On A Tight Budget? #flushyourmeds
All Because Psychiatry Ruined My Life and Gave me Brain Damage ... ;

Scott Barry

On A Tight Budget? #flushyourmeds … ;

Everything as Block-Chain on The Cloud Period … ;

by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Alan Barry ;

Scott Barry is a Writer of All Things Fringe Off Center ;

The Goy/White Man will own Nothing and Jews will be safe ;

Pay your Property Taxes The Jews Own You Period Period ;

It’s called Uniform Commerical Code consisting of : Commerical L ,

Contract Law , Nine Titles , How Society / Business/GOV Runs … ;

Always say “No” “plead the fifth” “post a bond” SF-24 Bid Bond ;

I’ve been through Many Shits of Experience and Will Help YOU ;

Stopthepirates*blogpspot*com Antipsychiatry*org Evilbible*com ;

Bitchute/Odysee/Rumble/DTube/Steemit/Archive*today*org ;

Altcensored*com DavidDuke*com This shit will help you ;

If it gets deleted go to an Archiver and Get it there ;

Archive*today*org Perma*cc Many Many More … ;

One-Time Pads are a Must A-Z0-10SP*RAND3 Alien Chars ;

Only Wallet is Holtz Leather and Ranger Gear RFID BLOCKERS ;

Being a DUD on a Psychiatric Couch is hard Always Poor … ;

The Gang Stalkers got everything from me as a White Man … ;

Too bad they don’t understand Veracrypt or Linux or GhostBSD … ;

Tilde (~) goes to (/home) and NOP/NOOP is echo -ne “\x90” ;

All Because Psychiatry Ruined My Life and Gave me Brain Damage ... ;

I still can’t drive a car or do many life skill things as an Adult … ;

I am permanently Fucked by Psychiatry a Pseudoscience Fraud Scam … ;

Psychiatric Drugs and SSRIs Can and Will Cause Brain Damage … ;

My Only Computers : Lenovo T560/570 Lenovo T400/T420s Lenovo T61/60 ;

My Other Computers : Intel NUK , Eee PC 900A 1005HAB , MSI WIND … ;

Acer Aspire One ( I don’t like Hard Drives only an SSD Guy ) … ;

Acer Aspire Revo it literally can only run Puppy Linux and that’s it … ;

My only Setup : BIOS PW , Everything off except WiFi , No Webcam ,

Ventoy2SSD Ventoy*net Ext4 and 4GB Swap SSD Only System .. ;

4-8-16 GB of Random Access Memory , Many Linux Distros as ISO … ;

I put Linux on Ventoy and use it as a Ram Disk Live SSD/USB System … ;

Jews Started Big Pharma and Their Pills Give You Permanent Brain Damage ;

On GNU / Linux, Ventoy, GhostBSD, Solaris, AROS, Haiku OS, Minix … ;

On a tight budget I cannot afford Windows or Mac OS or Common OS ;

Living on almost nothing is a great book for Targeted Individuals also … ;

Being a TI under Gang Stalking will fuck you up financially and shit … ;

Targeted Individuals have to go through Daily Organized Stalking … ;

All it is is Communists , Freemasons , SJW’s , AntiFa , The Government … ;

It’s paid for by your tax dollars it’s called Organized Stalking Gang Stalking ;

Linux on Ram Disk will have no problems as a Live USB/SSD/Whatever … ;

The Magic Mac Address : f4f4f4f4f4f4 DNS : 456013 Commands : sudo -i ;

su root ; passwd root ; sudo ntpdate -s time.nist.gov ;

sudo ntpdate -s time.nist.gov pacific ; echo “Continue using laptop…” ;

Fuck it if the CMOS Battery Dies Continue Using it , it is still Usable … ;

It’s like an old garden hose , just update the time in “The Terminal” … ;

My only Flashlight : Streamlight Microstream , Fight or Flare , Used to be Rugged Reserves , Kaito forever battery , Anker USB Battery and Solar Panel, Olight , Sennheiser HD-1 , Koss KTX Pro-1 , Sony ICD PX-470 , Three BOOKS … ;

Might is Right Ragner Readbeard : Moneytreepublishing*com … ;

