ya im here again, to annoy you edgy fucks w/ my life problems. ((:: dont wanna see my vents? fuck off retard. 

k anyways SOOOOOOO like im literally so fucking over it?? i hit my mum 3 yrs ago ONCE because she hit me first, she's used it against me ever since, every a but my brother can smash her house up, hurt her, do drugs in her house, steal money from her & its completely ok?? i dont understand?? like am i doing something wrong? he's never in the wrong, its always "poor him" or "hes never done anything wrong." he's literally the fuckng golden child and it's so fucking toxic and i HATE IT. she never makes him accountable for anything he's done and it hurts,  it's not that i don't love her bc i do? shes my mother? but she had a choice to raise us and she chose not too. and im so hurt by the fact everything i do is wrong in her eyes. i just want her to appreciate me, i want her to love me and be proud of me and she isn't. my brother sits at her house all day, sleeps, eats and smokes weed while im here working my ass off, studying for my exams trying to pass for my HSC, i;m trying to do better with my mental illnesses but it just isn't enough for her. idk if anyone else has experienced toxic parents? like shouldnt my mum be my comfort space? i feel like im walking on eggshells with her, and bc of how toxic she was to me as a child i take my sadness/anger out on other ppl i love and then when im finally better and im doing great in life the ppl i want to be there to celebrate it w/ me arent there and i just cant forgive her. the abused always becomes the abuser and i fucking hate it bc i just want her to love me. i wanna go to my mum for help but i feel like i cant, i mean my brother literally made posts abt him wanting me to get raped & all this shit & so many ppl have screenshots, he choked me on news years & she pulled him away but ig it wasnt enough to realise. so ig he'll always be the good boy in her eyes.