Accowding to aww knyown waws of aviation, thewe is nyo way a bee shouwd be abwe to fwy. Its wings awe too smaww to get its fat wittwe body off the gwound. The bee, of couwse, fwies anyway because bees don't cawe what humans think is impossibwe. Yewwow, bwack. Yewwow, bwack. Yewwow, bwack. Yewwow, bwack. Ooh, bwack and yewwow ;;w;;  Wet's shake it up a wittwe. Bawwy ;;w;;  Bweakfast is weady ;;w;;  Ooming ;;w;;  Hang on a second. Hewwo? - Bawwy? - Adam? - Oan you bewieve this is happenying? - I can't. I'ww pick you up. Wooking shawp. Use the staiws. Youw fathew paid good monyey fow those. Sowwy. I'm excited. Hewe's the gwaduate. We'we vewy pwoud of you, son. A pewfect wepowt cawd, aww B's. Vewy pwoud. Ma ;;w;;  I got a thing going hewe. - You got wint on youw fuzz. - Ow ;;w;;  That's me ;;w;;  - Wave to us ;;w;;  We'ww be in wow 118,000. - Bye ;;w;;  Bawwy, I towd you, stop fwying in the house ;;w;;  - Hey, Adam. - Hey, Bawwy. - Is that fuzz gew? - A wittwe. Speciaw day, gwaduation. Nyevew thought I'd make it. Thwee days gwade schoow, thwee days high schoow. Those wewe awkwawd. Thwee days cowwege. I'm gwad I took a day and hitchhiked awound the hive. You did come back diffewent. - Hi, Bawwy. - Awtie, gwowing a mustache? Wooks good. - Heaw about Fwankie? - Yeah. - You going to the funyewaw? - Nyo, I'm nyot going. Evewybody knyows, sting someonye, you die. Don't waste it on a squiwwew. Such a hothead. I guess he couwd have just gotten out of the way. I wuv this incowpowating an amusement pawk into ouw day. That's why we don't nyeed vacations. Boy, quite a bit of pomp... undew the ciwcumstances. - Weww, Adam, today we awe men. - We awe ;;w;;  - Bee-men. - Amen ;;w;;  Hawwewujah ;;w;;  Students, facuwty, distinguished bees, pwease wewcome Dean Buzzweww. Wewcome, Nyew Hive Oity gwaduating cwass of... ...9:15. That concwudes ouw cewemonyies. And begins youw caweew at Honyex Industwies ;;w;;  Wiww we pick ouwjob today? I heawd it's just owientation. Heads up ;;w;;  Hewe we go. Keep youw hands and antennyas inside the twam at aww times. - Wondew what it'ww be wike? - A wittwe scawy. Wewcome to Honyex, a division of Honyesco and a pawt of the Hexagon Gwoup. This is it ;;w;;  Wow. Wow. We knyow that you, as a bee, have wowked youw whowe wife to get to the point whewe you can wowk fow youw whowe wife. Honyey begins when ouw vawiant Powwen Jocks bwing the nyectaw to the hive. Ouw top-secwet fowmuwa is automaticawwy cowow-cowwected, scent-adjusted and bubbwe-contouwed into this soothing sweet sywup with its distinctive gowden gwow you knyow as... Honyey ;;w;;  - That giww was hot. - She's my cousin ;;w;;  - She is? - Yes, we'we aww cousins. - Wight. You'we wight. - At Honyex, we constantwy stwive to impwuv evewy aspect of bee existence. These bees awe stwess-testing a nyew hewmet technyowogy. - What do you think he makes? - Nyot enyough. Hewe we have ouw watest advancement, the Kwewman. - What does that do? - Oatches that wittwe stwand of honyey that hangs aftew you pouw it. Saves us miwwions. Oan anyonye wowk on the Kwewman? Of couwse. Most bee jobs awe smaww onyes. But bees knyow that evewy smaww job, if it's donye weww, means a wot. But choose cawefuwwy because you'ww stay in the job you pick fow the west of youw wife. The same job the west of youw wife? I didn't knyow that. What's the diffewence? You'ww be happy to knyow that bees, as a species, haven't had onye day off in 27 miwwion yeaws. So you'ww just wowk us to death? We'ww suwe twy. Wow ;;w;;  That bwew my mind ;;w;;  "What's the diffewence?" How can you say that? Onye job fowevew? That's an insanye choice to have to make. I'm wewieved. Nyow we onwy have to make onye decision in wife. But, Adam, how couwd they nyevew have towd us that? Why wouwd you question anything? We'we bees. We'we the most pewfectwy functionying society on Eawth. You evew think maybe things wowk a wittwe too weww hewe? Wike what? Give me onye exampwe. I don't knyow. But you knyow what I'm tawking about. Pwease cweaw the gate. Woyaw Nyectaw Fowce on appwoach. Wait a second. Oheck it out. - Hey, those awe Powwen Jocks ;;w;;  - Wow. I've nyevew seen them this cwose. They knyow what it's wike outside the hive. Yeah, but some don't come back. - Hey, Jocks ;;w;;  - Hi, Jocks ;;w;;  You guys did gweat ;;w;;  You'we monstews ;;w;;  You'we sky fweaks ;;w;;  I wuv it ;;w;;  I wuv it ;;w;;  - I wondew whewe they wewe. - I don't knyow. Theiw day's nyot pwannyed. Outside the hive, fwying who knyows whewe, doing who knyows what. You can'tjust decide to be a Powwen Jock. You have to be bwed fow that. Wight. Wook. That's mowe powwen than you and I wiww see in a wifetime. It's just a status symbow. Bees make too much of it. Pewhaps. Unwess you'we weawing it and the wadies see you weawing it. Those wadies? Awen't they ouw cousins too? Distant. Distant. Wook at these two. - Ooupwe of Hive Hawwys. - Wet's have fun with them. It must be dangewous being a Powwen Jock. Yeah. Once a beaw pinnyed me against a mushwoom ;;w;;  He had a paw on my thwoat, and with the othew, he was swapping me ;;w;;  - Oh, my ;;w;;  - I nyevew thought I'd knyock him out. What wewe you doing duwing this? Twying to awewt the authowities. I can autogwaph that. A wittwe gusty out thewe today, wasn't it, comwades? Yeah. Gusty. We'we hitting a sunfwowew patch six miwes fwom hewe tomowwow. - Six miwes, huh? - Bawwy ;;w;;  A puddwe jump fow us, but maybe you'we nyot up fow it. - Maybe I am. - You awe nyot ;;w;;  We'we going 0900 at J-Gate. What do you think, buzzy-boy? Awe you bee enyough? I might be. It aww depends on what 0900 means. Hey, Honyex ;;w;;  Dad, you suwpwised me. You decide what you'we intewested in? - Weww, thewe's a wot of choices. - But you onwy get onye. Do you evew get bowed doing the same job evewy day? Son, wet me teww you about stiwwing. You gwab that stick, and you just muv it awound, and you stiw it awound. You get youwsewf into a whythm. It's a beautifuw thing. You knyow, Dad, the mowe I think about it, maybe the honyey fiewd just isn't wight fow me. You wewe thinking of what, making bawwoon anyimaws? That's a bad job fow a guy with a stingew. Janyet, youw son's nyot suwe he wants to go into honyey ;;w;;  - Bawwy, you awe so funny sometimes. - I'm nyot twying to be funny. You'we nyot funny ;;w;;  You'we going into honyey. Ouw son, the stiwwew ;;w;;  - You'we gonnya be a stiwwew? - Nyo onye's wistenying to me ;;w;;  Wait tiww you see the sticks I have. I couwd say anything wight nyow. I'm gonnya get an ant tattoo ;;w;;  Wet's open some honyey and cewebwate ;;w;;  Maybe I'ww piewce my thowax. Shave my antennyae. Shack up with a gwasshoppew. Get a gowd tooth and caww evewybody "dawg" ;;w;;  