Dengisan Ramadanoski the Lizard Squad LARP who pretty much has been constantly bullied and Meme'd all over the internet. 
Not posessing any technical ability this kid has been ran more times than track by Jesse Owens. 
This irrelevant retards dox ain't worth going onto our page so we posting them here enjoy.

Was a kid in 2018 but is a hacker from 2006?  LOL  >>>

Fake Linked in Page ROFL

Dengisan Ramadanoski
Chief Executive Officer at
Breda, North Brabant, Netherlands6 connections
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Smartdc Smartdc
Breda University of Applied Sciences Breda University of Applied Sciences

I started in 2006, March 25 at 3:30 PM with HTML and started to delve into what all combinations mean and also the meaning. After that I started to do it myself and I first followed all this through an old man, who can actually mean my best friend, Ronald.

In the coming years, he has helped me develop Social media platforms and much more. Over the years I have continued to follow this up so that I can also try it myself. In 2006, April 5 I managed HTML 100% and started concentrating on CSS (Styling) And Javascript and PHP and started making combinations. I started creating web development and tried certain styles and I thought it looked neat! Also in the meantime I continued without stopping. (Never give up)

In 2006 and 2009 I started working on an ING game, I found a leak and started to abuse it a little bit as a result of which I ran into some problems, but I was also paid off from my young Dutch bank ING.

I now manage a total of 13 programming languages ​​and coding languages!

In 2013 I started at Hypixel Inc, this is an American company / Game organization - Server for the game Minecraft. Over the years, I have been Head of Network Developer and have built up my knowledge here with certain database protocols and programming languages ​​such as LUA - Java and using .XML (MAVEN). In 2017 I quit my job and let myself get away from the Minecraft scene and I continued with the game CS: GO which I have been playing since years back CS (1) and CS 1.5 / 1.6 (Zero) / (Source)

CS: GO is a shooting game that works with team communication and which gives you many options by playing CS: GO! I

    Vandaag heb ik weer hard gewerkt aan de Twikie Social Media Platform App. (Android)
    Vandaag heb ik weer hard gewerkt aan de Twikie Social Media Platform App. (Android)
    Shared by Dengisan Ramadanoski


    Smartdc Graphic
    Network Engineer

    Jan 2020 - Present1 year 8 months

    Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

    **Not an employee at SmartDC & I3D (Rotterdam) **
    Re-tired worker.
    Vinehosting Graphic
    CTO, Head Technical system developer

    Feb 2019 - Present2 years 7 months

    Noord Holland, Netherlands

    I joined the rank of CTO and Technical Manager and Developer. I provide coordination and development in whole.

    Bedrijfs gegevens:
    Adress: Grasdijk 10, Wervershoof, 1693KX, Noord-Holland (Dit adress is geen bezoek adres!)
    Company name: Vinehosting,

    KvK: 70673020
    BTW Nummer: NL237120562B01
    Twikie Graphic
    Chief Executive Officer

    Jul 2018 - Present3 years 2 months

    Breda Area, Netherlands is a Dutch social network.

    Twikie is not driven by greed and has a clear vision:

    No exploitation of your data
    No invitations for games, apps and other nonsense
    No spam in your mailbox
    YOU are and remain the owner of everything you post. No transfer of rights such as copyrights, image rights, etc.
    Only advertising only in the position on the right and certain pages

    Twikie distinguishes itself from other social networks on a number of important…


    15 years 6 months
        Eigenaar onafhankelijk bedrijf

        Jan 2012 - Present9 years 8 months


        Finalhosting is gespecialiseerd in VPS hosting. Met onze jarenlange ervaring en kundige medewerkers, kunnen wij u de beste kwaliteit bieden.

        Koopvaardijweg 3-A, 4906 CV, Oosterhout, The Netherlands
        +31 (0) 85 10 52 790

        KvK: 54033721
        BTW: NL226260471B01
        Software Developer

        Mar 2006 - Present15 years 6 months
        CEO, Technischal head developer

        Apr 2006 - Aug 201812 years 5 months

        Oosterhout, The Netherlands


    Breda University of Applied Sciences Graphic
    Breda University of Applied Sciences
    Dee propedeuseCreative Media and Game Technologies7

    2019 - 2025

    Activities and Societies: I now have a gap year but from September 2019, 26th I am going to start my 1st year and this will take 4 to 6 years! I am going to follow a 1 year trajectory and try to work with me at the BUAS at Rockstar Games (Development Academy)

    I now have a gap year but from September 2019, 26th I am going to start my 1st year and this will take 4 to 6 years! I am going to follow a 1 year trajectory and try to work with me at the BUAS at Rockstar Games (Development Academy)

    Here before I followed my study at the "High school of Amsterdam"
    Da vinci College Graphic
    Da vinci College
    Master of Computer Applications - MCAMedia & Applicatie Ontwikkelaar10

    2016 - 2017

    Goed opleiding wat ik vele jongeren kan aanraden als ze een goed ervaard Media ontwikkelaar willen worden.

