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"KFC301280","Rakesh Pillai","","Male","rakeshpillai9@gmail.com","9769361377","2022-04-26","12:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I ordered Friendship Meal and asked to add on 2 pcs of fried chicken. When i received the bill, the 2 pcs of chicken was not added as an add on (145 INR) whereas it was added as separate (195 INR). When i asked the store manager, he","","","09 am - 12 pm","","Take Away","Yes","No","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","Yes","2022-04-26 20:55:52","2022-04-28 13:20:39","1:16:24","1 days 16 hours 24 minutes ","2424","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC300079","Meera","","Female","meetmeeranair11@gmail.com","9567882449","2022-04-01","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I got really less amount 
It was like almost half empty","","","09 am - 12 pm","","Online Ordering","Yes","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2022-04-01 17:07:42","2022-04-01 21:17:02","0:4:9","4 hours 9 minutes ","249","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC299153","libi.scorpio","API","","libi.scorpio@gmail.com","9539931046","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","             Firstly, We Do love the food at KFC worlwide. Doesnt matter if the ordered item is a small item or big, we dont like when we are tricked by an international brand like KFC.  A Popcorn chicken Biriyani bucket ordered on order id 3476777389 on 29th Jan 2022 had missing items( popcorn ) what do you call a(Popcorn chicken Biriyani bucket without a popcorn ?)  So We need a refund as it Was a total waste of money. Kindly dont neglect this concern and do the needful. ","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2022-03-14 22:00:45","2022-03-16 13:40:29","1:15:39","1 days 15 hours 39 minutes ","2379","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC298678","Ashok","","Male","messi.ashok@gmail.com","8848189601","2022-03-07","4:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1991-04-06","SMA DALE, AMC JUNCTION, PUTHENTHURA.P.O, NEENDAKARA","","Negative","I have ordered 6 pieces of hot and crispy chicken but I got only 5 pieces.","","","04 pm - 07 pm","BiWeekly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2022-03-07 17:27:51","2022-03-07 19:03:31","0:1:35","1 hours 35 minutes ","95","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC297080","muralivarun50","API","","muralivarun50@gmail.com","9207868137","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","Here iam attaching the bill which i had today in your branch in polayathode , kollam. It is very unfair to take high price for the items.( for 1 glass pepsi around 75rs).This high pricing will badly affect your credibility.please consider my mail and do necessary action.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2022-02-14 22:39:43","2022-02-15 21:36:31","0:22:56","22 hours 56 minutes ","1376","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC296640","febinjones","API","","febinjones@gmail.com","9489945448","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","It had  been a long time since I've had KFC and really craved it. But go to the Kollam KFC branch only if you've a lot of time to waste for so-called fast food. Made an order at 5:52 PM and received it at 6:34 PM. Priority is given for Zomato and Swiggy delivery boys who flood the ordering area having no concern for Covid restrictions. Food is not worth the wait either because they treat the food as 'anything goes'. They promote an in-house combo that isn't on the standard menu. Don't go for it. Barely any meat in the bucket. Mostly batter and bones served with soggy fries. No cole slaw and they charge you Rs. 30 for mayonnaise. Absolute disgrace to the KFC I've loved eating from by childhood. ","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2022-02-09 14:07:12","2022-02-10 01:01:58","0:10:54","10 hours 54 minutes ","654","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC295347","Pradeep","API","","pradeepm823@gmail.com","9633823823","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","My order placed but not delivered.please refund my money","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2022-01-23 23:13:38","","0","","654","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC294951","AVINASH LEON","","Male","FOREVERMADMAX@GMAIL.COM","7012897418","2022-01-19","12:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1987-09-20","LENS HOME POLAYATHODE ARA 5A","","Negative","I PLACED AN ONLINE IT WAS CANCELLED AT THE LAST MOMENT WITHOUT PROCESSING MY ORDER THROUGH AMD THE MONEY WAS DEDUCTED FROM MY WALLET","MAYBE NEVER IF THIS BEHAVIOR CONTINUES","PLEASE REPLACE THE MONEY IT LOST BY ORDER IN YOUR FOOD CHAIN FIRST. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE","09 am - 12 pm","BiWeekly","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2022-01-19 12:11:00","","0","","654","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC294705","Alban Nigli","","","nigli.alban@gmail.com","9495629771","2022-01-15","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","ORDER WAS PLACED BUT NOT DELIVERED!!!!!!!!
NOT HAPPY WITH THE KOLLAM STORE STAFF SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE TO COMPLAINT BUT VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND NO RESPONSE!!!!!!!!!!","","NEED A RESPONSE FOR MY COMPLAINT!!!!!!!!!!","","","Online Ordering","Yes","No","No","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","2022-01-15 22:09:51","","0","","654","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC293835","Unni","API","","gouthamsa2005@gmail.com","6238205409","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","My name is Goutham S A,I have been to KFC outlet on Karungapalli Kollam Kerala India, it is a very bad experience and they were very rude to me and and no taste when I said this to manager he didn't care about it and it was a very bad experience,I am your customer since kfc started in Kerala,and this will be my last order from kfc
And they were not giving me the bill but i","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2022-01-06 00:18:08","2022-01-09 13:14:33","3:12:56","3 days 12 hours 56 minutes ","5096","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC293672","Avinash leon","","Male","forevermadmax@gmail.com","7012897418","2022-01-02","11:30am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1987-09-20","Lens home polayathodu ara5a kollam","","Negative","I am an avid fan of KFC, and the brand name is being tarnished right in my home town by the KFC employee. I have visited other store in other states they are fast and polite, the customer is always attended immediately. Here this is not the case.","Yes if are going to provide service like in other location or I have go to other KFC store other than kollam. So my  frequency of visit will be less because I have to travel 30 to 60 kms to get there.","Firstly the employee's at KFC can collect my own mobile number.Instead of one single number being enter as the customer number in all bills. I used to get offer before which all together disappeared. Secondly I would like the customer counter occupied at all time, here in kollam KFC store its always empty. Moreover, the security they placed there is very rude unless you visit the store in a porsch car.","12 pm - 04 pm","Weekly","Take Away","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","2022-01-04 14:43:09","2022-01-05 11:09:56","0:20:26","20 hours 26 minutes ","1226","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC293051","Aju vijayan","","Male","ajuvijayan1984@gmail.com","8921160901","2021-12-28","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1984-04-01","","","Negative","Today we buy strips , now a days kollam kfc serving very small size chicken compare to other KFC locations 

I have trying kfc from gcc to India 

Today we got very very very small pieces , before also we got small size but today is was too small, it was not worth full for the money we paid.

Expecting immediate check up in the restaurant to improve the quality and size.

We expect food for the money we spent.

One more time we will try after a week  to see any change.","Make sure staff are friendly and food serve is value for money ,

Management is saving but reducing the size of the portion","Make sure items are value for money","12 pm - 04 pm","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2021-12-28 20:28:54","2021-12-30 17:06:03","1:20:37","1 days 20 hours 37 minutes ","2677","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC292504","Aravind Uthaman","API","","Aravinduthaman@gmail.com","8907818167","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","Shut down your stores if you can't maintain quality
What the hell are you doing
My cousin had food poisoning 2 months back aftrt having from the outlet. I thought it may be because he ate too much. But now i am 100%sufe","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-12-20 22:37:25","2021-12-21 22:54:06","1:0:16","1 days 0 hours 16 minutes ","1456","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC292324","Shobitha","","Female","sannkoshy18@yahoo.com","9448647753","2021-12-18","4:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1995-01-18","","","Negative","I have a complaint against the Kollam KFC branch. Today in the Chicken Zinger Burger that was given to me, there was a worm in the lettuce. When I showed it to the staff & the manager, they took it away and replaced it with anew burger. But their attitude was what I found horrible. All of them have no respect for a customer especially in such a situation. The manager denied the fact that it was a worm in the lettuce. They did not even bother to apologise to me. Instead he told me that it was not a worm. Thankfully I had taken photos of the worm before giving it back to your staff. They should learn how to deal with a customer's grievance instead of blaming us. This kind of behaviour from KFC staff is never expected. And what exactly are your hygiene standards if this is the kind of food you serve? The food tasted bad as well, the seating area was not cleaned and it was difficult to find a clean table to eat. On top of that, your managers are behaving so unprofessionally. The cashier didn't even bother to given back the balance of ₹2 & he didn't even have the courtesy to inform me that he has no change. Instead when I complained about the burger, they immediately gave me back the ₹2 as well. How did the balance change appear magically at that time? I expect better from an international brand like KFC. I hope you take the strictest action against these staff for their unprofessional behaviour.","Better cleanliness, there is a total lack of hygiene, no covid protocols followed as well which is a shame.","Keep regular evaluations of your staff, teach them how to deal with situations like these, ask them to keep the shop clean & the food should also be prepared with hygiene.","07 pm - 09 pm","","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","2021-12-18 21:29:18","2021-12-19 15:44:03","0:18:14","18 hours 14 minutes ","1094","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC291691","Binu Prasad","API","","binuprasad531@gmail.com","7373272795","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","Very poor service at KFC kollam. The screen in not followed. Order number not followed.
","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-12-11 21:50:34","2021-12-12 21:26:19","0:23:35","23 hours 35 minutes ","1415","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC291602","Nevin Binu","","","belvinbin@gmail.com","8075569618","2021-12-10","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1998-09-17","","","Negative","Very poor packing for soft drinks, as we had to travel long way back to home the soft drinks were spilled due to poor packaging.Please look into the matter and see what can be done for more aturdy packing.","","","","","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","2021-12-10 22:08:37","2021-12-11 21:08:31","0:22:59","22 hours 59 minutes ","1379","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC291210","Shilpa","","Female","shilparajesh2012@gmail.com","7559022440","2021-12-05","7:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1994-10-27","AKSHARA, OZHUKUPARA, NEDUNGOLAM PO","","Negative","So unhappy about kfc kollam some items I go there is no letuce leaf but charging same 
If I orderd 2 hot and crispy they will give me 2 leg piece so how I will satisfy 
Today I gone kfc but I didn't buy anything because they are saying it will take 40 min","I like your KFC  but i am so un happy about KFC kollam","Good customer service  and hygiene toilet","09 am - 12 pm","Quaterly","Dine In","No","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2021-12-05 22:17:53","2021-12-06 10:40:22","0:12:22","12 hours 22 minutes ","742","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC290413","Vikas Vijay","","Male","vikasvv27@gmail.com","8056154862","2021-11-24","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1988-05-27","Chethana Nagar ,Vikas Bhavan,Valathungal P O Kollam","","Negative","I ordered smoky chicken Red 5 PC through Zomato .The item which got delivered was something else, I sent the pictures of what I got. I tried calling KFC kollam and they are not answering at all. I felt like cheated.please help me out in this.","Depends on this ticket.","Recruit someone who is well-known and accountable for the mistakes in kollam polayathode KFC location","12 pm - 04 pm","Weekly","Delivery","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2021-11-24 18:01:14","2021-11-25 11:35:15","0:17:34","17 hours 34 minutes ","1054","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC289863","Akhil","","Male","akhilts1987@gmail.com","9847346554","2021-11-15","7:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1986-01-02","","","Negative","This is the second time.
First incident. 2 months before, I order my food lady cashier inform me the am out to pay. I gave her my card suddenly she said sorry sir could u pls give me cash. Accidentally I close as cash. Am 100% sure there is an option to edit the bill and close it again. But she get cash from me

Second incident today 15 Nov. Actually I want to order 599 bucket. When I was in the queue there is 2 people Infont of me. When the first guy order thee bucket the cashier said sir u have to pay 664 rs he paid  and he left. Next 2 ladies order the same cashier repeat again mam u have to pay 664 that time I ask him why I need to pay 65 rs extra. He start to about take away coke delivery coke I don't understand him. What ever it is from the display menu u cannot take even 1 rs. Then I ask him how about the bill u will show this 65 rs to the bill, he said no becs the system not yet updated. I told him to off the display and stop selling that item.  Then I order bucket pop corn it's coast 399. I give him 500 rs he return 131 rs back. I don't understand he charge me only 369 instead of 399.

Polayathodu branch.

Both the experience r worst. Last 15 years I was working as a food and beverage proffetional. Currently I am working in French chain restaurant in kuwait. I hope that u will take necessary action.","","","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2021-11-16 20:29:17","2021-11-17 21:08:02","1:0:38","1 days 0 hours 38 minutes ","1478","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC289076","NOUFAL NAZEER","","Male","noufalnazeer03@gmail.com","8156967752","2021-11-02","9:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","2021-07-31","Nougal manzil muttappalam s.v puram p.o","","Negative","The food was not the same quality and taste as my last visit","Quality assurance","","09 am - 12 pm","Quaterly","Dine In","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2021-11-03 12:38:20","2021-11-04 01:17:21","0:12:39","12 hours 39 minutes ","759","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC288826","Anvar Muhammed","","Male","anvarmk159@gmail.com","8281131155","2021-10-30","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1983-12-02","Ahsan Villa, Snehadhara Nagar 106C, Kavalpura, Eravipuram, Kollam","","Negative","hi,
I am actually a customer of KFC since 10-11 years as of today starting from KSA,UAE and finally India. The service and food which me, my friends and family have enjoyed from KSA & UAE are impeccable and we used to love visiting KFC and Pizza Hut over there apart from ordering online too. 
Okay lets come to the fact that the online service from Kollam franchisee in Novar Plaza is worse and getting more worse day by day. Since few days, I have been trying to order through the app and computer but upon picking and placing the order the app says "Not Serviceable", "Closed" and the best part is when we change it to takeaway it does the same., i.e. i believe they close the online window by that time of 6pm - 8pm. But the comic part is if we try ordering through Swiggy or Zomato, its "AVAILABLE" though.. hope they have a mutual understanding for closing online portal. 
We order KFC since my kids like to have it but what to do if the services are not good enough. I am sure that many of other customers would feel the same by this attitude of KFC, Kollam. I would never like to come back for KFC and will make sure nobody in my friends and family circle does too.

I know this mail will be trashed and no changes are going to happen but still writing it as for my peace of mind as me and my family had great love for this product.

Bye Bye

Thank you,","I have lost my trust..","Thank you,","","Weekly","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","Yes","2021-10-30 19:39:36","2021-10-31 21:57:28","1:2:17","1 days 2 hours 17 minutes ","1577","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC288663","abhiramr22","API","","abhiramr22@gmail.com","7510787550","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","CHICKEN NOT WELL COOKED.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-10-27 23:55:52","2021-10-31 21:59:11","3:22:3","3 days 22 hours 3 minutes ","5643","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC288606","girishankar316","API","","girishankar316@gmail.com","8129464802","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","Honestly, this is the worst ever tasted KFC. It is an absolute poor quality food.. Poorest by KFC standards!!!!... Really dissapointed to have KFC downgrading to such extent. I have had KFC from many outlets throughtout India, Middle east etc, But so far this is my worst ever experience of poor quality food.
","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-10-27 12:29:07","2021-10-27 20:36:38","0:8:7","8 hours 7 minutes ","487","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC288458","James","","Male","jamesbondin40@gmail.com","8281074465","2021-10-22","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","2021-05-23","","","Negative","Quality of the food was not as expected.
French fries were burnt.hot and crispy chicken had no flavours in it.felt like boiled chicken.also hotnd spicy chicken which was expected to be hot was ice cold when served.","Pls make the quality of food more better.try to be customer friendly","Provide the customer with the better quality and the finger licking taste of KFC(which we have not received in the above visit)","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","No","No","Yes","2021-10-24 18:03:34","2021-10-26 20:06:03","2:2:2","2 days 2 hours 2 minutes ","3002","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC288402","suneesh surendran","","Male","suneeshsn2010@gmail.com","6282865817","2021-10-23","9:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1987-05-05","SN NIV","","Negative","Very badley aregment no clean floor and table very bad behaviour. Poor service","Kollam kfc","Clean and neat tidy","","","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","2021-10-23 21:09:24","2021-10-24 18:48:16","0:21:38","21 hours 38 minutes ","1298","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC288236","SIVAJITH J","","Male","Sivajith80@gmail.com","8075489909","2021-10-21","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","The kollam store is not accepting online orders. I’m trying it for two to three days, then why this kind of online apps. If you are not accepting any kind of online orders then for what this online services are… Don’t cheat customers. This is not the way to treat.","Open online orders","Please try to accept online orders, kollam store is always closed for online orders.","09 am - 12 pm","","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2021-10-21 12:48:29","2021-10-21 16:42:36","0:3:54","3 hours 54 minutes ","234","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC288117","abhiramr22","API","","abhiramr22@gmail.com","8594012180","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","I paid around 1200 for 8 PCs chicken only no coleslaw no fries no bun but Pepsi only this is too bad paying so much for a meal and you dont get what you deserved in the meal I've been exploring many countries world wide and I've been getting proper meal from kfc including fries and coke only in India this thing happend too bad as an outsider I had a bad experience and I wi","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-10-19 15:47:07","2021-10-21 16:26:06","2:0:38","2 days 0 hours 38 minutes ","2918","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC285727","Arun  B Thaha","","Male","samadsanish@gmail.com","8547392061","2021-09-17","2:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1990-04-27","Navaikulam","","Negative","I had ordered Big8 and zinger chicken
But unfortunately zinger was not fresh the leaves and chicken were dry. Fried chicken we ordered was not at all juicy not fresh. And smoky chicken was so bad in taste was just hot. Altogether one star rating 
And we are facing stomach upset
","Never","You are always serving better we usually visit kfc Trivandrum serving tasty food","09 am - 12 pm","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2021-09-17 00:32:17","2021-09-17 20:37:57","0:20:5","20 hours 5 minutes ","1205","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC285474","Bruno pius","","Male","bernypius@gmail.com","9447362828","2021-09-14","7:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1965-05-08","ARN 128 A, THEKKEVILA PO, KOLLAM   691001","","Negative","Quality is going down in chicken and its making.","","Maintain standard","07 pm - 09 pm","Quaterly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2021-09-14 20:06:47","2021-09-15 09:41:34","0:13:34","13 hours 34 minutes ","814","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC285223","ppk3389","API","","ppk3389@gmail.com","919920803640","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","Despite having a very long association with multinationals, I am trying to understand your response, particularly the first sentence.
However you are right, we need to first discuss. KFC, eep can call me any time. 
Incidentally, the copy of Invoice and two pics of the jackets in which the Double Downs were found to be packed are attached.
You will appreciate that for the v","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-09-12 16:33:26","","0","","814","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC283695","James","","Male","jamesbondin40@gmail.com","8281074465","2021-08-27","7:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","2021-08-23","","","Negative","Not customer friendly, we were not served the food which we ordered. This is the second time I am experiencing the same thing..","Nothing","Make service more customer friendly","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","2021-08-28 20:23:09","2021-08-29 15:16:02","0:18:52","18 hours 52 minutes ","1132","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC283127","Anil m b","","Male","anilmb4u@gmail.com","9846222711","2021-08-23","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1985-04-06","","","Negative","We ordered for classic zinger and tandoori zinger but they served us two classic zinger burgers and taste was also disappointing.  We ordered through  kFC app and it showed an offer of an additional chiczinger but it was not served.","","","12 pm - 04 pm","","Take Away","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2021-08-23 20:15:12","2021-08-24 20:57:37","1:0:42","1 days 0 hours 42 minutes ","1482","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC282247","Nibu P Shaji","","Male","nibupshaji532@gmail.com","7012764390","2021-08-12","8:30pm","Thindivanam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1993-12-12","Panantharayil House , Pandanad PO, Chengannur, 689506","","Negative","On the 12th of August, on our way back from Trivandrum airport, we stopped at a KFC along the Kollam highway on right side(about 4 or 5 kilometers from the airport). We placed an order for a 14-piece bucket. The order was for takeout owing to the pandemic. We checked the package after we left and there were only 8 pieces in it, no French fries, nothing. We made a debit card payment of Rs 680. ( union Bank of India). We didn't check the parcel before leaving because we trusted your firm. When we discovered that we had been duped, it was quite distressing. We don't return to the shop to raise this issue because we're on our way home. It's a disgrace for such a reputable organization to engage in such deception during this pandemic. Please check into the situation and make sure that no one else has to go through something like this again.","","","09 am - 12 pm","Quaterly","Take Away","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","No","No","Yes","2021-08-14 10:45:24","2021-08-16 12:54:06","2:2:8","2 days 2 hours 8 minutes ","3008","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC281340","KUMAR K","","Male","nithinnelsonalphonse122@gmail.com","8590088527","2021-08-04","7:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I ordered for a combo pack for my friend which includes pepsi. But when i reached the restaurant one of the staff told the pepsi dispensing machine is not in working condition and he has arranged a bottle instead for my order. Once i reached home i came to know the they had'nt kept any bottle in that packect.","","Atmost a brand like KFC should always  look into this kind of mistakes from the staff and makes the customers happy on their order","09 am - 12 pm","BiWeekly","Take Away","Yes","No","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2021-08-04 21:00:06","2021-08-05 19:59:08","0:22:59","22 hours 59 minutes ","1379","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC281323","Jasmine John","","","jasminejohn077@gmail.com","9496400297","2021-08-03","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I have a query regarding my online ordering","","","","","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2021-08-04 20:25:18","","0","","1379","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC281247","Adersh Ajay","API","","achuajay000@gmail.com","8301070430","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","When i reached home and opened it the packing was very bad, When i took the box the pieces were about to fall down It was a worst experience as this is a brand new outlet here

