The FULL DOXX OF HAYLEY ANN ILLIG the STD infested disgusting cunt with pussyflaps that she can parachute/skydive with. For threatening minors online, helping out extorting underage girls as young as 15 with her online boyfriend the pedophile ABDULLA FRAIJ. Affiliating with a pedophile called Gabrielle Nelson (can be seen in the mugshot). Read up your fucking info you infected slut

-Personal information-


Alias - Hay, smol baby, Mood, Hayley 

DOB - December 30th 1999 (21 y/o capricorn)

Selfies -

Mugshots -

Education - Doniphan High School Diploma & IT 

Number - +1 (618) 343-5641

Address - 313 Louisa Ave, Dupo IL, United States



Vaporizer Smoke Store in Columbia, Illinois +1 (618) 719-2068
970 Columbia Center, Columbia, IL 62236, United States

-Her Online Pedophile Boyfriend-

Full name - ABDULLA FRAIJ 

Alias - Che Guevara, Arab Guevara, Arab

DOB - March 2003 (18 y/o)

Mugshot -

Location - Amman, Amman Governorate 11153, Jordan 

Proof of pedophilia with his voice -

Education - 2nd Year Online Sales & Marketing Degree at Luminus Technical University College (has no colon cancer and is not affiliated with any military experience)

Proof of his education -

Telegram - @ripyounigger

Discord - ♤ ΛЯΛB ♧#6666 [865787960728485948] 

PayPal - (Jack Nicholsin QTXGLHCTJ7498) 

Snapchats - @afraij00 @aatrew21 @vvorshipped

iMessage -

Twitch - @bsmntgaming 

YouTube - 
Facebook he threatens minors on - (Jason Macaan) 

His sisters face - (more to be dropped soon)  

His current teacher - Fadi Nijem -

Teachers number - 00962796066627

Teachers fax - 0096265000905

Teachers email -

Teachers P.O BOX - 240518
Postal Code 11121

Teachers LinkedIn -

Teachers Instagram - @fadinijem

Teachers Twitter - fadinijem

Teachers YouTube - fadinijem

Teachers Skype - fadinijem

HIV Simplex-l (herpes) 
Wilsons liver disease

-Her Videos, Articles and pictures of her disease-

- (image) 
- (image) 
- (image) 
- (article) (article) 
- (article) (video) 

Honda Civic Hybrid 

-Social media-

Facebook - 

Snapchat - @hayleyann1230

Instagram - @hayleyann1230

Discord - ☹♡ᴍᴏᴏᴅʏ♡☹#8588 [853641056985939969]

Twitter - @hayleyann1230

Pinterest - @hayleyann1230

-Her Nudes-



DOB - March 21, 1980 (41 y/o) 

Selfie -

Number - +1 (618) 641-3275

Address - 2415 State St
East Carondelet, IL 62240

Emails -

Spouse - Bruce Foutch - 

Facebook -


DOB - November 16, 1999 (21 y/o)

Selfie -

Education - Studies Cosmetology at Paul Mitchell

Past address - 642 Marian Dr
Dupo, IL 62239 

Current location - St Louis, Missouri

Email - 

Spouse - Viktor Licklider -

Facebooks -


DOB - August 21, 1951 (70 y/o)

Selfie -

Address - 993 Ripley 160e-12
Fairdealing, MO 63939

Email - 

Facebook -

3) HANNAH LYNN (sister)

Age - 19

Selfie -

Facebook -

-Familys Social Media-

Rachel Wiechert -
Courtney Barlow - 
Malisa Webb Barlow - 
Deborah Casper Almeuti - 
Philip Almeuti - 
Beverly Brady -
Amanda Hicks - 
Samantha James - 
Malychi Casper - 
Lee Mitchell - 
Kourtne Streich - 
Krystal Foutch - 
Chris Foutch Westover -
Pamela Barlow - Justin Barlow - 
Kim Chandler Foutch - 
Todd Westover - 



Elizabeth Jane Barlow
Malisa L Webb
Nathan James Washburn
Joshua Lee Washburn
James Edward Washburn
Tamara Jean Luse
Kaitlynn Yvonne Lour
William R Barlow
Skylure A Barlow
Mildred Rene Barlow
Mildred Louise Barlow
Kellie Lynn Barlow
Courtney N Barlow
Cletus M Barlow
Charles James Barlow
Laurie Ann Corson
Tasha R Barlow
Ronald D Barlow
Bruce Wayne Foutch
Kaacee James Cockrell
Bruce Wayne Wilson
Collin Hoffmeyer
Blake Robert Hoffmeyer
David M Wiechert
Johnny Lee Hopper


-Facts about Hayley-

1) She is a known cheater in all her past relationships 

2) Her last fiancé killed himself after finding out she cheated on him 

3) She threatens MINORS online for money and nudes 

4) Her liver transplant was from a 15 year old boy who killed himself, she rushed to steal his organs

5) She lied to her workplace saying she's "just getting threatened" after being exposed for her affiliation with pedophilia 

6) She has a rotten witch tooth that she went to the dentist for. Her smile repulses people miles away 

7) She has slept with a minimum of 60 guys 

8) She has a "funny goblin smell" as confirmed by Gabrielle Nelson 

9) Nudes are easy to get from her. Just text her and the pictures will be flowing 

10) She has 0 friends in real life. The only friends she has is ones with sexual needs (friends with benefits, fuckbuddys etc) 

-Facts About Her Online Pedo Boyfriend Abdulla-

1) Threatens underage girls on alternate accounts such as "Ryuk" to attempt to get their nudes and them to send him money through Hays PayPal and his 

2) He lied about his colon cancer for multiple years along with his military service, he has a journal case which says "army science" in Arabic that he claims he shows "proof" of his military service 

3) He lives with his mom, sister and siblings, his dad leaves and comes back home and beats the shit out of him from time to time 

4) He doesn't have any real life friends, he's on discord playing video games and streaming them 24/7. All of his real life stories turned out to be bullshit and lies 

5) Most people are shocked that they found out Arab (Abdulla) lied about his cancer which will be proved more and more