The Worthless Book #flushyourmeds

by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry

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Code for Sudo Remover Two 
sudo -i ; su root ; 

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lofi 4/17/22, 6:19 AM 

Scott A. 
From Pen to 
ASCII ... ; 

2 The details on my summation will be question everything and 
everyone is brainwashed. 

We, America never won the war with The British, America never 
won the War of Independence. It was a Freemasonic back-door deal 
and mostly had to do with Geography Folks. 

Americans are under expert conditioning, very few people 
actually knew who George Washington actually was. George Overflew 
the Organic Constitution of The United States of America and later on 
re-instated the Virginia Colony Crown Corporation. His only rightful 
claim to fame as a Fremason was Treason and our Founding Fathers 
were Frauds for the Hell of it, everything you were taught, the 
opposite is true, rights are imaginary, rights are a carefully crafted 

King James was not just famous for writing The King James 
Bible but for Signing The First Charter of Virginia in 1606, this 
granted that land be stolen from Native Americans. Sixty years later 
in 1666 AD we had Cestui Que Vie a story of your enslavement more 
enslavement there, America always was and still is a British Crown 
Colony Corporation. The Act of 1871 states that America is a 
Corporation solely owned by The District of Columbia. The 
Constitution and Magna Carta no longer apply, they are as valuable 
as a Toilet Paper Roll. All you have is the word “no” and The Fifth 
Amendment right to Remain Silent. The Act of 1871 was when 
Congress committed Treason and no Communist School will ever tell 
you that America or USA is A Corporation IN ALL CAPITALS ... 

Communism killed 300+ Million and has Jewish roots and 
Jewish Origins. When it comes to Marxism, Karl Marx was a Jew and 
had Jewish Parents. Communism and The Dictators is all solely 100% 
Jewish in origin. 

“The Victors of course they write the history, they write the 
history, and they tell us the narrative and we’re supposed to swallow 
that bullshit as if it’s true. The real crime of Adolf Hitler was that he 
got Germany out of a banking debt, where people were drowning, 

3 drowning in debt, Germans Starving, No Jobs, Nothing, and he 
had the nerve to actually say Fuck Off to the Banks, and Germany 
went from a destitute post world war country into a Prosperous 
Wealthy Power House just by using their own Money Supply, That’s 
the Real Crime that Adolf Hitler Committed, so Everything we’ve 
been taught about World War II and the Holocaust BULLSHIT 
BULLSHIT” -Kenneth O’keef (Activist) (YOUR TV = MK) 

David Irving on the Six Million Lie Holocaust debunking it in 
one single statement : “Well, there are no documents. Not one single 
wartime document at Auschwitz Showing a Holocaust of some kind.” 

--David Irving (Alternative Historian - Hitler’s War) 

“Catalyst to say what has never been said, to see that has never 
been seen, to sing, paint, sculpt, act, and do what has never been 

--Terence Mckenna (Researcher and Psychedelic Advocate) 

Adolf Hitler was not what the Jewish Victors who re-wrote 
history to their benefit told you he was, they told you he was a Meth 
Addict and a Mad Man, he Fixed The German Economy and got 
Germany out of a Banking Debt by using their own Money Supply 
and saying ef off to The Jewish Banks. If you haven’t gotten this 
already Communism which runs nations down is Jewish in Origin and 
Karl Marx had Jewish Parents. The German Swastika flag SVG is a 
litmus to peoples brainwashing and expert conditioning, all it is is an 
ancient sun wheel that our ancestors have been using for for several 
years, it is a symbol of Unity, Peace, Nationalism, Pride, and 

Both the Democrat/Republican Parties are Zionist Controlled for 
the Jews, The Entire Six Company Mainstream Media is Jewish 
owned and run and is Zionist. The Jews control all Political Parties 
and the Goyim are to know none of this and to blindly follow orders as 
Freemason HOS End of Argument it’s all Jewish Controlled Donald 
Trump is Jewish Controlled just like Joe Biden and Clinton and 
Reagan and Bush and Obama and FDR and Jews rig all of the 
Elections, Presidents are Selected not Elected, Aipac is the Big Jew 
super lobby, End of Argument there is no Magic Prophecy Savior ... 

4 Aipac is Israel’s Big Super Lobby of Jewish Supremacism, 
Chabad-Lubavitch is another Jewish Controller, do not think for a 
second that Russia and Ukraine are not Jewish Dominated by 
Chabad-Lubavitch, They Actually Are, it’s a Jewish Owned and Run 
Everything and the Rabbi Does The Circumcision, Another Cohen 
Boy is Born during the Bris Milah Ceremony so do not be so Fuck 
Naive, you stupid fucking Monkey Butt Sodomite GOY ... 

These Pure Blood Cohen Jews, They are the members of a Jew- 
only Secret Society called The B’nai B’rith which is part of the Anti 
Defamation League and they go as far as to Criminalize Holocaust 
Denial and other forms of Politics deemed Anti-Semitic one of the 
most ridiculous forms of censorship you’ve probably have heard of 
DERP ... Cohen Boy = Circumcised PP LOL KEK TOP KEK ... 

The Rothschilds are Mixed German Jew that Secret Society of 
Cohen called B’nai B’rith, Ashkenazi Jews work in Banking inflating 
the Fake Money or FIAT Currency through Usury or Quantitative 
Easing, (The Federal Reserve is Not A Government, it is a Privately 
Owned Institution). We are seeing More and More Inflation now than 
ever and our Crooked Politicians, then you have Ron Paul (I don’t 
know if a Jew) (Wikileaks Guy Censored Mossad Also Jew), who 
wants to Audit The Federal Reserve Bank and Again it is all rigged for 
Cohen and Ashkenazi Jews. The Jews all eat at Private Jew-only 
Country Clubs with their Matzo Balls, they have more than Six 
Passports, When the Goyim or non-Jew only can have Two Passports. 
So Basically Cohen Jews control all of the Goys Transportation and 
you can travel better and see the Zebras through Telepathy or Remote 
Viewing or Psychic Ability as it is called your Brainwave Resonance 
State of Consciousness and Mind. They Censor the non-Jews Internet 
Service and SIGNALS Intelligence Computer Hacking which effects 
MINIX/Redox OS/Windows/Android/iOS/Chrome OS/FreeDOS/MS- 
AROS/Plan9/Every Single Operating System you Get Online ... 

The Jews Control All of The Search Engines and Even Scrub Off 
and Censor The Archivers Archive TODAY/ORG Perma Dot CC ... 

5 Jews Make So Much Money Through Cruel and Inhumane 
Kosher Executions where Animal Blood is Drained. Jews Completely 
Run Hollywood, Not Just Scientology, The Jews Also Run The Porn 
Industry, and these Six Media Companies known as The Mainstream 
DISNEY, Those Six Media Companies Are All Jewish Owned ... 

