Dumb Script Kiddie Stuff - Scott A Barry / Scott A. Barry / Scott Barry … ;

Sure those Dumb Script Kiddies later on Discovered Linux / FreeBSD and Solaris 
after dicking around in Windows way too much … Nothing Special Linux Autism … ;

You learn how Shellcode works in Linux - echo -ne “\x90” makes a NOP … ;

I made Aplay Music using only ASCII I made a Marble Noise with Nop Sleds

and I also Made a Proprietary Swiss Siren Noise and other Crap … ;

sudo -i / su root / chmod -R 000 /bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin sudo su gksudo … ;

doas sudoedit passwd bluetooth bluetoothd cupsd ssh-agent avahi … ;

These commands Above are the Basic Commands for Sudo Remover For Linux … ;

So we had this Retarded Idea Stop all Mac Address Filtering by Spoofing the 
Media Access Control MAC Address to F4:f4:f4:f4:f4:f4 with a DNS Address …

Or another Retarded Idea of Understanding SQL injection or how to Steal Web 
Content that is a Digital Download or Purchase by simply finding tags such as 
“token=” with Ctrl+u/f … This kind of Retarded shit then maybe figuring out how 
to ICMP Cache Flood some Routers with a Ping of Death Ping -b -s 9999

Retarded Companies have never heard of Block-Chain which is not on Server … ;

This will get you nowhere , you could learn more by Capture the Flag or INE …

Before we had a Modern Internet and Subnet Masking we had IMPs and Mainframes … Before 
we had a BIOS we had Older Computers and the DP-11 had no fucking display and people 
actually had to work , we had Hex Editors and Assembly before we had all these 
Sophisticated Dumbed Down Programming Languages , do not think for a second you can 
get a career in Programming , it’s definately not for everyone …

Do not think for a second you can just be a freelancer , you have no skills anyways …

You have to find the right pothole , some people sell useless Books with a 1099 …

For some of the Gamer Commentary Fag Community , it would be better if you all just 
killed yourselves , you are Traitors to the White Master Race PERIOD … ;

You Homosexual Fags in the Gamer Community are Siding with Niggers … ;

1488 / The White Race is the Master Race / Seig Heil / Hitler Was Right … ;