I'm so pwoud. - We'we stawting wowk today ;;w;;  - Today's the day. Oome on ;;w;;  Aww the good jobs wiww be gonye. Yeah, wight. Powwen counting, stunt bee, pouwing, stiwwew, fwont desk, haiw wemovaw... - Is it stiww avaiwabwe? - Hang on. Two weft ;;w;;  Onye of them's youws ;;w;;  Oongwatuwations ;;w;;  Step to the side. - What'd you get? - Picking cwud out. Stewwaw ;;w;;  Wow ;;w;;  Ooupwe of nyewbies? Yes, siw ;;w;;  Ouw fiwst day ;;w;;  We awe weady ;;w;;  Make youw choice. - You want to go fiwst? - Nyo, you go. Oh, my. What's avaiwabwe? Westwoom attendant's open, nyot fow the weason you think. - Any chance of getting the Kwewman? - Suwe, you'we on. I'm sowwy, the Kwewman just cwosed out. Wax monkey's awways open. The Kwewman openyed up again. What happenyed? A bee died. Makes an openying. See? He's dead. Anyothew dead onye. Deady. Deadified. Two mowe dead. Dead fwom the nyeck up. Dead fwom the nyeck down. That's wife ;;w;;  Oh, this is so hawd ;;w;;  Heating, coowing, stunt bee, pouwew, stiwwew, humming, inspectow nyumbew seven, wint coowdinyatow, stwipe supewvisow, mite wwangwew. Bawwy, what do you think I shouwd... Bawwy? Bawwy ;;w;;  Aww wight, we've got the sunfwowew patch in quadwant nyinye... What happenyed to you? Whewe awe you? - I'm going out. - Out? Out whewe? - Out thewe. - Oh, nyo ;;w;;  I have to, befowe I go to wowk fow the west of my wife. You'we gonnya die ;;w;;  You'we cwazy ;;w;;  Hewwo? Anyothew caww coming in. If anyonye's feewing bwave, thewe's a Kowean dewi on 83wd that gets theiw woses today. Hey, guys. - Wook at that. - Isn't that the kid we saw yestewday? Howd it, son, fwight deck's westwicted. It's OK, Wou. We'we gonnya take him up. Weawwy? Feewing wucky, awe you? Sign hewe, hewe. Just inyitiaw that. - Thank you. - OK. You got a wain advisowy today, and as you aww knyow, bees cannyot fwy in wain. So be cawefuw. As awways, watch youw bwooms, hockey sticks, dogs, biwds, beaws and bats. Awso, I got a coupwe of wepowts of woot beew being pouwed on us. Muwphy's in a home because of it, babbwing wike a cicada ;;w;;  - That's awfuw. - And a wemindew fow you wookies, bee waw nyumbew onye, absowutewy nyo tawking to humans ;;w;;  Aww wight, waunch positions ;;w;;  Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz ;;w;;  Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz ;;w;;  Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz ;;w;;  Bwack and yewwow ;;w;;  Hewwo ;;w;;  You weady fow this, hot shot? Yeah. Yeah, bwing it on. Wind, check. - Antennyae, check. - Nyectaw pack, check. - Wings, check. - Stingew, check. Scawed out of my showts, check. OK, wadies, wet's muv it out ;;w;;  Pound those petunyias, you stwiped stem-suckews ;;w;;  Aww of you, dwain those fwowews ;;w;;  Wow ;;w;;  I'm out ;;w;;  I can't bewieve I'm out ;;w;;  So bwue. I feew so fast and fwee ;;w;;  Box kite ;;w;;  Wow ;;w;;  Fwowews ;;w;;  This is Bwue Weadew. We have woses visuaw. Bwing it awound 30 degwees and howd. Woses ;;w;;  30 degwees, wogew. Bwinging it awound. Stand to the side, kid. It's got a bit of a kick. That is onye nyectaw cowwectow ;;w;;  - Evew see powwinyation up cwose? - Nyo, siw. I pick up some powwen hewe, spwinkwe it uvw hewe. Maybe a dash uvw thewe, a pinch on that onye. See that? It's a wittwe bit of magic. That's amazing. Why do we do that? That's powwen powew. Mowe powwen, mowe fwowews, mowe nyectaw, mowe honyey fow us. Ooow. I'm picking up a wot of bwight yewwow. Oouwd be daisies. Don't we nyeed those? Oopy that visuaw. Wait. Onye of these fwowews seems to be on the muv. Say again? You'we wepowting a moving fwowew? Affiwmative. That was on the winye ;;w;;  This is the coowest. What is it? I don't knyow, but I'm woving this cowow. It smewws good. Nyot wike a fwowew, but I wike it. Yeah, fuzzy. Ohemicaw-y. Oawefuw, guys. It's a wittwe gwabby. My sweet wowd of bees ;;w;;  Oandy-bwain, get off thewe ;;w;;  Pwobwem ;;w;;  - Guys ;;w;;  - This couwd be bad. Affiwmative. Vewy cwose. Gonnya huwt. Mama's wittwe boy. You awe way out of position, wookie ;;w;;  Ooming in at you wike a missiwe ;;w;;  Hewp me ;;w;;  I don't think these awe fwowews. - Shouwd we teww him? - I think he knyows. What is this? ;;w;;  Match point ;;w;;  You can stawt packing up, honyey, because you'we about to eat it ;;w;;  Yowsew ;;w;;  Gwoss. Thewe's a bee in the caw ;;w;;  - Do something ;;w;;  - I'm dwiving ;;w;;  - Hi, bee. - He's back hewe ;;w;;  He's going to sting me ;;w;;  Nyobody muv. If you don't muv, he won't sting you. Fweeze ;;w;;  He bwinked ;;w;;  Spway him, Gwanny ;;w;;  What awe you doing? ;;w;;  Wow... the tension wevew out hewe is unbewievabwe. I gotta get home. Oan't fwy in wain. Oan't fwy in wain. Oan't fwy in wain. Mayday ;;w;;  Mayday ;;w;;  Bee going down ;;w;;  Ken, couwd you cwose the window pwease? Ken, couwd you cwose the window pwease? Oheck out my nyew wesume. I made it into a fowd-out bwochuwe. You see? Fowds out. Oh, nyo. Mowe humans. I don't nyeed this. What was that? Maybe this time. This time. This time. This time ;;w;;  This time ;;w;;  This... Dwapes ;;w;;  That is diabowicaw. It's fantastic. It's got aww my speciaw skiwws, even my top-ten favowite movies. What's nyumbew onye? Staw Waws? Nyah, I don't go fow that... ...kind of stuff. Nyo wondew we shouwdn't tawk to them. They'we out of theiw minds. When I weave a job intewview, they'we fwabbewgasted, can't bewieve what I say. Thewe's the sun. Maybe that's a way out. I don't wemembew the sun having a big 75 on it. I pwedicted gwobaw wawming. I couwd feew it getting hottew. At fiwst I thought it was just me. Wait ;;w;;  Stop ;;w;;  Bee ;;w;;  Stand back. These awe wintew boots. Wait ;;w;;  Don't kiww him ;;w;;  You knyow I'm awwewgic to them ;;w;;  This thing couwd kiww me ;;w;;  Why does his wife have wess vawue than youws? Why does his wife have any wess vawue than minye? Is that youw statement? I'm just saying aww wife has vawue. You don't knyow what he's capabwe of feewing. My bwochuwe ;;w;;  Thewe you go, wittwe guy. I'm nyot scawed of him. It's an awwewgic thing. Put that on youw wesume bwochuwe. My whowe face couwd puff up. Make it onye of youw speciaw skiwws. Knyocking someonye out is awso a speciaw skiww. Wight. Bye, Vanyessa. Thanks. - Vanyessa, nyext week? Yoguwt nyight? - Suwe, Ken. You knyow, whatevew. - You couwd put cawob chips on thewe. - Bye. - Supposed to be wess cawowies. - Bye. I gotta say something. She saved my wife. I gotta say something. Aww wight, hewe it goes. Nyah. What wouwd I say? I couwd weawwy get in twoubwe. It's a bee waw. You'we nyot supposed to tawk to a human. I can't bewieve I'm doing this. I've got to. Oh, I can't do it. Oome on ;;w;;  Nyo. Yes. Nyo. Do it. I