","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-08-04 13:50:29","2021-08-04 14:52:50","0:1:2","1 hours 2 minutes ","62","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC281103","Adersh Ajay","API","","achuajay000@gmail.com","8301070430","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","When i reached home and opened it the packing was very bad, When i took the box the pieces were about to fall down It was a worst experience as this is a brand new outlet here

","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-08-02 13:20:42","","0","","62","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC280421","Renju","","Male","renjurx135@gmail.com","9562016301","2021-07-26","1:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1985-03-15","","","Negative","They are not given importance for the online ordered list.","","","","","Online Ordering","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","2021-07-26 13:50:00","2021-07-26 15:37:54","0:1:47","1 hours 47 minutes ","107","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC280313","kira4u2009","API","","kira4u2009@gmail.com","8589023002","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","WIP","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","I have ordered ultra savings bucket from karunagappally branch today. Specifically there is shown that one 500ml pepsi is included in that bucket combo. I havent received the pepsi bottle and this is not the first time they are cheating me. Earlier also they havent given same pepsi and fries in the past order. I am attatching the order details in this mail. I need the auth","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-07-25 14:26:00","","0","","107","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC280250","kira4u2009","API","","kira4u2009@gmail.com","8589023002","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","WIP","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","I have ordered ultra savings bucket from karunagappally branch today. Specifically there is shown that one 500ml pepsi is included in that bucket combo. I havent received the pepsi bottle and this is not the first time they are cheating me. Earlier also they havent given same pepsi and fries in the past order. I am attatching the order details in this mail. I need the auth","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-07-24 20:45:30","","0","","107","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC280211","thesaikology","API","","thesaikology@gmail.com","9447988230","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","totally disappointed with the performance and customer handling","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-07-24 14:46:27","2021-07-24 18:30:24","0:3:43","3 hours 43 minutes ","223","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC279833","Renju Mathew","","Male","mrenju@gmail.com","9037181248","2021-07-17","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1983-05-10","Kollam","","Negative","Very bad food no tasty no flavor","","","09 am - 12 pm","","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2021-07-20 20:08:27","2021-07-24 18:15:41","3:22:7","3 days 22 hours 7 minutes ","5647","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC279753","Pranay","","Male","Pranayakumar999@gmail.com","9947722775","2021-07-19","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1999-12-19","Salila Bhavanam Kallelibhagom Karunagappally","","Negative","I was excited to see a KFC in my hometown Karunagappally, I ordered a combo and two burgers with French fries add on, neither did I receive half of the items in the combo nor did I receive the add on French fries. The chicken was dry, it did not have the KFC magic at all. Very very bad experience!!!!","I’d be reluctant to try KFC from now","","12 pm - 04 pm","Quaterly","Delivery","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2021-07-19 19:11:43","2021-07-20 14:25:47","0:19:14","19 hours 14 minutes ","1154","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC279617","Anas","","","anaskairali.ak@gmail.com","9049745878","2021-07-18","1:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1991-09-27","","","Negative","Worst service at Karunagappally restaurant","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2021-07-18 13:29:06","","0","","1154","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC279472","Vinay Kuryan Payikad","","","vinaypayikad@gmail.com","7561018001","2021-07-16","5:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","2001-09-20","CSI CHURCH PUTHUPALLY","","Negative","This is regarding Invoice No . K3342021002360,
ORDER NO. K334202100, According to this it is evident that I had placed order for 3 fries; but instead they have not given any fries.
I had to travel for almost 1 hr from my home to reach this restaurant,  and after reaching home when we opened it for dinner there were no fries..
Really disappointed with this type of customer service , inspite of the travel Time, fuel and other expenses I came and visited this restaurant because I had a faith that my mind would have been cherished and thought it would be finger lickin good, instead you didn't even gave the dish to taste..
If you are gonna say that I had received the fries then I request you to please check the cctv footage, and makesure wht they are doing with those paid food items..
","I've been visiting/order from  KFC KOTTAYAM, KANJIKUZHY ATLEAST 4 TIMES A MONTH and I like their service very much ,with that expectation when I visited another franchise they had just gave dissatisfaction","N/A","07 pm - 09 pm","BiWeekly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2021-07-16 21:18:05","2021-07-18 14:03:36","1:16:45","1 days 16 hours 45 minutes ","2445","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC279442","ananthuuthaman321","API","","ananthuuthaman321@gmail.com","9947161537","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","Waiting time was more...SOS was not maintained well...Food was ok...no sauses was served...no napkins...for meal option no pepsi was available and no other alternate options was available.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-07-16 17:37:19","2021-07-17 16:07:54","0:22:30","22 hours 30 minutes ","1350","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC278538","Mohamed Faadl","","Male","mohamedfaadl2243@gmail.com","9495979970","2021-07-07","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","2006-10-11","Dawlath manzil anchukallumoodu","","Negative","I ordered through kfc using kfc take away and ordered but money debited order not ready","","","12 pm - 04 pm","BiWeekly","Take Away","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2021-07-07 22:45:58","","0","","1350","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC278417","Salim","","Male","salimtk.itc@gmail.com","9496535700","2021-07-06","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1983-03-12","","","Negative","I ordered kfc for rs556 through paytm and they confirmed that it’s given to kfc merchandise. Still my order wasn’t placed and I had to pay again for it.kindly refund my money. Transaction attached","","","","","Take Away","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2021-07-06 18:12:39","","0","","1350","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC278375","ARYA LEKSHMI A","","Female","jobmails19@gmail.com","9388813227","2021-07-05","5:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1992-05-05","","","Negative","I have ordered Tandoori Zinger and a Veg zinger. The Tandoori Zinger was without Tandoori sauce . There was a little mayonnaise and lettuce with a piece of chicken. Also they were hesitate to pay me the balance amount for two rupees. Whether it is 1 paisa or 500 rupees it worths. Thats why I'm registering this complaint.","","I believe in your valuable  customer service. Please do the necessary action. I would like to get a refund or coupon for the bad experience. If there is no response from your side I will not purchase anything from KFC and will definitely warn my friends about this experience. 
ORDER NUMBER; K1522021022349","09 am - 12 pm","Quaterly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2021-07-05 23:00:35","2021-07-06 14:26:55","0:15:26","15 hours 26 minutes ","926","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC278356","Arya Lekshmi A","","Female","moviewatchclassic@gmail.com","9388813227","2021-07-05","5:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1992-05-05","","","Negative","I have ordered tandoori singer. But there was no tandoori sauce in that Burger. Also they were hesitate to give the balance amount.","","","09 am - 12 pm","Quaterly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2021-07-05 20:00:05","2021-07-06 14:25:11","0:18:25","18 hours 25 minutes ","1105","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC277368","Ashik","","Male","ashikdon4u@gmail.com","8129131232","2021-06-25","7:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I have made a payment and i have not received the order. May be the restaurant is not serviceable here. But why would you take my order","","","09 am - 12 pm","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2021-06-25 19:23:32","","0","","1105","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC276915","Ratheesh Udayabhanu","","Male","mail4ratheesh.u@gmail.com","9539865647","2021-06-20","7:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","Kollam","","Negative","Order placed at 5.45 pm to deliver to car by 7pm. Went inside the store to check at 7.10 asking the status and they told still preparing. Again went inside at 7.20 and had to shout to get my order.
Not sure why they were not able to deliver to car on time even ordered before 1.15 hours.","","","12 pm - 04 pm","Monthly","Online Ordering","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","2021-06-20 19:59:20","2021-06-21 15:57:41","0:19:58","19 hours 58 minutes ","1198","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC276853","Sam","","","samphiliptpm@gmail.com","9447272969","2021-06-19","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I ordered Big 12 Bucket, but i got 6 pieces of snack box chicken which is 1/4 th size of the normal chicken . i have attached pictures . Please clarify ?
","","","","","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2021-06-20 09:50:37","2021-06-21 15:51:20","1:6:0","1 days 6 hours 0 minutes ","1800","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC276816","UNNIRAVISANKAR","","","u4unniravi@gmail.com","7012604454","2021-06-19","6:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1993-07-29","","","Negative","I ordered food they cancelled it and not paid the money fully only partially . 
Then I ordered agains the same order and received after 1 hr","Very bad experience in kollam KFC AND THE WAY THEY BEHAVE IS VULGAR","","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Take Away","No","No","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","2021-06-19 20:45:57","","0","","1800","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC276111","sanjay","","Male","s4sanjaykrishnan@gmail.com","9207395961","2021-06-02","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","2001-04-13","Sanjeevam,excel nagar,38 a,thevally,kollam 9","","Negative","i didnt get the refunded money","","","07 pm - 09 pm","","Online Ordering","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","No","No","Yes","2021-06-12 17:52:56","","0","","1800","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC276013","Jibindas","","Male","Jibindas0123@gmail.com","8301831549","2021-03-18","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1997-06-27","","","Negative","I have ordered Stay Home bucket, 4 Tandoori Zinger Burgers, 4 piece Hot and Crispy chicken, 1 piece Hot and Crispy and 2 Piece hot and crispy. But rather than providing what i have ordered for , they just managed to fill the total count of chicken pieces. I have paid for what i asked and its not satisfactory to give what they like","","","07 pm - 09 pm","Quaterly","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","Yes","2021-06-11 20:17:11","2021-06-13 13:23:34","1:17:6","1 days 17 hours 6 minutes ","2466","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC275782","Simi panickar","","Female","simipanickar@gmail.com","8075323149","2021-06-09","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1976-07-10","","","Negative","I ordered chicken strips
.but it dam cold ..as if it prepared hours and hours before..I was unhappy","","Plz serve hot food. .not tht cold snf chilled .online","09 am - 12 pm","","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2021-06-09 20:51:05","2021-06-10 18:03:03","0:21:11","21 hours 11 minutes ","1271","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC275391","Sajeem","","Male","jsajeem@gmail.com","9496329459","2021-06-05","5:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","Ordered cob-hc 2pieces, but They serve popcorn","","","09 am - 12 pm","","Take Away","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2021-06-05 20:12:34","2021-06-06 19:44:50","0:23:32","23 hours 32 minutes ","1412","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC275248","Binu C","","Male","binuc9048505268@gmail.com","8848356099","2021-06-02","5:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1985-08-20","Pattathuvila Kizhakkathil, Valathungal P.O, Kollam","","Negative","I have ordered amount of Rs. 1012 through KFC online on 02/06/2021. Order ID: 077850687559, UPI ID : 115331432566. As per Store information order was not placed but amount was credited from my account. Please do the needful to refund the amount ASAP. Name : Binu C, Place Kollam.","","","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","No","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","Yes","2021-06-04 10:33:08","","0","","1412","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC273404","Srinivasan","","Male","srinipwd@hotmail.com","9744957466","2021-05-16","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1965-04-13","Kollam","","Negative","Pl chk the screen shot the order shows combo but I was delivered only one item","Stick to what u say in ur menu","","07 pm - 09 pm","Quaterly","Online Ordering","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2021-05-16 18:33:28","2021-05-17 10:53:44","0:16:20","16 hours 20 minutes ","980","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC270269","jijujaison","API","","jijujaison@gmail.com","9846619342","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","I am a zomato rider.. yesterday i got an order from kfc kollam. I waited till the pick up time outside and after the pickup time i went inside asked whether food is ready or not,he sait he needs 15 more minutes, i said ok  and went outside , after 15 mints (total more than half hour) i went inside again and said 15 minits is over is the food ready or not.? .. then the staff talking irresponsible statements, that he doesn't need to explain whats the delay to me... If you have any complaint go and complaint to customer care.and he was talking very rudely to me infront of other customers . He was saying that if you have any issue cancel the order Actually I cannot cancel order myself it will give penalty to me.. so still i waited and contact our support team and they transferred order to another delivery partner . ","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-04-11 23:44:01","2021-04-12 15:47:37","0:16:3","16 hours 3 minutes ","963","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC269096","Imran faizi","","","imranfaizi567@gmail.com","9496168786","2021-03-31","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","2001-11-16","Tra 93a thumpara kollam","","Negative","I ordered kfc and opt delivery and delivery was late and there was 4 mayonnaise and I didn’t receive it . Only 3 ketchups were given for big order","","","09 am - 12 pm","Weekly","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2021-03-31 22:29:42","2021-03-31 22:46:38","0:0:16","0 hours 16 minutes ","16","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC268129","Harshad Hashim","","Male","myharshadhashim@gmail.com","8136885645","2021-03-21","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1993-05-31","Ishathu Manzil,Endakkumukku,kottiyam 691571","","Negative","Hii,
The pepsi which is served is like hell,no gas,no taste, am a regular customer of KFC(NOT IN KOLLAM) and i didnt get a taste like normal.
 When i asked about this to executive they annoying like this is the pepsi which is cokimg from the company,they blaming to KFC itself.

","Better serve food within the quality","09 am - 12 pm","","Dine In","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2021-03-21 18:54:15","2021-03-21 19:14:08","0:0:19","0 hours 19 minutes ","19","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC267853","Balaji Arumugam","","Male","balaj.asn@gmail.com","9535666770","2021-03-17","9:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1990-08-04","Kollam","","Negative","Too salty five pieces.  Unable to have it . Total waste of amount my order number: K152W30768","","","09 am - 12 pm","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2021-03-18 21:05:32","2021-03-18 21:25:46","0:0:20","0 hours 20 minutes ","20","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC267672","rakeshfireline","API","","rakeshfireline@gmail.com","7907403811","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","I purchased 2 burger (1chiken burger and 1 tandoori burger) and 3 strips with French medium french fries from kollam store. Taste of the burger was not good, onion sliced as large too..","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-03-16 22:29:56","2021-03-18 20:03:23","1:21:33","1 days 21 hours 33 minutes ","2733","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC267095","Ardhra R J","","Female","ardhrarj678@gmail.com","8606313578","2021-03-10","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I order a wednesday strip pack of Rs 350 and i made payment via UPI and the payment was successful but i didn't get any order confirmation from your side i order  the food via KFC app itself really dissatisfied with this i need my money back","","","09 am - 12 pm","","Online Ordering","Yes","No","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","Yes","2021-03-10 19:55:14","","0","","2733","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC266806","Antony KL","","","antony.kl@gmail.com","9895815250","2021-03-07","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I had added coupon for popcorn and that was missing in the order","","","09 am - 12 pm","","Take Away","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2021-03-07 19:51:25","2021-03-08 09:18:32","0:13:27","13 hours 27 minutes ","807","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC263647","Shibin Nizar","","","raz0r.shibin@gmail.com","918547863572","2021-02-05","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : I had a food poison , one after eating I started vomiting and got sick in the morning , very dis satisfied from the kollam place , this is not the first time am having problems with the kollam kfc . My order number : K152W27415.Worst experience ever","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-02-06 18:18:24","2021-02-07 14:04:06","0:19:45","19 hours 45 minutes ","1185","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC262627","Ipe Thomas","","","ipejackson@gmail.com","9447011246","2021-01-30","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : The food was delivered at my residence.There was a  a hair on one piece. So we destroyed the same. On lodging the complaint the amount was refunded by your outlet.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-02-02 06:15:19","2021-02-02 19:55:51","0:13:40","13 hours 40 minutes ","820","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC262626","mahesh g","","","maheshgpillai@gmail.com","8151817844","2021-01-29","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : In the order ultimate savings bucket, 3 pepsi regular was written ...but I got only a bottle of pepsi","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-02-02 06:15:19","2021-02-02 19:51:55","0:13:36","13 hours 36 minutes ","816","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC262625","Sreekrishnadas RS","","","skd515@gmail.com","919739288833","2021-01-29","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : This is the second consecutive time it's happening for me. I placed the order at 7:45 pm and the food was delivered at 9:45 pm. I don't know why there is 2 hour delay when you guys say that the order will be delivered in 45 mins. I don't know if it's specific to Kollam Polayathodu branch. This KFC branch is only 10 mins away from my Home (3.9 Kms).Both the times I ordered from the KFC app and both the times it was the same pathetic experience. Whenever I order from Swiggy or Zomato, they were able to deliver with an hour. So I don't think the KFC app is of any use and I am uninstalling it.","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-02-02 06:15:19","2021-02-02 19:18:21","0:13:3","13 hours 3 minutes ","783","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC262173","mohamed aslam Aslam","","","Iidekollam@gmail.com","919947675800","2021-01-28","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : The telephone no u provide with the delivery message was not working, i have tried several times for the executive but the phone was not answering properly neither nobody called me back from the kFc","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-01-29 20:30:33","2021-01-30 19:14:50","0:22:44","22 hours 44 minutes ","1364","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC262016","TINU M THOMAS","","Male","tinuthomas916@gmail.com","6380427313","2021-01-28","11:00am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1992-08-24","Tinu Bhavan, Nallila P. O, Nedumpana, kollam, Nallila PO, Nedumpana","","Negative","I didnt get my order, i ordered twice, and my payment was also done","Refund my amount","Make refund ASAP","04 pm - 07 pm","Quaterly","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2021-01-28 17:11:45","","0","","1364","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC261991","Rekha","","","revathyvinu@gmail.com","9495924517","2021-01-01","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1995-12-30","Gitanjali, palace ward, olayil kolla","","Negative","The customer service is absolutely disgusting.","I need to talk to someone immediately","S","12 pm - 04 pm","BiWeekly","Online Ordering","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2021-01-28 13:46:14","","0","","1364","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC261117","Lazar Peter","","Male","lazarpeters@gmail.com","9895771637","2021-01-24","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","Was very much disappointed with the non responsive and rude attitude of your billing personnel, my Inv No. K1522020054217. Hope you take necessary action to improve your workforce attitude towards cuatomers","","","","","Dine In","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2021-01-24 00:17:36","2021-01-26 14:21:15","2:14:3","2 days 14 hours 3 minutes ","3723","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC260171","Nooril Ameen S","","Male","ameensalim2000@gmail.com","9895876393","2021-01-16","7:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1971-11-24","Kottappuram House, Kilikolloor  Pratheeksha Nagar 4","","Negative","I have ordered for a ten piece of pack and one burger. Out of 10 pieces 2-3 pieces were rotten (not fresh  ).","Next time I hope this will not happen. Serve the food without loosing it's crispiness and hotness.","Please repeat what are all the contents in the oder before billing.","07 pm - 09 pm","BiWeekly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2021-01-17 22:39:54","2021-01-18 11:55:51","0:13:15","13 hours 15 minutes ","795","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC259699","sagarcet","API","","sagarcet@gmail.com","9739012033","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","Bought a bucket of chicken n fries. The chicken was horrible, not at all cooked properly, not crispy and even could see some red inside chicken when opened... I was expecting the quality as per Bangalore kfc and this franchisee sucks...""","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-01-14 16:50:09","2021-01-15 11:50:01","0:18:59","18 hours 59 minutes ","1139","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC259501","Shajin Shaji Mathew","","Male","shejinthegrt@gmail.com","9496900932","2021-01-09","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1996-10-24","Miniland, Vettuveni, Haripad po","","Negative","I ordered one mingles combo with popcorn wings and strips but i didnt get the popcorn in my order","","","09 am - 12 pm","BiWeekly","Delivery","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2021-01-11 21:54:31","2021-01-12 18:47:12","0:20:52","20 hours 52 minutes ","1252","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC258782","Abu","","Male","Abuvahid@gmail.com","9633933168","2021-01-07","7:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1988-06-26","","","Negative","There  was no garlic paste with order","","","07 pm - 09 pm","Quaterly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2021-01-07 20:03:40","2021-01-08 18:59:37","0:22:55","22 hours 55 minutes ","1375","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC257920","Aslam Ahammed","API","","aslam.ahammed1001@gmail.com","7012514763","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","train your staffs for better customer service.. they are very arrogant and the food quality is not at all good..","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-01-02 13:13:25","2021-01-02 14:08:27","0:0:55","0 hours 55 minutes ","55","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC257665","Hafiz M Haleem","","","hafizmhaleem33@gmail.com","918593938444","2020-12-30","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : My pickup time was 7.30pm..i got there at 7.40pm but one of the ordered item was not ready. I received my order between between 8 and 8:10pm. And they forgot to put the items in the large bag which i have already paid. There was rush in the store due to wednesday, maybe it's coz of that.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2021-01-01 19:20:06","2021-01-02 17:10:06","0:21:50","21 hours 50 minutes ","1310","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC255928","Aneesh ","","","aneeshsidhek5@gmail.com","8893756317","2020-12-18","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Its not perfect cooking","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-12-21 17:33:43","2020-12-21 18:35:09","0:1:1","1 hours 1 minutes ","61","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC255684","Manoj Eapen","","Male","amanna.e.v.166@gmail.com","7902648544","2020-12-19","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1975-12-21","Thadathil House, Ashramam, Kollam.","","Negative","I ordered in Zomato.
I ordered BIG 12 ,  5pc smoky red chicken,  pack of 4 dips.I issue is with Big 12.My issue is Big 12 is 6pc hot and crispy chicken and 6pc hot wings. I got 5pc hot and crispy chicken only and my other ordered items..","I need refund my money or deliver me the correct order.","Refund my money","","","Online Ordering","Yes","No","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2020-12-19 20:13:35","2020-12-20 18:16:44","0:22:3","22 hours 3 minutes ","1323","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC255464","Javed ","","","essensuals.kollam@gmail.com","9645155555","2020-12-16","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : I have placed an order for 12pc big bucket and extra 2 pcs hot & crispy. more than 6-7 pcs were of the size of chicken wings which is not acceptable at all.","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-12-18 20:30:12","2020-12-18 20:57:16","0:0:27","0 hours 27 minutes ","27","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC254895","Sreeraj Gr G r","","","sreeraj381@gmail.com","9995699688","2020-12-13","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Delay in delivery,.. poor customer care","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-12-16 00:01:47","2020-12-16 21:00:34","0:20:58","20 hours 58 minutes ","1258","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC254890","Sreeraj Gr","","","sreeraj381@gmail.com","9995699688","2020-12-13","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Given order on 1.30 pm.. now the time is 2.53 pm. Not yet delivered.. KFC is located just 2 km away from my home.. POOR SERVICR. STOPPING the relationship with KFC.. Customer care is horrible. No one is there to attend the calls.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-12-16 00:01:47","2020-12-16 21:02:35","0:21:0","21 hours 0 minutes ","1260","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC254860","Afzal S","","","afzalshajaha141@gmail.com","919745860071","2020-12-12","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Packing is not good","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-12-16 00:01:47","2020-12-16 21:04:43","0:21:2","21 hours 2 minutes ","1262","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC253772","Muhammed Faizal","","","faisal.azeez312@gmail.com","8078023487","2020-12-07","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Chicken not crispy ,French fries to much cold and Pepsi not cool","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-12-09 00:23:31","2020-12-09 21:06:30","0:20:42","20 hours 42 minutes ","1242","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC252344","Shambhu Mahadev","","","shambhumahadev3333@gmail.com","9747388117","2020-11-16","11:30am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","Villa 12 arunodhayam heritage kidangoor angamaly ernakulam india","","Negative","The food was inconsistent. Each day the taste differs . I have ate food from different kfc's and kollam kfc isnt having that conventional taste compared to other outlet. I have gone kochi kfc and there food are finger lickin good in true sense and this one at kollam is so bad hope u guys will do something about it","","","09 am - 12 pm","BiWeekly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","Yes","2020-11-30 17:56:40","2020-11-30 20:01:54","0:2:5","2 hours 5 minutes ","125","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC252179","Angu","","Male","anguchandran2321@gmail.com","8921394014","2020-11-28","8:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1991-10-19","Perinad","","Negative","Most waste Berger i ever had....","","","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","No","No","Yes","2020-11-28 22:15:25","2020-11-30 19:54:13","1:21:38","1 days 21 hours 38 minutes ","2738","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC252001","Thejas C Nair","","Male","Theju6066@gmail.com","8129779359","2020-11-27","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","2020-11-27","Devikripa, Bhavana Nagar 191, Kadappakada, Kollam","","Negative","I had placed my order from the KFC application, and the amount was detected from my account. Even after waiting for 30 minutes, I was not informed that my order was cancelled.