Jews run Partnership For a Drug Free America and DARE 
which funds the Alcohol Companies, when Alcohol is a Drug and Jews 
completely run The Holocaust Hoax Industry, Hollywood, Music and 
Porn Industry, Sports Entertainment, Shoe Companies... 

So The Jews Main Job is to corrupt the Goyim with Filth, Smut, 
Degeneracy, Addiction, and Perversion/Pedophilia, Just look at the 
fast food industry, or those Pharma Drugs, Jews run Big Pharma and 
the Alcohol Companies. We always hear from the Press The Same 
Narrative that Israel has the right to defend itself, when they basically 
stole Palestine and are Genociding Palestine. Never engage with these 
clowns or Brainwashed Goat People Sheep, let the dead bury the dead. 
These Jocks and other goat people will just be Drug Addicts thanks to 
Jewish Big Pharma and Jewish Alcohol Companies and Jew Porn ... 

Religions and Christianity are just another cult and fairy 
tale for retarded adults. Martians started the God Myth and 
Organized Religion to control mankind and they use “wild” humans 
as Sex Slaves. We know the Earth by Science to be Roughly Six Billion 
Years Old Period. All of the outlandish claims in The Bible or The 
Talmud/Torah are not based on Science, Logic, or Reason. 

There is no Historical Evidence for Jesus and those Magical 
Claims not based on Science or Reason or even Logic. So End of 
Argument. We already have Carbon and Radiometric Dating, we can 
tell how old a Rock is with Science ... No need for useless cult crap 
that stalks people who leave or dis-fellowships shuns/mobs/attacks 
people who leave ... Seriously The Earth is Now FUBAR / AC... 


6 New Koveking Urban Dictionary Mug With Citricare 
Vim&Vigor 30 Drops of that in 30 PPM Tap Water ... 

Koveking is when Jews Conspire to Do Something, When 
Zionists Conspire. Archive > Details > Jews Koveking ... 

Charles Manson’s Era was that of Bing Crosby, he was not a 
teenybopper or a hippie he was not of the 60’s he was before all that 
and before IMP’s/Bios/Mainframes/Subnet Masking/Grep/Unix ... 

Charles Manson was Falsely Convicted for crimes he did not 
commit and imprisoned for life for crimes he did not commit and 
experimented on during the CIA’s Project MK-Ultra ... 

Religious Psychosis Produced Delusions are no Different to those 
Produced by Schizophrenia, All are False Beliefs, God Belief is a Brain 
Disease. Or You Could Just Say : 

Religion is a Fairy Tale For Retarded Adults. 
Or You Could Just Say : 

Religion is a Cult and Form of Brainwashing. 
Religion is a Fairy Tale Period. 

Who are the Globalists who operate through the Torah and 
Babylonian Talmud : The Ashkenazi Jews are the Rothschild Bankers 
who do Quantitative Easing and Usury of Fake Money Currency. 

Cohen Jews are Circumcised to Maintain Pure Blood. 

The Cohen Pure Blood Jews are of the Secret Society called The 
B’nai B’rith of Anti Defamation League of ADL, Then we have 
AIPAC, Chabad-Lubavitch, The Council on Foreign Relations or CFR 
Dot Org which was started as The Illuminati on May 1, 1776 and they 
all want the Goyim to Own Nothing in the End of Times and for the 
Jews to take over the Amalek or non-Jew and David to be King of the 
world and for Palestine to be Massacred by Genocide into Israel ... 

Ovadia Yosef once said : The only purpose of a non-Jew is to 
Serve Other Jews and Suffer as we sit like an Effendi and Eat ... 

7 No Human Actually Knows what happens when Humans die, I 
was just told that God, Satan, Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons were all 
Imaginary Fairy Tales and that you just become a Telepathic Ghost 
that sees People, Events, Things in every segment of Space-Time and 
knows when people will die, where they will die, how they will die, so 
you are Telepathic and in a human-like form when you materialize 
into what looks like a person, no Human can comprehend 
Telepathically Viewing every Segment of Time, so no one knows and 
Religions are all Bull Shit Cults that pay no taxes and Make Trillions 
of Dollars for a Bunch of Fucking Cohen Jews and Religions are all 
Cults designed to Control People Period End OF DEBATE ... 

I believe in the right to death with dignity as a non-partisan, 
Government and State Power is too big and same applies with The 
Patriot Act and the Invention of Modern Computers that Have Subnet 
Masking Network Capabilities “I want to be left alone” “Just say no” 
is a Small Government Minarchist Principle ... 

There’s that Mind Control MK-Ultra CIA term Freemason HO 
or Order follower ... 

Freemasonry is : 


95% of Cops, Sheriff’s Department, Organized Stalking, Citizens 
on Patrol and of Course the Government and they all offer Meth and 
Abuse Meth and Steroids Heavily and those Two Things are Illegal ... 

Freemasonry is Part of the Government for Pecking Order 
Order Following HOS or as the CIA MK-Ultra term shows Freemason 
is a Order Following HO who is Sworn to Secrecy or else Killed ... 

I guess Disembowelment or Freemason Blood Sacrifice is 
Just Another Joke I Made into a Browser Exploit on Flushyourmeds 
Dot Com which is on Archive*today and Archive*org Perma*cc ... 

95% of Government is New Age BS and Religious Cults! 
New Age Bull Shit and Social Sciences are Pure Quack! 
You got Astrology and Astrotheology in Those Books ... 
It’s all New Age Bull Shit and Nonsense Basically ... 

The Fifth Amendment or Right to Remain Silent is the only thing 
you have along with not using your Strawman in ALL CAPS and 
requesting an SF-24 Bid Bond, Posting A Bond, UCC-1, UCC is 
Uniform Commercial Code, It’s how all Businesses Operate and All 
Crimes are Commercial and have a Bond Price in Money on Them ... 
All you have is Nothing in a Cestui Que Vie System Period Period ... 

Don’t be stupid, get that smirk off your face, calm, cool, 
collected, never ever react or else be ward of state and Fucked ... 
Enjoy that Database Management Software Spill-man 
Flex/Priers Motorolla/Imperva All Slavery FOR UCC CODE ... 

The ranger ran in My ID because I made a Stupid ... 

Psychiatry/Psychology and Big Pharma are Both Jewish ... 

These Stalkers want a reaction to make up rumors and lies about 
you just like the Communist Antifa on the Left is Doing that Too ... 

They want a reaction to get you detained or have you detained, 
medicated on Quack Psychiatry Poison Drugs of Jewish Big Pharma 
and Jewish Psychiatrists were the first to Lobotomize Holocaust 
Deniers and have Holocaust Denial or Differing Politics as a Mental 
IlIness or even Having Certain Political Views as a Mental Illness 
other Jewish Supremacists outside of Jewish Psychiatry Made 
Holocaust Denial not only illegal, but a Capital Offense resulting in 
The Death Penalty, Especially During the Bolshevik Revolution ... 

