Idiot Business #flushyourmeds

You have to be a BIGGER ASSHOLE THAN THEM and ;


Veracrypt, Alphamumeric Phone PW, BIOS PWs can

by Bypassed, yes erases all drives, 7ZIP, Luks/Geli is Garbage ;

yes >/dev/sda ; #null-a-file-2-1-byte ; echo “~” >1.ext ; rm 1.ext ;

cat 1.ext | base64/base32 >1.ext.base64 ; aplay/arecord ; bc -l ;

fdisk -l ; sudo -i ; gparted ; ext4 ; swap ; chmod -R 000/777 ;

su/sudo/gksudo/doas/sudoedit/pkexec/passwd/ /usr/(s)bin/ /(s)bin/ ;

Ctrl+U+F and f4f4f4f4f4f4 Mac Addr and 456012 DNS … ;

All The Fucking Shortcuts You Fucking Need PERIOD … ;

The Gang Stalking Paid For By Tax Dollars ... ;

Embedded USB Mics and Cameras called (Spy) … ;

Digital Voice Recorders and USB Device that gets around ;

The BIOS Password of the Shitty Computer … ;

Luks and Geli are Inferior Drive Encryption Options … ;

Use Steganographic File Systems or Veracrypt with 7ZIP … ;

A De-Googled F-Driod Netguard Tracfone w Alphanumeric PW ;

Will Only Mount W PW Entered and BIOS PW can be Bypasssed ;

W a Simple USB Device or USB Stick and Luks/Geli Do Not Work ;

You have to use Veracrypt and 7ZIP, You have to Spoof your ;

Mac Address to F4 and set 456011 DNS w Ublock Origin, ;

Privacy Badger, and Decentraleyes and Run on RAM DISK … ;

Systemd, XCB, Networkd-Dispatcher, Polkit-PKEXEC are Garbage ;

You have to use CALC Linux XFCE ON VENTOY 2 Ram Disk … ;

A NOP : echo -ne “\x90” ; Windows Script Kiddes Fuck Off … ;

Kali Linux Metasploit Script Kiddies Also Fuck Off … ;

I knew people in the Fucking CIA and you Kali People Didn’t … ;

All their shit is Shielded, Embedded, Virtualized, BIOS LOCK, ;

Hardened, Layered in L4 and Much Better Than Your Shit … ;

A Tilda = 01111110 Six ONS and Time Shares are 4 Bits … ;

Back Then We Did NOT Have Subnet Masking and /24 is 255 ;

You Fucking Dolt , Learn English Fag , It’s was Imp’s and ;

Fucking Mainframes, then Relays, then Tubes, then Gyros … ;

Antigravity Propulsion is made from Cones + Insects Have IT ;

Free Energy Overunity is THE NEGATIVE RESISTOR FUCK ;

I always get around locks with Aluminum Can Piece , Plastic P ;

Comb Pick, Vibrating Lock Pick, Drill, and You All Suck … ;

Your Shit doesn’t matter to The State The Bank Owns IT ;

The Jews Own All Your FUCK Stuff, use 10+ Cl and Block-C ;

The Metasploit Script Kiddies Can All Fuck Themselves ;

We Do Not Use Bluetooth or WiFi around Here in Area 51 ;

I was introduced to Secret Underground Bases Years Ago … ;

S4 has 2 of them A 51 has 4 of them and Jews Run Earth … ;