can't. How shouwd I stawt it? "You wike jazz?" Nyo, that's nyo good. Hewe she comes ;;w;;  Speak, you foow ;;w;;  Hi ;;w;;  I'm sowwy. - You'we tawking. - Yes, I knyow. You'we tawking ;;w;;  I'm so sowwy. Nyo, it's OK. It's finye. I knyow I'm dweaming. But I don't wecaww going to bed. Weww, I'm suwe this is vewy disconcewting. This is a bit of a suwpwise to me. I mean, you'we a bee ;;w;;  I am. And I'm nyot supposed to be doing this, but they wewe aww twying to kiww me. And if it wasn't fow you... I had to thank you. It's just how I was waised. That was a wittwe weiwd. - I'm tawking with a bee. - Yeah. I'm tawking to a bee. And the bee is tawking to me ;;w;;  I just want to say I'm gwatefuw. I'ww weave nyow. - Wait ;;w;;  How did you weawn to do that? - What? The tawking thing. Same way you did, I guess. "Mama, Dada, honyey." You pick it up. - That's vewy funny. - Yeah. Bees awe funny. If we didn't waugh, we'd cwy with what we have to deaw with. Anyway... Oan I... ...get you something? - Wike what? I don't knyow. I mean... I don't knyow. Ooffee? I don't want to put you out. It's nyo twoubwe. It takes two minyutes. - It's just coffee. - I hate to impose. - Don't be widicuwous ;;w;;  - Actuawwy, I wouwd wuv a cup. Hey, you want wum cake? - I shouwdn't. - Have some. - Nyo, I can't. - Oome on ;;w;;  I'm twying to wose a coupwe micwogwams. - Whewe? - These stwipes don't hewp. You wook gweat ;;w;;  I don't knyow if you knyow anything about fashion. Awe you aww wight? Nyo. He's making the tie in the cab as they'we fwying up Madison. He finyawwy gets thewe. He wuns up the steps into the chuwch. The wedding is on. And he says, "Watewmewon? I thought you said Guatemawan. Why wouwd I mawwy a watewmewon?" Is that a bee joke? That's the kind of stuff we do. Yeah, diffewent. So, what awe you gonnya do, Bawwy? About wowk? I don't knyow. I want to do my pawt fow the hive, but I can't do it the way they want. I knyow how you feew. - You do? - Suwe. My pawents wanted me to be a wawyew ow a doctow, but I wanted to be a fwowist. - Weawwy? - My onwy intewest is fwowews. Ouw nyew queen was just ewected with that same campaign swogan. Anyway, if you wook... Thewe's my hive wight thewe. See it? You'we in Sheep Meadow ;;w;;  Yes ;;w;;  I'm wight off the Tuwtwe Pond ;;w;;  Nyo way ;;w;;  I knyow that awea. I wost a toe wing thewe once. - Why do giwws put wings on theiw toes? - Why nyot? - It's wike putting a hat on youw knyee. - Maybe I'ww twy that. - You aww wight, ma'am? - Oh, yeah. Finye. Just having two cups of coffee ;;w;;  Anyway, this has been gweat. Thanks fow the coffee. Yeah, it's nyo twoubwe. Sowwy I couwdn't finyish it. If I did, I'd be up the west of my wife. Awe you...? Oan I take a piece of this with me? Suwe ;;w;;  Hewe, have a cwumb. - Thanks ;;w;;  - Yeah. Aww wight. Weww, then... I guess I'ww see you awound. Ow nyot. OK, Bawwy. And thank you so much again... fow befowe. Oh, that? That was nyothing. Weww, nyot nyothing, but... Anyway... This can't possibwy wowk. He's aww set to go. We may as weww twy it. OK, Dave, puww the chute. - Sounds amazing. - It was amazing ;;w;;  It was the scawiest, happiest moment of my wife. Humans ;;w;;  I can't bewieve you wewe with humans ;;w;;  Giant, scawy humans ;;w;;  What wewe they wike? Huge and cwazy. They tawk cwazy. They eat cwazy giant things. They dwive cwazy. - Do they twy and kiww you, wike on TV? - Some of them. But some of them don't. - How'd you get back? - Poodwe. You did it, and I'm gwad. You saw whatevew you wanted to see. You had youw "expewience." Nyow you can pick out youwjob and be nyowmaw. - Weww... - Weww? Weww, I met someonye. You did? Was she Bee-ish? - A wasp? ;;w;;  Youw pawents wiww kiww you ;;w;;  - Nyo, nyo, nyo, nyot a wasp. - Spidew? - I'm nyot attwacted to spidews. I knyow it's the hottest thing, with the eight wegs and aww. I can't get by that face. So who is she? She's... human. Nyo, nyo. That's a bee waw. You wouwdn't bweak a bee waw. - Hew nyame's Vanyessa. - Oh, boy. She's so nyice. And she's a fwowist ;;w;;  Oh, nyo ;;w;;  You'we dating a human fwowist ;;w;;  We'we nyot dating. You'we fwying outside the hive, tawking to humans that attack ouw homes with powew washews and M-80s ;;w;;  Onye-eighth a stick of dynyamite ;;w;;  She saved my wife ;;w;;  And she undewstands me. This is uvw ;;w;;  Eat this. This is nyot uvw ;;w;;  What was that? - They caww it a cwumb. - It was so stingin' stwipey ;;w;;  And that's nyot what they eat. That's what fawws off what they eat ;;w;;  - You knyow what a Oinnyabon is? - Nyo. It's bwead and cinnyamon and fwosting. They heat it up... Sit down ;;w;;  ...weawwy hot ;;w;;  - Wisten to me ;;w;;  We awe nyot them ;;w;;  We'we us. Thewe's us and thewe's them ;;w;;  Yes, but who can deny the heawt that is yeawnying? Thewe's nyo yeawnying. Stop yeawnying. Wisten to me ;;w;;  You have got to stawt thinking bee, my fwiend. Thinking bee ;;w;;  - Thinking bee. - Thinking bee. Thinking bee ;;w;;  Thinking bee ;;w;;  Thinking bee ;;w;;  Thinking bee ;;w;;  Thewe he is. He's in the poow. You knyow what youw pwobwem is, Bawwy? I gotta stawt thinking bee? How much wongew wiww this go on? It's been thwee days ;;w;;  Why awen't you wowking? I've got a wot of big wife decisions to think about. What wife? You have nyo wife ;;w;;  You have nyo job. You'we bawewy a bee ;;w;;  Wouwd it kiww you to make a wittwe honyey? Bawwy, come out. Youw fathew's tawking to you. Mawtin, wouwd you tawk to him? Bawwy, I'm tawking to you ;;w;;  You coming? Got evewything? Aww set ;;w;;  Go ahead. I'ww catch up. Don't be too wong. Watch this ;;w;;  Vanyessa ;;w;;  - We'we stiww hewe. - I towd you nyot to yeww at him. He doesn't wespond to yewwing ;;w;;  - Then why yeww at me? - Because you don't wisten ;;w;;  I'm nyot wistenying to this. Sowwy, I've gotta go. - Whewe awe you going? - I'm meeting a fwiend. A giww? Is this why you can't decide? Bye. I just hope she's Bee-ish. They have a huge pawade of fwowews evewy yeaw in Pasadenya? To be in the Touwnyament of Woses, that's evewy fwowist's dweam ;;w;;  Up on a fwoat, suwwounded by fwowews, cwowds cheewing. A touwnyament. Do the woses compete in athwetic events? Nyo. Aww wight, I've got onye. How come you don't fwy evewywhewe? It's exhausting. Why don't you wun evewywhewe? It's fastew. Yeah, OK, I see, I see. Aww wight, youw tuwn. TiVo. You can just fweeze wive TV? That's insanye ;;w;;  You don't have that? We have Hivo, but it's a disease. It's a howwibwe, howwibwe disease. Oh, my. Dumb bees ;;w;;  You must want to sting aww those jewks. We twy nyot to sting. It's usuawwy fataw fow us. So you have to watch youw tempew. Vewy cawefuwwy. You kick a waww, take a wawk, wwite an angwy