name: lavinian,Valenti,Anneleise,nicolette
age: 15
snapchat: lavinianvalenti
relatives J Valenti
Rebecca C Valenti
Michael A Valenti <dad
(610) 566-6466
(610) 497-2804
(610) 566-4967
(610) 436-1596
moms number: (484) 326 8093
moms ip:
address: 511 north lemon street media pa
City Media PA
Region Pennsylvania (PA)
Postal code 19063
fyi her dad is a sherif that does drugs and pirates off the dark web
lavinian (erin) she is a whore who plays with peoples hearts and manipulates them for nitro,
we have cracked her account erin† for safety resones we did not put her and full user in
her alt is (anatashia#4541) ID:750796980321648731 go and piss her off she 
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thanks for your time :)