I had to place the order again getting in touch with the retail outlet. I got to know about the cancellation while checking the order status with the retail outlet. 

I am extremely dissatisfied with the inconvenience caused by kFC while ordering from the application. 

I request you to look into the refund and fixing the error in your application.

Thanks","","","04 pm - 07 pm","Monthly","Delivery","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","2020-11-27 19:19:30","","0","","2738","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC251884","Muhammad Rinshad","","","muhammadrinshad777@gmail.com","8086552801","2020-11-25","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : The time management was so slow","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-11-26 14:48:19","2020-11-26 18:01:45","0:3:13","3 hours 13 minutes ","193","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC251719","Aslam A","","","aslam_abdulmajeed@icloud.com","916282627272","2020-11-24","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Ordered through the KFC app for the first time. And it was for takeaway but selected the option to get delivered to my car parked outside the KFC outlet. I reached on time and waited more than 45 mins for the delivery. I got confirmation message regarding  the delivery but there were nothing happened. Again waited for 10 minutes patiently but there were nothing happened. Then I went inside the shop to check what happened to the order placed. But their response was a surprise for me. The order isn?t yet started to prepare. What a kind of shameless service you provided? Never expected such a bad experience from world?s best brand.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-11-25 19:32:19","2020-11-25 20:12:23","0:0:40","0 hours 40 minutes ","40","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC251534","Aslam","","Male","aslam_abdulmajeed@icloud.com","6282627272","2020-11-24","1:10pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I ordered for a burger meal for takeaway and choose an option to get delivered to my car. There weren’t any contact from the restaurant and I waited for more than 45 minutes outside the restaurant. I didn’t get what I ordered.","","","12 pm - 04 pm","","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","2020-11-24 13:48:28","2020-11-24 16:55:32","0:3:7","3 hours 7 minutes ","187","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC250341","Anil","","Male","4bautos@gmail.com","7736787331","2020-11-02","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1966-07-31","","","Negative","Packing every poorly and beverage all licking my car become damaged with Pepsi","Please provide beverage and parcels better packing this corona time","Take away packing  need better","","","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","No","Yes","2020-11-17 12:30:03","2020-11-19 17:23:16","2:4:53","2 days 4 hours 53 minutes ","3173","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC250266","Prabithya Prakasan","","","prabithyaprakash@gmail.com","918129049014","2020-11-14","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Prize is too high","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-11-16 17:21:03","2020-11-16 18:53:21","0:1:32","1 hours 32 minutes ","92","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC249945","Ashiq Nizar","","Male","ashiqnizar@gmail.com","9745064455","2020-11-13","8:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1993-04-20","","","Negative","Very big delay in serving the order. It’s already 30 mins since I order a classic zinger meal,, the burger is ready available kept inside the glass case. But they are not serving. Too lazy and bad cosutoner service. Other customers are also complaining the same . It is not the first time I am complaining about this same branch. Too much delay and bad customer service.","","","12 pm - 04 pm","BiWeekly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2020-11-13 20:32:52","2020-11-14 12:21:18","0:15:48","15 hours 48 minutes ","948","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC249154","Avinash leon","","","forevermadmax@gmail.com","7012897418","2020-04-11","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES :Chicken is too dry and overcooked","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-11-09 18:53:54","2020-11-12 09:22:40","2:14:28","2 days 14 hours 28 minutes ","3748","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC249083","rahana shan","","","rahanashan001@gmail.com","9746687140","2020-04-11","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES :Kfc is not user friendly","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-11-09 18:53:54","2020-11-12 09:25:02","2:14:31","2 days 14 hours 31 minutes ","3751","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC248865","Assini H","","Male","assini.hussain@gmail.com","755823037","2020-11-08","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1976-04-26","","","Negative","I ordered zinker burger with other three items..but didn't get it. Also they combined two other items together..","It is close to my home","Mobile app is not working well..once we add items in the cart, it is not there..","12 pm - 04 pm","Quaterly","Take Away","Yes","No","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2020-11-08 19:55:40","2020-11-14 15:45:48","5:19:50","5 days 19 hours 50 minutes ","8390","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC248468","Aliya","","Female","ajimshanavas@gmail.com","7736369825","2020-11-04","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1999-08-08","Anjulas","","Negative","I ordered in kfc app and money debited from the bank but order not confirmed and i lose my money please take necessary action","","","09 am - 12 pm","","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2020-11-05 12:13:26","","0","","8390","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC248430","Deepak","","Male","deepuraj333@gmail.com","9995392938","2020-11-04","3:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1988-04-28","","","Negative","My family loves eating out at KFC. Due  to the covid   restrictions, opted for a take away.
We did not like the food. KFC stands out by its taste, but this was unpleasant.

","","Try giving the right taste...
Bcoz when you say "itz finger lickin good", it really is and try to maintain the same taste which we have been njoying for generations.","12 pm - 04 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2020-11-04 21:55:42","2020-11-06 20:07:09","1:22:11","1 days 22 hours 11 minutes ","2771","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC248369","Beena","","Female","silpbiju@gmail.com","9496612476","2020-11-04","6:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I have made an online order through the KFC site and the amount has been deducted, but after that no reply , so ols take necessary steps to regund the money","Yes","Pls solve my issue","","","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2020-11-04 18:41:51","","0","","2771","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC248352","Aliya","","Female","ajimshanavas@gmail.com","7736369825","2020-11-04","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1999-08-08","Anjulas","","Negative","I ordered in fkc app. Money debited from my account but its not confirmed the order. Please take necessary action.","","","09 am - 12 pm","","Delivery","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2020-11-04 17:34:26","","0","","2771","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC247927","SARAN SARMA","","","saransarma26@gmail.com","8089743118","2020-11-01","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Overall value for price is dissatisfactory","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-11-03 10:01:15","2020-11-04 18:19:39","1:8:18","1 days 8 hours 18 minutes ","1938","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC247926","Adithya Adi","","","adithyas009@gmail.com","9895613863","2020-10-31","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : There weren't 14 pieces in the package as per the order","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-11-03 10:01:15","2020-11-03 16:18:41","0:6:17","6 hours 17 minutes ","377","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC247733","catherine120498","API","","catherine120498@gmail.com","8129923828","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","I must say that the covid protocols are being followed quite effectively. But also the staff at the counter was obviously annoyed and stressed out. There was just one staff at the counter and only that one counter was open. Waited for 35 mins for the food to be ready. And the staff was quite rude with the way he stated that it would take time. I guess it was due to the rush hour. (7:30pm). 2 stars for the other staff members who were nice and brought our food to our car.  Now that ive reached home and had the chicken. I would like to take back the 2 stars too. The chicken is so bland!. It has absolutely no flavour. It feels like eating cardboard. Absolutely disappointed and this was such a waste of money!.   I have loved KFC for many years . But this is the last time. This was so disappointing.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-11-01 21:08:38","2020-11-02 12:48:28","0:15:39","15 hours 39 minutes ","939","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC247369","Preethanath ","","","preethanathbiju@gmail.com","9995007172","2020-10-29","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Mionises were not wraped...","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-10-30 17:05:09","2020-10-30 17:30:26","0:0:25","0 hours 25 minutes ","25","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC247115","Anchana Sone","","","Z&.","918921263068","2020-10-28","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Too much delay in delivery, more than 90 minutes and have better offer and less costly options here in the town for Broasted Chicken","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-10-30 09:36:12","2020-10-30 17:27:58","0:7:51","7 hours 51 minutes ","471","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC246365","Anup Kareem","","","anupkareem@gmail.com","8606801010","2020-10-25","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Ordered big 8 online and I got spicy 4 leg and crispy 1leg and 3 others. Isn't I suppose to get all legs?","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-10-26 17:36:22","2020-10-26 19:02:36","0:1:26","1 hours 26 minutes ","86","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC245904","Maya Devi A","","","gpriyams97@gmail.com","918547513472","2020-10-21","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : As mentioned in the order,i didnt receive 2 pepsi.as we are not allowed to get inside the shop i came to know about it when i reached home.This is the second time am facing such things. disappointed","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-10-22 20:29:55","2020-10-23 16:09:46","0:19:39","19 hours 39 minutes ","1179","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC245686","Babith","","Male","babith.r@icloud.com","9752718865","2020-10-21","4:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1989-05-04","Theertham, Meeyanoor p o, Meeyanoor","","Negative","I have ordered 1 combo with 1 zinger burger which is not in the package what I have received","You have to ensure all the items are included in the package","I need refund.","09 am - 12 pm","","Take Away","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2020-10-21 17:32:18","2020-10-21 18:31:08","0:0:58","0 hours 58 minutes ","58","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC245555","SIVASYAM S Sivasyam S","","","ssivasyam@gmail.com","919847887589","2020-10-19","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : The order was not accepted or processed by the restaurant. However, i did not get the refund as well..","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-10-20 19:57:30","","0","","58","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC244683","shaheensha ","","","shibinsha654@yahoo.com","9946688341","2020-10-14","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Most of the pieces were wings","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-10-15 18:37:51","2020-10-16 17:52:30","0:23:14","23 hours 14 minutes ","1394","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC243007","Jijo Johnson","","","jijojohnson111@gmail.com","9656424799","2020-10-07","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : The food was too early prepared and the taste was not upto the mark.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-10-09 18:25:09","2020-10-16 17:00:34","6:22:35","6 days 22 hours 35 minutes ","9995","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC242686","Arun Raj","","Male","ana.arunraj.ana@gmail.com","8129170892","2020-10-08","5:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1990-08-11","Chathinamkulam","","Negative","I placed an online order on 08-10-2020. I got a call from KFC store, and they are saying that due to some gas leakage issue they are going to close store temporarily. So please refund the amount. I used a coupon also for this payment. Hope that I can re-use the same in future","","","12 pm - 04 pm","Quaterly","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","No","Yes","No","No","Yes","2020-10-08 16:45:29","","0","","9995","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC242545","Asharaf","","Male","Sohailali8055@gmail.com","9847375747","2020-10-07","6:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1962-04-01","CV HOUSE PUTHUSSERY NILAMEL PO KOLLAM","","Negative","I Ordered online and waited too long at outlet kollam.The ordered i place in online took payment through online and when we went at the outlet they are saying they coudnt find our order.Please return back the money you took through online(statement i have attached).","U have to repeat the order once more for free because of your inconvinience.","Please return back the deducted money.","12 pm - 04 pm","Weekly","Online Ordering","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2020-10-07 20:11:30","","0","","9995","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC242534","Sulekha","","Female","sulekhasulu666@gmail.com","9633778257","2020-10-07","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","2003-07-15","House no 26 peoples nagar kadappakada kollam","","Negative","We placed an order on 7-9-2020 through kfc app but the order was not delivered and when we ebquired they told us that no such order was placed. Our money has been taken from our account. I want the money to be refunded as soon as possible","","","07 pm - 09 pm","Quaterly","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","2020-10-07 19:24:49","","0","","9995","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC242411","Akhil ajay","","Male","akhilj2010@gmail.com","7455988036","2020-10-06","1:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1991-10-12","Gayayhri,pattoor,padanilam","","Negative","I ordered 10 leg piece bucket and 5 leg piece bucket through online app.. and I got free 2 zinger burger along with it. I did seperate order to get two burgers bcoz zinger burger is my fav and I am having that since 3 years frm diffrnt parts of India.. but this time the free zinger burgers were the worst j have ever had.. it was just a bun and a chicken patty no levaes and much addings.. it was like a plain burger.. if ita free doesn't mean they can give low quality burgers..I expect the same quality every stores.. I ddnt get that here.","I love kfc and I always visit kfc..but this knewas bad experience..","Serve better food products not like this","09 am - 12 pm","Quaterly","Online Ordering","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2020-10-06 19:56:58","2020-10-07 15:50:04","0:19:53","19 hours 53 minutes ","1193","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC242176","Muhammed Rizwan","API","","rizwanplr@yahoo.in","7907570536","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","Tried from kollam kfc and it's too bad very dissapointing","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-10-04 23:33:23","2020-10-05 12:22:18","0:12:48","12 hours 48 minutes ","768","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC242163","Dafni Hubert","API","","dafnihubert@gmail.com","8893838887","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","Bought a zinger burger from KFC Kollam. It was really pathetic. What I got was a bun with a fried chicken and little mayo on top. Chicken was too dry. You charge us for each and everything we ask in addition. But why are you guys not giving us discount for the missing ingredients. It was better to tell that the burger is not available instead of cheating the customers like this.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-10-04 22:16:40","2020-10-05 12:13:08","0:13:56","13 hours 56 minutes ","836","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC242109","Aravind R","","","aravindrajendrababu@gmail.com","9995560841","2020-10-03","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Delivery was very late.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-10-04 17:23:47","2020-10-06 10:53:35","1:17:29","1 days 17 hours 29 minutes ","2489","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC241766","jeffyshibu03","API","","jeffyshibu03@gmail.com","9786952533","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","The worst KFC service outlet ( Kollam Kerala).  I have been a loyal KFC customer since last 15 years.Mosttly in a week 2 to 3 times that's confirm, with friends or family always KFC but due to this Covid_19 pandemic was not able to visit any outlets.  Visited Trivandrum KFC 2 weeks before, excellent service and  products.  But 1 week before went to Kollam outlet ,and found the service pathetic.  Invoice no_1522020025194 placed the order at 1:43 and got the order at 2:23PM. While at that period of time there was hardly any customer, I do understand in rush hours orders get delayed may be on Wednesday or weekend,but at this season when all are struggling to make business here comes the service of KFC Kollam .  You can check on the camera the time and see.   My complain might not matter but do think I have had KFC in several outlets in India be it Bangalore, Coimbatore the best Delhi out India, but service and time taken was beyond imagination  secondly I had requested to give come extra tissue papers and tomato ketchup but that also they never gave me.  At this time when take away was only given they gave me the bill of DINE IN.  KFC Kollam has to be organized well and take care of each and every customers of there's it's a brand people trust for mention time and service when these basics are not followed., if staffs are the problem then dont allow everyone to get inside at one time, you all organization your system accordingly at this time of Covid _19 , In this Covid_19 situation if you all make a customer wait for so much time inside the outlet anything can happen ( dont know ).  As you add says Order made with love and care not at all followed. I dont want to share my experience with images in Twitter, Instagram or Facebook as I am associated with this brand since 15 years.  Items which were not present was also not marked like non of the shakes were available.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-10-03 11:08:10","2020-10-03 16:56:06","0:5:47","5 hours 47 minutes ","347","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC241760","Shibu","","Male","jeffyshibu03@gmail.com","9786952533","2020-09-21","1:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1978-11-14","","","Negative","Hi Team,

The worst KFC service outlet ( Kollam Kerala).

I have been a loyal KFC customer since last 15 years.Mosttly in a week 2 to 3 times that's confirm, with friends or family always KFC but due to this Covid_19 pandemic was not able to visit any outlets.

Visited Trivandrum KFC 2 weeks before, excellent service and  products.

But 1 week before went to Kollam outlet ,and found the service pathetic.

Invoice no_1522020025194 placed the order at 1:43 and got the order at 2:23PM. While at that period of time there was hardly any customer, I do understand in rush hours orders get delayed may be on Wednesday or weekend,but at this season when all are struggling to make business here comes the service of KFC Kollam .

You can check on the camera the time and see.

My complain might not matter but do think I have had KFC in several outlets in India be it Bangalore, Coimbatore the best Delhi out India, but service and time taken was beyond imagination  secondly I had requested to give come extra tissue papers and tomato ketchup but that also they never gave me.

At this time when take away was only given they gave me the bill of DINE IN.

KFC Kollam has to be organized well and take care of each and every customers of there's it's a brand people trust for mention time and service when these basics are not followed., if staffs are the problem then dont allow everyone to get inside at one time, you all organization your system accordingly at this time of Covid _19 , In this Covid_19 situation if you all make a customer wait for so much time inside the outlet anything can happen ( dont know ).

