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by Scott Barry / Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Alan Barry
Right Now I listen to Adam Green of Know More News and I am Non-Partisan. They are
trying to Push Feudalism, Zionism, Communism, Hegelian Dialectic, Mind Control and
Cultural Ideological Subversion. Both Democrats and Republicans are Two Sides of the
Same Coin and is Senseless Tribalism To Pick a Side.

We are under expert conditioning to believe that Six Million Jews Perished during a Holocaust
and that Adolf Hitler was a mad man when he repaired the German Economy, got Germany out
of Debt, and Turned Germany into a Power House.

My brainwashing all started with Paranormal Encounters of being told when we die we become
highly telepathic and see every segment of time and that we are Telepathic Ghosts when we die.
It started with a Jew telling me things about Telepathy, Remote Viewing, and Psychic Phenomena
AKA ESP. He told me that Jewish Supremacists are at the very top and they are part of the B’nai
B’rith of the ADL and the Mossad, that they keep us under-line in control like animals in a Zoo and
that Martians Destroyed this planet as Kyle Odom claims in his Manifesto. I am just pointing things
out that Smedly Butler was right and War really is a Racket, and that Democrats and Republicans are
Two Sides of the Same Coin a False Left Right Paradigm Dichotomy.

I am not a Zionist or a Communist or a Marxist , I am Simply Not Partisan and an Atheist. Another
Recommended read from a non-Zionist is The Jesus Hoax by David Skrbina PHD. You see Society
is just that mentally ill. The B’nai B’rith is a Jew-only secret society that is made up of 100% Pure
Blood Jews that are all Circumcised as the Magna Carta was replaced with Talmudic Law and Rights
are Imaginary, you do not have true Intellectual Property Rights, Rights are a Hoax, America was and
always still is a British Crown Colony Corporation. You have The Act of 1871, The Cestui Que Vie Act
of 1666 AD, The Magna Carta and Constitution no longer apply to common man and all you have is
“I am invoking my right to remain silent” or the fifth amendment and that is it. Mid adlantic speakers
such as David Irving dared to Question the Holocaust and got Deported and Arrested for doing so. It’s
a Cult of Brainwashing. Martians as they have said use ‘wild’ humans as Sex Slaves and Worker Slaves
and the last bit is they started Satan, God, Heaven, Hell and Organized Religion to Divide and Control
Mankind as a Hegalian Dialectic Tool. Just look at us now the Jews absolutely run Hollywood and the
Porn Industry as well as the Music Industry which is all Lossy Degenerate filth that uses no real instruments,
the Jewish Supremacists are solely responsible for all the Degenerate Filth on this Planet Earth which
operates through Talmudic Law, Government, Uniform Commercial Code.

Keep in mind that Constitution and Magna Carta were replaced with Babylonian Talmudic Law
and we Goyim are listed to be exterminated by Degenerate Filth.

They want open borders, the Jews were the first to open these Borders. Chabad Lubavitch is Purely
Zionist and Jewish and absolutely part of Russia and Putin, Ukraine is also Openly Zionist so don’t
waste your time with Two Party Feudalistic Tribalism and nonsensical Garbage, that is what the
Jews want you to do.

“It’s a Big Club and you Aint in it, you and I are not in the big Club.”

What George Carlin was saying was that the Democrats and Republicans are Two Sides of the Same
Coin and a False Left/Right Paradigm, now it’s an absolute clusterfuck thanks to Modern Computers,
Sub-net Masking, The Patriot Act, The Back-door in the Very BIOS of your Computer that the Mossad
Put in there Wake UP.

Larken Rose once said “Fuck The Troops” he had a point, they had to kill 300 people just to kill the bad
guy who was the “Actual Problem”.

Unplug form your Programming and Look these up:

To Be Targeted, Holocaust Hoax, Targeted Individuals, Organized Stalking, Gang Stalking, MK-ULTRA,
COINTELPRO, Mossad, ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, Chabad Lubavitch and Putin, False Dichotomy, Hegelian
Dialectic, Cestui Que Vie, Uniform Commercial Code, USA is a Corporation, USA is a Crown Colony,
Founding Fathers were Frauds, The Victors Lied about Hitler in History Books, Six Million Lie, Expert
Conditioning, Brainwashing, Cults, Mind Control, Coercive Persuasion, Propaganda, Feudalism, Zionism,
Tribalism, Brainwashing, Cults All Stalk People, Voyeurism and Stalking is a Paraphernalia and Mental Illness,
Communism Was Originally Jewish, Left Right Paradigm, Television, Radio, Non-Partisan, Expert Conditioning,
Antifa was originally Jewish, Karl Marx was a Jew, Porn is Cultural Ideological Subversion and is Jewish,
Flushyourmeds*com Archive*today*vn*org Perma*cc, Anti Psychiatry, Anti Vaccine, Antipsychiatry, Signals
Intelligence, Banks do not want you taking out money, Statins Cause Brain Damage, 40 Hz Reverses Dementia,
Skywave Linux and Ventoy, IBM Lenovo T400/T420, Questioning Jews or Judaism or the Babylonian Talmud is
Amalek and Antisemitism, Racial Justice is Abolishing White People, Both Democrats and Republicans are Same Thing,

