Summary: Cringe LARP who doesn't have any irl friends, works at ASDA for minimum wage and is a virgin, pretends to be a hacker, uses other peoples Call of Duty cheats and brags about it on twitter and instagram (MEGA CRINGE)
He is a paedophile and groomed a 14 year old on instagram. We have already reported him to the Local Authorities and his College and place of employment have the evidence. He also uses "Discord" to communicate which is operated
in a western democracy? Meaning they log and dont delete deleted messages (Obviously) He has terrible Operational Security and thinks that discord does not log messages :) (When they do (Search for Deleted)

Usernames: zalgo,z_lgo,z3lgo,z6lgo,conor,c.nrr,callum
Real Name: Conor Stewart
DOB: 4th July 2003
Location: Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
College: Dundee And Angus College
High School: St pauls RC Academy of dundee (proof search for conor stewart:
Work: ASDA Supermarkets (Minimum Wage) LOLOL

Contact his School Here :-)