1) Allegedly stalks and attempts to intmidate female students.
2) Allegedly was expelled and arrested from his former university for attacking a minor. 
3) Has a history of violent conduct and estrogen raged temper tantrums. 
4) Allegedly claims to want to get revenge "mean racists" that ruined his life on twitter.
*Personal Information:

Full Name: Devon M Fowlkes (22)

Gender: Male

Cell: +1 (410) 713-9420

Address: 1411 Beckford Ct; Salisbury, MD; 21804

Picture: https://d2o2figo6ddd0g.cloudfront.net/m/a/1flfkmm4ujwmb6/DevonFowlkes_2618.jpg

Occupation: Salisbury University Student, SU Seagulls Football Player

Twitter (Deleted lol): https://twitter.com/DXMfowlkes
*Father’s Court Record

State Felony Charges: escape and battery and assault, attempted (Convicted on all Accounts)

Sentence: 6 Months State Prison Served

Maryland Court Transcript: https://www.courtlistener.com/opinion/2350468/fowlkes-v-state/

Summery: Fowlkes discharged his public defenders after the judge denied him the right to find a private attorney.
This was because he had six whole months on bail to find one, but did not oblique to the courts demands. 
He then lost this case, representing himself. He then asks the judge for an "appeal bound" instead of a trial. 
Representing himself in a state court of appeals, the jury unamiously found him guilty.

Quotations of Fowlkes' defence:
"MR. FOWLKES: Uh-huh."
"MR. FOWLKES: I ain't trying to get tried."
"MR. FOWLKES: You say I have plenty of time?"
*Salisbury Univeristy Emergency Contact


Campus Police Emergency Line: +1 (410) 543-6222
Campus Police TTY/TDD device: +1 (410) 543-6083

*School Administation

Dean of Students: 410-548-2365
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs: 410-543-6084
Vice President of Student Affairs: 410-543-6080
Assistant Director for Residence Life: 410-548-9165
Director of Housing and Residence Life: 410-543-6040
Assistant Director for Operations and Judicial Management: 410-543-6040

Mother: Erin M Fowlkes

Father: Jeffery M Fowlkes AKA ANTHONY JOHNSON

Address: 1101 Camden Ave; Salisbury, MD 21801 

Cell: +1 (410) 850-5007; +1 (301) 774-5853
Disclaimer: All Information Obtained Illegally. This is not a form of harrassment or threat to anyone. 
Any illegal activity or conspiracy of any is not tolerated.