Hzz - retard kid that thinks he owns everyone & everything
Usmxn - skid, confirmed to be part arab and indian (12 yrs old)
ZAV - "known" adopt me scammer, owned titan beaming server (12, dox posted)
xScripted - skid that stole a function from github and told everyone he made it LOL
'Daddy' Certi - from nigeria, acts 12, old baby, fake python coder
Balenzone - poland freak, 17 yrs old and owns fake mm (.gg/dmms, .gg/diegomms, dox posted)
'Daddy' Derek - dualhooks his members with leaked beaming methods (dox posted)
Gaarazone - retard kid who fakes server members and scams kids

take this down if ur a fag

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  "city": "Adelaide",
  "region": "South Australia",
  "country": "AU",
  "loc": "-34.9287,138.5986",
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  "postal": "5000",
  "timezone": "Australia/Adelaide",
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