I’m Brain Damaged and I cannot drive, I may consider Suicide, 
of course, same shit. Big Pharma and Psychiatry a Quack Profession 
not based on any Science Whatsoever Especially The Psychiatric Drug 
Part are Both Jewish and Psychiatric Drugs Just Cause Brain 
Damage, A certain kind of Sexual Dysfunction is Just Brain Damage 
and it impairs my ability to use Tools and Operate STEM Machinery 
... This shit will destroy your career after you get Brain Damage ... 
Psych Drugs are just Poison and Dopamine Antagonists which inhibit 
Serotonin and Dopamine, Increase Disease and C-Reactive Proteins as 
well as Increase Prolactin Levels which then means More Disease and 
Higher C-Reactive Protein Levels, You will notice Fasting Reverses 
this, that’s Big Pharma’s Secret Fasting Lowers C-Reactive 
Proteins ... 

9 Holocaust Denial was a Mental Illness at one time, so even 
questioning history in their New DSM-Five Book of Pedophilia ... 

It is an Anti European Anti Non-Jew Anti White Agenda and is 
based on Jewish Big Pharma There is No Science of Any Kind to 
Psychiatry or Psychiatric Drugging of Antipsychotics and 
Antidepressants plus the Older Drugs Caused Movement Disorders 
Akathesia, Tardive Dyskenesia, Blindness, Hearing Loss, So Many 
Disabilities, it crippled people into Drooling Vegetables it’s all Fraud 
and Quackery and The is no Real Science Involved in Psychiatry ... 

Haldol caused Blindness at High Doses and Shrinks Deny ... 

How I do Computing — Used to run Kubuntu 32 Bit and Puppy 
Linux BIONIC as ISO9660FS on Ze Eee PC 1005 HAB / 900A / MSI 
Wind with Artix Linux on Dell Inspiron 11 Blue also on IBM / Lenovo 
T61/T60 ... Now I run Calculate Linux, Kubuntu, Manjaro, KDE 
Neon, Skywave Linux, Puppy Linux Bionic, Eset SustemRescue on 
Ram Disk with Ventoy an EXT4 and 8GB Swap Spoof My Mac 
Address (Media Access Control) To F4/Random Set DNS to 456012 
and install Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger All On Ram Disk 
Mitigate Everything and Have Battery Backup if Power Quits ... 

On The T400/T420 Lenovo IBM Piece w BIOS PW Lock ... 

Fuck Israel! Fuck The Mossad! Fuck Zionism! Fuck The 
Talmud! Fuck The Bible! The Talmud is a Book of Jewish Supremacy 
and So is The Torah and The Talmud States: A Jew is allowed to Steal 
Anything From a non-Jew, If a non-Jew hits a Jew that Amalek/Goy 
must be killed, a mockery of Jesus, The Bible is also Zionism ... 

Just Read The Talmud and See For Yourself ... 

Hanukkah is a Jewish Supremacist Holiday celebrating the 
Massacre, Genocide, and Killings of Greeks and other White 
Europeans, in that holiday it is totally Jewish Supremacist! 

And Christmas is another Zionist Tool to Pacify the Goyim ... 
The Bible and Talmud are Just Zionist Mind Control Tools ... 

In front of me : Hitler’s War — David Irving / I fail at life — Scott 
Barry / Behold a Pale Horse William Cooper / Technological Slavery ; 

10 “I wanted to become an Artist, but certainly not a Civil Servant.” 
--Adolf Hitler Mien Kampf ... 

The Jewish Victors have been re-writing history and cramming 
bullshit in our heads about World War II that is Fake, A Farse, and 
Not True ... 

The Freemasonic Sheriff’s Department not only does organized 
stalking, but abuses steroids and meth. You can get steroids which are 
illegal through the Sheriff’s Department End of Argument ... 

“Remote Viewing is the telepathic tool they use to see what you 
are doing, saying, and thinking, Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) is 
used to do all of the Organized Stalking. There is not much tech 
involved in this at a practical level” —Immanuel Gold-stein ... 

Embedded and Ram Disk Linux/BSD Kernels are More Secure 
and so are Virtualized/Hardened ones and Usually they are All Three 
... Derpity Derp Derp Derp Derp Point of Sale My Asshole ... 

Affidavit : Name : John/Jane Henry/Ronald Doe Company : 
Flush Your Meds or N/A Number : 253-555-5555 Address : 9999 
Homeless St Seattle Washington USA +1 Code ... Ctrl+U+F to Steal 
all Web Content Like a Fucking Retard aka Bandcamp ... 

The Magic Mac Address : F4:F4:F4:F4:F4:F4 ... 

Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger and Linux/Ventoy ... 

The Magic DNS Address : 45*60*1*2 ... 

The Pentagram Number : 0.9536 or 144/151 Makes Pentagram 

Sudo Remover : “sudo -i” “su root” “cd /usr/bin/ /usr/sbin/ 
/bin/ /sbin/” “chmod -R 000” “.sh” “bash” “linux/unix/bsd” 
“su sudo gksudo does passwd sudoedit cupsd ipp cups bluetoothd 
bluetooth ssh-agent ssh avahi avahi-daemon other” ... 

Technological Slavery / The Jesus Hoax / David Skrbina ... 
Council on Foreign Relations which is a offshoot of the Bavarian 
Illuminati there are about 30 Illuminati Organizations World Wide 

11 the CFR Dot Org One is The American United States One, The 
Tiluminati or ILLUMICORP was founded on Mayday May 1, 1776 as 
The Bavarian Illuminati in Germany by some Kikes or Whatever ... 

Well the Cohen Jews pure blood of B’nai B’rith run Everything 
and it is a Jew World Order not a New World Order it is The Jews 
Pushing the Holocaust Lie of Supposedly Six Million Less Jews when 
we know there are no Wartime Auschwitz Documents of a Single Six 
Million Kabbalah Holocaust that Push to Play The Victim when they 
the Jews Have Infiltrated the Banks and Society with Quantitative 
Easing Usury of Fake Money FIAT Currency and 
Communism/Marxism/Bolshevism which in turn Killed 300+ Million 
Non Jews Germans, Russians, Europeans, Ukrainians, Everyone ... 

Every other European White Person was killed in the Name of 
Jewish Communism and the Holocaust is No Wartime Documents 
Found at Auschwitz and Even David Irving I give credit to as a Bad 
Goy anyways writing my book sucks as these freaking Zionist People 
want to control and Organized Stalk Me Non-stop through Campaigns 
of useless trivial Passive-aggressive shit like just now Windows 
Computer had to static Discharge it, because of a Family Member ... 

Psychotronic Mind Control Shit Just Fucked with Mind P. 11... 

“Prayer is a form of Mental Illness , Religion is Mind Control.” 

--George Carlin 

Remote Neural Monitoring Was Fucking with My Mind Here ... 

