Reason: Retarded skid who doesn't know anything but argue, IP logs innocent people and wants to DDoS them, overall fuckhold

Name: Muhamed Abadzija
Born in: Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Age: 10 to 15

Nationality: Bosnian
Possible birthday 1: July 16
Possible birthday 2: April 9(probably lie)

OS: Windows 10
Browser: Google Chrome
Second IP:

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zenica
ISP: ZipZap
Postal: 72112
Country ISO: BA
Facebook profile:
Coordinates: 44.18325708829981, 17.96396697932855

Emir Abadžija(
Amra Abadžija(

Other son:
Ermin Abadžija
Facebook profile:


(dad's facebook)

1. Matches the bridge from the photo
2. Red roof
3. Farm like area(matches the terrain sort of)
4. Camera is distanced to make it look close

All other information can be accessed from the Facebook profile from the 2 parents.