hello everyone im sim / the guy who owns py. py sent 500$ from my paypal to his account, i gave him my paypal account because i trusted this nigger. u see me zero and 2s made a 
plan we snuck in a rat into a game with zeros smart game dev brain we told him its zeros new game. look the fucking game is a 64 bit game and on god it looks cool.
he opened the game and started playing it. he told us its like mario, yes its a copy paste of mario. we knew this guy would fall for the trick. after we got his ip
and almost every fucking file on his computer we were able to dox him yes **dox** we uploaded his dox on dox bin but no one knows what we called it i almost got his mom fired yes.
if someones wants his discord account lmk i can give u it has a credit card with money in it bought 100$ nitro gift as a test lol. AND IF SOMEONE WANTS TO PLAY THE GAME HMU.

ran by sim, zero and 2s

lmk if u want his id real name and everything