Pyschiatry is Jewish #flushyourmeds Anti Zionism ...
by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry ...

Psychiatry is a Jewish-Communist Weapon Against White People
December 3, 2015 Sinead 41 Comments

The American temptation is to believe that foreign policy is a subdivision 
of psychiatry.” ~ Henry A. Kissinger

The jewish occupation governments of the West know the value of using the 
mental health system as a weapon against the people. During the reign of 
the Soviet Union mental asylums were used to destroy people who opposed 
Jewish communism. The Brandon Raub case shows how the Freemason patsy 
governments of the Jews try to intimidate White people by using bullyboy 
criminal tactics.

Psychiatry is a Jewish creation. It has no foundation in science whatsoever, 
being the most fraudulent part of the entire Jewish medical establishment. 
A psychiatrist can do what no police officer can do, what no judge can do, 
what no forensic laboratory can do, which is to detain someone under the 
mental health act with no evidence whatsoever. Just one word is enough, or 
a sentence taken out of context. The psychiatrist can imprison a person on 
the basis of one interview and force feed him mind altering medication. 
The drugs themselves are dangerous and can easily destabilize a normal 
person, so in effect the psychiatrist is creating his own clientele.

The effect of locking a person up with other drug-damaged inmates is traumatic 
and adds to the destabilizing effect of the drugs. “See, we told you he was mad” 
the Psychiatrist can crow after having mangled a human in his or her perverted 
care. It is a Godless, criminal, atheist doctrine of Frankenstein medicine, 
which will condemn a man for having “racist” thoughts. How stupid and perverted 
are our medical people to base a medical system on a man named Sigmund Freud, 
who stated that man’s natural instinct was to murder his father so as to have 
sex with his mother?! He also said that babies are “orgasmic”. This is against 
all natural instincts and the natural order of creation. It is all lies.

    Jews are still overrepresented in comedy and psychiatry and underrepresented 
in the priesthood. That immigrant Jewish humor is still with us.” ~Robert Klein

This jewish gibberish is designed to destabilize the mind of the goy for the 
purpose of defeating White nations once and for all, for international jewry. 
It is another piece of the big jewish war on Whites, and the idiots swallow it 
hook, line and sinker. These psychotropic weapons are highly dangerous in the 
hands of our enemies. They weaponize them, having people obey their “doctor’s 
orders” without consent, under the pretense of “curing” their patients of 
“mental disorders”. Their communist/Marxist agenda is to have all humans in 
the world submit to them and accept them as the most intellectual people on 
the planet (something only they would claim and boast). What easier way to 
control the masses than to illegitimately sneak your way into power, stealthily 
kill your biggest enemies in the process, slander the remaining opposition, 
then arrest them and drug them into obedience? The most astonishing thing is 
that some humans (who are of course pawns) defend them for this. Are we going 
to get rid of these parasites, or will we continue to let them do their 
demented deeds?

The medical/pharmaceutical industry is COMPLETELY corrupt. Doctors/family 
doctors/GPs push these chemical lobotomy pills on people for OFF-LABEL use! 
Migraines, insomnia, smoking, chest pain, etc. Here is a victim who was 
prescribed antidepressants for insomnia:

And here is a testimonial from a victim’s family member:

    My very active and vibrant 69 yr old mother-in-law was stressed over her 
daughters mental problems. She went to her doctor for something to help her 
sleep. The doctor prescribed Lorazapam 3 times a day. Within 2 weeks we all 
noticed she was having memory problems. We did a search online and found out 
that loss of memory was one of the side effects of taking that drug. I told 
her she needed to get weaned off, and that it could be very addicting. Too 
late – she was already hooked. We printed out the information we found online 
and presented it to her doctor; he said she hadn’t been on it long enough to 
“get hooked”. He kept prescribing them to her. When she ran out and couldn’t 
get more, she would raise hell rocking & screaming until we had to take her 
to the emergency room, where they would sedate her. The hospital even gave 
her another prescription for Lorazapam! Now she would take both prescriptions!! 
We found her laid out unresponsive one day. The ambulance took her back to 
the hospital and said she was “dehydrated”. Nobody wants to take responsibility. 
We have been in & out of hospitals for the past two years now, and have finally 
had to put my mother-in-law in a rest home because she has anterograde amnesia, 
and can’t make any new memories. She has been found wandering in the street in 
freezing temperatures, not knowing where she is or what happened 3 minutes ago. 
The doctors say: dementia. We say: the drugs.

It is so extremely sick. Actually, sick wouldn’t even describe this. This is 
chemical warfare against the White race; just another way we are being destroyed. 
This is the world we live in… the real world.  Even if these pills don’t finish 
people off completely, everyone who takes them get damaged, whether they realize 
it or not. It lowers IQ, verbal functioning, cognitive abilities, etc. Many people 
end up injured, but not to the point of being completely brain dead. Those who 
don’t end up brain dead just haven’t taken these pills for long enough.

It won’t be long until racism/anti-Semitsm will be considered a “mental illness”. 
Actually, in Sweden, this appears to already be the case. If you speak out 
against the jews/communism, they can send you to a mental institution, lobotomize 
you, and that’s how they destroy and shut up all opponents. Eli Lilly, 
GlaxoKlineSmith, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, all jewish companies that make 
psychiatric drugs.

Jewish Scientist Nears Physical Cure For ‘White Racism.’ A Nanotechnology Lobotomy?

Walter Freeman (jew) who lobotomized thousands of white people:

Forget the claims of insane surgery in the concentration camps in Germany, when 
right here in America we had our own little sadistic “surgeon” performing 
lobotomies on victims using ice picks. This Jewish sadist would use his highly 
criticized mind-killing techniques on “hyper-active” children and “bored” house 
wives by jamming ice picks up their noses and through their eyes. Of course they 
were all performed on gentile victims. The “doctor” Walter Freeman, was a great 
swindler who knew public relations well. The Jewish controlled media fueled his 
artificial success rates and the sadist was allowed to continue mutilating peoples 
brains and faces. 100,000 lobotomies were performed in the US.

The jewish psychiatry of the Western world mirrors that of the Communists in the 
Soviet Union. Read the book Psychopoliticis: Jewish-Communist Brainwashing Techniques 
by Kenneth Goff. You can download it for free in PDF form. This was apparently the 
booklet issued first in Russia to The University of Moscow students in the 1930s. 
It was also being distributed to Communists in America.

In 1956, Khrushchev denounced Stalin’s reign of terror in the USSR, in which 
anti-Semitism was punishable by death. Following this condemnation, the communist 
regime and the KGB had to come up with subtler means to repress political dissent. 
They turned to psychiatry, using it as a means to silence opposition to the state 
by labeling political dissenters, racists, and anti-Semites as mentally ill and 
committing them to psychiatric prisons. Anatoly Koryagin, at the time a young 
psychiatrist in Siberia, describes how he was pressured by the Ministry of the 
Interior to write expert reports on “mentally disordered” individuals who were 
simply vocal political dissenters. When he resisted their demands, Koryagin himself 
became the object of persecution by the KGB.

If we don’t do anything about this criminal conspiracy, this will be our future. 
This is what could happen to to all Pro-Whites who oppose their own genocide. In 
the Jewish Psychiatric DSM Manual racism/anti-Semitism will become a “mental illness”. 
Then all jewry’s political opponents will be herded into mental institutions, given 
their de facto death sentence, and chemically lobotomized, shutting us all up forever.

We cannot allow this to continue!


Swedish prosecutor takes a page from the Soviet manual – Swedish Artist to be 
declared insane to have him have committed

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