allie Jones
-----------------(family info)-----------------
Jaime jones (father) (937) 723-8581 age 45
Email jaimemclelland@hotmail.com
Andrew Jones (unknown to lazy to check) age 57 (719) 339-9040 emails andrew.jones@netscape.net
Andrea Jones (guessing mother?) (801) 510-6380 emails jvarty1@bellsouth.net
10646 Key Ct, Fishers/fortville, IN 46040, USA
-----------------(address info )-----------------
Total worth 691,600$
4 bedrooms
5 bathrooms 
4594 square feet
0,47 acre lot
Built in 2003
Price per square feet 151$
Last sold 2016 for 543.8k
House type is single family 
Fall Creek Intermediate school
12011 Olio Rd, Fishers, IN 46037, USA
12 turning 13 later in 2022
-----------------(vrchat info)-----------------
Name: arja~
UserImage: https://api.vrchat.cloud/api/1/file/file_0e8c4e32-7444-44ea-ade4-313c010d4bae/1/file
ID: usr_c647943f-5d85-4bf0-b48c-9abc1421a3e4
Is trusted user: True
Is known user: True
Status: you're mom's cute
Avatar cloning: True
Platform: standalonewindows
Friend: True
Bio: aye i love youuuu ≺3
she⁄her․i know my tracking is awful․ i'd like to see you set up a Xbox 360 without a video 
taken 12 ⁄29⁄21 I still act like a ho thats why he loves me 
Turtle ≺3
zero and vortex are just hot ngl
my bf is a dumass but smarter then most․
i once burnt my ss so badly i couldn't feel it․ that's why my bf․ loves me 
No Im not 30 ˸)
insta arja_vr
discord arjapollo#2036

can yall fuck with her for me. she is cheating on my homie and acting like shes the victim and acting all innocents
she is cheating on "one" off her boyfriend and acting like shes the victim.
she faked almost being killed just for attention and stressing her "boyfriend" out.
she supports ukraine in the war.
-----------------(doxxed by)-----------------

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