The Statement - Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Alan Barry / Scott Barry ;
The Holocaust Never Happened and I am an now labeled an Anti-Semite Derp Derp ...
The Statement – By Scott A. Barry – Also My Awakening From The Matrix …
We are Under Mass Brainwashing, Propaganda, PSYOPS, Mind Control, Coercive 
Persuasion … Heaven and Hell are Not Real and Martians Started the God Myth, 
God is not Real. When Humans Die They Become Telepathic Psychic Ghosts.
Christianity is Just Zionism and the Talmud and Bible are Just Zionism. 
The Holocaust is a Hoax, Six Million My ASS. Hitler was a Good Man and Fixed 
the German Economy and Got Germany out of a Banking Debt and The Victors 
Re-Wrote Our History Books and Everything We Have Been Taught about WWII is 
BULL SHIT … Hitler Deported the Jews and the Holocaust Never Happened and