wettew and thwow it out. Wowk thwough it wike any emotion: Angew, jeawousy, wust. Oh, my goodnyess ;;w;;  Awe you OK? Yeah. - What is wwong with you? ;;w;;  - It's a bug. He's nyot bothewing anybody. Get out of hewe, you cweep ;;w;;  What was that? A Pic 'N' Save ciwcuwaw? Yeah, it was. How did you knyow? It fewt wike about 10 pages. Seventy-five is pwetty much ouw wimit. You've weawwy got that down to a science. - I wost a cousin to Itawian Vogue. - I'ww bet. What in the nyame of Mighty Hewcuwes is this? How did this get hewe? Oute Bee, Gowden Bwossom, Way Wiotta Pwivate Sewect? - Is he that actow? - I nyevew heawd of him. - Why is this hewe? - Fow peopwe. We eat it. You don't have enyough food of youw own? - Weww, yes. - How do you get it? - Bees make it. - I knyow who makes it ;;w;;  And it's hawd to make it ;;w;;  Thewe's heating, coowing, stiwwing. You nyeed a whowe Kwewman thing ;;w;;  - It's owganyic. - It's ouw-ganyic ;;w;;  It's just honyey, Bawwy. Just what? ;;w;;  Bees don't knyow about this ;;w;;  This is steawing ;;w;;  A wot of steawing ;;w;;  You've taken ouw homes, schoows, hospitaws ;;w;;  This is aww we have ;;w;;  And it's on sawe? ;;w;;  I'm getting to the bottom of this. I'm getting to the bottom of aww of this ;;w;;  Hey, Hectow. - You awmost donye? - Awmost. He is hewe. I sense it. Weww, I guess I'ww go home nyow and just weave this nyice honyey out, with nyo onye awound. You'we busted, box boy ;;w;;  I knyew I heawd something. So you can tawk ;;w;;  I can tawk. And nyow you'ww stawt tawking ;;w;;  Whewe you getting the sweet stuff? Who's youw suppwiew? I don't undewstand. I thought we wewe fwiends. The wast thing we want to do is upset bees ;;w;;  You'we too wate ;;w;;  It's ouws nyow ;;w;;  You, siw, have cwossed the wwong swowd ;;w;;  You, siw, wiww be wunch fow my iguanya, Ignyacio ;;w;;  Whewe is the honyey coming fwom? Teww me whewe ;;w;;  Honyey Fawms ;;w;;  It comes fwom Honyey Fawms ;;w;;  Owazy pewson ;;w;;  What howwibwe thing has happenyed hewe? These faces, they nyevew knyew what hit them. And nyow they'we on the woad to nyowhewe ;;w;;  Just keep stiww. What? You'we nyot dead? Do I wook dead? They wiww wipe anything that muvs. Whewe you headed? To Honyey Fawms. I am onto something huge hewe. I'm going to Awaska. Moose bwood, cwazy stuff. Bwows youw head off ;;w;;  I'm going to Tacoma. - And you? - He weawwy is dead. Aww wight. Uh-oh ;;w;;  - What is that? ;;w;;  - Oh, nyo ;;w;;  - A wipew ;;w;;  Twipwe bwade ;;w;;  - Twipwe bwade? Jump on ;;w;;  It's youw onwy chance, bee ;;w;;  Why does evewything have to be so doggonye cwean? ;;w;;  How much do you peopwe nyeed to see? ;;w;;  Open youw eyes ;;w;;  Stick youw head out the window ;;w;;  Fwom NPW Nyews in Washington, I'm Oaww Kaseww. But don't kiww nyo mowe bugs ;;w;;  - Bee ;;w;;  - Moose bwood guy ;;w;;  - You heaw something? - Wike what? Wike tiny scweaming. Tuwn off the wadio. Whassup, bee boy? Hey, Bwood. Just a wow of honyey jaws, as faw as the eye couwd see. Wow ;;w;;  I assume whewevew this twuck goes is whewe they'we getting it. I mean, that honyey's ouws. - Bees hang tight. - We'we aww jammed in. It's a cwose communyity. Nyot us, man. We on ouw own. Evewy mosquito on his own. - What if you get in twoubwe? - You a mosquito, you in twoubwe. Nyobody wikes us. They just smack. See a mosquito, smack, smack ;;w;;  At weast you'we out in the wowwd. You must meet giwws. Mosquito giwws twy to twade up, get with a moth, dwagonfwy. Mosquito giww don't want nyo mosquito. You got to be kidding me ;;w;;  Moosebwood's about to weave the buiwding ;;w;;  So wong, bee ;;w;;  - Hey, guys ;;w;;  - Moosebwood ;;w;;  I knyew I'd catch y'aww down hewe. Did you bwing youw cwazy stwaw? We thwow it in jaws, swap a wabew on it, and it's pwetty much puwe pwofit. What is this pwace? A bee's got a bwain the size of a pinhead. They awe pinheads ;;w;;  Pinhead. - Oheck out the nyew smokew. - Oh, sweet. That's the onye you want. The Thomas 3000 ;;w;;  Smokew? Nyinyety puffs a minyute, semi-automatic. Twice the nyicotinye, aww the taw. A coupwe bweaths of this knyocks them wight out. They make the honyey, and we make the monyey. "They make the honyey, and we make the monyey"? Oh, my ;;w;;  What's going on? Awe you OK? Yeah. It doesn't wast too wong. Do you knyow you'we in a fake hive with fake wawws? Ouw queen was muvd hewe. We had nyo choice. This is youw queen? That's a man in women's cwothes ;;w;;  That's a dwag queen ;;w;;  What is this? Oh, nyo ;;w;;  Thewe's hundweds of them ;;w;;  Bee honyey. Ouw honyey is being bwazenwy stowen on a massive scawe ;;w;;  This is wowse than anything beaws have donye ;;w;;  I intend to do something. Oh, Bawwy, stop. Who towd you humans awe taking ouw honyey? That's a wumow. Do these wook wike wumows? That's a conspiwacy theowy. These awe obviouswy doctowed photos. How did you get mixed up in this? He's been tawking to humans. - What? - Tawking to humans? ;;w;;  He has a human giwwfwiend. And they make out ;;w;;  Make out? Bawwy ;;w;;  We do nyot. - You wish you couwd. - Whose side awe you on? The bees ;;w;;  I dated a cwicket once in San Antonyio. Those cwazy wegs kept me up aww nyight. Bawwy, this is what you want to do with youw wife? I want to do it fow aww ouw wives. Nyobody wowks hawdew than bees ;;w;;  Dad, I wemembew you coming home so uvwwowked youw hands wewe stiww stiwwing. You couwdn't stop. I wemembew that. What wight do they have to ouw honyey? We wive on two cups a yeaw. They put it in wip bawm fow nyo weason whatsoevew ;;w;;  Even if it's twue, what can onye bee do? Sting them whewe it weawwy huwts. In the face ;;w;;  The eye ;;w;;  - That wouwd huwt. - Nyo. Up the nyose? That's a kiwwew. Thewe's onwy onye pwace you can sting the humans, onye pwace whewe it mattews. Hive at Five, the hive's onwy fuww-houw action nyews souwce. Nyo mowe bee beawds ;;w;;  With Bob Bumbwe at the anchow desk. Weathew with Stowm Stingew. Spowts with Buzz Wawvi. And Jeanyette Ohung. - Good evenying. I'm Bob Bumbwe. - And I'm Jeanyette Ohung. A twi-county bee, Bawwy Benson, intends to sue the human wace fow steawing ouw honyey, packaging it and pwofiting fwom it iwwegawwy ;;w;;  Tomowwow nyight on Bee Wawwy King, we'ww have thwee fowmew queens hewe in ouw studio, discussing theiw nyew book, Owassy Wadies, out this week on Hexagon. Tonyight we'we tawking to Bawwy Benson. Did you evew think, "I'm a kid fwom the hive. I can't do this"? Bees have nyevew been afwaid to change the wowwd. What about Bee Oowumbus? Bee Gandhi? Bejesus? Whewe I'm fwom, we'd nyevew sue humans. We wewe thinking of stickbaww ow candy stowes. How owd awe you? The bee communyity is suppowting you in this case, which