“All Governments are Liars, Traitors, Murders, and Scum.” 

--Bill Hicks who supposedly MKULTRA to Alex Jones ... 

A Shill PI told me The WACO Siege was “Totally Ethical” WTF? 

I forgot to add this and got V2K, Directed Energy Weapons, 

Psychotronics, Mind Control, Remote Viewers and Stalking ... 

Fuck Israel! Zionism is Cancer! Israel is not the Holy Land! 

God is Imaginary! Religion is a Cult! God is a Fairy Tale! ... 

Fasting Lowers C-Reactive Proteins Eliminating All Disease ... 

I have made it clear with absolute 100% certainty that 9-11 was a 
Mossad Operation and that Israel did the September 11, 2001 Attacks. 

V2K is Voice to Skull and it makes us Sound as Junkies ... 

World Trade Center 7 was not hit by a Plane, it was wired for 
controlled demolition, therefore all towers were wired for controlled 
demolition ... Israel did it, first you have disbelief, then you have rage. 

12 They the Jews want that to happen. The Sheep died in a 
Meaningless war for Opium Poppies and actually believed that Al 
Qaeda did 9-11, when The Mossad Actually Did it and Rabbis were 
Celebrating and Dancing During the 9-11 Attacks in New York ... 

The toppling of the Saddam Hussein Statue was a Rigged Staged 
PSYOP for the Donald Rumsfeld Administration and also I avoid The 
TV / Television and Local Radio, because The Six Jewish Media 
Companies are all Propaganda and All Jewish Based/Owned/Run ... 


The Alcohol Companies are Jewish, Partnership for a Drug Free 
America is Jewish, PDFA Funds the Alcohol Companies, Big Pharma 
is Jewish, Psychiatry is Jewish, Vaccines that Cause Autism are Jewish 
Based, Sports Industry is Jewish, Hollywood is Jewish, Porn Industry 
is Jewish, Music Industry Is Jewish, Six Inc or Mainstream Media 
Your TV and Radio are Jewish, Communism/Marxism is and Was 
Jewish and Karl Marx had Jewish Parents as this Shows Here ... 

Many Self Publishers such as Blurb, Lulu, KDP are Jewish, All 
Banking is Ashkenazi Jewish and operates through Fake Money FIAT 
Currency inflation usury Quantitative Easing and Fraud, Big Tech 
Including Google, Cannoncial, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, 
Instagram, Yandex, Baidu, Every Other Search Engine yep still all 
Jewish, They control all Search Engines and The Surface Web 
Internet and everything on it, The Press and Archivers are all Jew 
Controlled and Scrubbed off For Bad Goyim Content Sure ... 

The Pentagram 144/151 or 0.9536 of Circle Diameter ... 
The God Tone is 963 Sine Wave Tilda ~ ... 

Do This in Linux or Audacity ... 

“speaker-test -t sine -f 936 -1 100000000 ;” 

in Audacity 0.5 24K/24K mono MP3 56 Minutes ... 

13. George Washington not only was known for Committing Treason 
as our Founding Fathers were actually just frauds is all he was also 
another Crooked Freemason who swore on oath to secrecy or face 
Decapitation or Disembowelment (Freemason Blood Sacrifice) ... 

We Americans are under Expert Conditioning and America is a 
British Crown Colony Corporation, rights are imaginary, the 
holocaust is a hoax, 9-11 was a Mossad Operation Period ... 

The Mossad is a Terrorist Shell Organization that does all of the 
False Flag Terrorist Attacks such as JEK, USS Liberty, 9-11 ... 

The Mainstream Media then blames somebody else such as an 
imaginary Fictitious Boogeyman that doesn’t exist such as Saddam 
Hussein or Al Qaeda which The Statue Toppling of Saddam was a 
Staged PSYOP for Political Theatre during the Donald Rumsfeld 
Administration ... It’s all MK-Ultra CIA Mockingbird Control ... 

It’s basically Mind Control or Coercive Persuasion basically ... 

Then we later have endless meaningless wars over some Opium 
Poppies or Gold Bar Distribution or Torture of Random Foreigners 
who are are not the bad guy, but the conditioning and brainwashing 
makes them think otherwise, Over 3 Million Dead in Iraq ... 

Both Democrats and Republicans are The Same Zionist Coin ... 

Compunctions, Wars, Inflation, Poverty, Propaganda, Famine, 
Death, Genocide, Chaos, Pollution, Bloodshed, more senseless 
Barbarism for the Stupid Goyim to Follow Israel’s Propaganda ... 

17 oz Latte Mug Auto Urine Therapy Ceramic Mug. 

Distilled Ozonated Water and Fasting not Vaccines or Pharma ... 

Citricare Vim& Vigor Grape Fruit Seed Extract 30 Drops of 

Citrus, glass of Water or H2O Distilled, 12/17 oz 2 Tblsp Oregano 
or Thyme, Apple Pectin 5 Grams in a Smoothie or Shake, Baking Soda 
or Sodium Bicarbonate as 1 TSP, Monaural Beats : Whole Being 
Regeneration Monaural Beats, 126 Sine w 128 Sine as 0.5 Audacity 
save 24K/24K 56 Minutes, Colostrum a Whole Jar, A whole Bottle of 
Probiotics, 12 oz of Water, get a blender to blend, Surthrival Powder 
Yellow Colostrum Cat’s Claw 4 Pills Daily, Liposomal Vitamin C, 
Sardines, Meat not That Veganism Bull Shit and Fasting of Course ... 

14 Magnesium and Multi Electrolyte Supplements. MSM 
Supplement, Wheat Grass, Matcha Green Tea, Blue Green Algae, 
Lemon Grass, Lemons and Lime in Distilled Water, Ozonated Water 
of Course, Chaga Mushrooms, Reishi Mushrooms, Bulgarian Yogurt, 
Indian Colostrum Yogurt, Any Yogurt Period, Prunes and Fibre 
Gummies, Earthing Bare Foot, Sun Gazing During Sunrise or Sunset, 
Stop using a Microwave Oven it kills water and plants too and kills 
you too, unless you want to get drunk on Vodka Death w Dignity ... 

Alien Characters are superior, because No Binary Instruction 
Period, One-Time Pads A-Z,0-10SP*Random2or3 RANDOM ... 

If you rinse off the Apple and cut the Apple in Half and eat the 
seeds and eat the whole apple like a dumb coon you get more nutrition 
Derpity Derp Derp who would have known You APPLE Man Coon ... 

Distilled Water is the only water you should be Drinking ... 
Veganism is Communist Liberal Cancer and Meat is Awesome ... 
I have actually Astral Projected and Plastic is a Eugenics Tool ... 
I met a bunch of Highly Telepathic People on Astral Travel ... 

Kohen Jews Maintain their Racial Purity through Circumcision 
Or A Brish also known as Brit Milah or Bris Milah where the Rabbi 
Sucks the Blood out of the Babies penis After Removing the Foreskin. 