The Jesus Hoax by David Skrbina : Google Books … ;

The Worhless Book / A Worthless Book by Scott A. Barry / Scott Barry … ;

The Last one is on Amazon/KDP and Barnes and Noble Press … ;

Sudo Remover Two for GNU / Linux :

Archive*today/QSsQg | Pastebin*com/DVuxkqFA ;

Archive*org/details/sudo-remover-two ;

Gitlab*com/mrfaildeveloper/sudo-remover-two ;

For Flash Drives/SSDs I have Verbatim/Lexar/SanDisk/Kingston , That’s It ;

Now for the Phone Plan I have the Cheapest Tracfone Plan is 500/500/500 ;

I De-google it , Set an Alphanumeric PW and my Laptops have BIOS PW ;

I install F-Droid , then NetGuard and Block-All-Apps Accordingly … ;

Next I put Two Raychip Things on it Humanfirewall*com … ;

Next I put it in a Faraday Mesh Bag to Block All The Crap … ;

I just happened to be on MicroUSB instead of USB-C … ;

So that’s all I can afford , WS is Flushyourmeds*com on Archive*today*org

and Perma*cc as Anti Psychiatry Anti Zionism and Anti Society … ;

I use Google Domains and a Paypal Debit for Hosting MY WS … ;

I have Solid DdOS Protection Much Better Than Hostinger or 1111 ;

I want to be like the Freemason Illuminati and use Imperva 456013 ;


I founded my own Secret Society for Targeted Individuals who under

Go Organized Stalking also known as Gang Stalking COINTELPRO ;

The Society is Anti Zoinist , Anti Psychiatry , Anti Mossad / CIA … ;

Fuck COVID I still use Cash and Don’t Wear A Mask Aquafina … ;

CF Cards are Obsolete use Micro SD/SD/SSD/USB-C/Jewish Shit … ;

My only MP3 Player is San Disk Clip Jam and Sony ICD PX-470 … ;

I have a regular Cannon Scanner I got for Free from Audiologist ;

My Filing Cabinet and 2 Ammo Cans are Faraday Cages … ;

Cell Phone Faraday Bag , Hazard 4 is Glued w Gorilla Glue … ;

It’s a really tacky sling pack that had be Glued Shit Gorilla … ;

3 Ammo Cans 40 Cal 3 American Locks Lexar USB Master Key ;

FineArtAmerica*com is where I make My Acryllic Sign … ;

Just Search Scott Barry / Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry … ;

inauthor:"Scott Barry" inartist:"Scott Barry" intitle:"Scott Barry" ;

Business Cards : Flushyourmeds*com Archive*today*org Perma*cc ;

Anti Psychiatry Anti Zionism Anti Freemasonry Anti Religion … ;

Anti Society Society of Societies That is Against/Hates Society … ;

Koveking Urban Dictionary Mug


Browser Extensions for Brave and Chromium Appimage … ;

Return YouTube Dislikes, Ublock Origin, Decentraleyes, Privacy Badger ;

The Worst Browser Extension for Linux is : Video DownloadHelper

9781/9780 DRYBAEAO A way to know standard ISBN NUMBERS ;

Doi Numbers : 10.6667/6667 ASIN NUMBERS/CUSIP/EIN/SSN ;

The Magic Mac and DNS Address to Spoof To will be :

f4:f4:f4:f4:f4:f4 45*60*1*5 Internic*net Kernel*org Ventoy*net

Nosystemd*org | Never Trust Wikipedia for History/Politics … ; En*wikipedia*org/wiki/Category:Linux_distributions_without_systemd

Plastic, Phenolic, Aluminum, Vinyl, Mercury = All Earth Eugenics … ;

When you astral project to 4th dimension those materials do not exist and

the people there are all telepathic just like Telepathic Ghosts who died here.

The Swastika is an Ancient Sun Wheel That Our Ancestors Used Period.

Hitler was the Good Guy who Fixed the German Economy and Jews have

always been running nations down through Central Banking USURY … ;

The Holocaust Never Happened and 6 Million Jews My ASS … ;

There are no wartime documents, why is denial illegal in 16 Countries ;