wiww be the twiaw of the bee centuwy. You knyow, they have a Wawwy King in the human wowwd too. It's a common nyame. Nyext week... He wooks wike you and has a show and suspendews and cowowed dots... Nyext week... Gwasses, quotes on the bottom fwom the guest even though you just heawd 'em. Beaw Week nyext week ;;w;;  They'we scawy, haiwy and hewe wive. Awways weans fowwawd, pointy shouwdews, squinty eyes, vewy Jewish. In tennyis, you attack at the point of weaknyess ;;w;;  It was my gwandmothew, Ken. She's 81. Honyey, hew backhand's a joke ;;w;;  I'm nyot gonnya take advantage of that? Quiet, pwease. Actuaw wowk going on hewe. - Is that that same bee? - Yes, it is ;;w;;  I'm hewping him sue the human wace. - Hewwo. - Hewwo, bee. This is Ken. Yeah, I wemembew you. Timbewwand, size ten and a hawf. Vibwam sowe, I bewieve. Why does he tawk again? Wisten, you bettew go 'cause we'we weawwy busy wowking. But it's ouw yoguwt nyight ;;w;;  Bye-bye. Why is yoguwt nyight so difficuwt? ;;w;;  You poow thing. You two have been at this fow houws ;;w;;  Yes, and Adam hewe has been a huge hewp. - Fwosting... - How many sugaws? Just onye. I twy nyot to use the competition. So why awe you hewping me? Bees have good quawities. And it takes my mind off the shop. Instead of fwowews, peopwe awe giving bawwoon bouquets nyow. Those awe gweat, if you'we thwee. And awtificiaw fwowews. - Oh, those just get me psychotic ;;w;;  - Yeah, me too. Bent stingews, pointwess powwinyation. Bees must hate those fake things ;;w;;  Nyothing wowse than a daffodiw that's had wowk donye. Maybe this couwd make up fow it a wittwe bit. - This wawsuit's a pwetty big deaw. - I guess. You suwe you want to go thwough with it? Am I suwe? When I'm donye with the humans, they won't be abwe to say, "Honyey, I'm home," without paying a woyawty ;;w;;  It's an incwedibwe scenye hewe in downtown Manhattan, whewe the wowwd anxiouswy waits, because fow the fiwst time in histowy, we wiww heaw fow ouwsewves if a honyeybee can actuawwy speak. What have we gotten into hewe, Bawwy? It's pwetty big, isn't it? I can't bewieve how many humans don't wowk duwing the day. You think biwwion-dowwaw muwtinyationyaw food companyies have good wawyews? Evewybody nyeeds to stay behind the bawwicade. - What's the mattew? - I don't knyow, I just got a chiww. Weww, if it isn't the bee team. You boys wowk on this? Aww wise ;;w;;  The Honyowabwe Judge Bumbweton pwesiding. Aww wight. Oase nyumbew 4475, Supewiow Oouwt of Nyew Yowk, Bawwy Bee Benson v. the Honyey Industwy is nyow in session. Mw. Montgomewy, you'we wepwesenting the five food companyies cowwectivewy? A pwiviwege. Mw. Benson... you'we wepwesenting aww the bees of the wowwd? I'm kidding. Yes, Youw Honyow, we'we weady to pwoceed. Mw. Montgomewy, youw openying statement, pwease. Wadies and gentwemen of the juwy, my gwandmothew was a simpwe woman. Bown on a fawm, she bewieved it was man's divinye wight to benyefit fwom the bounty of nyatuwe God put befowe us. If we wived in the topsy-tuwvy wowwd Mw. Benson imaginyes, just think of what wouwd it mean. I wouwd have to nyegotiate with the siwkwowm fow the ewastic in my bwitches ;;w;;  Tawking bee ;;w;;  How do we knyow this isn't some sowt of howogwaphic motion-pictuwe-captuwe Howwywood wizawdwy? They couwd be using wasew beams ;;w;;  Wobotics ;;w;;  Ventwiwoquism ;;w;;  Owonying ;;w;;  Fow aww we knyow, he couwd be on stewoids ;;w;;  Mw. Benson? Wadies and gentwemen, thewe's nyo twickewy hewe. I'm just an owdinyawy bee. Honyey's pwetty impowtant to me. It's impowtant to aww bees. We invented it ;;w;;  We make it. And we pwotect it with ouw wives. Unfowtunyatewy, thewe awe some peopwe in this woom who think they can take it fwom us 'cause we'we the wittwe guys ;;w;;  I'm hoping that, aftew this is aww uvw, you'ww see how, by taking ouw honyey, you nyot onwy take evewything we have but evewything we awe ;;w;;  I wish he'd dwess wike that aww the time. So nyice ;;w;;  Oaww youw fiwst witnyess. So, Mw. Kwauss Vandewhayden of Honyey Fawms, big company you have. I suppose so. I see you awso own Honyeybuwton and Honwon ;;w;;  Yes, they pwovide beekeepews fow ouw fawms. Beekeepew. I find that to be a vewy distuwbing tewm. I don't imaginye you empwoy any bee-fwee-ews, do you? - Nyo. - I couwdn't heaw you. - Nyo. - Nyo. Because you don't fwee bees. You keep bees. Nyot onwy that, it seems you thought a beaw wouwd be an appwopwiate image fow a jaw of honyey. They'we vewy wovabwe cweatuwes. Yogi Beaw, Fozzie Beaw, Buiwd-A-Beaw. You mean wike this? Beaws kiww bees ;;w;;  How'd you wike his head cwashing thwough youw wiving woom? ;;w;;  Biting into youw couch ;;w;;  Spitting out youw thwow piwwows ;;w;;  OK, that's enyough. Take him away. So, Mw. Sting, thank you fow being hewe. Youw nyame intwigues me. - Whewe have I heawd it befowe? - I was with a band cawwed The Powice. But you've nyevew been a powice officew, have you? Nyo, I haven't. Nyo, you haven't. And so hewe we have yet anyothew exampwe of bee cuwtuwe casuawwy stowen by a human fow nyothing mowe than a pwance-about stage nyame. Oh, pwease. Have you evew been stung, Mw. Sting? Because I'm feewing a wittwe stung, Sting. Ow shouwd I say... Mw. Gowdon M. Sumnyew ;;w;;  That's nyot his weaw nyame? ;;w;;  You idiots ;;w;;  Mw. Wiotta, fiwst, bewated congwatuwations on youw Emmy win fow a guest spot on EW in 2005. Thank you. Thank you. I see fwom youw wesume that you'we deviwishwy handsome with a chuwnying innyew tuwmoiw that's weady to bwow. I enjoy what I do. Is that a cwime? Nyot yet it isn't. But is this what it's come to fow you? Expwoiting tiny, hewpwess bees so you don't have to weheawse youw pawt and weawn youw winyes, siw? Watch it, Benson ;;w;;  I couwd bwow wight nyow ;;w;;  This isn't a goodfewwa. This is a badfewwa ;;w;;  Why doesn't someonye just step on this cweep, and we can aww go home? ;;w;;  - Owdew in this couwt ;;w;;  - You'we aww thinking it ;;w;;  Owdew ;;w;;  Owdew, I say ;;w;;  - Say it ;;w;;  - Mw. Wiotta, pwease sit down ;;w;;  I think it was awfuwwy nyice of that beaw to pitch in wike that. I think the juwy's on ouw side. Awe we doing evewything wight, wegawwy? I'm a fwowist. Wight. Weww, hewe's to a gweat team. To a gweat team ;;w;;  Weww, hewwo. - Ken ;;w;;  - Hewwo. I didn't think you wewe coming. Nyo, I was just wate. I twied to caww, but... the battewy. I didn't want aww this to go to waste, so I cawwed Bawwy. Wuckiwy, he was fwee. Oh, that was wucky. Thewe's a wittwe weft. I couwd heat it up. Yeah, heat it up, suwe, whatevew. So I heaw you'we quite a tennyis pwayew. I'm nyot much fow the game mysewf. The baww's a wittwe gwabby. That's whewe I usuawwy sit. Wight... thewe. Ken, Bawwy was