Original: https://pastebin.com/K3J1T8CZ

The 10 DoX commandments

1 gota rape da whole crew if u fuck wit 1 they all come @ u

2 mothafuckaz waitin on u
So neva slip up or theY clown u

Three... Make sure u smoke AMP not tree
Cause dat shit get u slow n u get doxed by 3

4 I know u heard this be4...
When a niga 04 
Let him pass ... hit da floor

5 make sure they box is fried
Or they back on n ya network dies

6 watcH out for dat niga BiG SiX
Dat niga 2 slick wack ya MoDem QuicK

7 bust 1st never quarrel
Or u end up eating shotz from da BLackHaT barrol

8 this shit aint NO MiX tape
Stay spittin classics 2 KeeP respect

Numba 9 shouldA been numba 1 2 me...
I DINE on any new kid that fuck wit me

10 if this the end of mah reign... I Make sure take em faggots down with mey

 							  ~ BWA ~
                         			   "The House Always Wins"