I wanted to Blow the Whistle on This One ( The Jews ) ... ;

Substack is Jew Controlled #flushyourmeds … ;

Substack is Jewish Controlled … ;

Please Archive it before they Censor YOU … ;

by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ;

Scott Alan Barry is Writer of All Things Fringe … ;

So is KDP/Blurb/Lulu , Blurb and Lulu shut me down

For Holocaust Denial and Antisemitism WTF???

The Surface Web Internet is Jew Controlled Period … ;

The Surface Web Internet is Jew Controlled … ;

All Self Publishers are Jew Controlled … ;

Blurb and Lulu Shut me Down for Holocaust Denial and ;

Antisemitism and Questioning The Holocaust … ;

There is a reason why I archive to Archive*today*org

Perma*cc Every Single Post I Fucking Make … ;

No One Cares about your problems or feelings … ;

Does your life even have a purpose anyways ??? ;

Next, No One Cares What OS or Kernel you use … ;

Linux has 7zip Encryption, Base32, Base64, Sed, Shuf,

Lame for FFMPEG MP3, Aplay, Arecord, BC -l, Python

All Preinstalled, Ram Disk OS will Mount Ext4, so there … ;

No one gives a shit what Kernel or OS you are on … ;

I have always corrupted Geli/UFS/ZFS Filesystems There … ;

Check Mate Dildo Fusts, Ext4 and Fat32 are Just Better … ;

I don’t give a shit what filesystem you are on either … ;

It has to be Fat32 or Ext4/NTFS or it gets the Fucking Hammer … ;

I also hate those niggers who collect More SSI than Anyone … ;

That’s about all I have to say for now, Peace Out … ;