~~ what he doesn't show ~~

he stole 4 figures from literally unknown people to him (approx. €3k) and doesn't really care
he fake flexes - showed golden chains given by friends in old photos (deleted by him)

~~ general information ~~

name: joão vieira
aliases: lekz, lekz36, Jøaø Vieïra
email: joaovieirav098@gmail.com
age: 16
birthday: 04/07/2005 (dd/mm/yyyy) 

~~ location ~~

country: portugal
district: aveiro 
postal code: ***-3870
street: lives in these building - https://goo.gl/maps/VUVRthNxLLkiBrqG6

~~ other information ~~

fav soccer club: sport lisboa e benfica (slb)
school: escola eb 2.3 e secundário padre antónio morais da fonseca 

~~ social media ~~

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lekz36 (verified)
twitter: n/a
spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/09Jqh20aYAv9oYliz7SzNA?si=VTB41COLTTyxsBvuXpL7tg&dl_branch=1 (verified)
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-173432482 (verified)

~~ photos ~~


~~ pws found ~~

dehashed: fafa11 | sha-1 hash: 69710e25c2629cb0e02a9dde7f53752b11a0e221 | source: open csgo
dehashed: rendeiro | sha-1 hash: a9b6d05f7f00b3bd899c623ed8c790b84fb9532a | source: open csgo
dehashed: rendeiro14 | sha-1 hash: 32b29051732ecc0c71e46bf9f439b21a6c9d21e3 | source: open csgo