Godisimaginary*com Archive*today*org Perma*cc Evilbible*com, The Talmud is an Anti European Book against
All White People, Hanuka is about the Celebration and Genocide of the Greeks and other European Peoples,
They always repeat Israel has the right to defend itself when Palestine does not have anything at all anyways.

David Duke, David Irving, Adam Green of Know More News, Mark Collett, David Skrbina The Jesus Hoax,
Flush Your Meds by Scott A. Barry …

Altcensored*com, Odysee*com, Bitchute*com, D*tube, PeerTube, Truetube*media,

AIPAC has many Mini AIPACs and is part of a Big Israel Supper Lobby,

Usury in Jewish Banking, All Banking is Jewish, The Federal Reserve, The IMF,

The World Bank, Black People are More Likely to Commit Violent Crimes than White People, Jews are the
Real Supremacists who Control all Major Media and Banking.

The Jesus Hoax : 9781732353237 / Flush Your Meds by Scott A. Barry

Religion is just another Fairy Tale and Cult for Retarded Adults and Another Zionism.

Controlled Remote Viewing CRV is used to do all the Organized Stalking and Gang Stalking is Run by
Confidential Informants, Citizens on Patrol, and Freemasonic Cops in Law Enforcement and Sheriff’s
Department and The Federal Government Look up Nextdoor Avalon and Regional Information Sharing
Systems and Security Industry Specialists.

Distilled Water is the Superior Water for your Health and if you Microwave water and give it to a plant,
that plant will die, Supplement with Baking Soda or Sodium Bicarbonate, Take Citricare, Take Colostrum
from Surthrival and take Apple Pectin.

Fasting Cures most inflammatory disease and the doctors only want to Poison you with Fake Vaccines
and Fraud Pharmaceuticals and the CIA is also Behind this along with FBI’s COINTELPRO Program next
to the CIA MK-ULTRA Program and Charles Manson was a Sane Man just Hitler and he was Wrongfully
Convicted on Bogus Claims and Painted as The Poster Child, his Organization was ATWA and he was all
about Preserving the Environment and Saving the Trees which put him in the Psychiatric System where
was experimented on Illegally with drugs under Project MK-ULTRA and Cathy O’brien was also also used
as a sex slave for Child Porn in this same CIA MK-Ultra Program that was all about Child Porn and LSD Look it up.

In my dream I had one door that had Catheters, pencil thin legs, sick mentally retarded people to the left
and the Door was called MK-Ultra, The other door to the right was called Satanic Ritual Abuse and I had
sex in that door with random people.

So Society is totally lost by Political Brainwashing and Religious Brainwashing so Turn off your TV and Radio,
those are the least cool things you can do.

Real Journalism is found on the Internet Period, people blow the whistle and expose Pharmaceutical Companies
for Throwing Drugs in The Trash when they say they are ECO and Green and all that other Stupid Hippie New
Age Bull Shit. I am glad to have a Long Wire Vintage Edison Light Bulb and Candles in my Home and Screw These
People, I also Eat Meat and other Fish as well, These People are all CUNTS.

Psychology and Psychiatry and Non-Stem Fraud Business for Big Pharma.

Real Science comes in Lab Tests such as Analysis of Blood with a Computer.

Or Radiometric Carbon Dating which debunks these Flat Earthers and Young Earth Creationists. The Earth
Being More Than 5 Billion Years Old According to Science.

The Jew Agenda is working, you can’t even say that we become Telepathic Ghosts when we die and that when
humans die they see every segment of time Via Telepathy and that even Stasis Idiots use Telepathy to Stalk
and Harass such as Antifa.

Antifa is a Communist Jewish Group and Communism was Originally Jewish And Karl Marx was a Circumcised
Fucking Jew, Fuck Your Censorship Period.

GE, VIACOM, Time Warner, News Corp, CBS, Walt Disney = All Jewish + Zionist …

D*tube - @invalid 01-20 / 322 / 666 / 963 , Also my Organized Stalkers are Body Snatched Brain Worm Skin
Suits Truman Show They Live 1984 George Orwell and they are Harassing my like and AntiFa Stasis would
for Typing this All UP …

They are harassing me in my room for typing this at this very moment Same …