dox of idealsr6

first name: Andrei 
last name: Golli
mums name: Mariana Golli (oh btw, she left LMAO, also explains a lot right)
has family from: ukraine & moscow (thats probably why he thinks hes russian and had the uplay Moscow)
dads name: Seth Baker (unsure about this but seems right)
address: 27 Valley Crest Dr West Hartford, CT 06110 (house is blurred on google maps, come on ideals, dont make it obvious)
house pics (it looks fucking terrible):
age: 16 (he lies about being 17)
ip: (probably outdated now, it was the last ip he injected phoenix /w)
middle school: sedgwick middle school (he even got an honour role! wow, ideals you're a smart guy)
reason for dox: being a freak & a pathological liar.

extra: his parents were never married or even dating, he was literally an accident! explains a lot right?

oli.mist on top! @olidotmist