- Edater
- Broke Simswapper (hasn't made 100k yet but brags about 5 figures daily)
- plain texter
- Extortionist
- Crybaby
- Serial swatter
- Snakes his own "friends"
- Has been raided twice for swatting, simswapping, making terrorist threats, and just being a freak online in general
- Swats anyone, including his own friends, because he cannot control his emotions and freaks out like a bitch when things don't go his way
- Enjoys manipulating, extorting, and blackmailing females if they don't make him feel better about his shitty life

(All of this information has been CONFIRMED multiple times, so any denial from this loser should be taken with a grain of salt)

Name: Tyshaa 
Middle: A.
Last Name: Smith
Phone Number:
(954) 533-9456 (possibly sister)

Carrier: Comcast (lol)

Line Type: VOIP

Carrier Location: Pompano Beach-Margate, FL 33023

Prepaid: Null

Connected: Null

-- ebonysmith463@gmail.com (possibly sister or other relative)
-- catboyz@protonmail.com
-- swatterz@protonmail.com (locked for suspicious activity)
-- ellikahbomba@protonmail.com (locked for suspicious activity)
-- lolFedsOnMe@protonmail.com 
(Will do more another time)

Street Address: 5811 Nw 17th Pl Apt M, Sunrise, FL 33313-6908 Apt 16
(Nice apartment complex, poor fuck)
(confirmed via EXIF data from snapchat)
View of apartments: https://imgur.com/vhLiQaU

Known IRL pictures (mostly old, he's to insecure to show his face anymore)
-- https://imgur.com/DowsPwx
-- https://imgur.com/DvsiAxj
-- https://imgur.com/QtMejtn
-- https://imgur.com/hPlGoJi

As you can see, he's obviously a little fuckboy with a fucked up hairdo, very insecure to show his full face.
This guy just doesn't look like the person he portrays, he looks like a soft little reject.
Shout out a few of the IRC guys for assisting in me finding these pictures!

Evidence of his behavior: 
(not finished will come back and finish this at another time...I am done with this clown as of now.)

-- snaking my good pal a mere 5k in btc https://imgur.com/P2V5fsJ (major consequences headed his way)
-- extorting a 20 year old into masturbating on cam https://imgur.com/Xupja0M