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Smaato is a digital ad tech 
platform and ad server. 
Smaato's self-serve omnichannel monetization solution 
gives publishers the ability to manage their entire ad stack in one place. 
Ad monetization technology lets publishers keep their content free for users. 
The company was founded in 2005 by Ragnar Kruse and Petra Vorsteher. 
The name Smaato comes from the Japanese word for "smart." 
Smaato is headquartered in San Francisco, California. 
There are additional offices in New York, Hamburg, Berlin, Singapore, and Shanghai,
 with over 190 employees from more than 40 different countries.Wikipedia


Industry:Ad Tech


Key people:Matt Deets, GM

Services:RTB, Online Advertising, Supply-Side Platform, Mobile Advertising

Data they usually collect:

Network Connection Type  
App Name  
OS Build Number  
OS Version  
Unique Identifier  
Screen Resolution  
Android Advertising ID  
Network Carrier  
Postal Code  
Device Language  
Device Model  
Device Brand  
GPS Coordinates

NAME:Andrew Kakojejko
BORN:Dec 1988
LIVES IN:San Francisco, CA
LIVED:Concord CA, San Francisco CA
Current Address
1075 Market St #610
San Francisco, CA 94103  
San Francisco County

5042 Sutherland Dr
Concord, CA 94521  
Contra Costa County
(Nov 2021 - Nov 2021)

21 Clarence Pl #308
San Francisco, CA 94107  
San Francisco County
April 2015

325 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94108  
San Francisco County
(Aug 2010)