As you add says Order made with love and care not at all followed.
","Maybe to see what happened after my feedback","To look into the feedback","09 am - 12 pm","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2020-10-03 10:03:41","2020-10-03 16:54:21","0:6:50","6 hours 50 minutes ","410","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC241752","Ajith","","Male","rjajith@gmail.com","9995174828","2020-10-01","7:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1985-01-07","Vrindavanam, Varkala","","Negative","First time i got this type of food which is not eatable","Nothing","Atleast serve good food","12 pm - 04 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2020-10-02 23:09:22","2020-10-03 17:03:50","0:17:54","17 hours 54 minutes ","1074","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC241423","Subin","","Male","amirmohammedsubin@gmail.com","9995770082","2020-10-02","11:30am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1990-09-07","KNRA A23 ULLOOR","","Negative","Paid for the order through your application. But havent received the order","","","12 pm - 04 pm","Monthly","Online Ordering","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2020-10-02 11:42:35","","0","","1074","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC241342","Ancy Paulson","","Female","jpaulsonjohnson@yahoo.com","7994261543","2020-09-30","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","Dhanya Dale, St Joseph Nagar ,Eravipuram, Kollam","","Negative","Hi, 30 September 2020 I ordered 2x10 pc Leg Piece Bucket(Order Number-21595178) in online site(https://online.kfc.co.in/menu), I didn't get this order, I call your Kollam KFC, they told me they didn't  get  the order from KFC ,can you check and refund my money ,Thank You","","","09 am - 12 pm","","Delivery","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2020-10-01 15:57:38","","0","","1074","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC241303","Drishya","","Female","midhudrish@gamil.com","7549081147","2020-09-30","5:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I ordered choco excess icecream.they billed another one.atlast they gave me a different flavour of the icecream that i ordered.which costs nothing more than 20/- i bought it for 90/- and the chickens pieces are too small which are not same as in the picture.i said it was a complete wastage of my money..","I will never return to you...","No thanks..","12 pm - 04 pm","","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2020-10-01 08:55:48","2020-10-30 17:36:23","29:8:40","29 days 8 hours 40 minutes ","42280","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC241206","Neelu Dins","","Female","Neeluelizabath@gmail.com","7994252692","2020-09-29","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1995-01-19","Thiruvancottu house, Arumurikada kundara kollam","","Negative","I had ordered Wednesday bucket via kfc website but when I enquired at the store they said such order was not placed.But cash was debited from by bank account.So kindly refund by cash","I would order again if your website has a provision to track your order.","","12 pm - 04 pm","Quaterly","Delivery","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2020-09-30 19:56:38","","0","","42280","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC240696","Didhin Kasyap","API","","didhinkasyap@gmail.com","9447535243","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","no safety precautions are being taken by staff","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-09-28 23:51:23","2020-09-30 09:30:54","1:9:39","1 days 9 hours 39 minutes ","2019","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC240165","Avinash leon","","","forevermadmax@gmail.com","7012897418","2020-09-23","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : orders are taking too long like 90 minutes after placing the order...","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-09-25 10:45:15","2020-09-25 14:10:13","0:3:24","3 hours 24 minutes ","204","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC239866","Bibin Varghese","","Male","bibinvarghese92@gmail.com","7012318626","2020-09-23","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1992-06-10","","","Negative","I didn't receive my order number : 21414136
placed on 23 September 2020 from KFC kollam. I didn't even get a response and the contact number provided is non functional.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2020-09-23 19:17:44","2020-09-24 18:39:37","0:23:21","23 hours 21 minutes ","1401","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC239626","subhash Thankappan Rohini","","","subhashthankappan1970@gmail.com","918086255872","2020-09-19","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Slow delivery. Order Delivered late siting silly reason .","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-09-21 17:39:50","2020-09-21 18:40:41","0:1:0","1 hours 0 minutes ","60","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC239565","Darshini cristafer","","","salha1187@yahoo.com","9846656677","2020-09-20","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES : Actually last time the delivered freee But this time took 100 rs for delivery charges","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-09-21 17:39:50","2020-09-21 18:33:49","0:0:53","0 hours 53 minutes ","53","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC239000","ayishakassim1998","API","","ayishakassim1998@gmail.com","8590385585","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","We have ordered food through online delivery from the official website of kfc. The bill has also been sent to my gmail. I am attaching the bill with this. We haven’t delivered the food. When enquired at the kfcstore Kollam...they said that haven’t got the order yet! I have paid and there’s no food! Atleast refund the money please! Kindly respond as soon as possible!","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-09-17 17:23:14","","0","","53","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC238995","Devi Sunil","API","","vividdiaries2020@gmail.com","9349488088","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","QUALITY was bad of chizza ","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-09-17 16:54:37","2020-09-17 18:48:39","0:1:54","1 hours 54 minutes ","114","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC238876","Suriya Rajesh","API","","suriyarajeshnarayanan@gmail.com","9496188644","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","I ordered online to deliver at 7:15p.m from your mobile app on today 1:00p.m and now when enquired they told they didn't received it.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-09-16 20:21:16","","0","","114","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC238749","Shebina Nishad","","","shebinanishad@gmail.com","917025674343","2020-09-14","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES :I got the chizza is collashed","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-09-16 12:29:48","2020-09-16 14:02:52","0:1:33","1 hours 33 minutes ","93","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC238040","Murali","","Male","krishonline15@gmail.com","9025194389","2020-09-01","5:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1992-11-19","","","Negative","There was double deduction of my money due to some hardware error. I would like to raise a query to be solved.","","","12 pm - 04 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2020-09-11 18:52:43","","0","","93","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC237998","Althaf","","Male","althafmuhammed981@gmail.com","9633526036","2020-09-10","6:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","2002-05-18","","","Negative","So i basically visit one of ur stores weekly because i luv u guys...i usually travel so i make a stop at kfc stores at thiruvalla ,alappuya, kollam etc...but yesterday me n my friend were traveling from kottatam n we stopped at kollam kfc n ordered boneless chicken with 2 Pepsi...i always order boneless chicken with Pepsi but yesterday tbh it was worst...the Pepsi didn't have enough gas n the chicken wasn't good enough aa compared to your other shops....i hope u guys make it better so that usual customers like me don't get unhappy...with luv
                                          -althaf","I mean not for a while","Well make food more delicious....show the uniqueness of ur brand obviously... I mean that's y ppl reach out to u guyz...","","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2020-09-11 15:28:13","2020-10-14 18:07:07","3:2:38","3 days 2 hours 38 minutes ","4478","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC237650","Thamarakshan Biju Cen","","Male","thamarakshanbijucen@gmail.com","8289846614","2020-09-09","5:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1990-09-14","K.E Nivas, FFRA-28, Mundakkal, Kollam","","Negative","The reason for the feedback is I didn’t get my order delivered. 
I did call my KFC store near me and they said they didn’t get such a order and they were rude. This is the worst experience from any online service. 
I am usual Domino’s customer and I was really happy to see KFC providing a delivery option in my area. And this is my second order through such service, but it was very disappointing. On top of not delivering the order the experience I got while talking to your Store manager was the worst. And as of now I want my money to be refunded and I will never be opting your service.","I will never order anything from KFC","I just want my money to be refunded back. The order was not delivered and I was treated very badly.","09 am - 12 pm","Weekly","Online Ordering","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2020-09-09 20:37:29","","0","","4478","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC237437","Ayeesha shajahan","","","ayishakassim1998@gmail.com","8590385585","2020-09-07","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES :I have ordered online but when aksed about it they have said your order haven't placed ! We have paid and we haven't got order placed!! I have the proof that order has been confirmed but not delivered! When called the kfc outlet polayathod they said ur order hasn't been placed! Pls contact me as soon as possible!","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-09-08 17:04:24","","0","","4478","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC237388","Lekshmi Vinod","","Female","lekshmivinod94@gmail.com","7907235355","2020-09-08","1:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","Rekha bhavan, Pinackal cheriyile","","Negative","Chicken piece was juicy. But the outer coating was less crispy when compared to usual. There was difference in taste especially less in salt. This is not usual with KFC.","The unique taste.","May be it was this specific day's problem. It wasn't satisfactory.","","","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2020-09-08 14:23:00","2020-09-08 14:34:16","0:0:11","0 hours 11 minutes ","11","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC237355","ayishakassim1998","API","","ayishakassim1998@gmail.com","8590385585","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","We have ordered food through online delivery from the official website of kfc. The bill has also been sent to my gmail. I am attaching the bill with this. We haven’t delivered the food. When enquired at the kfcstore Kollam...they said that haven’t got the order yet! I have paid and there’s no food! Atleast refund the money please! Kindly respond as soon as possible!","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-09-07 21:46:58","","0","","11","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC237288","Ayeesha","","Female","ayishakassim1998@gmail.com","8590385585","2020-09-07","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","1998-09-08","Baythunnor house no21 near firestation kadappakada kollam","","Negative","We haven't received our order despite of paying the bill","Kindly respond as possible","Asap","07 pm - 09 pm","","Online Ordering","No","No","No","No","Yes","No","No","Yes","2020-09-07 18:43:29","","0","","11","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC237221","Anaz azeez","","Male","anazazeez@gmail.com","9288886666","2020-09-06","8:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","The outlet is not properly following the covid protocol. There is no proper instructions about the queue to be followed. No space for maintaining social distancing .
No ventilation inspite of air-conditioning being shut off. The main door is kept closed so that all customers are touching the same handle . No security person to assist at the entrance . Customers are confused after entering since no signages about queue  . We won't be able to make out which is the lane and it's a total mess once we enter . Online order and serve at car is out of service most of the time .
Please take it into consideration and rectify all the defects at the earliest .","","","","","Take Away","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2020-09-07 10:23:20","2020-09-08 10:29:08","1:0:5","1 days 0 hours 5 minutes ","1445","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC236356","Betty Babu","","","betz4christ@yahoo.in","9495997597","2020-09-01","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","Yesterday I ordered take away for Rs.564/- at 7:30 pm and my amount was debited from my account but your msg said that the payment has failed n the amount will be credited within 12 days. Immediately the same order was quoted for rs.707/- n asked to proceed for payment. My earlier payment was rejected purposefully to force me to buy the same order for a higher price. This is unethical and not expected of a reputed company like yours. You ruined our dinner. Please don't use such cheap tactics. We expect better response from you.","If the orders are taken in the right way","Compensate me for my ruined dinner","04 pm - 07 pm","","Take Away","Yes","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2020-09-02 10:24:37","","0","","1445","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC236310","Nibina","","Female","Nibijunai2911@gmail.com","8594036717","2020-09-01","1:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1992-09-01","Puthen Kada Thodiyil","","Negative","Super salty chicken, waste of money","Don’t like to visit again","Make Good and serve","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Delivery","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2020-09-01 19:31:56","2020-09-01 19:50:56","0:0:19","0 hours 19 minutes ","19","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC235435","Solomon Anu George","API","","sagaudir8@gmail.com","9567930980","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","Poor quality served","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-08-27 21:29:10","2020-08-28 11:16:36","0:13:47","13 hours 47 minutes ","827","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC235352","Simrin Shafaquth","API","","simrin71@gmail.com","9447993243","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","I placed an order on August 26th in kfc kollam, kerala. It said order received and I will get it at 5.15pm. but I never recieved the order. And my order straight away went to past orders.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-08-27 10:51:40","","0","","827","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC235335","simrin71","API","","simrin71@gmail.com","9447993243","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","delivery not received","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-08-27 01:52:29","","0","","827","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC235319","Aneesh Sdh","API","","Aneeshsudhi.as@gmail.com","8129058183","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","No offers","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-08-27 00:58:13","","0","","827","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC235163","SIMRIN SHAFAQUTH","","Female","simrin71@gmail.com","9447993243","2020-08-26","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Online Refund - Closed","dil","0000-00-00","MANNATH TRA 29 THEVAVLLY P O","","Negative","Horrible experience","","","","","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2020-08-26 17:49:39","","0","","827","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC235102","Abiraj Vijayakumar","","Male","aborajvijayan@gmail.com","9746692642","2020-08-25","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1985-01-31","","","Negative","I found the fried chicken leg piece stale and found a worm inside. I have attached the photos.I expect an action against the responsible after an investigation. I always loved KFC, but I am never going to buy KFC from that branch again.","","","","Monthly","Take Away","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2020-08-25 21:20:27","2020-08-28 22:34:50","3:1:14","3 days 1 hours 14 minutes ","4394","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC234641","Jijo Jose","","Male","jijojose572@gmail.com","8281791473","2020-08-19","5:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1995-03-20","","","Negative","I have ordered for a take take away and I received the confirmation voucher too. But when I reached the store they said they didn't received such order. My order number was 20429629","","","07 pm - 09 pm","Monthly","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2020-08-23 08:41:07","2020-08-23 19:29:33","0:10:48","10 hours 48 minutes ","648","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC234136","lydialinda123","API","","lydialinda123@gmail.com","8940282437","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","order not received","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-08-20 23:17:04","2020-08-21 16:17:05","0:17:0","17 hours 0 minutes ","1020","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC233941","Aswin Aravind","API","","aswin.aravind@gmail.com","08129293930","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","Only half the order delivered, Tell your staffs to pack the order properly","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-08-20 09:06:12","2020-08-21 15:18:49","1:6:12","1 days 6 hours 12 minutes ","1812","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC233912","Sithara haris","","Female","Sitharaharis1234@gmail.com","8075940948","2020-08-19","7:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1996-06-04","","","Negative","Bad experience we didnt get the item which we ordered","","Plz refund the money","12 pm - 04 pm","","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2020-08-19 23:01:25","2020-08-21 18:58:23","1:19:56","1 days 19 hours 56 minutes ","2636","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC233818","SITHARA HARIS","","Female","Sitharaharis1234@gmail.com","8075940948","2020-08-19","7:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1996-06-04","Saira manzil","","Negative","Bad experience","","Return the money speedly","12 pm - 04 pm","","Online Ordering","Yes","No","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2020-08-19 20:21:24","2020-08-21 18:55:15","1:22:33","1 days 22 hours 33 minutes ","2793","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC233813","Aswin","","Male","aswin.aravind@gmail.com","8129293930","2020-08-19","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1986-04-01","","","Negative","I didnt get what i was ordered. I orederd 20 pieces and the package contains only 10. And I realised that only when i reached my home. Bought for 6 people and got 5 wings and 5 pieces... Pathetic... Worst experience. And the store guys are not answering to my queries.","","Horrible Experience.","07 pm - 09 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2020-08-19 20:10:22","2020-08-21 16:13:50","1:20:3","1 days 20 hours 3 minutes ","2643","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC233621","imran","","Male","imranfaizi78627@gmail.com","9446582283","2020-08-19","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","yup","","","12 pm - 04 pm","Daily","Take Away","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2020-08-19 13:11:17","2020-08-20 11:56:38","0:22:45","22 hours 45 minutes ","1365","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC233363","Navya Philio","","","navyapphilip@gmail.com","8547493994","2020-08-17","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I have placed order via app @the kollam kfc and my money got transferred but they said it was not booked. Please repay me","","","","","Take Away","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2020-08-17 16:39:14","2020-08-17 17:15:46","0:0:36","0 hours 36 minutes ","36","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC233040","Finny   Thomas","","Male","finnyt1991@gmail.com","9446293014","2020-08-15","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","Paper plates provided cannot even hold a good piece of chicken, apparently this happens only in India, please change that.","No dedicated cleaning staff, places are a mess, Bill and napkins all on the floor.","Bigger paper plates and dedicated cleaning staff in all your outlets.","12 pm - 04 pm","","Dine In","No","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","Yes","2020-08-16 01:11:02","2020-08-24 12:44:49","8:11:33","8 days 11 hours 33 minutes ","12213","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC232988","Abid Al Lutfi","","Male","abidallutfi@gmail.com","9846959368","2020-08-15","4:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1994-03-16","Anugraha Nagar, No.2 Junction, Ayathil, Kallumthazham PO","","Negative","The order was not complete","","","09 am - 12 pm","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2020-08-15 20:22:54","2020-08-16 18:01:23","0:21:38","21 hours 38 minutes ","1298","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC232907","finnyt1991","API","","finnyt1991@gmail.com","9446293014","0000-00-00","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","he place is littered and the floors are filled with papers (Bill and tissue). Also there is not dedicated cleaning staff, considering the fact that we Indians are not the most considerate people when it comes to public hygiene, why dont the places have their own cleaning staff? Why is the person taking my order cleaning tables too?   Also what kind of paper plates are these, you would not use such tiny plates in any other country. A good piece of chicken does not even fit into the plate, let alone a few fries and ketchup.  Today I had visited one of the branches in Kollqm, Kerala and the place was littered as expected, chairs unorganized and my order was not given to me on time (one of the items was not delivered with first batch of my order). The staff also forgot about it and I had to remind them again (by that time I was done with my meal) they again took 10 minutes to bring it.  I am pissed because all this happened when the place was scarcely crowded. I think only 3 small tables were occupied (they were served already) and about 2 customers were ordering. I cannot imagine how would the same number of staff would manage if the places starts working to it's full capacity. Also, it is a usual thing to see manager at the counter at times, I did not see anyone with authority on the floor.   I cannot speak for everyone but atleast in Kerala, majority of people are exposed to places abroad and most probably have become KFC lovers from outside India, kindly treat us the way you do to rest of the world.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2020-08-15 13:42:52","2020-08-16 17:57:52","1:4:15","1 days 4 hours 15 minutes ","1695","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC232722","Abdul Rehman Sait","","Male","rehmankollam@gmail.com","9846598000","2020-08-14","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1979-04-08","Konikkara House Pallithottam Kollam","","Negative","The delivery was very late so it was not hot as we expect,Also wings are added into this order","","","","","Delivery","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2020-08-14 19:51:55","2020-08-15 12:40:13","0:16:48","16 hours 48 minutes ","1008","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC231804","SREEJITH v","","Male","sree.vazhu@gmail.com","9074877475","2020-08-09","6:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1978-05-10","","","Negative","I had put my order at 6.10pm but your resurant not full fill the order up 6.50 pm ,what they doing","","","07 pm - 09 pm","","Take Away","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","2020-08-09 18:39:50","2020-08-09 18:57:22","0:0:17","0 hours 17 minutes ","17","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC231737","Shijoy","","Male","spk2004928313@gmail.com","8086896228","2020-08-08","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1986-12-12","","","Negative","We have ordered KFC  multiple times through Zomato app from kollam KFC and though the quality was bad it was eatable. But this time it was like rotten chicken cooked with no salt or any flavour. The chicken looked black inside the crust . This is the worst experience we ever had. 
 The Zinger had no lettuce in it. Just plain bun chicken and mayo. The chicken in the zinger also tasted bad. 
Picture shown in zomato site & what we got delivered  was entirely different 
We got sick by eating this nasty  chicken 

Picture shown in zomato site & what we got delivered  was entirely different 
We got sick by eating this nasty  chicken 
I recommend not to buy from kollam KFC
","Tell your franchise people to maintain the quality of food as good as international 
Otherwise not to give 
It may ultimately end in faith in kfc .at least in kollam people 
","04 pm - 07 pm","Quaterly","Online Ordering","Yes","No","No","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","2020-08-08 22:41:49","2020-08-09 17:03:05","0:18:21","18 hours 21 minutes ","1101","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC231332","Heston George Fernandez","","Male","hestongeorge@hotmail.com","0097150424","2020-08-05","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1965-02-09","7.00am to 8.00pm","","Negative","We placed online order twice and both the times they delivered short. We called to complain, but the phone went unanswered and contacted Zomato. Missing items were Chicken Shrimps & Chicken Zinger Burger. I have advised my wife to visit the outlet and lodge a complain. We expect someone at least to give us a call.","","","","","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","2020-08-06 16:11:35","2020-08-10 11:15:04","3:19:3","3 days 19 hours 3 minutes ","5463","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC231238","Anjana Heston","","Female","anjanahs1341@gmail.com","9645577281","2020-08-05","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1994-12-13","NEST, TRA-A46, Thevally, Palace Nagar, Kollam 9","","Negative","

Date: 05.08.2020 at 12.55 PM
Order no: 1825245559
Total amount: Rs. 2,264/-
Payment method: Debit card (Anjana Heston, +919946416294)

2 items were missing from my order. 
(a) 'Wednesday Strips Bucket' - Rs. 333.33/-
(b) 'Classic Chicken Zinger Burger' - Rs. 142.86/-

Immediately, we made a call to the outlet in Kollam. Our calls went unanswered. I tried 'Zomato' support, no agents were connected. Tried too many times, no luck!!! My amount has been deducted but this is a disappointing behavior from this well known fast food chain. They don't answer customer calls, nothing. How will we complain?

I need my refund for the same ASAP. This is not the first time. First time we didn't make it an issue but if it is repeating in nature, we tend not to recommend others.