Rabbis are Commonly known Excused Pedophiles who get to go 
to Tel Aviv Israel if they molest another Jew or Gentile and they 
probably do have PTHC/ Child Porn on Their Hard Drive (Lolita) ... 

Freemasonry to me seems like a Waste of Time, sure there is 
charity and some good aspects, Then you have Freemasons who are 
Government, Steroid, and Meth Abusers who Stalk/Harass ... 

The Order of Nine Angles is decent in The Sinister Tradition O9A 
Dot Org in that it Rejects “Jewish Kabbalah” identifies as “Truely 
Satanic” and rejects “All Jewry” of Any Kind Which I like a lot ... 

Plus their MP3 Music by Chistos Beest on Their Parent 
Directory on Their Website is Quite Decent as I was doing the Stupid 
Parent Directory Index of you get anything bad or illegal too ... 

15 The Satanic Group O9A is Decent that it is Anti Zionism , Anti 
Jewry , better than others without the nasty contamination of Zionism 
and without the nasty Zionist Aspects even Tarl Warwick Approves ... 

Nothing New!!! Cohen Jews Literally Are The Scum of The 
Earth and Cohen based B’nai B’rith is literally the Scum 
Organization of The Earth. 

Life is Shit, Then you die, then you’re a Telepathic Ghost, then 
you die again, then some other shit and you see life as a BS Comedy ... 

The Dead Milkmen - Life is Shit ... 

Life is shit, Life is shit, the World is shit, the World is shit, this is 
Life as I know it, this is Life as I know it, this is Life as I know it, this 
is Life as I know it, this is Life as I know it ... Gonna Beat My Wife ... 

The Dead Milkmen -— Life is Shit ... 

Go Read : The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion in 
Modern English / Mien Kampf Adolf Hitler .. 

Fasting and Baking Soda Sodium Bicarbonate Water Ph ... 

Lowering C-Reactive Protein through Fasting Cures Cancer and 
Big Pharma is Only About Competition and Lies Vaccines Cause The 
Tism and Autism Spectrum Disorders, That’s why we’re Fucked ... 

Everything in Business is Uniform Commercial Code all Crimes 
are Commercial and have Monetary Bonds Attached to Them ... 

It is Normal to be Heterosexual, White, and Straight, it is NOT 
normal to be gay or weird, the Jews are Pushing LGBTQPCIA and 
Pedophilia ... MK-Ultra / CIA is Alive and Well in 2022 AD ... 

COINTELPRO of FBI is Going on Now under new Code N ... 

“FBI Crime Statistics Show that Black Men are Nine Times 
More Likely to Commit Gun Violence Than White People” 

--Jared Taylor ( American Renaissance ) ... 

It is Okay To Be White, Fuck Israel, Zionism is Cancer, Israel is a 
Cancer Land and Palestine was The Original Land ( Genocide ) ... 

16 Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles!!! Hate Speech is Free!!! 
Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles!!! Hate Speech is Free!!! 
14 Words , 88 NSM, C-18 , Combat 18 , The White Race is The 

Master Race!!! Gott Mit Uns! Sieg Heil! Heil Hitler! Kill a Coon!!! 
The Babylonian Talmud and Torah are Books of Jewish 

Supremacy and Jewish Supremacism and Globalism and Zionism ... 

Hanukkah is about The Celebration of The Greed and European 
Massacre Genocide it is an Anti European Anti White Holiday ... 

In countering Propaganda we shall say Satan Loves You, The 
Church Hates You or if you Reject That God is Just Imaginary and 
Religion and Christianity is just Zionist Jewish Crap not based on 
Science, Logic, or Any Reasoning of Any, The is no Scientific Method 
that can prove the outlandish claims of a Cult Organized Religion ... 

Martains and Cohen Jews Just Started God Call them The May 
1, 1776 Bavarian Illuminati or Council on Foreign Relations they 
started that God Myth to Pacify The Goyim to a world where they 
could push Zionist Cancer on Everyone and Replace Palestine With 
Israel Through Irrational Genocide , Because The Talmud Says ... 

So anyways God is Just Imaginary and not based on any Science, 
Logic, or Reasoning of any Kind, and you can use The Scientific 
Method to Debunk any Religious, Talmudic, or Biblical Scripture ... 

File Your 1099 OID A*B, File a UCC-1, Open A Treasury Direct 
Account, Become Self Employed, or get a Job if you can’t do shit, 
Be you’re own boss, have multiple sources of income on your 1099 
Form, get you shitty life skills in order, Freeze your credit if needed, 
STEM is where all the jobs are High Paying and Non-Stem pays the 
least of any of the Professions as this shit show continues on ... 

Be Your Own Boss, Have Multiple Leads of Residual or Passive 
Income, I literally may even Suicide if I have to Oh Fuck Well ... 

We all know College equals Student Loan Debt and Military 
Better and so is Trade School and so is a Better Accredited Thing ... 

“All of them Colleges we’ve been buildin’ are takin’ people the 
other way. The Smartest People in the World are really the Most Cut 
Off.” -Charles Manson Falsely Imprisoned For Life Over Shit ... 

17 Light Emitting Diode / Fluorescent / Mercury / LCD / Blue Light 
is all un-natural Light, Candles, Open The Window, Get a Zig Zag 
Long Wire Vintage Yellow Edison Light Bulb, or Another Thick Wire 
Yellow Edison Light / Blue Light Filter : Iris Mini and Redshift ... 

Puppy Linux Bionic has Redshift Pre Installed and is Light ... 

“All those Cardboard Houses, and Tin Can Cars, Those 
Diamond Rings are all The Same, you sit there and you wonder, you 
wonder who is to blame” 

--Charles Manson Falsely Imprisoned Over Made Up Claims ... 

528 Hz ~ Sine is Nothing 963 Hz ~ Sine is Tue God ... 

963 Hz ~ has so many uses to restructure everything and do so 
much Obnoxious New Age Bull Shit Energy Work Potato ... 

963 Sine Wave Solfeggio Tone in Plain Sight ... 

Write 1-9 in Sets of Threes and get 963 It Is God ... 

There is the Jewish Kabbalah Shit of 666/567/1134 ... 
Then there is 6 60 degree angles six holes 120VAC 60 Hz 
Two Ports 120/2 is 60 and whole bunch of Fucking Sixes ... 

2 or 3 for this One-Time Pad alternative ... 

A-Z Random 3 

0-10 Random 3 

*/sp/other Random 3 Alternative to Ze One-Time Pad ... 

Alien Characters are still superior to One-Time Pads, because 
Latin is Base 8 Binary Instructions and Alien Characters use NO 
Binary At All Period End of FUCKING ARGUMENT PERIOD ... 

Veracrypt works better than Luks as Hidden Stenographic File 
systems all Pedophiles use it on Linux/FreeBSD with 7z Encryption ... 

