So, you want to learn how to dox? Maybe you're a newbie and don't even know what doxing is
and you think you're the shit because you got someone's addy that has already been leaked
before, or maybe you just want to fuck up some random nigga's router. Either way, you're about
to learn how to dox properly. Don't take it from me, though. Let this document seep into your brain
so you can see for yourself. There are a bunch of sources that doxers use to get info (that I will
not be leaking), but I will give you some basic sources to jumpstart your pointless journey. I will
also teach you how to properly perform open-source intelligence (OSINT) and find sources for
yourself, and I will show you how to correctly format your information, as well as getting the info-
rmation yourself. You can spread this to all of your friends (or don't) if you want, and hopefully
this document helps you at least a little bit. Also, expect a part two because everything won't be
on one document. When I finish with everything, I will upload one document with every part combined.


First, here are the basic terms you'll need to know if you even want to be taken seriously by a doxer
or hacker:
    Doxing - Hacker slang for getting someone's documents. Pretty self-explanitory. 
    Alias - False Identity (Nickname).
    Open-source Intelligence (OSINT) - All of the websites, programs, and other sources that niggas use.
    Social Engineering - Manipulating people so that they give up their information, or "brain hacking".
    Swatting - Calling the cops on someone to scare them.
    Operational Security (OpSec) -  Keeps your IP address private, as well as your identity and other info.
    Backdoor - Secret entry point.
    Blackhat - Hackers who break the law with malicious intent.
    Greyhat - Hackers who break the law, but without malicious intent.
    Script Kiddy (Skid) - These niggas are looked down on because they use other people's scripts for their shit.
    Whitehat - Hackers who pentest and find vulnerabilities. Sometimes, offense is the best form of defense.
    Decryption - Breaking a code without a key.
    Hacktivist - Someone who wants to make a statement rather than ruin the world.
    Botnet - Army of comprimised ("zombie") computers.
    Penetration Testing (Pentesting) - Deliberately attacking a system to find holes in the armor so you can fix them.


Here are some tips that you should probably take if you don't want to become a clown in the community:
    •  Stay humble
    •  Don't talk shit about people who are better than you
    •  Don't try to dox people who are better than you
    •  Don't be a nerd
    •  Don't snake
    •  Only snitch in emergency situations (if you get snaked or swatted)
    •  Have a good template
    •  Have good sources
    •  Whitepages is dogshit
    •  Don't use websites that are the first result on google
    •  Don't use paid sources like geneaology sites (specifically TruePeopleFinder)
    •  All listings for harmful people are completely biased and cherry picked with no polls


Now that you have some basic knowledge before going into the juicy parts, I will now show you how
to social engineer, or brain hack (Nobody really calls it brain hacking, but I guess it's up to you). Social
engineering is defined as "the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information". This
can be in the form of phishing, pretext, or whatever the fuck you want to do. I will now go over the main
ways in which people do this shit.

    First off, we have phishing. I think that this is the most used form of social engineering, so I'm gonna
go over it first. Have you ever gotten an email about some retard-only promotion for a retard-only company
that you've never heard about, and it has some retard-only link at the bottom? That's a phishing email.
Have you ever gotten a text with some offer that says you'll get nudes if you signup at the person's website?
That's a phishing text. Phishing is defined as "a scam by which an Internet user is duped into revealing per-
sonal or confidential information which the scammer can use illicitly". You basically send someone a link
hoping that they will click it, so you can get their info.

    You know how phishing is through text? Well, check out vishing. Vishing is defined as "an electronic fraud
tactic in which individuals are tricked over the phone into revealing critical financial or personal information
to unauthorized entities". Basically, this is the art of indian tech scammers. The electronic life for hinduism
involves calling someone and making them give you their credit card info, and thats basically it. Nobody
really does this shit though. Boring.

    Next, we have baiting, which is defined as "using a false promise to pique a victim's greed or curiosity".
Baiting really goes together with every other social engineering method, so you should probably know what
it is. People do this shit all the time. Pretty self-explanitory, and you should probably already know what this
is even if you didn't know what social engineering meant.

    Where you fish for a huge amount, you can always fish for a specific fish. This is called spear phishing. It
is defined as "an email or electronic communications scam targeted towards a specific individual, organization
or business". Instead of taking down a group like a faggot, you target the leader. This usually takes way longer
than phishing and you should probably just work your way up instead.

    We perform quid pro quo all the time without even realizing it. Quid pro quo is defined as "promise a
benefit in exchange for information". Quid pro quo is the Robin to baiting's Batman. You tell the nigga a
fake name and get their real name. Pretty easy after reading the definition.

    You have to be smarter than the average person if you want to become good at performing pretexting. "a
method of inventing a scenario to convince victims to divulge information they should not divulge" is its definition.
You think of a scenario to act upon, and you carry out the scenario with random niggas. You can pretext with
multiple people at once if you want. It is literally possible to get multiple people's information in one run with pretexting.

The rest of the methods like tailgating (irl social engineering), waterholing (not rly social engineering), and scareware
are pretty much useless unless if you want to become an ugly nerd. You can go look those up if you want. Doesn't
really matter.

This is the end of part one. I covered social engineering and the basic terms and tips in this document. Like I said
expect a part two because there is still juicy shit. Also, I plan to expand more on social engineering in the future 
so stay tuned. Hopefully this helped a little. I fucked your mom.