A society of Voyeuristic Mentally Ill SJW Gangsters who are Freemasons.
They only reason why they are allowed to do Noise Campaigns and Disturb
The Peace is because they are Zionists and Freemasons tied w Jews ... ;

Stalking is Illegal and a Crime THEY are Fucking with Me Way Too Much.

THEY get triggered by every single sentence and everything being said on

Why I Said It? #flushyourmeds … ;

by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ;

Scott Alan Barry is a writer of all things fringe and Off Center … ;

So why did I say Fuck You So-And-So? I was painted in a corner and 

Stuck in some stupid town where they played degenerate nigger rap music.

Survey Says: Do You Support the IDF? They still are okay with Ethnic 
Cleansing of whites and Palestine, because they never read books or 
used a computer Ever.

The Illiterate of the USA cannot build a hand crank van de graaff generator.

P N 1 : None of our business, meaning I am still okay with the Ethnic 
Cleansing of Whites and Palestine.

Steve N 1 : Yes

Steve N 2 : Refuses and rants and acts like a man child baby sissy 
boy. Beta male soylent green got triggered by the question. Steve 1 
and 2 Argue and Fight.

Family unit has an issue I guess. Both never had a Father Figure ever.

They still however are okay with Ethnic Cleansing of Whites and Palestines.

I got painted into a corner, I think I am being stalked and harassed and 
mobbed by this degenerate bunch of SJW Clowns and Cry Babbies. Fuck it if 
you get offended it’s called the First Amendment Period End of Argument 
Case Closed it’s a Fact. It’s a Factorum. Case Closed. I can prove it on 
a Pen and a Piece of Paper, Voyeurism is a Mental Illness, Communism is 
bad, Look at where they get the news, A TV and Not a Book or Computer. 
I was stranded on the Freeway, got gas, same shit here, does not let me 
have any soap in said bathroom to clean. The place is a Mess Period. 
Freak Inbred Retards with no true life skills that would crash into a 
gas pump and die. The Nano and 5G is killing us and trust no one. 
Everyone is a Gangster Here.