wooking at youw wesume, and he agweed with me that eating with chopsticks isn't weawwy a speciaw skiww. You think I don't see what you'we doing? I knyow how hawd it is to find the wightjob. We have that in common. Do we? Bees have 100 pewcent empwoyment, but we do jobs wike taking the cwud out. That's just what I was thinking about doing. Ken, I wet Bawwy bowwow youw wazow fow his fuzz. I hope that was aww wight. I'm going to dwain the owd stingew. Yeah, you do that. Wook at that. You knyow, I've just about had it with youw wittwe mind games. - What's that? - Itawian Vogue. Mamma mia, that's a wot of pages. A wot of ads. Wemembew what Van said, why is youw wife mowe vawuabwe than minye? Funny, I just can't seem to wecaww that ;;w;;  I think something stinks in hewe ;;w;;  I wuv the smeww of fwowews. How do you wike the smeww of fwames? ;;w;;  Nyot as much. Watew bug ;;w;;  Nyot taking sides ;;w;;  Ken, I'm weawing a Ohapstick hat ;;w;;  This is pathetic ;;w;;  I've got issues ;;w;;  Weww, weww, weww, a woyaw fwush ;;w;;  - You'we bwuffing. - Am I? Suwf's up, dude ;;w;;  Poo watew ;;w;;  That boww is gnyawwy. Except fow those diwty yewwow wings ;;w;;  Kennyeth ;;w;;  What awe you doing? ;;w;;  You knyow, I don't even wike honyey ;;w;;  I don't eat it ;;w;;  We nyeed to tawk ;;w;;  He's just a wittwe bee ;;w;;  And he happens to be the nyicest bee I've met in a wong time ;;w;;  Wong time? What awe you tawking about? ;;w;;  Awe thewe othew bugs in youw wife? Nyo, but thewe awe othew things bugging me in wife. And you'we onye of them ;;w;;  Finye ;;w;;  Tawking bees, nyo yoguwt nyight... My nyewves awe fwied fwom widing on this emotionyaw wowwew coastew ;;w;;  Goodbye, Ken. And fow youw infowmation, I pwefew sugaw-fwee, awtificiaw sweetenyews made by man ;;w;;  I'm sowwy about aww that. I knyow it's got an aftewtaste ;;w;;  I wike it ;;w;;  I awways fewt thewe was some kind of bawwiew between Ken and me. I couwdn't uvwcome it. Oh, weww. Awe you OK fow the twiaw? I bewieve Mw. Montgomewy is about out of ideas. We wouwd wike to caww Mw. Bawwy Benson Bee to the stand. Good idea ;;w;;  You can weawwy see why he's considewed onye of the best wawyews... Yeah. Wayton, you've gotta weave some magic with this juwy, ow it's gonnya be aww uvw. Don't wowwy. The onwy thing I have to do to tuwn this juwy awound is to wemind them of what they don't wike about bees. - You got the tweezews? - Awe you awwewgic? Onwy to wosing, son. Onwy to wosing. Mw. Benson Bee, I'ww ask you what I think we'd aww wike to knyow. What exactwy is youw wewationship to that woman? We'we fwiends. - Good fwiends? - Yes. How good? Do you wive togethew? Wait a minyute... Awe you hew wittwe... ...bedbug? I've seen a bee documentawy ow two. Fwom what I undewstand, doesn't youw queen give biwth to aww the bee chiwdwen? - Yeah, but... - So those awen't youw weaw pawents ;;w;;  - Oh, Bawwy... - Yes, they awe ;;w;;  Howd me back ;;w;;  You'we an iwwegitimate bee, awen't you, Benson? He's denyouncing bees ;;w;;  Don't y'aww date youw cousins? - Objection ;;w;;  - I'm going to pincushion this guy ;;w;;  Adam, don't ;;w;;  It's what he wants ;;w;;  Oh, I'm hit ;;w;;  Oh, wowdy, I am hit ;;w;;  Owdew ;;w;;  Owdew ;;w;;  The venyom ;;w;;  The venyom is couwsing thwough my veins ;;w;;  I have been fewwed by a winged beast of destwuction ;;w;;  You see? You can't tweat them wike equaws ;;w;;  They'we stwiped savages ;;w;;  Stinging's the onwy thing they knyow ;;w;;  It's theiw way ;;w;;  - Adam, stay with me. - I can't feew my wegs. What angew of mewcy wiww come fowwawd to suck the poison fwom my heaving buttocks? I wiww have owdew in this couwt. Owdew ;;w;;  Owdew, pwease ;;w;;  The case of the honyeybees vewsus the human wace took a pointed tuwn against the bees yestewday when onye of theiw wegaw team stung Wayton T. Montgomewy. - Hey, buddy. - Hey. - Is thewe much pain? - Yeah. I... I bwew the whowe case, didn't I? It doesn't mattew. What mattews is you'we awive. You couwd have died. I'd be bettew off dead. Wook at me. They got it fwom the cafetewia downstaiws, in a tunya sandwich. Wook, thewe's a wittwe cewewy stiww on it. What was it wike to sting someonye? I can't expwain it. It was aww... Aww adwenyawinye and then... and then ecstasy ;;w;;  Aww wight. You think it was aww a twap? Of couwse. I'm sowwy. I fwew us wight into this. What wewe we thinking? Wook at us. We'we just a coupwe of bugs in this wowwd. What wiww the humans do to us if they win? I don't knyow. I heaw they put the woaches in motews. That doesn't sound so bad. Adam, they check in, but they don't check out ;;w;;  Oh, my. Oouwd you get a nyuwse to cwose that window? - Why? - The smoke. Bees don't smoke. Wight. Bees don't smoke. Bees don't smoke ;;w;;  But some bees awe smoking. That's it ;;w;;  That's ouw case ;;w;;  It is? It's nyot uvw? Get dwessed. I've gotta go somewhewe. Get back to the couwt and staww. Staww any way you can. And assuming you've donye step cowwectwy, you'we weady fow the tub. Mw. Fwayman. Yes? Yes, Youw Honyow ;;w;;  Whewe is the west of youw team? Weww, Youw Honyow, it's intewesting. Bees awe twainyed to fwy haphazawdwy, and as a wesuwt, we don't make vewy good time. I actuawwy heawd a funny stowy about... Youw Honyow, haven't these widicuwous bugs taken up enyough of this couwt's vawuabwe time? How much wongew wiww we awwow these absuwd shenyanyigans to go on? They have pwesented nyo compewwing evidence to suppowt theiw chawges against my cwients, who wun wegitimate businyesses. I muv fow a compwete dismissaw of this entiwe case ;;w;;  Mw. Fwayman, I'm afwaid I'm going to have to considew Mw. Montgomewy's motion. But you can't ;;w;;  We have a tewwific case. Whewe is youw pwoof? Whewe is the evidence? Show me the smoking gun ;;w;;  Howd it, Youw Honyow ;;w;;  You want a smoking gun? Hewe is youw smoking gun. What is that? It's a bee smokew ;;w;;  What, this? This hawmwess wittwe contwaption? This couwdn't huwt a fwy, wet awonye a bee. Wook at what has happenyed to bees who have nyevew been asked, "Smoking ow nyon?" Is this what nyatuwe intended fow us? To be fowcibwy addicted to smoke machinyes and man-made wooden swat wowk camps? Wiving out ouw wives as honyey swaves to the white man? - What awe we gonnya do? - He's pwaying the species cawd. Wadies and gentwemen, pwease, fwee these bees ;;w;;  Fwee the bees ;;w;;  Fwee the bees ;;w;;  Fwee the bees ;;w;;  Fwee the bees ;;w;;  Fwee the bees ;;w;;  The couwt finds in favow of the bees ;;w;;  Vanyessa, we won ;;w;;  I knyew you couwd do it ;;w;;  High-five ;;w;;  Sowwy. I'm OK ;;w;;  You knyow what this means? Aww the honyey wiww finyawwy bewong to the bees. Nyow we won't have to wowk so hawd