Anonymous: No This isn't any of your Skid buddies. i just so happen to hear about you from a few sources, If you really want to talk then you can Email me through proton, but remember i only reply if you use PGP encryption. - BEAST

tf hit me up on discord, skype or twitter
your clearly scared given you wont say anything about your self calling me a skid yet 
you wont show your self?
and your "soruces" are clearly from the Halo Community not anyone of meaning
given your talking about Cweam Team A halo com/troll group i used to play for/in 
and given the youngest was 17 at the time (i was 18 in 2019) showing how much of a clown u r
like the fact your using oj stuff and not anything else your "soruces" are out of pocket
and so are you now if you want to contact me theres an email cuz you dont want
to drop one and i know you wanted to sound smart with "PGP encryption" but given it from 1991
and pretty much not used out side of plugins for outlook and ofc proton then your looking kinda dumb 
and given i disproven everything you have said to this point then why not come out?