k i cant vent anywhere else bc my family/friends r overbearing me 4 not eating. this is like the only safe spot 4 me so if u dont wanna read it or dc? idgaf smd there r consistant ppl who read these & like them, ily bbys <3

--- omggg ok so i met these ppl on tiktok, same age & everything, 17/18, !! i got some more followers on my platforms so im meeting so many new ppl. im so excited, we have this idea 2 run away. i can post here bc nobody on my social media/followers/family will know where i am. every script kiddie and stalkers ive met in my past wont which means i can just disappear 4 abit.

we all plan 2 run away! i came up w/ the idea to buy a tent or 2 & go to where ivan milat killed those ppl, (ive been there b4) & we r! danny packed her clothes already & now all we gotta do is save. im prob gonna take my neccessities w/ me but leave some spares out so its *not suspicious* yk? idk when were going but prob in 2 weeks?!?
ive been using heyspace 2 communicate w/ ppl since its exactly like myspace & i love it. idk if i wanna take my noodles i have? or buy food @ a grocery store but that could make it so sus? bc if i go shopping ill b on a sec cam and idrw that :// but im actually soso excited we r gonna get away, like honestly feel like my mom/family took majorit of my childhood so ill b able to reclaim it out there bc its pretty <3 its literally like how america has the woods. we dont have tht so itl b like going 2 the woods except its so pretty even w/ a ugly bg.

idk wut im gunna d0 abt my eyelash extensions bc i gotta get infills every 2 weeks so mayb i shud just quickly go buy eyelashes & lots of eyelash glue? bc i could just reuse them. its do-able but like? omfg ew like shud i just take makeup incase i need 2 fix up my eyebrows? what if i meet a cute guy whos also running away but w/ seperate ppl? or a cute girl? omfg i have s0 many issues 2 work out b4 i do this LMFAOOO
do i take weapons?? ok so like ik theyre highly illegal in australia but wht if sum weirdo comes along & tries w murder me? ik ppl who have guns but im only 5'2 and i actully got bby hands, like every1 always makes comments abt them, my pinkie finger is legit the size of a toddlers finger. i got bby feet literal size 5. it would have 2 b a pretty small gun/?!?? but small guns have small bullets right?? 

wut if i hire a hireman for that area 2 protect me? idk if any1 on the dark web does tht it wud have 2 b sumwhere?? xD ashton is finishing with packing their bags rn so is san so like idk wut i should pack? smh i should do it rn LMFAO i only gotta pack things i need so i gotta pack light & b smart hopefully theres no r@pists in that state forest xdd

hopefully we r safe <3