Currently trying to dox HeadlessVtuber cause she's a lying bitch. I don't have a ton of info to go off of
since her online presence is primarily just her shitty vtuber crap. 

She was born on 08/24/2001 and lives in Florida (potentially Winter Park). Her # is (7..)...-9750. 

I don't know the area code, but there are only 4 7XX area codes for Florida, none for Winter Park. 

Email is, don't have any others. And no hacked data that I can find. 

She's blatantly lying about being sexually assaulted by her "Ex"-best friend. Anybody with a single brain cell
can see that. She claimed he raped her for 8 hours close to her b-day last year. 

The person she's accusing of sexual assault has no memory of the events because they were black-out drunk. 

He only believes he assaulted her because SHE told him he did. No other proof of it happening other than her

There were no rape kits, no reports, nothing. NO EVIDENCE SHE WAS ACTUALLY RAPED OR ASSAULTED.

She's doing this to either ruin his career (he's also a streamer) or to try and hide the fact that she slept
with someone who wasn't her boyfriend. 

Someone who is so drunk that they black out CANNOT sexual assault someone for 8 hours straight. 

NONE OF THIS ADDS UP. Spread the word and make sure this bitch pays for her lies. 

If you find anymore info on her please comment with it.