The Talmud, Zohar, Torah, and Bible are all Zionist Bull Shit Period ... ;

It's all for the White Race and White European Peoples and the Jews were ;

the first to implement Communism and Open Our Borders for Anchor Babies ... ;

Kosher Animal Executions are Cruel and Inhumane and Jews Make So Much Money ;

off of it and Jews eat at those Jew only country clubs and the biggest part ;

I have found with these Jews who are Pedophiles is they can have six visa ;

passports when the Goy can only have one visa passport and Tel Aviv is the ;

Pedophile Sex Slave safe haven of the world and Murder Inc is a Real Mafia and ;

so is the Shell Organization The Mossad , The Mossad does all the False Flag ;

Terrorist Attacks , Mafias are actually Jewish Not Italian Get that Straight ... ;

They all want to Implement Rabbi Dominated Noahide Laws and Shit Like That ... ;

I know Rite Aid Does Not Recycle and Israel/Mossad Did 9, 11, 2001 Attacks ... ;

I have Long Wire Edisons in my Home and a Sony ICD-PX 470 with some ;

Sennheiser HD-1 headphones and Koss KTX Pro-1 and 17 oz Ceramic Mugs for ;

Auto Urine Therapy and Sun Gazing during Sunrise and Sunset ... ;

De-google your Phone and Lock it with Alphanumeric PW F-Droid Netguard and ;

Block All Apps and Noahide Jew Laws are Coming the Constitution and Magna ;

Carta were replaced with the Babylonian Talmud Look It all up Period ... ;

As an outsider I never watch the TV or Listen to the Communist Radio ... ;

Jews Control GE, VIACOM, Time Warner, Newscorp, CBS, DISNEY = ALL JEW ... ;

Hollywood is Jew, Porn is Jew, Music Ind is Jew, Sports is Jew ... ;

I'm a bad Goy , So I started #flushyourmeds Anti Psychiatry Movement ... ;

I use Anti Psychiatry as a Cover for Anti Zionism as The ADL will Smear Me ... ;

The ADL and SPLC has been Shutting Down Paypal Accounts and Websites ... ;

The ADL and SPLC has been Smearing Good Content Creators and Developers ... ;

B'nai B'rith is there to Push the Holocaust Hoax and is Kohen Jew Based ... ;

If you want to read the nonsense of the Anti Psychiatry Flush Your Meds ;

Anti Psychiatry Movement and Flush Your Meds The Book YOU CAN TOO ... ;

#flushyourmeds Search Online Anti Zionism Anti Pharma Anti Psychiatry ... ;

I found PKEXEC to be Most Insecure Binary and easiest way to Root a Server ... ;

As a Crap Coder I wrote Sudo Remover Two to put an end to The Hacking ... ; |

Sudo Remover Two put an end to Being Hacked in Linux #Collegeisascam #Fuckcollege ... ;

Just Spoof your Mac Address to All F4 or Random with a 456012 DNS Address ... ;

Get the Real news and Search Adam Green of Know More News and David Duke ... ;

Alex Jones is Just a Shill for Zionism , Israel , Palestinian Genocide ... ;

The New York Times is Based on Eight Jews who Genocided Palestine Period !!! ;

Tel Aviv Israel is a Safe Haven for Rabbi Pedophiles and Jewish Pedos ... ;

ADL / SPLC / B'nai B'rith of the Kohen Jews Control and Censor / Smear US!!! ;

We really do not need a Glass Steagle and 1971 was the Start of Usury ... ;

My D*tube Accounts : @invalid01-20 / 322 / 666 / 963 ..... ;

Go to Fuckthejews*com for Good Expose on The Zionist Grid ... ;

Archived to Archive*today*org ... Kohen Jews Control the Entire Press ... ;

Alfred Schaefer , Know More News Adam Green , David Duke/Irving ... ;

Brother Nathanael , Briah Ruhe , Mark Collett , Ken Okeef , Bitchute ... ;

Alex Jones is a Zionist Shill Go to David Duke or Adam Green ... ;

God is not real , You just become Highly Telepathic After Death ... ;

Martains Started God and Organized Religion and God to Control US ... ;

Esah and Amalek is what Kohen Jews call us Non-Jews who are going to ;

be restricted to one Visa when Jews Have Unlimited Passports ... ;

Quantitative Easing or Usury is what the Ashkenazi Jewish Bankers Do ... ;

Richard Nixon removed the Gold Backing of money in 1971 and FDR was ;

One of the Worst Presidents along with Obama and Biden and Bush/Reagan ... ;

Antipsychiatry*org is not Contaminated with Scientology unlike CCHR ... ;

My Name is Scott Alan Barry or Scott Barry or Scott A. Barry ...

I am an Author of Several Books and was banned from Lulu/Blurb for a

Book titled : Zionism Exposed ( it was too Anti-Semitic ) ...

My Website : Flushyourmeds*com Archive*today*org / Perma*cc ...

Flushyourmeds*nethouse*ru*exblog*jp*my-free*website ...

I have a lot of random resources for Activists and Whistleblowers ...

Forget the Fake Zionist Controlled Truther Community I left ...

I am an Anti Zionism Anti Psychiatry Anti Psychology Activist ...

I am an Anti Vaxxer and Anti Big Pharma and Anti Society ...

I am an Underground Targeted Individual and Nobody Knows Me ...

I was placed on a Patriot Act Watch-list to be Stalked/Harassed ...

The slang term for Organized Stalking is Gang Stalking COINTELPRO 2.0 ...

Flushyouremds*substack*com > My Rants and Other Random Stuff ...

Ventoy > Skywave/Calculate Linux > IBM Lenovo T400/T420 with 

8 GB Swap 80 GB Ext4 BIOS PW No Bluetooth F4 Mac Address and

456012 DNS and Ublock Origin , Privacy Badger , Decentraleyes ... ;