this dox is not doned by one peoples only
this dox is doned with many peoples help, thanks them for given more infos of Budsforbuddies which make this dox is able to doned

Dox by - Unknown User - searching the infos of Budsforbuddies, making this dox
- Cato - Given me Budsforbuddies house location link and her house pic
- and many other peoples who leaked her infos on internet

Reason for dox - She is a YouTube Troll who make contents of abusing animals in gacha, underaged discord user, a very toxic kid and more other reasons to dox

Name : Kai

Date of Birth : November 7th 2007

Age : 14 (faggot pretend to be 9 years old on internet lmfao)

Gender : Male (faggot also pretend to be a girl on internet which is very funni)

Country : USA

Her Location :

Her House Picture :

Her yt channels : (abadoned) (probably deleted) (got termed) (current yt channel she used)

Her discord accounts :

1st acc : Budsforbuddies#4034
acc id : 935731603295055902

2nd acc : Budsforbuddies#1298
acc id : 945021377499512843

Her discord server :

both server are getting raid regularly which is pretty funni lmao

Feel free to call polices about the shits she has been up to
We will realeased more dox on her soon if we got more infos on her

dox by Unknown User, Cato, and many more peoples who providing me her infos

Heil Anti Gachas
Gachafag we are coming for you all
she deserved for abusing animals, get real