Targeted Individuals And Computers - #flushyourmeds *com*exblog*jp … ;
Lenovo T400 > Ventoy > SSD > Skywave Linux > Calculate Linux > BEST OP ;
Other OSes come with ssh and bl which is just fucking terrible for everything … ;
By : Scott A. Barry / Scott Alan Barry / Scott Barry - District of Columbia???
We are slaves and we should admit that … This is a British Crown Colony … ;
I did not choose that name or to be an enemy of the State to be Gang Stalked … ;
Let’s start with The Computers The IBM Lenovo T400 is older than T420s , yet has 
a better display and I usually set a BIOS Password which I do not reccomend … ;
Now we have the latest Ventoy found on Ventoy*net … ; Now we get the Two Linux Distros 
Together which are Calculate Linux XFCE 22 and Skywave Linux 4.1.0 … ;
The default Password is root and use only SSD’s , 64 Bit , and What Works … ;
For Skywave Linux , when booted in Ventoy , Spoof the Mac Address to f4/random and when 
online install Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger into Firefox … ;
Set the DNS to 456011 and Spoof the Mac Address to F4/Random … ;
Calculate Linux is for Imaging the Drive with root as the Password … ;
You can created an Additional -80 for Ext4 and Swap on the SSD … ;
I much prefer a 120 GB SSD as for this paticular system as it works for me … ;
The Other OSes I have are Kali Linux , Kubuntu , KDE NEON , Manjaro , Artix Linux , 
Puppy Linux Bionic 32 Bit , Kali Linux 32 Bit , Eset SysRescue , That’s it Basically … ; 
So for that this is how put an end to all Hacking , a NO BS OS … ;
For the Other Browsers I use Brave with Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger … ;
I am currently using Skywave on a IBM Lenovo T400 Laptop as it Just Works … ;
64 Bit , SSD , Ventoy , Boots to Ram Disk , What do you got to loose … ;
In the Firefox Browser I have installed Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger … ;
Then you can install Return YouTube Dislikes if you like and Average Numbers … ;
Now use a Linode Private VPN or Tunneling Server as this Works The Best … ;
DNS Tunneling is also another Great Option with Mac Address Spoofing … ;
Systemd can kind of be problematic , so use a kernel that works right … ;
With both Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger it blocks the Brax*me/Geo Test … ;
If I want to do a little bit of everything I boot Calculate Linux, Disable SSH, BL,
Spoof Mac Address to F4/Random and set 456011 DNS , plus sudo -i w passwd root/usr and 
I set the Password to date | md5sum | base64 as that is just random enough … ; 
FreeDNS*Zone and 456011 are the Two NO BS DNS Providers … ;