Making a NOP character 90 in Hex or “echo -ne “\x90” ;” ... 

Null is “\x00” and There are all these Diacritics and Crap ... 

Fucking Pokemon For Fuck Sake a Guy Quoted it at my 
Retarded Graduation and I still have False Memory Syndrome ... 

18 The Sheriff’s Department consists of Freemasons, they do all of 
the Organized Stalking, because they have all The “Tools” They all 
abuse Steroids and Meth and you can get Steroids an illegal Substance 
through the Corrupt Sheriff’s Department , Exposing Freemasons gets 
you killed, you know Exposing Zionism and Jewry also gets killed ... 

In Audacity Pink Noise 0.5 , 963 Sine Tone 0.5 , 7.831 Square 0.5 
as MP3 56 Minutes 24K/24K (cancel-psychotronic-mind- 
control.mp3) .. 

T use to Sun Gaze Barefoot on Sunrise and Sunset Laptop Closed 
now facing a Window Writing My Book, no blue light here ... 

EMF Blanket 12x12 Wood Aluminum Duck Tape Vinyl Print 
Metal print and Rayguard found on Humanfirewall*com SCAM ... 

For Affidavits and Shit and Remote Viewing, You get a Black or 
Blue Ballpoint Pen Face Window or Towards Yellow Long Wire 
Vintage Edisons. We know that Blue Light and Psychotronic 
Computers, Does not Matter What OS you are on, The Mind Control 
is at the BIOS and Bootlock Level and HW HAL Level, The TV and 
Radio Do The Same Fucking Thing, Had am AM Radio Make a Ghost 
Say BOO!! , Some Demon Voice Crap When Running Crappy 
Windows , That’s why I Switched to Linux , Less Psychotronic Crap 
... TV Radio Computer All Psychotronic Ouija Boards FOR MK ... 

Before Computers, Subnet Masking, IMP’s, Mainframes, The 
BIOS, UEFI, Secure Boot, Operating Systems, Tubes/Relays, 
Rooms/ROMS, Television, Technicolor, Bugs Bunny, Radio ... 

We had The Church, Book Burning, Burning People at the Stake, 
Organized Religion, and God Myth to Mind Control the illiterate, 
destitute, non-Jew Goyim and it totally Worked Completely ... 

Now we just have a Little More Privileges and Technocracy ... 

There is no Meritocracy , Meritocracy is a Fantasy DerpDerp ... 

Now we have Technocracy Thanks to Subnet Masking and Now 
we have Ashkenazi Rothschild Jews doing Usury, Quantitative Easing 
of Fake Money FIAT Currency at The Bank, Council of 300... 

19 The #BDSMovement 

The BDS Movement is the Boycott Divestment Sanctions 
Movement to Prevent Israel from basically Genociding and erasing 
Palestine, The Belief in God just causes conflicts, Senseless Wars ... 

So all non-Jews or Goys / Goyim are considered Amalek or Not 
Needed Waste Product, (Their Talmud says to steal from non-Jews) ... 
They are Jewish Supremacists who run the Press, Banks, and World 
Economy, Goys shall serve is what they always say and they control all 
Political Parties Democrat/Republican/Libertarian The Talmud is a 
Book of Globalism and Zionism and So The Organizations of CFR 
Dot Org and ADL Dot Org and SPLC Dot Org are Primarily Zionist 
and Globalist as so is The Tavistock Institute and Unesco / UN ... 
Council on Foreign Relations, Anti Defamation League, Southern 
Poverty Law Center, AIPAC, Tavistock Institute, Unesco, Government 
of Scotland, Girfec, Bill and Melinda Gates, United Nations all ... 

How to sell a New Age Scam like Amway to The Idiot Goyim : 
Purple Energy Plate FineartAmerica*com 

JEW RAYS / Flushyourmeds*com / Archive*today / Archive*org 
Perma*cc / Archive*today/SNGU4 Flushyourmeds*nethouse*ru 
Flushyourmeds*my-free*website Flushyourmeds*exblog*jp ... 

Shit List : The Holocaust is a Hoax! We, America never won the 
War of Independence with the British and we were always in slavery! 
Israel is a Cancer Land Tel Aviv is a Safe Haven For Pedophiles! 
The Founding Fathers Were Frauds! Martians and Cohen Jews 
Control The Earth! America Always Was and Still is A British Crown 
Colony Corporation! 95% of Governments/Cops are Freemasons and 
Religious Cults! Six Million Jews My ASS! The Swastika is an Ancient 
Sun Wheel, of Peace, Solidarity, Nationalism, and Unity! George 
Washington Committed Treason and Was a Freemason Politician! 
Adolf Hitler got Germany out of a Banking Debt Fixing the German 
Economy and Those Fucking Jewish Victors Lied About WWII! 
The Constitution and Magna Carta are Worthless Documents worth 
as much as a Toilet Paper Roll and Rights are Imaginary and Rights 
are a Carefully Crafted illusion Look: Japanese Internment Camps ... 

20 God, Satan, Heaven, and Hell are all imaginary, When Humans 
die they become Telepathic Ghosts that see every segment of Space- 
Time ... Communism is and was Jewish and killed more than 300 
Million White People aka Europeans, Russians, and Germans, Adolf 
Hitler Deported those Communist Usurious Jews on a Train and Fixed 
the German Economy getting Germany out of a Banking debt ... 

Gott Mit Uns! Combat 18 / 14 Words / 88 NSM Records ... 

Sieg Heil! Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles! 

1488 / White Power / It’s Okay To Be White! / White Pride! 

Pi : 3.14159 Golden-Ratio : 1 : 1.6180339 ... 
Phi : 1.6180339 Pentagram/Circle : 0.9536 or 144/151 ... 
Logos / Ethos / Pathos / Principle and Philosophy ... 

“echo “$SRANDOM*144*151 is True Random” ;” 

I always run Linux on RAM Disk, Disable Bluetooth in BIOS , 
Set BIOS PW Lock, Disable Webcam, Ventoy to SSD, 8 GB Swap with 
Ext4, Mac Address as : £4f4£4£4f4f4/Random DNS as : 456012 
Mute the Microphone, Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger, that’s it ... 

These other Stalkers waste their time on Social Media and to 
their Stupid Fucking Script Kiddie Sonic Furry Fag Shit PERIOD!!! 

Bush JR and SR, Obama, Ronald Wilson Reagan 666, Clinton, 
Trump, Biden, Other all fucking sold out to Jews, Israel, AIPAC, 
Zionism, Jewry, Freemasonry, and other Useless Rigged Shit ... 

The whole Thing is Fucking Rigged for The Mossad “The 
Terrorist Shell Company Shell Organization” AIPAC Lobby, Mini 
AIPAC Lobbies, Israel, Tel Aviv Safe Haven for Pedophile Jews such 
as Rabbis That All Eat Dick and make Sick Mentos PTHC PORN ... 

