reason: thinks shes everything, slit "sleek" into tits (her ex bf) tbh, raped for 
3 years by her cousins (dont have proof) tbh, swatted 6 times tbh, tried kys 4 
times on panadol (yk od on panadol doesnt work,,,,,) tbh, gets off to gore tbh

oh and she thinks shes the biggest neo nazi on the internet yet she slits her
wrists, has a furry friend irl (its her only friend irl), says shes goth emo,
and supports lgbt rights.

mel/yunglean/leanyung/maddy faggots name : 
maddison coull

dob         : 3rd may 2006
phone num   : +44 7769 604272
address     : 29 falkirk rd ts25 4et hartlepool uk
instagram   : yungleanismyhusband
snapchat    : maddy35600
discord     : yunglean#2001
telegram    : skelewaffen
school      : Manor Community Academy
school addy : Owton Manor Ln, Hartlepool TS25 3PS

mum         : Donna Mculley
mums fb     :
mums num    : +44 7887 504348

work        : boots One Life, Park Rd, Hartlepool TS24 7PW 
located     : One Life Hartlepool

dads name   : David coull
dads insta  : coulldavid

sister      : Emma Murray
sisters fb  :

only irl friend : holly (( furry ))
her Address     : 22 callender road TS25 3BG hartelpool uk
relatives that hate maddy: 
cousin insta : darrian_mccabe334
cousin insta : jerseycoullie
cousin insta : milliefonder