Thank you

Anjana Heston
Alternate number to contact: +919645577281

","By answering customer calls when needed!!!","Better customer service (online ordering queries and others)","12 pm - 04 pm","","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","2020-08-05 21:13:04","2020-08-06 16:54:46","0:19:41","19 hours 41 minutes ","1181","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC230960","Sneha sreenivasan","","Female","sreenivasansneha791@gmail.com","9620881619","2020-08-02","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1988-08-03","Mohanam palace nagar 14 thevally po kollam","","Negative","Today I ordered 10pc of chicken leg piece bucket from kfc kollam using kfc app which was priced at rs699. After code applied paid amt was rs 681.50. The order was confirmed at 12.15 pm and was told that it would be delivered in 45min. The message was even sent telling that the order is dispatched we waited for long and then tried calling kollam kfc,where in the number wasnt valid one. I then had to call mangalore kfc store manager told them about the issue and he rang up to kollam kfc  store manager to know the status of the order. It was a great disappointment to know that they had misplaced the order. I even tried tracking the order online which never fetched any details. Finally after calling and informing about the order not being delivered they then delivered the bucket after 3 and half hours that is at 3.45pm. To our surprise when we opened the bucket the food was cold and out of 10 leg piece ordered there were only 3leg pieces. I was really disappointed with it. This is nothing but the irresponsibility of the store and the store manager.If you all cannot deliver the order as stated ,then why do you all charge for it? Youl charged for 10 leg pieces and gave just 3leg pieces and the remaining pieces were just random pieces. I want this matter to be resolved  at the earliest. And please maintain the quality and provide pieces as stated in the order because we pay the price as stated by you. Never fool any customer for this. Awaiting you response on this matter","Your quality, punctuality, serve the pieces as stated","Please serve food by reading the order properly. Youl tell 10 leg pieces and provide 3leg pieces","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Online Ordering","Yes","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2020-08-02 23:42:58","2020-08-04 16:23:22","1:16:40","1 days 16 hours 40 minutes ","2440","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC230762","Nithin","","Male","nithinmadhavancs@gmail.com","9995109884","2020-08-01","6:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","2020-06-19","Trivandrum","","Negative","I had ordered via app but not delivered at my car ,then why did u ask for my car no while ordering.delayed in delivery . I went to the shop for taking my parcel .then only they packed my food .pepsi is not chilled","","","","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","2020-08-01 18:15:34","2020-08-02 14:09:33","0:19:53","19 hours 53 minutes ","1193","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC228788","aslam ahammed","","Male","aslam.ahammed1001@gmail.com","7012514763","2020-07-06","11:30am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","karunagappally","","Negative","the staff behaviour was the worst among most of  the other outlets..the food was not good and tasty. the dine in place was dirty and smelly..how can a customer sit and eat in such places. i told these to the store manager, but there was no response from the team as well..please do proper training to the staff about staff behaviour to the customers..everyone in this store is very rude.","because ,  i like kfc.. there is no kfc near my area..so  i am coming here..","make the staff well behaved to the customers, keep the shop clean and tidy..serve good and tasty food to the customers..please..please..it's a request","12 pm - 04 pm","Weekly","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","No","Yes","2020-07-06 11:58:28","2020-07-06 17:30:51","0:5:32","5 hours 32 minutes ","332","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC228578","Arunprakash","","Male","arunprakashet@gmail.com","9447002824","2020-07-03","2:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1980-05-30","Arunodayam,karavaloor po punalur,kollam","","Negative","Ms.roja the kot staff insulted me infront of my friends","","","12 pm - 04 pm","","Dine In","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","2020-07-03 14:32:18","2020-07-05 09:34:31","1:19:2","1 days 19 hours 2 minutes ","2582","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC228235","Suneer S V","","","suneer.srk@gmail.com","9809851143","2020-06-28","5:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1993-11-24","Enapallithodiyil sakkir hussain nagar-201 thattamala p. O","","Negative","One of the worst KFC outlet I ever visited. Most of the times budget items are not available like 199 combo, 129 combo, box meals etc. I think they are denying intentionally due to less profit. These type of outlet will cause middle class people to stay away. Today also case is same. Now they are telling that budget items are not available due to covid issues. I will not visit this outlet ever in my life","","Kindly stop this outlet and give to any other management.","07 pm - 09 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2020-06-28 17:33:35","2020-06-28 20:52:12","0:3:18","3 hours 18 minutes ","198","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC227790","Ramesh","","Male","smithramesh813@gmail.com","8943562550","2020-06-17","5:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1986-02-13","","","Negative","Well this is second time am Complaining.. First time the supervisor called from your store and said they will maintain the standard. I really didnt  wanted to complain again as am not going to visit kfc anymore  and also will share my experience to my friends too.. As u can see the rising  Corona numbers in Kerala. We all know the kfc is a good brand and maintains the standard.. As I was passing through chick in today guys learn from them how they are handling the customers. That's made me to write again this to u after visiting your store last week. Chick in  not even allowing to bring any customers in. I was really happy to see the way they managing the customers and  also protecting everyone and customers too. I have all ready posted the pictures as u can see this is covid pandemic situation and how the customers is standing and waiting.. Not even a distance is mainted. Also I saw one of ur lady staff wasn't wearing the mask.. Guys am coming to KFC because of the standard and trust. But after complaining as well u guys not learning.. You should atleast do something to manage the crowd. A supervisor should come and manage the crowd. There was only one lady in the counter who  was trying to tell the customers to wait outside.. No one else took the responsibility... I hope there is a supervisor in your store. You should protect your own staffs  whos coming to work in this  situation.. Guys anything can happen, we dont know where the people coming from and what they carrying.. Please don't call me and disturb me and apology.. As am not going to visit anymore","Not any more","No Thanks","12 pm - 04 pm","Monthly","Take Away","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","No","Yes","2020-06-22 19:55:33","2020-06-24 15:18:40","1:19:23","1 days 19 hours 23 minutes ","2603","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC227047","Noufal","","Male","SNoufals27@gmail.com","9387641004","2020-06-10","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1981-05-21","","","Negative","This is to inform you that .i ordered a big 8via kfc app .amount is debited and order is cancelled due to techinical issue .So do the need full as soon as possible. Attaching the detail screen short for your kind reference.","May be","","04 pm - 07 pm","Monthly","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2020-06-14 18:26:47","2020-06-15 13:39:56","0:19:13","19 hours 13 minutes ","1153","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC226993","Nooja","","Female","gydhanasar@gmail.com","9747377365","2020-06-13","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1997-11-27","gydhanasar","","Negative","We ordered 3 veggies but it was a boneless chikken pack that came instead. We had a vegetarian friend among us and this made it really unconvenient for all of us.","We need an explaination to this","You should be morr careful about delivering what people order.","07 pm - 09 pm","","Online Ordering","Yes","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2020-06-13 20:34:30","2020-06-15 14:26:28","1:17:51","1 days 17 hours 51 minutes ","2511","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC226158","Ramesh","","Male","smithramesh813@gmail.com","8943562550","2020-06-03","5:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1986-02-09","","","Negative","Hope you know that this is Corona pandemic situation you guys saying we all taking precautionary steps for the safety and I have seen many employees of yours was not wearing the masks and was working. Really disappointed around 7 to 8 staffs working simply standing on the counter and only one counter was open for customers. really was scared to stand on the que for longer time..later they informing that only card is acceptable. Atleast you guys should put the note. No one was even handling the que... What you guys upto?? Atleast some on should maintain the distance of the customers in the que..","No thanks","Use the guidelines to serve your food products","12 pm - 04 pm","Monthly","Take Away","No","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2020-06-03 18:23:09","2020-06-04 14:19:59","0:19:56","19 hours 56 minutes ","1196","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC225884","Sharath R Panicker","","Male","sharath9846@gmail.com","9544415455","2020-05-30","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1994-11-03","","","Negative","I visited KFC recently and the details of the visit have been filled in before. I've been a regular customer of KFC when I lived in Mainland China for the past 6 years and there was a slightly bad experience from my recent purchase. I felt that the chicken was not very fresh. I noticed it because the meat on the inner side was very pasty like. I'm not a professional on testing food but from my experience of eating from KFC regularly, I noticed the difference.  I did not keep any pictures hence there is no proof for my claim. I understand that due to the ongoing pandemic, services are hard to keep in check out but by this email, I'm just giving my suggestion. Nothing more","Better quality chicken will be appreciated.","By continue making the awesome spicy chicken like you always do.","04 pm - 07 pm","Quaterly","Take Away","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2020-05-30 22:55:20","2020-05-31 18:30:18","0:19:34","19 hours 34 minutes ","1174","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC225484","Arun Roy","","Male","arunroys@gmail.com","9207272999","2020-05-20","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1986-05-16","","","Negative","The food was extremely bad. We got food for 3 and all three of us got stomach upset and food poisoning. The food taste was also not good and different from normal.","","","04 pm - 07 pm","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2020-05-26 12:03:20","2020-05-27 15:07:23","1:3:4","1 days 3 hours 4 minutes ","1624","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC225078","Hisham Ashraf","","Male","hishama4@gmail.com","9496006810","2020-05-16","5:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1986-07-21","3-1003 bismi house, vaddakumthala P.O. , kollam","","Negative","Hi ordered a takeaway of two popcorns and 8 hot wings. The hot wings was good but the popcorn was horrible. It was very chewy. I initially thought they overcooked the popcorn but on investigation it was found that the popcorn had little or no meat in it. It was 90% flour and 10% meAt and the meat used was also not boneless breast peice but some chewy soft-tissue. These people take the MSRP price and provide a dish which is not promising. I really urge KFC to quality check this place. Being in small town doesn't mean this franschise can take customers for a ride. I trust KFC brand and looking for a speedy reply","Provide what's mentioned on the menu and ascribe to the recipe of KFC","","","Quaterly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2020-05-17 04:56:58","2020-05-18 13:57:57","1:9:0","1 days 9 hours 0 minutes ","1980","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC225068","Darshan","","Male","amernath999@gmail.com","9744034084","2020-05-13","4:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1995-03-07","Thunduvila puthen veedu, Nedumpana","","Negative","Dear team, I ordered through KFC India application and my account is debited but the restaurant guy told to me the didn't get any orders from kfc india online application.kindley take action or please refund my payment . order no - 0516201636243582662","Dear team, I ordered through KFC India application and my account is debited but the restaurant guy told to me the didn't get any orders from kfc india online application.kindley take action or please refund my payment . order no - 0516201636243582662","Dear team, I ordered through KFC India application and my account is debited but the restaurant guy told to me the didn't get any orders from kfc india online application.kindley take action or please refund my payment . order no - 0516201636243582662","07 pm - 09 pm","Monthly","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2020-05-16 19:40:33","2020-05-18 14:16:42","1:18:36","1 days 18 hours 36 minutes ","2556","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC224568","Vishnu v nair","","Male","vshnvnr691@gmail.com","7293815680","2020-04-15","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1993-10-15","Kaval, West","","Negative","The advertisements is really bothering me and  nothing else the wednesday 12 piece bucket chicken for 350 rs there is no such thing in kfc right this is fake advertisements and it is not available i  my area kindly remove the advertisements or bring back the promised  offer shown the advertisements","Definitely Honesty","Please try to bring back the offer as promised i  the offer","07 pm - 09 pm","","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","2020-04-22 23:45:43","2020-04-23 18:17:55","0:18:32","18 hours 32 minutes ","1112","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC224178","Muhammed Najeeb N","","Male","muhammednajeeb06@gmail.com","8075711075","2020-04-05","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1993-03-23","Pallimukku Eravipuram po kollam","","Negative","Today I ordered 8 piece Fried chicken through Swiggy and the delivery boy gave me the product without tampering the label or nothing.

But when I open the box , the look and recipe of pieces is entirely different from KFC Chicken. I knew it easily because am a regular buyer and I know the recipe very much.","I need the clear explanation of this issue, when I googled and called the KFC helpline number I found that the entire KFC Shop were closed due to COVID 19 issue. Then how can they accept and deliver the product.","Again am telling that, I paid 1057 rs Through phonepe for the product , so I had proof about the payment . The one mistake I made that I throw the pieces without taking picture. But apart from that I had all the details which you guys need.

So please solve my problem as soon as possible","12 pm - 04 pm","Monthly","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","2020-04-05 20:49:39","2020-04-06 16:28:27","0:19:38","19 hours 38 minutes ","1178","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC218958","Vinayan","","Male","vinayanvyas@yahoo.co.in","9847836926","2020-02-10","11:00am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1969-05-25","Kollam","","Negative","Smoky grill was not available in this outlet for alost 09 months and above.... we travel very often to have smokygrill but we get a sorry answer  from the staff...","","","07 pm - 09 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","2020-02-10 11:51:53","2020-02-10 17:16:33","0:5:24","5 hours 24 minutes ","324","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC217852","Vijayakumar B","","Male","vijaya789@gmail.com","9947341340","2020-02-01","9:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1962-07-11","","","Negative","It was very disappointing the way the counter boys behaved. Delivery was not on order of token number and when I raised my token counter staff was very arrogant and was not ready to even look at my token number. Also at the time of delivery the pepsy glasses fell on the delivery table and spilled over my dhothi and the guy served was not even not bothered to say sorry.
In general it was very disappointing experience and definitely this will damage your reputaand business in our Kollam town.","No way at all","Better train your available staff to behave politely or replace with better team.","","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","No","No","Yes","2020-02-01 23:28:17","2020-02-02 18:33:19","0:19:5","19 hours 5 minutes ","1145","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC207782","Fazeel Ahamed","","","fazeelahamed22@gmail.com","9072317866","2019-12-15","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:The fries were cold and not crispy. Food were bit cold. Delivery time took 30 minutes. Very bad experience overall.","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2019-12-17 22:58:26","2019-12-18 18:36:19","0:19:37","19 hours 37 minutes ","1177","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC204975","Rinjujohnson","","","rinjulionson@gmail.com","9544009965","2019-12-04","7:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1989-01-20","Josemount ayathil po kollam","","Negative","Am ordered 
cob/hc 9pieces 
Ch strip 4pc
My Ord no : k15219063906
   Token no : 189
Bill amount : 730

But i got it

Cob : 3 pieces 
Ch    : 3 pc","No","No","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","2019-12-04 21:13:42","2019-12-07 17:07:32","2:19:53","2 days 19 hours 53 minutes ","4073","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC201443","Merina Johnson","","","Itsmee.merina@gmail.com","7559071408","2019-11-15","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:I bought 3 superchargers for my family and one had very stale lettuce and was bitter in taste which destroyed the taste of the whole sandwich!I bought a popcorn where the box was not even filled! It was half empty!Went for the supersaver offer! But they said they dont have that offer! Last 3 times when i went there they kept only one chicken strip in my supercharger! Which is like betrayal! When i realised and asked them they said they took a wrong order for chicken longer but the sauce i got inside sandwich was of supercharger! This is total scam taking our money and giving us this? Showing ads of supersaver and not providing it in the store since 3 weeks? This is ridiculuous!","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2019-11-18 17:19:34","2019-11-19 18:54:51","1:1:35","1 days 1 hours 35 minutes ","1535","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC201250","Aarcha a s","","","aarcha.ambedkar@gmail.com","8330877262","2019-11-16","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1994-10-29","Kottathazha veedu, aranya sree kollam.","","Negative","I ordered zinger box. The sandwich was just 2 bun with chiken piece in it that too wings. I didn't know that KFC served bones in sandwiches. Take a closer look at the photo there were no veggies too. The 2 chicken pieces along with burger was the tiniest. Ihave eaten KFC from Australia and it was delicious. Sorry to say this but yesterday's incident really disappointed me.","An active response to my feedback.","Please do not add any more bones in sandwiches","","Quaterly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","2019-11-17 22:17:08","2019-11-18 18:12:03","0:19:54","19 hours 54 minutes ","1194","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC191574","SAYUJ DAMODHARAN","","Male","sayujdamodharan@gmail.com","9020905655","2019-09-28","9:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1980-11-20","THATHWAMASI, SREE NAGAR-87, NEERAVIL, PERINAD P.O","","Negative","Kollam KFC is the worst KFC franchise i ever went. The entrance was stinging with waste water from the underground sewage tank that was filled and overflowing. The entire restaurant was stinging inside also. The counter was soo shabby it gave the feeling of a Dhaba. The food serving counter was also untidy and not hygenic. The food was served by unprofessional guys who did not even know how to serve KFC food. They just stuffed the entire chicken and that took off the fried topping of the chicken. I also noticed that nobody was wearing Name talley also. On asking for 5in1 meals they said that it is not available and the same is stopped since 1 week, whereas when i visited Alleppey KFC 2 days before it was there. Kollam KFC franchise is looting people and bring bad name to KFC . Kindly correct before that goes wrong. I was planning to put up this complaint to Health and food Inspectorate. However i felt that it is important to mention this to KFC authority first and if no action is taken then i will escalate this to Food and Safety department. If no corrective action is taken within a week i will surely forward the complaint along with photographs to Food and Safety Department.","Proper punitive action and KFC to maintain the international brand name and standard as we expect. Kindly change the franchise or educate the staff to be clean neat and keep restaurant clean and be more dedicated to the work they do.","First carry out surprise inspection at KFC Kollam franchise without telling them to understand the issue and verify my complaint is  genuine or not. Try to visit at 2130 Hrs on saturdays to see the way they serve customers. Truth will open your eyes.","09 am - 12 pm","BiWeekly","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","No","2019-10-04 22:59:21","2019-10-05 14:27:55","0:15:28","15 hours 28 minutes ","928","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC189867","Merina Johnson","","","Itsmee.merina@gmail.com","7559071408","2019-09-20","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:I ordered 2 supercharger and but there was only one chicken strip in it! But in ads they say its two! Last time i ordered 2 zingers they did not add chese which i paid for the lettuce were old! I even found a small hair strand in my burger! Ridiculuous","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2019-09-26 10:00:04","2019-09-26 15:21:11","0:5:21","5 hours 21 minutes ","321","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC188895","Vishnu K G","","Male","vkgcr7@gmail.com","9605695455","2019-09-21","3:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","Today I went to order chicken longer and add on 2 piece  chicken rs120/-. The store people told us that particular offer is not  available in their store. Store manager told me Devyani franchise is not providing this type of any offers. Can you please look into this.","","","07 pm - 09 pm","Monthly","Dine In","No","No","No","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","2019-09-21 19:25:40","2019-09-26 11:25:55","4:16:0","4 days 16 hours 0 minutes ","6720","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC187555","Shibin Nizar","","Male","Shibin_nizar@live.com","9995664246","2019-09-13","9:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I have visited KFC in different parts of the world and even I worked as a cook in KFC wrexham, United Kingdom almost 6-7 years back and I know how much KFC gives values for the hygiene and cleanness of the place.  I am currently located in Kollam, Kerala ,India. Which is my hometown and am with deep regret and disappointed to say that this is the worst KFC I have ever been on my life. 

1) the cook is not wearing a gloves , you can see it in the photograph I took if you zoom in enough,  I am sure not wearing  gloves during cooking is clearly a violation in the KFC guidelines as you can see his hands full of flour. 

2) kitchen hygiene was very poor that day I saw flour all over the fryer and floor and I even happen to saw the cooks poor hygiene as he was taking the chicken from the fryer and a piece of chicken fall on the floor and he simply put it back on the tray while his team leader was standing there doing nothing. 

2) The worst fried chicken I ever had, like I said I was a well trained cook of KFC in wrexham, United Kingdom which was happened to be one of the cleanest and busiest in the United Kingdom. 
From my experience the chicken I ate from was kept in the flour (breading table)  for a long time to make it easy for him to cook and handle the order. Due to this flour got dried onto the chicken and felt like eating raw fried flour on top of the chicken. 

3) The staffs are lazy and not very committed in working as you can see they deliver the chicken deliver the chicken directly from the frier without giving it any resting time .

3) The dining place was very dirty and there were foods, packs everything on the floor and the table , they put only one guy on the floor for cleaning during a busy day and I can see he is as lazy as his team 
leader .

I had this experience several time from this location and I thought it would get better in long run but this was the worst experience I happen to have in a KFC ,being a long time fan of KFC I felt like I simply wasted my money.","Good food,  freshly cooked food as I know how tasty the real KFC food is and I believe it's all about the cooks effort and time in making the chicken rather than rushing it to make it into a nightmare. 
Hygenie and cleanness are very important when it comes to handling food and also 
Friendly staffs .","KFC used have a periodic check every month it was like a surprise visit,  that used to help alot during the initial days of KFC as cook back in the days. 

