he legit posted loli porn in a group chat and said cp (child porn) is hot.
He also thinks it’s legal to share cp (child porn) and he doxed one of his friends because
He muted him in discord and tried doxing me at one point. he thinks posting gore is funny
When it clearly isn’t. He is also a fucking racist too and is a homophobe.
He still hasn't fucking changed or learned 
His lesson and try's to dox me when
I'm not that fucking stupid. He also try's to 
Deny everything. Like the racism, The Cp 
But there is clearly Proof 

[Main Info] 

Aliases: Cxlth, VeryRARE, Lil Chicken Nugget, Kid Zeetra, BK Zeetra, Luqmox, Cxlth555, Kid Cxlth
Name: Ricardo Murillo Fernandez
Address: 8614 Terrace View Ct Manassas, VA 20110
Postal Code: 20110
Area: 703 / 571
Birthday: 02/08/06 (February 8 2006)
Age: 15
Email 1:
Email 2:
Email 3:
Email 4:
Mom's Name: Maria Santos Murrilo 
Dad's Name: Alejandro Fernandez Sevillano 

[Other Info] 

Latitude: 38.772778,
Longitude: -77.468611
Coordinates: 38°46'22"N 77°28'07"W 

Past Address: 718 N Argonne Ave
Sterling VA 20164 

Mom's Pn: (571) 299 - 7389
Dad's Pn 1: (703) 686 - 4157
Dad's Pn 2: (703) 476 - 6077 


Soundcloud 1:
Soundcloud 2:
Soundcloud 3:
Discord: @Cxlth#3510
Instagram: @Cxlth 

To The Target: Cxlth, I hope you fucking know That you fucking deserve this shit. Get off the Internet for fucking once you cp lover. You still Haven't even changed at all. You tried getting Me to send you my addy yet yk that I ain't dumb Enough to fall for that stupid dumb trick. Your a skid who doesn't know how to dox. Now Get the fuck out of the internet you dumb fuck