    - Het leren van codeer tot en meer programmeer talen!
    Hogeschool van Amsterdam
    Hogeschool van Amsterdam Graphic
    Hogeschool van Amsterdam
    Master of Computer Applications - MCAICT Management

Volunteer Experience

    Kerstherberg Breda Graphic
    Kerstherberg Breda

    Dec 2009

    Poverty Alleviation

    Voor veel mensen roept kerst bepaalde gevoelens op zoals gezelligheid, een kerstboom versieren, samen zijn met vrienden, met familie, lekker eten.

    Helaas geldt dit niet voor iedereen. Er zijn mensen, die bijvoorbeeld niemand hebben om kerst mee te vieren, geen geld hebben om de kerst door te komen of zelfs geen thuis hebben om kerst te beleven. Voor deze mensen is Kerstmis vaak helemaal geen fijne tijd.

Dengisan Ramadanoski's email
CTO, Head Technical System Developer @ VineHosting

Location 	Breda, North Brabant, Netherlands
Work 	Network Engineer @ Smartdc
CEO, Technischal Head Developer @ Finalhosting
Chief Executive Officer @ Twikie
Education 	2016 - 2017 Masters in Computer Applications @ DA Vinci College
Masters in Management, Computer Applications @ Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Skills 	Java, Lua, C#, C++, Python, Elixir, JavaScript, Linux System Administration, Windows Server, Microsoft Office, CSS, HTML, PHP, Business Development, Oracle SQL Developer, Game Ontwikkeling, Ethisch Hacken, Bol, Maven, Linux, SQL, Cascading Style Sheets, Software Development, C (Programming Language, Angular Material 

Previous dox alrdy dr0ppled: 

♚ Known Alias(s)
- CyberX
- Dutchsanity
- Cumstick
- HinsHosting
- MrTr4ct!ON
- CumstickWolf
- Illuminazi (root)
- Plazanetwork
- TeamBigBomb
- Dengisan
- FreakgamingNL
- SyotexGames
- prathamyoutube
- TornadoSecurity
- Illuminazi
- UDP_Family
- Balcroteas
- 970GB
- Gary McKinnon
- Poodlecorp (UGGM)
- Exe Family (UGGM)
- AnonNazi (UGGM)
- PurgeScan
                    |             >[Information:]<              | 
Firstname; Dengisan Ramadanoski
Gender: Male
Telephone Number: 06 87632326  
Age: 22   
DOB: 08-04-1999
Confirmed Address: Ahornstraat 35, 4814 LG Breda, Netherlands
Continent: Europe
Country: Netherlands
City: Breda
                    |               >[IP Info:]<                | 
- IP:
- Reverse DNS:
- ASN Lookup:
- AS:33915  

                    |         >[Pictures of Dengistan:]<        | 

                    |            >[Known Emails:]<              | 

                    |            >[Occupations:]<               | 
- Impersonating
- Shit posting
- Larping
- Getting clowned 24/7
- DDossing Minecraft Server ZoutePopcorn
- DDossing
- Trying to be a God
- Using "Inspect Element" when he "Deface" or "Hack" a website. Or he need to proof he is real hacker and owner of a account (PoodleCorp)

                    |              >[Education:]<               | 
- School He went to: Praktijkschool Breda | 
- School website:
- Class: 3oba1 - Old class 1C | class 2D
- Phone: 0765226030
- Address: Frankenthalerstraat 17
- Postal/Zip Code: 4816 KA Breda
                    |            >[Social Media:]<              | 

Twitters:@Balcroteas // @SyotexGames // @970GB // @DutchSanity // @DutchSanityNL // @Cumstick_Exe // @Dengisan

Youtube Channels:
NEW: // SyotexGames
OLD: // TheLivestreamChannel

- _Syotexgames
- syotexgames_
- officialdutchsanity
- dutchsanityfan
- doemaarnietzeuren
- Sir.teamdino
- progendeboer
- sir.illimunaziroot
- thefreakgamingnl
- live:klassentegenwordiger
- kevindoesgamesnl
- dengisan
- marcovanbeek
- live:prathamyoutube
- sir.dengisan
- dan.e.6
- annfung67
- live:plazanetwork_1
- bmobneka
- thefreakinggaming1
- live:klassenteg
- tornadosecurity
- omgitsshivah
- live:ilsaatjeismijnzussie
- gewoonkillman.cumstick
- stoffelnl
- redgy.kenis3
- russel66 (Current 1)
- exov.sec (Current 2)

                    |            >[Known Passwords:]<           | 
- Smikkelbeer14
- selma43
- klant99
- opdeas33
- opdeas45@
- klant88
- selma34
- selma12
- dengisan45
- Tco3ondZ
- dengisan34
- windows80@
- dengisan44
- selma1234567
- windows800@
- selma3428
- Kanker123
                    |            >[Family Members:]<            | 
                    +-------------------------------------------+ <--- Mommy (steph) <--- Mommy (steph) <<< Piccas <--- Fake name <--- Cousin <--- Cousin <--- Cousin

Mothers Skypes:
- selma.ramadanoski
- marja.sabanova
- selma.ramadanoski1
- selma.ramadanoski2
- live:demgisan  MEME 

OLd pic:

Current emails and such will be released after we are done comandeering what we want from this
defenseless technologically retarded moron. Thank you.