dox of Tom Bakker reason dox

 he was toxic in a duo match and doxxed

 other people 

 tiktok: .tombakker 
 address: astronautenlaan 39

 phone number: +31628359122

 age: 12 lmaoπŸ’€ 

 brother/sister: name milou bakker 
 moms name: bibi Aartsen 

 dads name: Rick Bakker 

 sister name: milou bakker

 mom's job: dialyse centrum Groningen 

 dads job: nijburg industry group

 his goofy ahh sister work at "jumbo"
 sister: age 15

 sister/milou bakker date of birth: unknown

 moms/bibi aartsen date of birth: unknown

 dads/rick Bakker date of birth: January 29
 his goofy ahh highclass bitch sister

 "Milou bakker"think she is hot asf

 like bitch your fucking fatπŸ’€

 IP address: unknown

 email address: unknown
 sister/milou bakker tiktok: @milou_bakker
 and @miloubakker__

 moms tiktok: unknown 

 dads tiktok: unknown  
 Snapchat: fcksnap0
 sister Snapchat: milou_noelle

 moms Snapchat: unknown
 dads Snapchat: unknown 

 instagram: unknown 

 sister instagram: miloubakker_

 moms instagram: aartsenbibi
 dads instagram: bakkerrick
 Facebook: unknown 
 milou bakker Facebook: unknown 

 moms Facebook: bibi aartsen

 dads Facebook: rick bakker

 pls mr Tom Bakker 
 pls lower your ego before I do it<3😘

 and tell your "hot" highclass bitch

 milou bakker that's she is so hot<3πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘β€οΈ