Please provide proper training to the staffs and team leader. Thank you","07 pm - 09 pm","Monthly","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","2019-09-15 19:31:27","2019-09-16 19:56:17","1:0:24","1 days 0 hours 24 minutes ","1464","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC186713","Pranaam Shetty","","Male","pranaamsshetty@gmail.com","8660316207","2019-09-11","6:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1992-10-22","","","Negative","Actually I visited restaurant at Kochi but I selected Kollam since I did not get da option of selecting place as Kochi . The actual address is Gold Souk Grandé Mall, Ground Floor, Bypass Rd, Poonithura, Edappally, Kochi, Kerala 682019","I feel this is the worst experience I ever had in my life while hosting KFC . I'm from Mumbai and have visited KFC in many states but dis was among the worst I can assure that.","I think atleast once you should send someone from your company to have a look at this branch of yours and review it on quality of food and facility both . It doesn't seem lyk a real KFC looks more lyk a fake one","07 pm - 09 pm","Weekly","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","2019-09-11 23:19:12","2019-09-19 17:34:57","7:18:15","7 days 18 hours 15 minutes ","11175","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC184051","ANJALI P S","","Female","dranjalips@gmail.com","9447341211","2019-09-01","9:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","Sree vykundam, Punnathala Ward","","Negative","Yesterday I went and ordered 2 medium chicken popcorn...it almost took 25 min ..it was take away..nd wen we went and had it at home , it was too salty..not able to swallow because of increased salt...I don't understand how  a chain likes yours can deliver this subsdtandard food...it was very bad experience..nd I tried contacting the store many times in the number in the bill nd the number shown in net...no response..no one is bothered abt wt customer gets...u people are only bothered abt your targets nd business....very bad experience...I have already put up this in Google...if I don't recieve a proper remedy I would like to escalate this matter.","Should solve the issue...customer should get value for his money...many people would have taken that portion yesterday...","Serve quality food","04 pm - 07 pm","","Take Away","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2019-09-02 20:56:55","2019-09-04 13:47:37","1:16:50","1 days 16 hours 50 minutes ","2450","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC181440","Aswin","","Male","Aswinsphotography@gmail.com","9495245394","2019-08-22","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","Worst food tht i ever had","","","09 am - 12 pm","","Online Ordering","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","2019-08-22 14:17:39","2019-08-22 16:56:05","0:2:38","2 hours 38 minutes ","158","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC181057","Ayyappan","","Male","ayyappan.knpy@gmail.com","9400281030","2019-08-20","9:00am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","the cash boy MrAbhijith was very rude to us....he was quite impolite and arrogant","","","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","2019-08-20 21:07:28","2019-08-21 15:08:40","0:18:1","18 hours 1 minutes ","1081","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC168882","Jithin Najeeb","","","jithinnajeeb@rocketmail.com","8129056277","2019-06-29","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES: Toilet smell everywhere","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2019-07-01 17:57:02","2019-07-02 10:59:01","0:17:1","17 hours 1 minutes ","1021","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC161828","Ashiq Nizar","","Male","ashiqnizar@gmail.com","9745064455","2019-06-02","3:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1993-04-20","","","Negative","The washroom is horrible. Not just once, always it horrible,, it’s dirty and stinks... this is not the first time I get this experience from this restaurant but this time I had to company coz we don’t want this to happen again.. it is not the way to maintain the washroom of a restaurant and that too a KFC restaurant... other customers also have the same opinion,, they were covering there nose in the worse case for using it.. plz check to it.. I expect KFC to visit the restaurant and ensure the cleanliness.. if this is the situation, I doubt the quality of the food this restaurant provide.. plz consider this seriously and take necessary action.","Need a solution for my complaint","","04 pm - 07 pm","BiWeekly","Dine In","No","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","2019-06-02 15:03:50","2019-06-02 18:52:33","0:3:48","3 hours 48 minutes ","228","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC161286","Chippy vs","","Female","Sameepinto@gmail.com","9400303211","2019-05-28","7:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1995-01-04","Sreeragam house puthenambalam po kollam","","Negative","Please keep kfc kollam restaurant clean. And also keep the standard of kfc chicken. We ordered and fast we got it not good food. We have we kfc alappey, kochi, Quatar somany time kollam is over bad experience. And the bathroom is very dirty.","","","12 pm - 04 pm","","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","No","Yes","No","No","2019-05-30 21:48:03","2019-05-31 16:09:19","0:18:21","18 hours 21 minutes ","1101","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC158085","Bijumon","","Male","bijumonss85@gmail.com","9447305717","2019-05-02","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1985-01-22","","","Negative","Goooood","","","04 pm - 07 pm","BiWeekly","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","2019-05-15 18:08:40","2019-05-17 18:31:44","2:0:23","2 days 0 hours 23 minutes ","2903","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC157239","Anshad","","Male","anshad999@gmail.com","9656174619","2019-04-24","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","Very bad service from them and unnecessarily long waiting time.No home delivery in kollam also.","Pls add more stores in Kollam and maintain good customer service.Other wise provide home delivery.","","","BiWeekly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","2019-05-11 19:16:51","2019-05-12 18:38:37","0:23:21","23 hours 21 minutes ","1401","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC153580","Abu sufiyan","","Male","abusufiyaan@gmail.com","9447556603","2019-04-23","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I wanted big 8, but I was told a wait time of 20 minutes!!
They said they had to heat up the grill, so 20 minutes or more.

Since I don't want to spoil the mood of my accompanying family i decided to order without the grill. I wanted the order quick.
As KFC alwqys has been, bill it and get it .

The guy billed and then asked me wait for 10 minutes. I felt like I was scammed into waiting. 

If I had known ,If this order takes 10 minutes, i would have ordered with the the grills.

I am writing this for 2 clarification:

I was informed, after 9pm the grills are shutdown.
The wait for normal fried was more than 10 minutes.
My order number: 15219005924
POS SALES MAN : No name tags :)
","","","07 pm - 09 pm","","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","2019-04-23 21:56:53","2019-04-24 18:43:19","0:20:46","20 hours 46 minutes ","1246","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC152086","Cyril Raj","","","cyrilhridayaraj@gmail.com","8304805569","2019-04-12","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Photo of the offer was normal 11piece the information about wings included in the meal worth 449 was hidden .a way of cheating customers.disappointed!","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2019-04-15 17:19:51","2019-04-15 18:23:35","0:1:3","1 hours 3 minutes ","63","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC150842","Sajeev","","Male","sajeevaziz109@gmail.com","9846593268","2019-01-10","10:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","Arn 46","","Negative","The seating area smells like an urinal. It was not adjacent to the same.","Better customer service and more cleanliness","Stricter hygiene checks and measures.","07 pm - 09 pm","BiWeekly","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","2019-04-06 22:35:03","2019-04-07 23:56:27","1:1:21","1 days 1 hours 21 minutes ","1521","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC148187","Krishnadev R","","","krishnadev634@gmail.com","7012431738","2019-03-20","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","1994-11-27","Smitham, Palace nagar no.7, Thevally","","Negative","Kfc all india offers like zinger doubles wednesday offer 350 etc is not availabe on the KFC kollam outlet since months which is very unsatisfactory for kfc lovers","If kfc india look into the matter and conduct any enquiry for the satisfaction of all customers","Ensure that all offers claimed by kfc india is availabe on all stores","","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","No","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","2019-03-20 17:32:46","","0","","1521","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC147040","Riyas Badar","","Male","riyasbadar@gmail.com","8129289755","2019-03-13","8:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1993-07-31","","","Negative","At 07:15pm I first bought food for 830rs and I lost it by tearing down the paper bag ( I drank the Pepsi before getting on the motorcycle , To avoid spillage on paper bag). It is only because of the paper bag , this paper bag can’t withstand a 1 kg above weight and it also can’t hold drinks safely , so please replace it , otherwise kfc will loose their prime customers.
Even after loosing my food I decided to buy the food from kfc again , so I again went to shop in car to avoid tearing of paper bag and ordered food for 830rs (includes 1 wednesday offer pack , 3 mayyonaise, 2 buns) . I ordered it at 8:40 pm and I got it at 9:10 pm . The  problem is that the staff didn’t add my 3 mayyonaise and 2 buns in the takeaway bag . So I lost 125rs again .
Totally I lost my 955rs  from myfirst order of830rs and 125 rs of extras in second order , also I wasted my 2-3 hours to just buy kfc .
I am very unsatisfied with kfc","I won’t visit kfc if any of this issues happens again","Please provide better quality carry bag to carry your costly food and also ensure that you guys are giving all the items that customer ordered.","12 pm - 04 pm","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","No","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","2019-03-13 22:44:22","2019-03-14 13:18:33","0:14:34","14 hours 34 minutes ","874","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC142949","Shamnad Ummarkutty","","","shamnad1332@gmail.com","8078367415","2019-02-22","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Offers very cheap and not thnksful staffOver all very bad atmosphere and not keep international standards","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2019-02-25 17:38:52","2019-02-26 14:32:47","0:20:53","20 hours 53 minutes ","1253","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC140519","SAIJU S","","Male","saiju.mar27@gmail.com","7448555185","2019-02-16","9:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1985-05-21","","","Negative","I have purchased 6 piece boneless strips,  2 longer,  5 piece chicken and one French fries.  The boneless strips was too salty and not able to eat. Really very bad cooking","","","04 pm - 07 pm","","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","No","2019-02-17 10:13:08","2019-02-17 15:38:42","0:5:25","5 hours 25 minutes ","325","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC135295","John Thomas","","Male","johnthomascep@gmail.com","9447936871","2019-01-28","10:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","1983-05-30","Panayam","","Negative","Please provide one more store in kollam.","Please make ambience and behaviour of staff will be good","Please call me","12 pm - 04 pm","Daily","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","No","2019-01-28 00:14:42","","0","","325","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC127370","Vijay","","Male","vijaykrishnavs@gmail.com","9497543144","2018-12-26","10:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","They told Wednesday special offer is not there due to unavailability of chicken pops. Service was very poor.  Quality of food was not good. The worst ever experience with KFC","","Better service and food quality.","07 pm - 09 pm","Monthly","Dine In","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","No","2018-12-27 00:50:20","","0","","325","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC126634","Binooplal P I","","Male","binooplal@hotmail.com","6282549696","2018-12-23","10:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","1980-01-19","Anytime","","Negative","Arrogant behaviour, made me wait more than 20 minutes.... the zinger Burger was Served with one chicken piece with mayonnaise on one side and two buns on different corner. When I asked why it lacks lettuce they said we don’t give that. Why are you advertising something on picture and serving totally different thing? Stop this daytime robbery. My invoice no is K1521817306....","Stop the arrogant behaviour....","Be truthful to your business.... Don’t cheat customers....","09 am - 12 pm","BiWeekly","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-12-23 22:11:30","","0","","325","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC126485","Bijesh","","Male","bijeshoachira@gmail.com","9995554558","2018-12-22","4:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","1984-04-30","Kollam","","Negative","Family pack offers has been changed .quantity got lesser while price hiked.","","","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","No","2018-12-23 15:25:29","","0","","325","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC122979","Visakh Vijayakumar","","Male","visakhvijayakumar001@gmail.com","9747514818","2018-12-01","11:00am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1994-08-26","Aebel villa, KP nagar-71A, Kallumthazham P.O, Kollam-691004","","Negative","Phones have been disconnected. I want to order through phone. No Phone is there","","","12 pm - 04 pm","","Delivery","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","2018-12-06 15:33:52","2018-12-09 17:04:23","3:1:30","3 days 1 hours 30 minutes ","4410","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC122316","Sidhi Vinayak Dileep","","","sidhivinayak@icloud.com","9633090123","2018-12-01","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:1.Shortage of staff at counter to take the orders from the customers. 2. No home delivery option was available.","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-12-03 17:36:05","2018-12-06 12:54:52","2:19:18","2 days 19 hours 18 minutes ","4038","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC122310","Ashaam Firdouz","","","ashaamashaam190@gmail.com","8086962484","2018-11-30","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:High price.","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-12-03 17:36:05","","0","","4038","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC119442","Sony Jose","","","sonyjoze@gmail.com","9986872828","2018-11-18","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Long que with one man handling. Table was not cleared after one finished . Responds to the crew is dead . Not giving proper answer or acknowledge when I asked to clean the table after waiting 10 min. This is nasty, bullshit and savage. Is this real KFC outlet or just a name .","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-11-19 18:03:23","2018-12-02 10:47:32","12:16:44","12 days 16 hours 44 minutes ","18284","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC115768","Simon Jacob","","","simonkjacob@gmail.com","9895200860","2018-10-25","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Ordered 5 - IN - Chicken Longer box Chicken longer taste is almost satisfying taste of the mayo is more, less taste of other items in it...Hash Brown Potato is good crispy and hot COB-HC 1 Pieces is not much satisfied. The meat not soft enough. Felt little uncooked, the crisp was fine..","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-10-31 19:14:43","2018-11-03 12:54:36","2:17:39","2 days 17 hours 39 minutes ","3939","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC109575","simon jacob","","","simonkjacob@gmail.com","9895200860","2018-09-28","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:i ordered zinger box, lunch box and super charger box, wasn't much happy, chicken end feels dry and sometimes little thick, not soft enough, eating burger felt more on sauce taste didn't feel the taste of chicken much. Tables were not clean enough, oily tables and after marks of cleaning.","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-10-01 18:19:39","2018-10-03 18:47:13","2:0:27","2 days 0 hours 27 minutes ","2907","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC107867","Anvar Muhammed","","","anvarmk159@hotmail.com","8281131155","2018-09-22","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:First of all its not the first time I am to a KFC outlet,I've been in Dubai for past 8 years and been to different KFC outlets in the country nnumber of times and this was the worst experience i've ever had that too in my home country,today I had visited the KFC outlet in Polayathode, Kollam and ordered for a take away of Big 8 ML(4 pc HC & 4 pc smoky grilled) along with addons like 2 md fries/2 md pepsi, 1 single devil strip & 4 corn meal round bun bringing the bill to Rs.804 including GST & carry bag charges. Waited for sometime and the biller delivered my bag and at that time I even asked him everything is there in bag right, and he shook his head positively. Upon reaching home we opened the box and found the buns to be missing, okay and thought of calling up the store and informing them as its little distant from where i reside, made 10 calls and no one picked up the call neither called back.","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-09-24 17:14:53","2018-09-26 13:43:15","1:20:28","1 days 20 hours 28 minutes ","2668","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC106992","Jishnu","","Male","Jishnu.kjames@gmail.com","9496601993","2018-09-21","11:30am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","2018-09-21","Chaithram meenambalam","","Negative","Nice","","","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","2018-09-21 18:54:22","2018-09-23 14:38:06","1:19:43","1 days 19 hours 43 minutes ","2623","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC106415","Sujac Jacob","","Male","sujacjacob@gmail.com","9495534556","2018-09-19","5:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1983-11-01","St George Bhavan, Anachalumood","","Negative","I ordered 599 special pack intially, but later changed my mind to order 699 pack wednesday special. But the store people denied by saying after billing nothing can be done. I bealive this is doable as i have done this earlier","Please change my order","","04 pm - 07 pm","Weekly","Take Away","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","2018-09-19 17:21:30","2018-09-23 14:35:56","3:21:14","3 days 21 hours 14 minutes ","5594","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC102512","MUNEER K","","","textme.mk@gmail.com","9995759818","2018-08-29","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:I paid for 3 extra dip(eggless mayo) but it was missing in the package. My home was 40 km away from this location. So I was unable to go for it. It's their responsibility to check properly when they are delivering a package.","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-09-04 14:58:50","2018-09-04 19:35:58","0:4:37","4 hours 37 minutes ","277","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC102495","Yahiya Mohammed","","","Yahya263@gmail.com","9446146590","2018-08-29","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:I have visited the site two weeks before and placed an order using a gift card. They refused it saying that their net is not working. Again today I have visited the outlet and the net issue still persists !....and they refused to accept my gift card. I had to pay from my pocket. Will you please do something to solve their net issue soon?!","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-09-04 14:58:50","2018-09-04 16:11:47","0:1:12","1 hours 12 minutes ","72","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC99618","Adhil Nazimudeen","","","adhilnaaz@gmail.com","9207145233","2018-08-21","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Friendly behaviour of the employee at the counter. Taking morethan requiref time to placing an order. While taking order employees response manner to the customers felt very bad.","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-08-22 17:35:39","2018-08-24 20:03:09","2:2:27","2 days 2 hours 27 minutes ","3027","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC98925","K S Anand","","Male","ksanandmlt@gmail.com","9447801035","2018-08-19","1:30pm","Kadapa","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1973-11-06","Nandanam,Ezhukone P.O","","Negative","Very poor service and maintenance.I placed an order waited for more than an hour and got to know that it is out of stock don't they have any idea of their stock","Not planning to return","Get the restaurant closed and appoint new staff","07 pm - 09 pm","Monthly","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-08-19 14:33:23","2018-08-21 18:15:19","2:3:41","2 days 3 hours 41 minutes ","3101","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC93770","Vipin V","","","kichucalls@gmail.com","9.14743E+11","2018-07-25","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:The chicken was not enough spicy and did not have any added salt.","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-07-27 15:05:36","2018-07-28 15:53:22","1:0:47","1 days 0 hours 47 minutes ","1487","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC93242","Jackson Veeru Antony","","","veerujackson@gmail.com","9995079500","2018-07-14","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:The zinger box of Rs 199 was missing a pepsi which was out of stock and they are compelling customers to order crushers and charge them extra money and the have no intention to give the customer a complimentry drink and does not reduce the price of pepsi from the order.The tables were left uncleaned an unattended as we were visiting a junk yard shame on u KFC.","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-07-26 15:07:46","","0","","1487","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC90928","Viji Mathew","","Male","mathew.viji@gmail.com","9747260814","2018-07-10","5:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","Please check the attached invoice. You charged Rs 10 for your advertised paper bag. If u want to charge for the paper bag then don't print your name or logo on the bag. I am not your advertisement carrier, Consider this request. Hope you will