Zionism and Cohen Jews of the ADL B’nai B’rith Anti 
Defamation League Get it to your Fucking Head , All Rigged ... 

Go To : Bitchute*com / Odysee*com / D*tube / Archive*org 

Archive*today / Altcensored*com / Yandex*com > Search > 

Know More News Adam Green, Alfred Schaefer, Ken Okeef, 
David Duke, David Irving, Mark Collett, Brother Nathanael ... 

The Whole Thing is about Mind Control, Information Control 
and Censorship, In order to Do Mind Control, you have to Censor The 
Internet and that’s what the Fucking Zionists are Fucking Doing ... 

My D*tube Channels : @invalid01-20 / 322 / 666 / 963 ... ; 

Theodore John Kaczynski The Unabomber wrote Technological 
Slavery and Subnet Masking of /24 .255 as the Broadcaster shows us 
we have a Modern Technocracy Dictatorship and America=CORP ... 

This Idiotic Post Punk Generation grew up with these 3 
Processor Architectures and was born after Subnet Masking and 
Technocracy also known as Idiocracy they Eight Year Olds had Dial 
Up and Internet Shit Already : i686 / 386 / x86_x64 

With the 80’s and 70’s kids there were IMP’s the size of a 
Refrigerator connected to Mainframes and there was no Subnet 
Masking and they were not pushing Sodomy Sex Ed on Young 
Elementary Schoolers Like They are Now ... 

The United Nations who suppresses Distilled Water is utilizing 
this Technocracy for bad intentions AKA Agenda 21 Dysgenics ... 

22 Agenda 21 Eugenics/Dysgenics is of course Population Control , 
we also used to Control the Corn and Bread to Control the 

Population , Also The New Computers have UEFI and Secure Boot to 
Lock you into Eugenics MKULTRA CIA Windows or CIA MAC OS 
instead of using Linux, Minix, Redox OS, FreeBSD, Haiku/Be OS, like 
you can on a Legacy BIOS, That’s why I still have a Legacy BIOS and 
a Lenovo IBM t400/t420 which can run both Linux and FreeBSD 
without the Technocracy and locked in Hardware of Jewish UEFI 
which by the Way has Mossad Back-door For NSA Signals 
Intelligence and other Hackers or even Script Kiddies to Access YOU ; 

FICO is BS / Income / Expenses / Assets / Liability ... 
Robert Kiyosaki is Your Financial Guidance ... 
Corn/Soy/Gluten/Sugar/Wheat/Flour/All Cause Cancer!!! 

These Freemasons, Citizens on Patrol, Antifa, and Others Get 
Around Your BIOS Password and Luks Password with an Embedded 
Device and unlock every Lock you have with “tools” such as a Plastic 
Piece and a Fucking Comb Pick, Use Veracrypt with Linux Instead for 
Hidden Stenographic File-systems with 7zip Encrypts That’s what the 
Pedophile Government Does to Store all their Disgusting Sonic PTHC 
Child Porn Lolita Gang Rape of Babies Videos that Warp your Mind 
Including some Disgusting Rape and Snuff Films With it also ... 

Voyeuristic Gamer / Furry / Sonic /Commentary Fag / Script 
Kiddies who waste their time on Social Media and Look at Porn All 
Day and the Gamer Commentary Fag Jock Communities” ... 

They are all Not Based , They are all Blue Pilled , Cucks who 
serve Zionist Israel and Believe in The Fake Holocaust, They Serve the 
CIA, The FBI , The Mossad , GCHQ, The NSA/DIA/DOD State ... 

Spasiba Means Gratitude in Russian ... We’ve all Heard 
Patschstalone Betchsky / The Mail Man Shot The Teller Postal ... 

Synchronize Brainwaves with Monaural Beats Audacity to 
counter Psychotronic Mind Control 126 with 128 Sine-wave 0.5 
24k/24k MP3 @ 56 Min ... “Stop_Psychotronics.mp3” ... 

23 Pulsed Sound and Magnetic Fields @ 7.831 Hz Square Wave aka 
The Schuamann Resonance Frequency of Mother Earth Circle Plus as 
its symbol for The White European Master Race of Course All Has 
Healing Potential and Restructures Water This is Suppressed Info the 
United Nations is Hiding Along with The Many Health Benefits of 
Distilled Ozonated Water @ 1.0 MP3 56 Minutes 24K/24K MONO ... 

Stairway to Heaven Played Back-wards in Audacity : 

And here’s to my sweet Satan ... Who’s little tool-shed he made 
us suffer who’s power is Satan ... And with him we’ll give him 666 ... 
Tool-shed who made us Suffer Sad Satan ... 

The B-52’s Detour Through your Mind Backwards : 

I buried my Parakeet in The Back Yard, Oh No you’re playing 
the record backwards, watch out you might ruin your needle ... 

Also Tommy Jones and the Shondels was about Viet Nam ... 

Same shit here as usual Nothing New or Special Those other 
Telepathic People are not special either , anyone who fucking quotes 
Stephen Colbert is really not that Fucking Psychic Either DERP ... 

Cohen Jews and Ashkenazi Jews are the Wealthiest most 
Privileged most Free (They have 6 or more Passports) (eat at Jew-only 
country clubs with their fucking Matzo Balls and shit) People on The 
Planet Earth, They Get to Go To Hollywood, They get to be all over 
the Television News and All The News Stations Have Jews on Them, 
They are all over the Mainstream Radio Networks, The always play 
the holocaust victim-hood mentality / narrative when there are no 
wartime documents no one single document to prove a Holocaust at 
Auschwitz a Holocaust of Six Million My ASS NO Proof Ever ... 

Jewish Communism has killed more than 300+ Million, also the 
Jews make so much money through Kosher Product Sales and Kosher 
Animal Executions are Inhuman where blood is drained on a Live 
Animal and the Animal is Still Fucking Alive, Oy Vey! Popcorn! ... 

24 Martians use us “wild” “normal” humans who are Free Thinking 
not under CIA MK-Ultra Mind Control as Freemason HOS as Sex 
Slaves and have also Telepathically played with the Genitals of other 
Targeted Individuals who are on a Government Watch-list, they 
control, manipulate, and block our thoughts into a Blind Rage, They 
use Remote Viewing and Remote Neural Monitoring aka Telepahic 
Organized Stalking ... The Forced Brainwashing is right in front of 
you, They control all of the Search Engines and The Surface Web in 
Every Single Way, And the Entire World Press / Internet is Controlled 
for The Jews and Martians Benefit to Control The Goyim non-Jew ... 

