Username: Pirate Crispy 
Other Accounts: Salor Crispy, Pirate Crispy, Elijah sailor, Werewolf crispy phase 2, GamingJester2, Cowie
Roblox Username: Cowie @Cowiedev 
Twitter: @GamingJester2
YouTube: Salor Crispy
2nd YouTube Channel: Elijah Sailor
3rd YouTube Channel: Werewolf crispy phase 2
Discord: PirateCrispy721#6053 (ID: 822253367279484928)
Reason: He's known to be extremely immature, sends death threats and insults those with different phone brands (fucking gay as hell),
can't handle criticism, racist piece of shit,
uses their fans as weapons to attack those that criticize them (Bunch of kids what do you expect), Gacha Life = Gachatard, 
also is into FNAF fangames as well & makes response videos to the people who made rants about him in person, denies that he's an asshole to people.

Age: 16 (2007)
Nationality: American
IP Address:
City: San Francisco
Country: United States
Life Expectancy: 77.1
Avg Income: 30,575 USD
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles
Sub Continent: North America
Country Code: US
Geo-targeting: True
Latitude: 34.0544
Longitude: -118.244

World Currency: USD 
EU member: False
org: Twitter
isp: Twitter
Connection: Corporate
Continent: NA
Population: 278,357,000
IP Range Tracked: -
Surface area: 9,363,520 km sq.
GNP: 8,510,700 Mon
Demographic Data: True