find a solution to avoid future recurrence.","","","","Quaterly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","No","2018-07-17 12:11:00","","0","","1487","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC88996","ROHITH S","","","srohit321@gmail.com","9020552552","2018-06-07","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:I am not a regular customer of kfc kollam had wonderful experience with kochi kfc and expect the same with kollam kfc but i was wrong... Every thing is at worst condition in kfc kollam the employeers dress code is very bad , buckets are not placed properly ... I saw a plastic tray which is not suites with kfc standards for keeping grilled pieces... There way of talking is not at all impressive ... Yesterday i went there cause i heard that its fried chicken day i ordered zinger box but i didnt get any piece of chicken with it i am a part of food group in facebook where i mention the same and some of the members said the customer want to enquire about the freebies then only they will give it while varifying my bill i found 1 free pc hc but i didnt recieve it .i never expect this kind of service with a brand like kfc .","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-07-09 18:06:26","2018-07-11 14:08:46","1:20:2","1 days 20 hours 2 minutes ","2642","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC83661","alex ambrose","","","bijoyambrose@yahoo.co.in","9847497207","2018-06-18","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:half litre pepsi not given to me for my food, so i could not eaten my food,i throw my food.................","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-06-20 17:24:04","","0","","2642","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC73621","Dr sreekath P s","","","drsreekanthsnair2013@gmail.com","9846126129","2018-06-05","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Hi greetingsSorry to say that thos is the fiRST time bad experience with KFCThe lettuce leaf used in burger was of poor quality.Smoky grilled chicken was ice coldFinger chips was of very bad quality which we left there on the table","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-05-07 17:51:27","2018-05-08 02:24:14","0:8:32","8 hours 32 minutes ","512","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC72612","Arun P","","","aparuns241@gmail.com","9074155037","2018-04-30","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:From my entering itself I am dissatisfied ,no one is welcoming or guiding me.Counter personnels are not attentive to me,your brands going down,lack of cleanliness around,staffs were For this order the hot and crispy chicken were very much rude while queries itself.after I place ,order taker is not much attentive to me,having his own other business.After my purchase,when I take my order,the hot and crispy chicken is having blood coating in it and the chicken was not cooked properly and oil content is more,product was not good before I had.your service and product quality is coming down.ehen I call the restaurant for the same time,the manager is not acceptable what I am staying,I am very much conscious about my foodstuffs,so I am caring about this.please have a basic courtesy ,of apologize.very pathetic.Mr.prasad mob-9074155037.,","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-05-03 17:08:31","2018-05-04 20:24:08","1:3:15","1 days 3 hours 15 minutes ","1635","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC72034","Vishnu","","Male","vishnubrahmaputran@gmail.com","9995800336","2018-04-22","10:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1992-10-06","","","Negative","The qualit of KFC, Kollam is going from bad to worse. Please check the quality of food that you serve.
Every time we have food from KFC, Kollam we are facing food poisoning.","Just our love for KFC even if the quality is worse","Please check the outlet and serve better quality food.","12 pm - 04 pm","BiWeekly","Dine In","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","Yes","No","No","2018-05-01 12:56:31","2018-05-02 18:28:52","1:5:32","1 days 5 hours 32 minutes ","1772","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC67839","SHIRAS MOHAMED","","","shiras18@gmail.com","9895421213","2018-09-04","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:I wanted to order for a Family feast. Before ordering itself I asked about the phonepe payment mode. One of the employees, who placed the order, said that it was not available for them. Then someone in the next counter said that they have it but it is showing error. I said that I had a phonepay offer for payments above 499. but they did not listen to me. Nor did they mind to try the phonepay mode. So I didnot receive the Krusher offer and also lose Rs50 cashback. Please make sure that this don't happen in future. I have complained earlier about the behavior of the employees in this store. Still I think it has not changed. The employee conduct is a factor beyond the appearance of the store.I have a suggestion. Please allow choice for the pepsi pets.","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-04-11 15:49:46","2018-04-11 17:18:00","0:1:28","1 hours 28 minutes ","88","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC66006","Crystal Betson","","","crystalbetson@yahoo.com","9895256904","2018-03-28","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:This is not my first experience with this kfc restaurant.The food severed is not hot .sometimes the chicken will not be fresh. Today we got slightly warm chicken not crispy and cooked well.the French fries were so soft was really disappointed. I am a person who loves kfc. But I have always thought of not entering this kfc because this is not my first experience. Sorry to say...the quality of food is not good. Hope it will be solved..thanks kfc","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-04-02 16:40:17","2018-04-04 10:42:37","1:18:2","1 days 18 hours 2 minutes ","2522","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC65968","Amal G S","","","muyalgs@gmail.com","7087503507","2018-03-30","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:The staff needs to a bit professional and friendly and courteous. There was a pungent aroma in the restaurant. The glass areas in the restaurant need more privacy. Some kind of stickering will do it. Also, there are two very heavy pull/push doors which are not ergonomic.","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-04-02 16:40:17","","0","","2522","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC65861","Vidya Vishwak","","Female","vidyavishwak@gmail.com","9072849276","2018-04-01","8:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1977-10-08","9G, Mather Berrywoods, Chembumukku","","Negative","We ordered a rice. The flavour was too strong and spicy, even for my Indian taste buds. They should have specified the spice levels in the menu itself. Though we reported the same at the counter, there was no response at all.","","","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Dine In","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","Yes","No","No","2018-04-01 21:35:36","2018-04-03 09:54:04","1:12:18","1 days 12 hours 18 minutes ","2178","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC61159","Franklin T","","","frankbombay@yahoo.com","7994218891","2018-02-27","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:I had a very bad customer experience, I called the branch on the no provided on the invoice (0474-2761024) and no one answerd.First the staff made wrong bill for 3 qty SuperCharger Burgers instead of the Zinger Burgers take-away. I saw mistake and they made a new bill supported by by Mr. Jebin (maybe their team leader).I specifically informed that I want 3 Chicken Zinger Burgers and not to put Cheese in 2 burgers and one burger as normal with cheese slice.When I reached home I was very disappointed to see that they had made all three Zinger burgers without cheese. I really wanted to have the normal burger with cheese. And this happened even after the staff had confirmed the order details at least 3 times from me - 2qty burgers without cheese and one burger with cheese slice as normal.Either the cashier did not pass on the correct specifications to the Kitchen staff or mistake on part of the kitchen staff for not paying attention to order details.I do not think I will ever visit KFC again if this is the way I as a customer am being treated even after paying such exorbitant price expecting good customer service. Franklin T.","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-02-28 14:12:32","2018-03-01 10:23:28","0:20:10","20 hours 10 minutes ","1210","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC59597","Sujac","","Male","Sujacjacob@hotmail.com","9847255565","2018-02-16","5:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","1983-11-01","No online order in Kollam ,pathetic","","Negative","No online order in KFC kollam","","Online order at KFC Kollam please","09 am - 12 pm","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","2018-02-16 18:02:37","","0","","1210","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC58888","Bijesh KB","","","Bijeshoachira@gmail.com","9995554558","2018-04-02","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:I was visited same shop with my family on 01/02/2018 at 5.00pm they didn't Mind counter boy we are waiting there 15 minutes last we are leave from there u can check CCTV camera","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-02-12 14:36:02","2018-02-14 17:27:12","2:2:51","2 days 2 hours 51 minutes ","3051","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC58858","Naveen Varghese Mattathil","","Male","naven185@gmail.com","9349611126","2018-02-11","8:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","1977-12-09","","","Negative","Family pack 1199 not sufficient pieces less than before","Bathroom not clean properly no bathroom freshner","","07 pm - 09 pm","Monthly","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","No","2018-02-12 07:27:18","","0","","3051","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC58536","Ashiq Nizar","","Male","ashiqnizar@gmail.com","9745064455","2018-02-09","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1993-04-20","","","Negative","I always order smokey grilled whenever I visit KFC. But this time it was depressing, the chicken was not cooked well. It was not at all tastly. I informed the staff, the responded properly but they couldn’t sort out the issue or didn’t give well cooked chicken. The chicken was completely unsatisfactory.","I want well cooked chicken next time I visit KFC.","Please cook the chicken well.","12 pm - 04 pm","BiWeekly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","No","2018-02-09 20:56:23","2018-02-11 14:49:43","1:17:53","1 days 17 hours 53 minutes ","2513","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC56779","Sharma Ramesh","","","sharmaramesh432@ymail.com","9567248256","2018-01-24","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1989-04-12","Volkswagen Kollam","","Negative","Really unsatisfied with hearing that no home delivery given from Kollam kfc and also no coupon codes were not applicable as no order can placed here at online..","Needs home delivery.... Unsatisfied","Same above","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","2018-01-24 19:05:36","2018-01-25 22:16:09","1:3:10","1 days 3 hours 10 minutes ","1630","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC55433","shyam s","","","shyam252@gmail.com","8943231992","2017-12-27","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:there were 2 open counters .. i stood in one of them.. even though he saw me waiting , he just vanished.. i asked thrice whether i should still in that same q but the other person said someone will come. after a long time this person came there who was not all courteous and did not show any kind of patience to explain me abt the items available..","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2018-01-08 11:36:45","2018-01-08 17:06:30","0:5:29","5 hours 29 minutes ","329","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC54711","Reshmi","","Female","niranjanapparels@gmail.com","8590083540","2017-12-30","6:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1976-08-16","","","Negative","The restaurant is not clean, the tables are dirty and not cleaning in a proper time. Sale counter is also unattended","","","09 am - 12 pm","Weekly","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","2017-12-30 18:36:12","2017-12-31 16:29:20","0:21:53","21 hours 53 minutes ","1313","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC54521","Ubaid Ebrahim","","","Ubaidebrahim.msm@gmail.com","7736676761","1970-01-01","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Bad food.very very old chicken","","","","","Drive Thru","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-12-28 09:31:53","2017-12-28 16:51:26","0:7:19","7 hours 19 minutes ","439","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC48373","Adarsh","","Male","adaraghu@gmail.com","9562716660","2017-09-06","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","1998-01-22","Madathil house kavanad po kollam 691003","","Negative","Good","The food","Do u have double down burger in kollam","04 pm - 07 pm","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","2017-10-24 10:00:37","","0","","439","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC48069","Shifas","","Male","shifas.s@gmail.com","9895363823","2017-10-21","9:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1985-11-28","Kollam","","Negative","We have been waiting in a pos terminal , after some time staff says go to another counter . I codnt find any bord f counter closed . Even I asked next counter, even 4 guys whr thr in billing area .didn't took my order . Around 4 to 5 minutes I have been thr n front of pos terminal and keep telling about my order no 1 attended my order.
Expecting more welcoming nature from staff. Customers r not beggers to keep begging for food. 
Hopefully u can understand wht I ment .
Thank u for ur kind understanding.","Smiling and welcoming staff","Good customer service","07 pm - 09 pm","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","2017-10-21 21:23:39","2017-10-24 19:31:59","2:22:8","2 days 22 hours 8 minutes ","4208","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC47778","Suresh Babu","","","karthiksnair917@gmail.com","9995591400","2017-10-15","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Poor breading bad quality not worth the money","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-10-17 17:57:43","2017-10-17 18:32:30","0:0:34","0 hours 34 minutes ","34","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC46719","AKHILESH PILLAI","","","akhileshradhakrishna@gmail.com","7770823777","2017-03-10","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:It was my birthday day, and i m a regular customer. Of course there were some technical problems at that moment( no electricity). So i ordered whatever which was cooked and ready to serve. Still they didn't give me a good deal. Now thats why i was not satisfied.","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-10-05 17:29:24","2017-10-06 09:02:08","0:15:32","15 hours 32 minutes ","932","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC46176","Varsha.s mithun","","","chichuvarsha@gmail.com","9207349963","2017-09-27","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:staffs were not friendly and poor communication.and also fud was not gud quality.too salfy and in appearence it didnt maintain the satandard of kfc chickens.we didnt get the worth for our money","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-09-29 16:03:49","2017-09-29 18:09:58","0:2:6","2 hours 6 minutes ","126","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC44401","Sivaprasad","","Male","Abhi@abhis.com","9249495959","2017-09-08","9:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1977-05-19","M K Buildings Vadayattukotta Mill Road","","Negative","There are three counters in thr restaurant but only one works... People stands on the other counters are not informed that isn't working.. I wasted my 30 mins on a non working counter","An appology from the manager... And an assurance of the same will not happen again","Make sure that there are employees in the shop","12 pm - 04 pm","Weekly","Take Away","No","No","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","No","2017-09-08 21:57:28","2017-09-10 14:21:29","1:16:24","1 days 16 hours 24 minutes ","2424","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC44064","Arun Mohanan","","Male","arunmohanan89@gmail.com","9895893954","2017-09-04","8:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1989-12-15","ARATHI TANGASSERI KOLLAM","","Negative","I recently visited kfc kollam on 04-09-17 and orderd 10 piece strips. It was a take away order but  after consuming the product I found it to be too salty and it was having a brick red colour .The quality of chicken was good but there was some problem with the preparation with the excess salty taste and some problem with cooking . I have been to kfc cochin and it was quiet good the same product but the quality of the product i Bought from kfc kollam was really bad
I do hope the quality control team maintains same quality across the stores and even at small places like kollam","","","04 pm - 07 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-09-06 12:41:12","2017-09-07 14:04:11","1:1:22","1 days 1 hours 22 minutes ","1522","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC43037","Jishnu","","Male","Jishnu.kjames@gmail.com","9496601993","2017-08-25","11:00am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","1993-05-11","","","Negative","Kollam kfc didn't give me what iam ordered when I check it at my home. This is the second time. It's the worst experience of kfc restaurant that I ever had. Pls take care of this","Please check the item is correct and all the contents are correct while delivering","","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-08-25 17:37:11","","0","","1522","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC42583","Anzar Azeez","","","anzarazeezklm@gmail.com","8547736035","2017-08-19","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1980-09-20","","","Negative","Very frequent visitor,since I am close to KFC outlet,
The staff attitude is really horrible and insulting .
","Waiting period should be reduced to a minimum 
","","09 am - 12 pm","Weekly","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","Yes","No","2017-08-20 14:37:58","2017-08-21 11:15:43","0:20:37","20 hours 37 minutes ","1237","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC41940","Anees Kahar","","","aneeskahar@gmail.com","7907012504","2017-08-13","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:The staffs were not professional or the speed was not upto the point","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-08-14 17:50:34","2017-08-16 11:05:34","1:17:15","1 days 17 hours 15 minutes ","2475","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC41136","Eby Abraham","","Male","ebyabraham@gmail.com","9847070797","2017-08-05","9:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1975-08-28","Thekkeattathu House Padinjattinkara Kottarakara. 691506","","Negative","Very nice","","","07 pm - 09 pm","Monthly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","2017-08-07 14:52:15","2017-08-08 15:30:58","1:0:38","1 days 0 hours 38 minutes ","1478","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC40057","Terence Mathew","","","mathewterence@gmail.com","9656366333","2017-07-26","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:The burger patty was undercooked and the chicken was not of the good flavour and under salted. The explanation given by the in charge was that it was marinated by themselves due to scarcity of chicken supply. Don't know how true it's.","","","","","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-07-27 17:54:13","2017-07-28 15:23:22","0:21:29","21 hours 29 minutes ","1289","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC39795","Uabid Ebrahim","","","Ubaidebrahim.msm@gmail.com","7736676761","2017-07-22","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Service","","","","","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-07-24 15:58:00","2017-07-25 16:11:19","1:0:13","1 days 0 hours 13 minutes ","1453","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC39162","DEVASENAN","","Male","devasenan111@gmail.com","7736543231","2017-07-18","3:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","1994-03-26","Pandala Divya Nagar 60 Pattathanam PO Kollam","","Negative","In online ordering .. Kollam city is not in the list..","","Please add kollam city in online and home delivery..","12 pm - 04 pm","Weekly","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","No","2017-07-18 23:29:30","","0","","1453","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC37155","Mathews Wilson","","Male","Wilsonmathews21@gmail.com","9037793021","2017-07-01","4:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","2017-07-01","","","Negative","The choice of seats inside this restaurant is not to the customers liking and the management decides where one should occupy. Excuses like\' air condition not working \'and \'you cant sit upstairs as  there is space below\' does not fit well to the standards kfc chain is popular for in India as well as outside. I do not intend to blame the staff working here as they might be following orders. Anyway its not good to lose customers for reasons unrelating to the quality of food. Please look into it.","","","04 pm - 07 pm","Monthly","Dine In","Yes","No","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","2017-07-01 16:42:31","2017-07-04 09:07:31","2:16:25","2 days 16 hours 25 minutes ","3865","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC37020","Azhar Sain","","","azharzain54@gmail.com","9633178454","2017-06-28","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:The toilets were not at all tidy. Bad smells were coming. Took more time than the staffs told","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-06-30 15:49:42","2017-07-02 11:16:35","1:19:26","1 days 19 hours 26 minutes ","2606","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC35770","NIRMAL RAJ","","","nirmalraj@yahoo.co.in","9895893756","2017-06-15","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:I WENT TO KFC AS I GOT A SMS REGARDING THE WEDNESDAY PACK. BUT THE RATE OF TAX WAS NOT INDICATED IN IT. IT IS CHEATING. ALLOW SOME OFFERS OR DICOUNTS FOR THE GIFT CARD PURCHASES.","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-06-19 16:48:57","2017-06-20 21:18:21","1:4:29","1 days 4 hours 29 minutes ","1709","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC34492","Aromal S","","Male","difriend123@gmail.com","9645293942","2017-06-10","5:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","1992-06-08","Chithira, Perigala, Kayankulam Allapuzha","","Negative","Actually i tried to contact you using contact us option and it seems my message is not regestering. so i\'m using this facility to let you know the site is buggy.

