Zalgo the irrelevant NON hacker who gets humiliated on twitter and discord.
Between getting spit on over social media to failing in 
school IRL Zalgo easily holds the key to being the biggest
irrelevant poser in comm. Unlike other posers like SleepTheGod
and Byte Zalgo isn't known and relevant enough to even be doxed.
After his e-Girlfriend left him the poor guy has nothing,
abandoned by his family in real life the harmless Skid Larp
Now resorts to tweeting and trolling discord servers.

Go ahead and make fun of him, nothing will happen the skid is harmless.

Twitter: @Z_lgo aka Zalgo The Larp

Claims he will dox and harm anyone on twitter who doesn't take his lies seriously. Get to work LARP because 
eveyone here is cringign at your skidiotic existence. 

IRL Meme: https://gyazo.com/b569e1941bc7c27ce0dc3c610627d322