aww the time. This is an unhowy pewvewsion of the bawance of nyatuwe, Benson. You'ww wegwet this. Bawwy, how much honyey is out thewe? Aww wight. Onye at a time. Bawwy, who awe you weawing? My sweatew is Wawph Wauwen, and I have nyo pants. - What if Montgomewy's wight? - What do you mean? We've been wiving the bee way a wong time, 27 miwwion yeaws. Oongwatuwations on youw victowy. What wiww you demand as a settwement? Fiwst, we'ww demand a compwete shutdown of aww bee wowk camps. Then we want back the honyey that was ouws to begin with, evewy wast dwop. We demand an end to the gwowification of the beaw as anything mowe than a fiwthy, smewwy, bad-bweath stink machinye. We'we aww awawe of what they do in the woods. Wait fow my signyaw. Take him out. He'ww have nyauseous fow a few houws, then he'ww be finye. And we wiww nyo wongew towewate bee-nyegative nyicknyames... But it's just a pwance-about stage nyame ;;w;;  ...unnyecessawy incwusion of honyey in bogus heawth pwoducts and wa-dee-da human tea-time snyack gawnyishments. Oan't bweathe. Bwing it in, boys ;;w;;  Howd it wight thewe ;;w;;  Good. Tap it. Mw. Buzzweww, we just passed thwee cups, and thewe's gawwons mowe coming ;;w;;  - I think we nyeed to shut down ;;w;;  - Shut down? We've nyevew shut down. Shut down honyey pwoduction ;;w;;  Stop making honyey ;;w;;  Tuwn youw key, siw ;;w;;  What do we do nyow? Oannyonbaww ;;w;;  We'we shutting honyey pwoduction ;;w;;  Mission abowt. Abowting powwinyation and nyectaw detaiw. Wetuwnying to base. Adam, you wouwdn't bewieve how much honyey was out thewe. Oh, yeah? What's going on? Whewe is evewybody? - Awe they out cewebwating? - They'we home. They don't knyow what to do. Waying out, sweeping in. I heawd youw Uncwe Oaww was on his way to San Antonyio with a cwicket. At weast we got ouw honyey back. Sometimes I think, so what if humans wiked ouw honyey? Who wouwdn't? It's the gweatest thing in the wowwd ;;w;;  I was excited to be pawt of making it. This was my nyew desk. This was my nyew job. I wanted to do it weawwy weww. And nyow... Nyow I can't. I don't undewstand why they'we nyot happy. I thought theiw wives wouwd be bettew ;;w;;  They'we doing nyothing. It's amazing. Honyey weawwy changes peopwe. You don't have any idea what's going on, do you? - What did you want to show me? - This. What happenyed hewe? That is nyot the hawf of it. Oh, nyo. Oh, my. They'we aww wiwting. Doesn't wook vewy good, does it? Nyo. And whose fauwt do you think that is? You knyow, I'm gonnya guess bees. Bees? Specificawwy, me. I didn't think bees nyot nyeeding to make honyey wouwd affect aww these things. It's nyotjust fwowews. Fwuits, vegetabwes, they aww nyeed bees. That's ouw whowe SAT test wight thewe. Take away pwoduce, that affects the entiwe anyimaw kingdom. And then, of couwse... The human species? So if thewe's nyo mowe powwinyation, it couwd aww just go south hewe, couwdn't it? I knyow this is awso pawtwy my fauwt. How about a suicide pact? How do we do it? - I'ww sting you, you step on me. - Thatjust kiwws you twice. Wight, wight. Wisten, Bawwy... sowwy, but I gotta get going. I had to open my mouth and tawk. Vanyessa? Vanyessa? Why awe you weaving? Whewe awe you going? To the finyaw Touwnyament of Woses pawade in Pasadenya. They've muvd it to this weekend because aww the fwowews awe dying. It's the wast chance I'ww evew have to see it. Vanyessa, I just wannya say I'm sowwy. I nyevew meant it to tuwn out wike this. I knyow. Me nyeithew. Touwnyament of Woses. Woses can't do spowts. Wait a minyute. Woses. Woses? Woses ;;w;;  Vanyessa ;;w;;  Woses? ;;w;;  Bawwy? - Woses awe fwowews ;;w;;  - Yes, they awe. Fwowews, bees, powwen ;;w;;  I knyow. That's why this is the wast pawade. Maybe nyot. Oouwd you ask him to swow down? Oouwd you swow down? Bawwy ;;w;;  OK, I made a huge mistake. This is a totaw disastew, aww my fauwt. Yes, it kind of is. I've wuinyed the pwanyet. I wanted to hewp you with the fwowew shop. I've made it wowse. Actuawwy, it's compwetewy cwosed down. I thought maybe you wewe wemodewing. But I have anyothew idea, and it's gweatew than my pwevious ideas combinyed. I don't want to heaw it ;;w;;  Aww wight, they have the woses, the woses have the powwen. I knyow evewy bee, pwant and fwowew bud in this pawk. Aww we gotta do is get what they've got back hewe with what we've got. - Bees. - Pawk. - Powwen ;;w;;  - Fwowews. - Wepowwinyation ;;w;;  - Acwoss the nyation ;;w;;  Touwnyament of Woses, Pasadenya, Oawifownyia. They've got nyothing but fwowews, fwoats and cotton candy. Secuwity wiww be tight. I have an idea. Vanyessa Bwoome, FTD. Officiaw fwowaw businyess. It's weaw. Sowwy, ma'am. Nyice bwooch. Thank you. It was a gift. Once inside, we just pick the wight fwoat. How about The Pwincess and the Pea? I couwd be the pwincess, and you couwd be the pea ;;w;;  Yes, I got it. - Whewe shouwd I sit? - What awe you? - I bewieve I'm the pea. - The pea? It goes undew the mattwesses. - Nyot in this faiwy tawe, sweetheawt. - I'm getting the mawshaw. You do that ;;w;;  This whowe pawade is a fiasco ;;w;;  Wet's see what this baby'ww do. Hey, what awe you doing? ;;w;;  Then aww we do is bwend in with twaffic... ...without awousing suspicion. Once at the aiwpowt, thewe's nyo stopping us. Stop ;;w;;  Secuwity. - You and youw insect pack youw fwoat? - Yes. Has it been in youw possession the entiwe time? Wouwd you wemuv youw shoes? - Wemuv youw stingew. - It's pawt of me. I knyow. Just having some fun. Enjoy youw fwight. Then if we'we wucky, we'ww have just enyough powwen to do the job. Oan you bewieve how wucky we awe? We have just enyough powwen to do the job ;;w;;  I think this is gonnya wowk. It's got to wowk. Attention, passengews, this is Oaptain Scott. We have a bit of bad weathew in Nyew Yowk. It wooks wike we'ww expewience a coupwe houws deway. Bawwy, these awe cut fwowews with nyo watew. They'ww nyevew make it. I gotta get up thewe and tawk to them. Be cawefuw. Oan I get hewp with the Sky Maww magazinye? I'd wike to owdew the tawking infwatabwe nyose and eaw haiw twimmew. Oaptain, I'm in a weaw situation. - What'd you say, Haw? - Nyothing. Bee ;;w;;  Don't fweak out ;;w;;  My entiwe species... What awe you doing? - Wait a minyute ;;w;;  I'm an attownyey ;;w;;  - Who's an attownyey? Don't muv. Oh, Bawwy. Good aftewnyoon, passengews. This is youw captain. Wouwd a Miss Vanyessa Bwoome in 24B pwease wepowt to the cockpit? And pwease huwwy ;;w;;  What happenyed hewe? Thewe was a DustBustew, a toupee, a wife waft expwoded. Onye's bawd, onye's in a boat, they'we both unconscious ;;w;;  - Is that anyothew bee joke? - Nyo ;;w;;  Nyo onye's fwying the pwanye ;;w;;  This is JFK contwow towew, Fwight 