below was my  message

I tried to order \'\'Super 6\'S\'\' online from your site as takeaway item from your \'Novar Plaza, Survey No. 66, Vadakkvila, Polayathode, Kollam\' branch, although the store address is given in your site, this particular store is not available for select in your order section. I would be visiting kollam in the evening and will the store be opened in the evening, ?
Will Super 6\'S offer available in the Kollam store for today? Does 15% off available for this offer and if then how to avail that offer provided kollam store is not selecetable from your menu?","","","12 pm - 04 pm","Monthly","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","2017-06-10 13:53:12","","0","","1709","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC32641","Bilal Ahmad","","","thalish3@gmail.com","9037444456","2017-05-21","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Price displayed should include tax too.Staff is not keen on letting us know the real offers too","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-05-26 14:55:20","2017-05-26 19:40:07","0:4:44","4 hours 44 minutes ","284","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC30438","Mohan John Stephenson","","","johnstephensonstephen@gmail.com","9447157508","2017-03-05","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:The Takeaway chicken was very [xxxxx] the surface.My children did not enjoy the chicken at all.Sauce was not available in the bag.The air conditioning was very bad.Inside the restaurant it was too humid.The staff appeared lifeless,not very pleasing appearance,seems to look too tired.The employees are not happy at all.This what i felt and experienced.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-05-08 18:20:14","2017-05-08 18:50:30","0:0:30","0 hours 30 minutes ","30","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC27947","Sujit","","Male","sujitdxb@gmail.com","8075530867","2017-04-18","7:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","Kollam","","Negative","While waiting for my order, I noticed that a Dine-in customer was returning pieces of chicken from his plate to the counter. KFC employee at the counter took the pieces back with his hands put it back on the shelf and replaced it with pieces that the customer wanted all with his bare hands. I think this is unhygienic practice. Once and order is taken away from the counter, KFC staff should not take it back and put it back on shelf. The customer could have licked it or done anything with it. It is putting health of other customers at risk","If they improved hygiene conditions.","By not putting returned items back on shelf. This should be discarded.","04 pm - 07 pm","Monthly","Take Away","No","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","2017-04-19 12:24:42","2017-04-19 22:27:51","0:10:3","10 hours 3 minutes ","603","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC27857","Sonu","","Male","Sonudantitus777@gmail.com","8848038607","2017-04-18","10:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","2017-01-26","Alappuzha","","Negative","It was a bad experince.this is first time i ate a worst french fries.its like a rubber..No counder stafs for take my order while am visited,
Then too much time taken for a single long box.
More than 30 minuts waste over there.i have no problem if the restaurant was croud or bussy.even i dont know why did they take this much of time. i need to drive more than 70kms to reach my home.so it was a worst experience for me.its only waste my time and money.","Nothing about this qus.","Manage time.and cook properly.","04 pm - 07 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","No","2017-04-18 01:54:54","2017-04-18 13:15:09","0:11:20","11 hours 20 minutes ","680","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC26670","Anish R","","","anishraj004@gmail.com","9496368558","2017-02-04","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Bathroom very unhygienic.. especially women restrooms..","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-04-06 17:45:22","2017-04-06 21:31:54","0:3:46","3 hours 46 minutes ","226","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC24863","Joyal Joseph","","Male","joyaljoseph717@gmail.com","9567754204","2017-03-15","11:30am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","1994-08-13","Thekkadthe kottakunnil mathilil p.o kollam","","Negative","I m satisfied with the Wednesday offer bcoz its some thing more is there when I compare to other food hard castle. ... Good serving and 
Order taking but need to improve on something else on serving ,handling customers while in rush .","Nothing else","Serve it better way in friendly and listen and if any offer now or coming soon need to inform","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Dine In","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","2017-03-15 22:15:44","","0","","226","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC24795","Vineeth Mohan","","","vineethmohan88@gmail.com","8281328096","2017-11-03","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Took 30 min to deliver smoky grilled chicken which turned out to be not fresh chicken, taste wasn't as good as usual one from KFC. Was too spicy too. French fries were as soft as wool. Red velvet and vanilla blue crushers were not of usual KFC quality.","","","","","Delivery","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-03-15 18:45:23","2017-03-17 11:22:44","1:16:37","1 days 16 hours 37 minutes ","2437","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC22112","Thomas K Thomas","","","kattooranthomas1@gmail.com","9447482481","2017-02-15","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:We have to travel 55km to reach KFC Kollam. One piece of chicken was, we think uncooked. It was an unpleasant experience and we have kept it in the freezer unknowing what to or whom to complaint.","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-02-20 17:37:40","2017-02-21 20:50:04","1:3:12","1 days 3 hours 12 minutes ","1632","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC20148","Renjith Sreekumar","","Male","sreekumar.renjith@gmail.com","9746227788","2017-01-26","2:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","1987-07-31","1st Floor, 17-Divya Nagar, Pattathanam","","Negative","Poor toilet , plastic pieces in burger.","","","09 am - 12 pm","Weekly","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","2017-01-26 15:53:36","","0","","1632","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC19919","Karthika Asokan","","Female","kartthika.asokan@gmail.com","9388119230","2017-01-13","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1987-12-04","HARITHAM, VNRA 55A,VIKAS NAGAR, PATTATHANAM PO, KOLLAM 691021","","Negative","I ordered Nash Ville chicken from KFC kollam, but sorry to say, the food was totally unsavoury. It was the worst KFC experience.","Iam not planning to go there again","Please serve atleast hot food. The chicken also tasted stale.","04 pm - 07 pm","Quaterly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","2017-01-23 11:24:22","2017-01-24 13:19:37","1:1:55","1 days 1 hours 55 minutes ","1555","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC19346","Ashok Prasad","","","ashokdprasad28@gmail.com","9947323520","2017-08-01","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:I ordered a grand meal worth 1203 including tax from kfc outlet in kollam dist. Kerala .the meal included 2 liter pepsi ..and i asked them to change it to 7up..but they refused to change and given an unconventional reason for changing pepsi to 7up...the reason behind it was that they already filled it with pepsi...as a coustomer i am totally dissatisfied from the staff and also the supervisor....i never expected such a service from an international branded food company...also i will never recommend kfc to any people i know especially the outlet in kollam...yum restaurants india pvt novar plaza polayathode kollam.....hope will take this matter serously...","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2017-01-13 16:34:08","2017-01-14 16:04:06","0:23:29","23 hours 29 minutes ","1409","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC16106","Vinu Raj","","","vinuraj94@gmail.com","7736382798","2016-11-16","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:I ordered for 5 in 1zinger box with 2 piece hc but didnt receive 2 piece hc","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-11-21 14:39:43","2016-11-21 15:54:07","0:1:14","1 hours 14 minutes ","74","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC13986","Sreejith vasudevan","","","Suryasree519@Gmail.com","9847058032","2016-01-10","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:While giving change for the order u place . Incase u don't have the change ..it is courtesy of the executive at the counter to mention that he doesn't have change and hence can he round off the amount . Rather than taking additional change and still paying u short of the balance . This is very rude and not at all customer friendly. If u don't have change that's your problem not the customer and moreover have the courtesy to acknowledge the same to customer .kFC polyathode - Kollam.","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-10-03 17:51:06","2016-10-04 13:29:51","0:19:38","19 hours 38 minutes ","1178","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC13703","ansari mohamed","","","ansarim1062@gmail.com","8547281062","2016-09-23","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:I ordered a 5 in meal but I am not satisfied with the content and it is very small sizes of things they supplied","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-09-27 16:54:14","2016-09-27 17:20:01","0:0:25","0 hours 25 minutes ","25","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC13177","Babusunil","","Male","babusunil2007@gmail.com","8547684590","2016-09-13","9:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1965-05-15","Udayagiri, Nedungolam .P.O, Kollam","","Negative","Improper service and the staffs are unskilled. Worst Delivery. No manners and hospitality. Sorry to say that it is one of the worst Kfc stores.","I would defenitely avoid Kfc and recommend my friends not to visit the store.","Through Skilled Employees","04 pm - 07 pm","Quaterly","Dine In","No","No","Yes","No","No","No","No","No","2016-09-13 23:30:37","2016-09-20 15:21:26","6:15:50","6 days 15 hours 50 minutes ","9590","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC12955","ANEESH ARAVINDAN","","Male","aneesh766@gmail.com","8589884600","2016-09-07","7:00am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1986-05-11","FEDERAL BANK POLAYATHODE BRANCH","","Negative","Inner portion of chicken is not cooked fully.","","","04 pm - 07 pm","Quaterly","Take Away","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","2016-09-07 22:10:06","2016-09-08 19:22:30","0:21:12","21 hours 12 minutes ","1272","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC12153","Renjith R","","","renjithadoor@gmail.com","9446810606","2016-12-08","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:This particular take away order was not served even after 15 mins on placing the order. They started looking at the order only after I complained. It seems they missed my order and just said one sorry for my long wait. Further when I opened the food, one of the two 5 in 1 ZingerBox which I ordered was incomplete in the parcel. Mere loss of money for me. Possibly they might have intentionally done so as I did complain on not serving my order in time. Overall pathetic experience.","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-08-16 18:39:44","2016-08-18 19:58:25","2:1:18","2 days 1 hours 18 minutes ","2958","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC11735","Prajish Anand","","","prajish.619""gmail.com","9745531028","2016-07-31","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:In Kollam we only have one KFC and I normally plan my weekend with my family to kollam... so whenever we visit Kollam as everyone love kfc we drop in there... This time it was really pathetic we have ordered the food and also done the kitchen tour everything was fine till now... once we went upstair with our order first thing which we noticed was the crusher Virgin Mojito was tasteless bcoz it was only soda lemon and pudina leaves because in the machine the 7up was not there I informed them and that guy said will change and give it to you.. but it never came and we finished our food and when we went down it was kept there and when i asked him they were asking eachother like (u didnt give it). The second thing was hot and crispy chicken which was not at all tasty.... and finally the Chicken Zinger Burger the chicken was not fully cooked.... but i didnt complaint again bcoz I was feeling bad and I cant fight like other guys do... Thats why mentioned it here.... Overall pathetic experience....","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-08-03 15:48:29","2016-08-04 15:46:42","0:23:58","23 hours 58 minutes ","1438","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC11614","Anaz Majeed","","","Anasmajeed222@gmail.com","9847732624","2016-07-27","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Verybgood","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-07-29 17:38:55","","0","","1438","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC11259","ankitha vishnu","","","ankithasreekumar@gmail.com","9633966080","2016-07-18","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:i bought 5 meal pack to home in that i dont get yumfills even for any one pack","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-07-20 14:31:34","2016-07-20 23:24:07","0:8:52","8 hours 52 minutes ","532","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC10119","Fuok Dhkk","","","I@yahoo.com","","2016-06-20","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Duohhggg","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-06-22 17:32:40","","0","","532","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC9558","Muhammad Azharudeen Jalaludeen","","","muhdazharudeen@gmail.com","9072841400","2016-04-06","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES:Not feeling good","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-06-06 18:38:26","","0","","532","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC9048","keshav santhosh","","","keshavcoorg@gmail.com","9447395130","2016-05-21","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES: I had been to kfc outlet the one in kollam kerala , the customer service was vry poor..one mr joseph was so rude to watever v askd for ...i would suggest team kfc to please provide proper training to your employees or else u would b loosing a loyal customer","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-05-23 18:10:59","2016-05-24 16:07:09","0:21:56","21 hours 56 minutes ","1316","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC9015","Hari Nair","","","haricnair@gmail.com","9645671914","2016-05-19","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES: Professionalism of employees need to be elevated.KFC ambiance is not very attractive.","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-05-23 18:10:59","2016-06-04 15:14:20","11:21:3","11 days 21 hours 3 minutes ","17103","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC8597","Aneedh Sivan","","","Koshorkrishna907@gmail.com","9526677140","2016-09-05","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES: Good","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-05-13 14:00:58","2016-05-13 18:57:10","0:4:56","4 hours 56 minutes ","296","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC8253","Avinash M S","","Male","msavnsh@gmail.com","9995229113","2016-05-05","6:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1988-02-25","Prasanthi, Mundakkal, Kollam","","Negative","Great food.... Bad music!!","Better service at counter....the man was loud and looked like he hated the job.","Better music please","04 pm - 07 pm","Monthly","Dine In","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","2016-05-05 18:44:59","2016-05-06 18:35:49","0:23:50","23 hours 50 minutes ","1430","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC7725","jithin jose","","","josejithin8@gmail.com","8086150529","2016-04-20","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Invalid","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES: There was a little confusion at the counter as there was only one employee taking the orders","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-04-22 16:34:25","","0","","1430","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC6569","Shiras Mohamed S","","Male","shiras18@gmail.com","9895421213","2016-03-23","7:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","","Negative","I am just out of the KFC restaurant in Kollam. They are not giving the 12 pcs boneless offer which you have announced in websites and through TV ads. It is shown in your site that the offer is valid till March 30. But they say that the offer doesn\'t exist. Please don\'t fool your valued customers.","","Please try not to repeat this.","12 pm - 04 pm","Weekly","Take Away","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-03-23 19:46:39","2016-03-23 21:32:25","0:1:45","1 hours 45 minutes ","105","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC6458","Aby Cyriac","","","abycyriac96@gmail.com","9539940017","2016-03-16","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES: The chicken tasted bad. The last time too I faced the same problem that was when I was in kottayam I think. Don't know whether it's like this in India. And also i bought two veg burgers from the same place it tasted like local pan Puri masala that I ate from some roadside stall in kochi. I would prefer a refund as KFC is just a waste of money( in India I beleieve).","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2016-03-21 17:27:16","2016-03-21 18:52:20","0:1:25","1 hours 25 minutes ","85","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC3802","Shaheensha","","Male","Shaheensha143@gmail.com","9946688341","2015-12-25","9:00am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","Menakudy puthen veedu myllakaddu po","","Negative","The food which you provided us was very horrible. This is the third time I am reporting the same matter. The chicken was very horrible... I had purchased the item above rs 6000...i think it was old stock....","I think my family will have to visit the hospital often due to stomach pain caused eating your food.","U","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","No","No","No","2015-12-26 00:38:16","2015-12-26 16:49:56","0:16:11","16 hours 11 minutes ","971","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC3713","ANAND KS","","Male","ksanandmlt@gmail.com","9447801035","2015-11-18","10:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","Nandanam,Ezhukone,kollam","","Negative","I and my family were very much interested in dining from KFC .But this visit had made a bad impression on KFC in us.We did\'t see the real KFC quality in their food,hospitality,cleanliness.This was the worst experience we ever had from KFC.the staff behave very rudely towards us.It is like they have no respect for us.Just days before i came to buy the delicious KFC fiery grilled chicken along with burgers and fries.But the staff forgot to give us fries and we asked about it ,they behaved as if we were telling lies.We are spending our hard earned money to them because we believe them.but because of this,we have decided to avoid dining from KFC here after.","No.We have decided to not to return to KFC.","The whole management of the restaurant must be changed as well as the behavior of the staff.They must become more responsible and also behave more friendly towards the customers.","07 pm - 09 pm","Monthly","Dine In","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2015-12-22 23:26:39","2015-12-25 14:15:02","2:14:48","2 days 14 hours 48 minutes ","3768","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC2104","Sujay Renga","","Male","drsujayrenga@gmail.com","8606070002","2015-11-02","8:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","1977-06-01","120,Ganapathi Nagar, Thamarakkulam , Kollam , Kerala 691001","","Negative","The condition of the restaurant is pathetic. The last time I visited the wash basin was overflowing!! This time the sewage was overflowing into the parking lot and the road!!!  The hot and spicy chicken was half cooked and very salty. I had stomach upset and had to take medicines. I am considering approaching the civic authorities to complain about the utter lack of cleanliness. I travel frequently and had food from KFC across India , but never had such a bad experience. This outlet will put your brand in poor light unless corrective measures are taken immediately. I am sure that you might have noticed the dwindling customer number in this outlet. Please do the needful.","CLEANLINESS
Better tasting food","","07 pm - 09 pm","Quaterly","Take Away","No","Yes","Yes","No","No","Yes","No","No","2015-11-02 23:05:33","2015-11-03 19:53:46","0:20:48","20 hours 48 minutes ","1248","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",
"KFC1842","Shaheensha Shahulhameed","","","Shaheensha143@gmail.com","9946688340","2015-10-18","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Resolved","dil","0000-00-00","","0","Negative","GES: The food which was provided was not good...","","","","","","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","No","2015-10-21 18:02:19","2015-10-21 20:36:43","0:2:34","2 hours 34 minutes ","154","anish.senan@dil-rjcorp.com",

"Feedback ID","Customer Name","Gender","Cust Email","Mobile No","Date Of Visit","Time Of Visit","City","Store Unique Id","Store","Feedback Status","Franchise","Date Of Birth","Cust Address","Cust Pincode","Type Of Feedback","Feedback Created On","Your Feedbck","Scope For Improvement","Serve Better","Your Preferred Time For Contact?","How Often Do You Visit  Kfc?","Type Of Order","Was The Restaurant Clean?","Was The Service Hospitable And Friendly?","Did You Receive What You Ordered?","Was The Restaurant Well Maintained?","Was The Food To Your Liking?","Were You Served Speedily?","Did You Feel That You Got Value For Your Money?","Will You Visit  Kfc Again In The Near Future?",
"KFC298813","Akshaya","","akshayamvijay15@gmail.com","7356347622","2022-03-09","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","0000-00-00","","","Positive","2022-03-09 21:18:20","It was nice","","","","","Delivery","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes",
"KFC297012","Athul","Male","Athulekku6@gmail.com","8943264160","2022-02-13","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","2022-02-02","","","Positive","2022-02-14 11:52:50","yesterday me and my family went to kfc kollam there was huge crowed there we were no space available for seating .after some time a boy found a seat for us .i really happy for that guy found a seat in busy crowed area .and counter staff helping us to find the best combo for us .in a rush busy hour they were spend time for us to help ..really thank you .only suggestion is need more combos for families.otherwise we are happy","","","04 pm - 07 pm","Weekly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes",
"KFC284429","Jubina","Female","jubinajubina333@gmail.com","9037161130","2021-09-04","1:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","2021-09-04","Uliykovil","","Positive","2021-09-04 17:36:36","Very fast delivery 🥰","","","12 pm - 04 pm","Daily","Delivery","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes",
"KFC273482","Riyas","Male","riyask321@gmail.com","9446604858","2021-05-16","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","0000-00-00","","","Positive","2021-05-17 17:36:47","Chicken zinger burger that I ordered didn't contain lettuce.The staff said they didn't have lettuce and there is no other option.
Some chicken pieces were not fresh .The quality was visible as those pieces were dark and tasted different compared to the fresh chicken pieces along with it.I think old and fresh chicken were mixed.
","Yes","Please maintain the present quality.Please don't compromise on quality and freshness.","","Monthly","Online Ordering","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes",
"KFC266304","Riyas","Male","riyask321@gmail.com","9446604858","2021-02-28","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","0000-00-00","","","Positive","2021-03-02 21:07:27","Great","","","","Monthly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes",
"KFC252107","Thejas C Nair","Male","Theju6066@gmail.com","8129779359","2020-11-27","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1994-11-26","Devikripa, Bhavana Nagar 191, Kadappakada, Kollam","","Positive","2020-11-28 15:26:54","I had faced a problem with the KFC application, and the KFC Kollam team solved the issue for me. The employees were very helpful and proactive.

Thanks, KFC Kollam team

"KFC246210","Rejitha Raj","Female","kaliyarkandathilpurackal@gmail.com","7025724781","2020-10-25","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","0000-00-00","","","Positive","2020-10-25 17:29:42","Good","","","","","Delivery","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes",
"KFC245795","Arundhathi","Female","arundhathisj875@gmail.com","9072423392","2020-10-20","11:00am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1996-03-13","Sajeev Bhavan Peroor Thattarkonam P.O Kollam","","Positive","2020-10-22 14:41:56","Good Food and best customer service","","","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes",
"KFC228287","Suneer S V","Male","suneer.srk@gmail.com","9809851143","2020-06-28","5:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1993-11-24","Enapallithodiyil thattamala p.o kollam","","Positive","2020-06-29 17:05:56","Yesterday(29/06/2020) I raised a complaint against KFC KOLLAM regarding the unavailability of particular budget items that I regularly orders.
I feel so happy to say that outlet manager contacted me within 1 hour and asked me regarding the issue. I got satisfactory response from the team. So I wish to withdraw my complaint that I raised yesterday.
I will visit the outlet soon. Thanks for the response  and wish a healthy life to the team.","","Please Include budget items that already had in the menu. So that everyone can afford this great taste.","07 pm - 09 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes",
"KFC172751","Abhilash","Male","abhilashvelik@gmail.com","8075828587","2019-07-08","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1981-05-10","","","Positive","2019-07-17 16:12:51","The staffs were friendly and helpful to choose the best menu.","Friendliness of staff and cleanliness of restaurant","","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC148552","Midhun","Male","midhunomanakuttan@gmail.com","9846899272","2019-01-16","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1995-09-16","","","Positive","2019-03-22 23:13:06","Please start your branch at Muvattupuzha.","","","09 am - 12 pm","","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC76616","Fariz","Male","Hajufariz@gmail.com","8113038741","2018-05-20","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1998-08-22","Puliyath thazhathil collage nager 106","","Positive","2018-05-20 16:49:46","Hii","Kollam","Kollam","07 pm - 09 pm","","Delivery","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC70343","C Thomas","","chithrathomas33@gmail.com","9847234645","2018-04-23","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","0000-00-00","","","Positive","2018-04-23 13:58:31","Good food and good taste","","","","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC63967","Raja","Male","surajraja87@gmail.com","8220044840","2018-03-16","5:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1987-11-18","","","Positive","2018-03-20 20:00:13","Actually I lost helmet during my last visit and I was rushing to catch my train. Then I realised I left somewhere. But I tried once in KFC asking for helmet after a week and the one who attend me was Mr.jebin on Friday (16.03.2018) has handover my helmet back on 20.03.2018. that's was great experience. Hats off Kevin","Offer","","12 pm - 04 pm","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC61944","Selma","Female","Selmanazar50@gmail.com","7907129110","2018-03-03","12:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","2000-07-19","","","Positive","2018-03-05 15:29:17","I really want to thank Mr Anoop and Mr Arun for  helping me get my car keys which i locked inside my car they really did   a wonderful job  . I never had such customer hospitality before really appreciate kfc for valuing its customers","","","04 pm - 07 pm","Weekly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC61358","KAJAL","Female","kajal.rahsa08@gmail.com","9846718647","2018-03-01","1:00am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1988-05-13","","","Positive","2018-03-01 13:37:04","It was a fantastic experience.  Ambience was superb and the way they handled customers and the probing as per customer was awoesam..  I would say it's the way they trained and passionate about their job.  They have created a wonderful atmosphere so that we can sit calm and  njoy our food .  Mango crusher is my favourite from KFC.  lovely..  And I wish all success to this team...  

Kajal","Absolutely","Nothing more.  It's fantastic","","Monthly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC61202","Manu M","Male","manu.madhu@hotmail.com","9846866220","2018-02-28","4:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1988-03-21","","","Positive","2018-02-28 17:03:01","It’s nice atmosphere and tasty food","","","04 pm - 07 pm","BiWeekly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC59657","Alimshaali","Male","alimshaali3123@gmail.com","9061765632","2018-02-17","11:30am","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1991-01-10","","","Positive","2018-02-17 12:32:26","I really like the kfc restaurent because of its  friendly sfaff and great service and great tasting food.","","","04 pm - 07 pm","Weekly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC59585","Geeta","Female","Geeta123@gmail.com","7025147716","2018-02-07","1:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1984-01-03","Kachikkadavu kadappuram mundakkal","","Positive","2018-02-16 15:42:24","I really liked the hospitality given by the staff and appreciate the staff gave balloons to the small kids and bring smile on their face food was good and tasty","","","07 pm - 09 pm","Weekly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC56854","Sharma Ramesh","","sharmaramesh432@ymail.com","9567248256","2018-01-24","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1989-04-12","","","Positive","2018-01-25 18:34:36","It's great to hear from you that I got feedback call from you guys as so satisfactory. And the guy who speak to me have a good sound reply as I expected. And I am so satisfied about your food and the team coordination.Good job","Good service","Giving home delivery as fiesible..","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC55304","RW EVENTZ","Male","rwevents@gmail.com","9745153535","2018-01-07","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1989-06-03","11am","","Positive","2018-01-07 20:28:07","Great place to hang out and dine with family and friends
After the renovation it’s become even more better...Great food ..good service and good ambience...","","","","Weekly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC45508","Richin","Male","Richinkeerthi@gmail.com","7025487456","2017-09-20","3:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1997-02-05","Meenashy mandirum ARN 39 polayathode kollam 691010","","Positive","2017-09-20 16:06:46","Tasty food","Yes","Yes","09 am - 12 pm","Weekly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC31794","Akhil","Male","dev.akhil88@gmail.com","9560833567","2017-05-02","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1992-07-31","Kollam,Kerala","","Positive","2017-05-19 11:09:33","Not getting the option of online ordering at kollam kfc..please solve..","","","12 pm - 04 pm","BiWeekly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","No",
"KFC22178","Dhanya Raju","Female","dhanyar443@gmail.com","7356020408","2017-02-20","","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1992-04-06","Puthenpurakkal","","Positive","2017-02-20 20:24:18","Nice experience with kfc","","","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC15698","Baby rajan","Male","vellaplakkalrajan@gmail.com","7012884960","2016-11-14","3:00pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1954-07-08","Vellaplakkal house, chemmenthoor,punalur","","Positive","2016-11-14 14:00:49","Good","Yes","","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC7681","Akhil Antony","Male","akhil.antony@gmail.com","8129997321","2016-04-20","6:40pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1986-04-15","Diya villa, Gokulam house, Asramam, kollam","","Positive","2016-04-21 15:04:43","Good one.","If good offers are there, definitely we will come.","Need good offers. Also exclude the two types of vat taxes.","09 am - 12 pm","Monthly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No",
"KFC2056","Vipin joy","Male","joyvipin5@gmail.com","9995538355","2015-08-11","6:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","0000-00-00","Mythri nagar-127A","","Positive","2015-10-30 20:30:26","Please add kollam to the app.","","Please add kollam to the app.","04 pm - 07 pm","BiWeekly","Dine In","Yes","Yes","No","Yes","No","No","No","No",
"KFC1854","SILVI XAVIER","Male","silvi.xavier@gmail.com","9995041120","2015-10-20","7:30pm","Kollam","91KDIPL468-01","KFC Kollam","Pending","dil","1971-07-24","Sandhram, Thangassery nagar 118, Kollam","","Positive","2015-10-23 00:10:45","I would like to bring to your kind attention on the amount of VAT 14.5% levied on the total cost in addition to the STax 5% which I can understand.
As per info rcvd, VAT should be applicable only on 40% of the value of the food which in reality is 14.5% X 40% = which turns out to be less than 5%. however your kollam branch is ripping the customers off by charging VAT of 14.5% on the whole bill. which is against rule of the land. Please investigate into this matter urgently as its a matter of ethics which multinational brands like yourselves have to maintain wherever u are. Also I am not sure as to who much should be the VAT amt in case if take away is applied as the customer is not eating in the AC premises of the restaurant. pls check into this too.","Subject to sorting this issue out.","I have travelled all over the world and If i go to a KFC or mcdonalds in USA or Dubai, i pay the bill which i see on the board. not x, y, z etc on top of it. Pls ensure that the boards match the rates ( including taxes) so that customers know what they need to pay while ordering your products. Just an advise so that customers are not ripped off with this nonsense VAT & Sales tax applied on whole bill ..","04 pm - 07 pm","Weekly","Take Away","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","Yes","No","No",