Top Four Locations and Sex Slave Capitols … ;
by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ;
#flushyourmeds Anti Israel Anti Zionism … ;
I know many Crap Doctors who Studied in Columbus OH … ;
They are called Psychiatrists and It is a Bogus Junk Science … ;
Psychiatrists get away with Molesting Children Period … ;
No one cares about kids, might get a vasectomy, not having kids … ;
I never asked to be born on this Horrible Fucking Planet … ;
I am never gonna have kids and no one likes kids period … ;
The shit is called MKULTRA CIA and Freemasonry HO … ;
Ohio backwards is CIA HO for Freemason Jew Followers … ;
They bend over, suck dick, and Kiss Ass Period Period … ;
Scott Alan Barry is a Fringe Writer of All Things Fringe … ;
Child Porn is Referred to as PTHC found on P2P and Lolita and 
yo and Cheese Pizza of course and this is all on the Peer2Peer 
Pedo Dark Web … ;
Location One of Sex Slaves is Tel Aviv Israel, Location Two of Sex 
Slaves is Columbus Ohio, Location Three of Sex Slaves is Hollywood 
and Los Angeles California, Location Four of Sex Slaves and Snuff 
Murder Films is Killeen Texas in Underground Tunnel Ways also known 
as Uncle Sam’s Snuff Factory, Mr Pickles Circus, Katy Grooves and 
Maria Farmer / Whitney Webb already know about it and that’s all I have … ;