A twitter troll, role play hacker, and poser of reporters. 
This 53 year old MORON pretends to know Hackers and AnonOPS members when in reality he is nothing more
that a washed up loser, abandoned by his family and IRL friends to dwell on blogs & social media crying for attention.

Ron Brynaert

DOB:  08/61/1968



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"Insanity article": https://www.breitbartunmasked.com/2015/10/12/whatever-happened-to-the-grating-insanity-of-ron-brynaert/

And what sort of journalism does Ron do? Here at BU, we tend to take a dim view of this subject. Brynaert has repeatedly insisted that Kimberlin runs the BU Twitter account, for example, and as I have repeatedly demonstrated, proving him wrong on this point only requires a simple fact-check. David Weigel, a conservative who has written unflattering copy about Kimberlin, is still a far better journalist than Ron Brynaert because he has never made this mistake.

In June of 2012, Brynaert briefly became interested in my past volunteer work, filling my Twitter notifications with a bizarre six-degrees-of-Kevin Bacon conspiracy theory that tied me into his uniquely-insane Kimberlin cosmology. In a strange way, it is sort of his fault that I write here.

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    Why Are We Back In Iraq?

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Gender 	MALE
Industry 	Communications or Media
Occupation 	Journalist
Location 	Brooklyn, New York, United States
Introduction 	Born in Queens in 1968; grew up in Newburgh, New York; Syracuse U. from 86-90. Worked as a video store manager in NYC. Wrote a play about war in Iraq.

I’ve been with Raw Story since June 05. I've also worked with many other bloggers and journalists. Some Raw Story articles:

Cheney given power to preside over NSC meetings

Non-profit wrote for Abramoff clients

US began Iraq airstrikes before war

Beyond Abramoff: David Safavian

Coulter cribbed adult stem cell list
Interests 	Politics, film, sports, literature, theater, hip hop, election reform, peace
Favorite Movies 	Videodrome, Breathless, Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Double Indemnity, JFK, In The Mood For Love, L'Atalante, Grand Illusion, Vertigo, Manhattan, Eyes Wide Shut, The Untouchables, Casablanca, Do The Right Thing, A Man Escaped
Favorite Music 	"Rap's the number one pick so I draft it; I don't give a damn about the other demographics." - Chuck D.
Favorite Books 	Crime & Punishment, Looking Backward, Autobiography of Malcolm X, An American Dream, The Last Tycoon, Jazz, Hamlet, Brightness Falls, Where Am I Calling From, From Here To Eternity, Good Work, The Halderman Diaries, The Big Sleep


Swatting voice recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9y4h2W6J_tk&t=35s

Swatting artile: https://www.viaviewfiles.net/tag/ron-brynaert/




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Ron Brynaert  

August 21 1968  (53)

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Homeless shelter? Lol

49th Street Mens Shelter Brooklyn - Use English Words in Sentences
https://useenglishwords.com › results › 49th-street-mens...
Ron Brynaert, Man Responsible For Swatting An LA County. 4 hours ago According to Brynaert, he claims to be living at 142 Richardson St., Apt. 1L, Brooklyn,

142 Richardson St #1, Brooklyn, NY 11211  -  Old

Picture of apt: https://gyazo.com/70fe3e0bb9db7141a4b70303b9d88c18

Address History: 
    142 Richardson St, APT 1L, Brooklyn, NY 11211-1452
    - reported in June 2013 (1 year)
    2051 Gates Ave, APT 2L, Ridgewood, NY 11385-3026
    - reported in March 2012 (2 years)
    629 Utoy Ct, Jonesboro, GA 30238-3453
    - reported in November 2013 (1 year)
    526 3rd Ave, APT 2, Brooklyn, NY 11215-4629
    - reported in November 2008 (1 year)
    7810 New Utrecht Ave, # 2, Brooklyn, NY 11214-1016
    - reported in August 2006 (1 year)
    614 S Beech St, Syracuse, NY 13210-2545
    - reported in November 2002 (1 year)
    556 Columbus Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210-2124
    - reported in June 2001 (1 year)
    1251 53rd N Ave, Saint Petersburg, FL 33703-2631
    - reported in January 2001 (1 year)
    21 Victoria Dr, Newburgh, NY 12550-2446
    - reported in August 1994 (1 year)
    Po Box 264, Vails Gate, NY 12584-0264
    - reported in April 1994 (28 years)

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Whoever wants to shit on this UN-Skilled poorn go right ahead. He is capable of NOTHING.

Yours Truly, The Real Hacking Community!     =` )~~

       "The House Always Wins"