These idiot's stole ~10,000$ from me and my friend. And wasted 6+ months of my time.

In reality, it's about 1.5 years because the "door to get SE'd" was opened by me assuming "arc's" gender and them him and arc manipulating my schizo-effectiveness to con me out of my gamertag and some $, I just always assumed that person was a girl I don't know why but Business is Business, how can me reaching out to refund a user, for no reason at all, lead to me getting scammed by alleged "staff-members?"

Given the context of that image alone (much more will be included but I have to compile and make the dox abide by #RF rules) you can tell how seriously I take it, not emotionally, but man to man in terms of money, like it's disrespectful so yeah wait on it but trust me it will be big. Arc, and Omie, and which ever staff members i dislike siphoned through the data I have as well who fucked me over, Halo kind of did but at the end of the day people like Verdict, Halo, who I was able to do deals with, and didn't really make me lose $ literally (Halo false bumped an @ for 7k and I had a 10k bid, sold for 3.5k cuz he FALSE BUMPED it) shit like that after dealing with this scenario I kind of let go of grudges like that, because in this case it's money stolen from me not potential profit.

TLDR; Omie and Arc's (Head Staff and Staff of *** / *********.org will be coming. I don't care what they think happened "Behind The Scenes" ever because it's a *dispute between me, my IRL friend, and 2 "e-boys." Where me being a good samaratin leads to me getting scammed, so yeah, personal.

-nEgRo 6/3/21 9:37 AM