Conduit is a harmless fake doxed skid from 2017. He originally came around from the xbox gaming and hackforums era of new-gen skidophiles who is now on twitter commenting on other real hackers and acting like he can do anything other than hurt his own family. We strongly suggest you find something else to do with your life child because you have already been "swatted" and owned multiple times. Nancy your poor mother is griefing over how her son is in his 20's and still has no skills at all. All you have done by creating your already exposed internet persona is harm your family. They are the only ones you ever harmed. No one takes you seriously you never hacked or doxed anyone you are just a harmless little internet troll and poser. You got ran off of xbox by Lucas and Viruz ProKila you got ran off of twitter by some skid named stackingsets and now you are on twitter flexing. This is just the beginning of release on this harmless new kid who knows nothing and no one. He can't even identify the members of our new squad and its now time the the Crows take over and take flight on these new no-sec-idiots. As i just stated this is the first release Mr. Howard, we strongly suggest you re-evaluate your life before we do it for you. 

Proof Of Dox

THe harmless retard keeps getting doxed


1316 6th avenue NE 
Jacksonville AL

Paste removed:

1316 6th Ave NE
Jacksonville, AL 36265

Gene L Howard	
Age 80
(256) 435-7976
Janice T Howard	
Age 70
(256) 435-7976
Nancy M Kitchin	
(256) 435-6292
Kathy Mccauley	
(256) 435-8888