██   ██  █████  ███    ███ ██ 
██  ██  ██   ██ ████  ████ ██               █████  ███████ ██ ████ ██ ██    
██  ██  ██   ██ ██  ██  ██ ██ 
██   ██ ██   ██ ██      ██ ██ 

Nikki dox 
Reason for dox: faked rape, made fake rape accusations among others, when she is a virgin. 
Victim: Nathan
Date of incident: known to be from 2017-2018
Name: nicole ashley rudè
Xbox Gamertag: Ninerva
Originally from: tenessee 
Age: 20
Instagram: nikkirudayy
Snapchat: deleted on July 27th, 2018
Facebook: last remaining user: Nicole Rude
Mobile: +1 (801) 678-8895
Previous mobile: 801-649-0499
Attended Schools: Lomand View Elementary, Orion Jr high, Woods cross highschool.
Mobile provider: Sprint
Mobile activation location: Ogden UT
Birthdate: April 21st 2001
Company of employment: Starbucks
Address: 421 Canyon Crest Circle Salt Lake City UT
Postal: 84121
Siblings: nick rudè
Step Siblings: Anna Tippets
Step father: Todd Tippets
Step grandmother: Clare Tippets
Past cities lived in: Farr West, Pleasant View, Roy, Salt Lake, Nashville, Westpoint, and North Salt Lake
Families genetics: French
Mothers name: Tricia Tippets 
Facebook: Tricia A Tippets
Date of current marriage: June 28, 2016
Occupation: dental hygienist at RDH 
Fathers location: 27 Hillsborough Dr UT 
Last reported friends: Dani Jamie Larsen, Karter Mahas, Payden Roberts.
—————Dox for Dani Jamie Larsen———
Name: Dani Jamie Larsen
Reason for dox: guilty of association and acceptance with the defiance of subject 1 faking rape. 
Age: 20
Birthdate: February 5th, 2001
Mobile: (801) 940-1140
Facebook: Dani Jamie
Attend school: Fremont Highschool
Siblings: August Marie Larsen
Facebook: August Marie Larsen
Rest of Family and locations: Austin Larsen, Morgan UT. Ben Larsen, Oceanside CA. Braylynn Larsen, Ogden UT. Dan Dorie Larsen, West Haven UT.