you now what i think man, you're an absolute faggot, I have so many judgements against you I just need to let it all out 

you’re a faggot who has just too much energy to invest into judging and hating others because you really just have fuck all to do, all the stupid shit I hear you say over the years really draws the conclusion you’re a bloody idiot who follows the opinion of the internet
you make stupid ass jokes against feminism and the fat acceptance movement probably because one day you were browsing the net because you have too much fucking time and you came across tumblr feminism, you read the snlike sarky comments others wrote and you’re like “oh I can get with hating this”, same with the fat acceptance movement
you’re just so bloody simple man, you talk and argue so obnoxiously, as if everything you say is undoubtly correct and you absolutely refuse to accept another opinion. “just because I’m right ‘’ real men and real people don’t spend their fucking days reading stupid shit tumblrians say because feminism doesn’t have a bearing in their lives
real people with better things to invest in don’t pay attention to the petty shit you do, they don’t spend their days getting offended by various things so that they can generalise a wide group of people who have done nothing to them, there are so little feminist activity here in NZ or fat acceptance movements in nz, they’re practically non exsistent in nz yet you find a way to be salty about it, like what the fuck man
oh yeah to the point of video game items, your hypocrisy reigns true, you’re like a 13 year old hating on a 12 year old, yet you choose not to address my point, somehow tangible collectable are miles more important than intangible collectibles, you cant seem to grasp the idea of rarity in your simple fucking mind and you choose to simplify things to fit your views.
Understand that sentimental values are able to be made with virtual pixels, or skins as they’re known as, as intangible as they are people buy them because of how rare they become, knives can be worth hundreds because millions of gamers are willing to pay that price, the price is that high is because they hold the equal value as tangible items. Collectible aren’t collected because they are tangible, they’re collected because they are not common, they give you a sense of exclusivity and achievement, at the end of the day, a skin does that for most people. 
You have too much energy yet you spend it all day hating others by how they view gender equality, health and how others spend their money, you need to spend more time on your own life and not holding a grudge against people who you don’t agree with, learn to deal with things you don’t like you fucktard and grow the fuck up