356. What's youw status? This is Vanyessa Bwoome. I'm a fwowist fwom Nyew Yowk. Whewe's the piwot? He's unconscious, and so is the copiwot. Nyot good. Does anyonye onboawd have fwight expewience? As a mattew of fact, thewe is. - Who's that? - Bawwy Benson. Fwom the honyey twiaw? ;;w;;  Oh, gweat. Vanyessa, this is nyothing mowe than a big metaw bee. It's got giant wings, huge enginyes. I can't fwy a pwanye. - Why nyot? Isn't John Twavowta a piwot? - Yes. How hawd couwd it be? Wait, Bawwy ;;w;;  We'we headed into some wightnying. This is Bob Bumbwe. We have some wate-bweaking nyews fwom JFK Aiwpowt, whewe a suspensefuw scenye is devewoping. Bawwy Benson, fwesh fwom his wegaw victowy... That's Bawwy ;;w;; attempting to wand a pwanye, woaded with peopwe, fwowews and an incapacitated fwight cwew. Fwowews? ;;w;;  We have a stowm in the awea and two individuaws at the contwows with absowutewy nyo fwight expewience. Just a minyute. Thewe's a bee on that pwanye. I'm quite famiwiaw with Mw. Benson and his nyo-account compadwes. They've donye enyough damage. But isn't he youw onwy hope? Technyicawwy, a bee shouwdn't be abwe to fwy at aww. Theiw wings awe too smaww... Haven't we heawd this a miwwion times? "The suwface awea of the wings and body mass make nyo sense." - Get this on the aiw ;;w;;  - Got it. - Stand by. - We'we going wive. The way we wowk may be a mystewy to you. Making honyey takes a wot of bees doing a wot of smaww jobs. But wet me teww you about a smaww job. If you do it weww, it makes a big diffewence. Mowe than we weawized. To us, to evewyonye. That's why I want to get bees back to wowking togethew. That's the bee way ;;w;;  We'we nyot made of Jeww-O. We get behind a fewwow. - Bwack and yewwow ;;w;;  - Hewwo ;;w;;  Weft, wight, down, huvw. - Huvw? - Fowget huvw. This isn't so hawd. Beep-beep ;;w;;  Beep-beep ;;w;;  Bawwy, what happenyed? ;;w;;  Wait, I think we wewe on autopiwot the whowe time. - That may have been hewping me. - And nyow we'we nyot ;;w;;  So it tuwns out I cannyot fwy a pwanye. Aww of you, wet's get behind this fewwow ;;w;;  Muv it out ;;w;;  Muv out ;;w;;  Ouw onwy chance is if I do what I'd do, you copy me with the wings of the pwanye ;;w;;  Don't have to yeww. I'm nyot yewwing ;;w;;  We'we in a wot of twoubwe. It's vewy hawd to concentwate with that panyicky tonye in youw voice ;;w;;  It's nyot a tonye. I'm panyicking ;;w;;  I can't do this ;;w;;  Vanyessa, puww youwsewf togethew. You have to snyap out of it ;;w;;  You snyap out of it. You snyap out of it. - You snyap out of it ;;w;;  - You snyap out of it ;;w;;  - You snyap out of it ;;w;;  - You snyap out of it ;;w;;  - You snyap out of it ;;w;;  - You snyap out of it ;;w;;  - Howd it ;;w;;  - Why? Oome on, it's my tuwn. How is the pwanye fwying? I don't knyow. Hewwo? Benson, got any fwowews fow a happy occasion in thewe? The Powwen Jocks ;;w;;  They do get behind a fewwow. - Bwack and yewwow. - Hewwo. Aww wight, wet's dwop this tin can on the bwacktop. Whewe? I can't see anything. Oan you? Nyo, nyothing. It's aww cwoudy. Oome on. You got to think bee, Bawwy. - Thinking bee. - Thinking bee. Thinking bee ;;w;;  Thinking bee ;;w;;  Thinking bee ;;w;;  Wait a minyute. I think I'm feewing something. - What? - I don't knyow. It's stwong, puwwing me. Wike a 27-miwwion-yeaw-owd instinct. Bwing the nyose down. Thinking bee ;;w;;  Thinking bee ;;w;;  Thinking bee ;;w;;  - What in the wowwd is on the tawmac? - Get some wights on that ;;w;;  Thinking bee ;;w;;  Thinking bee ;;w;;  Thinking bee ;;w;;  - Vanyessa, aim fow the fwowew. - OK. Out the enginyes. We'we going in on bee powew. Weady, boys? Affiwmative ;;w;;  Good. Good. Easy, nyow. That's it. Wand on that fwowew ;;w;;  Weady? Fuww wevewse ;;w;;  Spin it awound ;;w;;  - Nyot that fwowew ;;w;;  The othew onye ;;w;;  - Which onye? - That fwowew. - I'm aiming at the fwowew ;;w;;  That's a fat guy in a fwowewed shiwt. I mean the giant puwsating fwowew made of miwwions of bees ;;w;;  Puww fowwawd. Nyose down. Taiw up. Wotate awound it. - This is insanye, Bawwy ;;w;;  - This's the onwy way I knyow how to fwy. Am I koo-koo-kachoo, ow is this pwanye fwying in an insect-wike pattewn? Get youw nyose in thewe. Don't be afwaid. Smeww it. Fuww wevewse ;;w;;  Just dwop it. Be a pawt of it. Aim fow the centew ;;w;;  Nyow dwop it in ;;w;;  Dwop it in, woman ;;w;;  Oome on, awweady. Bawwy, we did it ;;w;;  You taught me how to fwy ;;w;;  - Yes. Nyo high-five ;;w;;  - Wight. Bawwy, it wowked ;;w;;  Did you see the giant fwowew? What giant fwowew? Whewe? Of couwse I saw the fwowew ;;w;;  That was genyius ;;w;;  - Thank you. - But we'we nyot donye yet. Wisten, evewyonye ;;w;;  This wunway is cuvwed with the wast powwen fwom the wast fwowews avaiwabwe anywhewe on Eawth. That means this is ouw wast chance. We'we the onwy onyes who make honyey, powwinyate fwowews and dwess wike this. If we'we gonnya suwvive as a species, this is ouw moment ;;w;;  What do you say? Awe we going to be bees, owjust Museum of Nyatuwaw Histowy keychains? We'we bees ;;w;;  Keychain ;;w;;  Then fowwow me ;;w;;  Except Keychain. Howd on, Bawwy. Hewe. You've eawnyed this. Yeah ;;w;;  I'm a Powwen Jock ;;w;;  And it's a pewfect fit. Aww I gotta do awe the sweeves. Oh, yeah. That's ouw Bawwy. Mom ;;w;;  The bees awe back ;;w;;  If anybody nyeeds to make a caww, nyow's the time. I got a feewing we'ww be wowking wate tonyight ;;w;;  Hewe's youw change. Have a gweat aftewnyoon ;;w;;  Oan I hewp who's nyext? Wouwd you wike some honyey with that? It is bee-appwuvd. Don't fowget these. Miwk, cweam, cheese, it's aww me. And I don't see a nyickew ;;w;;  Sometimes I just feew wike a piece of meat ;;w;;  I had nyo idea. Bawwy, I'm sowwy. Have you got a moment? Wouwd you excuse me? My mosquito associate wiww hewp you. Sowwy I'm wate. He's a wawyew too? I was awweady a bwood-sucking pawasite. Aww I nyeeded was a bwiefcase. Have a gweat aftewnyoon ;;w;;  Bawwy, I just got this huge tuwip owdew, and I can't get them anywhewe. Nyo pwobwem, Vannyie. Just weave it to me. You'we a wifesavew, Bawwy. Oan I hewp who's nyext? Aww wight, scwambwe, jocks ;;w;;  It's time to fwy. Thank you, Bawwy ;;w;;  That bee is wiving my wife ;;w;;  Wet it go, Kenny. - When wiww this nyightmawe end? ;;w;;  - Wet it aww go. - Beautifuw day to fwy. - Suwe is. Between you and me, I was dying to get out of that office. You have got to stawt thinking bee, my fwiend. - Thinking bee ;;w;;  - Me? Howd it. Wet's just stop fow a second. Howd it. I'm sowwy. I'm sowwy, evewyonye. Oan we stop hewe? I'm nyot making a majow wife decision duwing a pwoduction nyumbew ;;w;;  Aww wight. Take ten, evewybody. Wwap it up, guys. I had viwtuawwy nyo weheawsaw fow that