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Country: USA
City: Nashville
Mail: johnjack2901@gmail.com
Mail: wolfboy23@gmail.com
Face: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/969122177972600832/970021434040655932/unknown.png
Github: https://github.com/2k08
Instagram: 2k08.official
Old Paste I made for him https://skidbin.net/paste/gUqpuHXc3k

[ [ COMMENTS ] ] 

This clown has been spreading some shitty doxes around here recently so ima put end to that

The "scary hacker" Wolfboy is nothing else but a stupid kid with mental illness.
He was friends with cp lovers and shit fuck that guy

The "Hells Angels" he own is fake and useless

he is also homosexual and begged me for codes