its all gone, hours and people ive met, its been a wild ride i thought i could escape but it was already too late. I didn't think it had to come out like this but shit happens you get to the point where Seeing people going through pain pleases you but seeing them happy is just chaos for you. Ive been through so much these past 4 months its crazy how many great people ive met by just being there overall. being in the time but you see so many great people it makes you jelous and that leads to so much anger, chaos, distruction and i hid it very well im a jelous person because i wanted to be like them, I make myself sound stupid inbetween the lines and where i am going with my life, i daydream nonstop of the things i could do or could have but i am powerless im just a normal person living a normal life contributing to the cycle, i have always wanted to make my presence known throughout because i am at a loss of attention so i seek it, i always try and seek validation from others though i could never fit in or be a peice of the silly ass puzzle its all my fault i pushed all of my loved ones away from me already so its too late Nobody likes me anyway im annoying and a dum dum haha. this is my last fingerprint with a little heart at the end <3 - HK