doxxed by MinecraftLover66#6666 / Lokio#9310

Name: Octavian Ene / Calamari
Dad: Dorin Ene
Mom: Mirabela Ene
Sister: Unknown sex
Brother: Unknown sex

// we got his family name by his number and he told us about his name and we found his mom twitter!!!

Phone Number: +4074831155

Discord: SeeFlow#0001 (his new discord other one which it was frionx#0001 got termed by my friend after token logged this skid)

Country: US
State & City: Aurora, Illinois
Address: 2208 Tremont Ave
Post Code: 60502

house owner: Dorin Ene 

// reason of the dox he's been threating me over voice also he said he was gone delete it but after few days saw it on arhive site.

Age: 18