Cohen Jews of B’nai B’rith / ADL and Martians Literally 
Control Everything and your rights are a Carefully Crafted Illusion, 
Rights Are Imaginary, Rights are Fictitious, Rights are a Farse, Rights 
are a Falsehood, America Never Won The War of Independence or 
The American Revolutionary War with The British, America Always 
was in Slavery as a British Crown Colony Corporation Own Solely By 
the District of Columbia in 1871 and a Cestui Que Vie in 1666 AD and 
King James Stole the Land By Signing The First Charter of Virginia 
in 1606, So there’s no fuckin’ rights, it’s all Imaginary Boogeyman ... 

The Constitution and Magna Carta were Replaced With The 
Babylonian Talmud and Money is printed by The Council of 300 
Ashkenazi Jews such as The Rothschilds/Bankers who do what’s 
called Quantitative Easing causing Inflation and it’s Fake FIAT 
Currency Printed out of Think Air , Just think about it as a SCAM ... 

“Rights are imaginary, we made them up, like the Boogeyman, if 
you think you actually have rights, Go To Wikipedia, Look up 
Japanese Internment Camps...” ... 

--George Carlin ... 

“Your rights are a Carefully Crafted Illusion, They Tame us like 
Animals in a Zoo...” ... 
--Kyle Odom 

“Martians are responsible for The God Myth ... Martians started 
Organized Religion to control Primitive Mankind ...” ... 
--Kyle Odom 


Archive*today*org / Nosystemd*org / Godisimaginary*com / 
EvilBible*com / HighTechHarassment*com / ... 

ISBN : 9781732353237 | 9780359863464 | 9781944228019 ... 
Calculate-Linux*org / Ventoy*net / Skywavelinux*com ... 

Google Dorks : Parent Directory Index of Crap ... 
Site: Inauthor: Define: .pdf .ppt .sh .docx .py .c .srt/.txt 
“tax dollars” +/- “patriot act” “government spending” 
“government funding” “military” “sdr” “linux” “bsd” 
“software defined radio” .tar.gz .zip .mp4 .avi .jpg ... 

My Player : Sony ICD-PX 470 

My Headphones : Sennheiser HD-1 Koss KTX Pro-1 ... 
My Laptop Lenovo IBM T400 / T420 Ventoy2SSD ... 

8 GB Swap with EXT4 and Linux ... 

Flush Your Meds #flushyourmeds ... 
Anti Zionism Anti Pharma Anti Vaccine Anti Psychiatry ... 

Flushyourmeds*com | Archive*today | Archive*org | Perma*cc .. 

Johndoepcppie@protonmail*com Web*Libera*Chat Also ... 
During the Bull Shit of Covid-19 or 1984 or whatever it is ... 



963 Hz Sine 

7.831 Square 

Who is Kyle Odom? 

Born and raised in North Idaho. Grew up in a loving family. Joined the Marine Corps after 
high school. Developed an interest in science. Went to school for a degree in Biochemistry. 
Won numerous scholarships and awards. Graduated Magna Cum Laude then got invited to a 
prestigious university to work on genetics. 

Check my personal documents. 

As you can see, I’m pretty smart. I’m also 100% sane, 0% crazy. 

Why did he do it? 

My life was ruined. Ruined by an intelligent species of amphibian-humanoid 
from Mars. I wish I was joking, keep reading. 

e They were here long before we ever existed. 

e Their technology is millions of years more advanced than ours. I’ve seen them 
do things that defy all comprehension. 

¢ They have a massive breeding stock of humans, which they breed and control 
from birth. They use these ‘humans’ to live vicarious lives among us. They 
appear to be completely normal because they’re good at imitating human 
behavior. (See Martian Technology for an explanation on this) 

e The actual Martians live deep underground here and inside of the moon. 

e They take control of ‘wild’ human beings and use them as sex slaves. Don’t 
believe me? Ask President Obama to take a lie detector test on this one. 

¢ They tried to take me, but they were unable to control my mind. They’ve 
been following me ever since. 

e tried everything to get my life back. I begged, bargained, and I threatened. 
e Everything I tried to do was sabotaged. 
e [attempted suicide twice, but they stopped me both times. 

e My last resort was to take actions that would bring this to the public’s attention. 

Directs eee. 

We ene neaee: 

My Story 

SPRING 2014 - Moscow, ID 

Everything started while I was at University of Idaho. Spring 2014 was my 
final semester and I was taking a heavy course load (see Transcript). I was very 
stressed due to the intensity of my schedule, so I searched for a way to cope. I 
discovered meditation, which seemed to help, so it became part of my daily routine. 
As I learned more about meditation, I became interested in consciousness and our 
ability to affect it. 1 kept working on my meditation techniques and began achieving 

extreme states of consciousness. 

This continued until I encountered another being through meditation. It 
happened one night in February 2014 and it was the most profound experience I’ve 
ever had. I was lying in bed meditating then suddenly left my physical body. I 
entered a space that was completely dark and had no awareness of my physical 
boundaries/orientation. | felt very peaceful there until a blue light began to 
approach me. As the blue light got closer, I realized it was another being. Once I was 
in the being’s presence, I felt an immediate sense of wrongdoing. It felt like I was 
being told “YOU SHOULDN’T BE HERE!” I instantly conceded and felt guilty, then I 
began to distance myself from the being. This had an impact on them and seemed to 
change their mind about me. The moment I began to distance myself from the being, 
I became overwhelmed by a feeling I can only describe as unconditional love. During 
this part of the experience, our minds became connected and I saw that the being 
was female. | then began to feel the most euphoric, comforting, and blissful feelings I 

have ever felt. It was incredibly powerful and life-altering. 

Next thing I knew, I woke up. I had tears in my eyes and I couldn’t get out of 
bed. I felt a profound sense of loss like I had just lost someone close to me. It was 
very painful. A few minutes later, the experience left my mind (against my will) and 

I went about my day. After that, I had no urge to meditate at all. Every time I even 

thought about meditation, the thought was stripped from my mind. When I finally 
did try meditating again, I was unable to achieve anything. | didn’t think much of it 
at the time, but I knew it wasn’t going to improve. Ultimately, I decided to give up on 

meditation and just focus on my classes. 

The remainder of the semester became exceedingly easy for me. It felt like I 
had tapped into some kind of power. I was exerting no mental effort even though 
the classes had been extremely difficult before. I also began to have complex 

thoughts and a depth of understanding I had never reached before. 

About a month later, I started interviewing at the graduate schools I had 
applied to. Shortly after the interviews were done, I started receiving offers. I 
decided to accept the offer from Baylor College of Medicine to work on a PhD in 
Human Genetics. I was very excited about the opportunity to work at such a 

prestigious university. The future looked bright and I couldn’t wait to get started. 

JUL 2014 - OCT 2014 - Houston, TX 

Everything changed once I started the program. The moment | arrived, I 
could see flaws in every professor's research. My mind was so expanded that I could 
instantly understand the implications of entire research projects. Because of this, I 
was able to see weaknesses in all the available projects. This caused me to become 
very concerned about what I was doing and I felt like I was wasting my time. I 
voiced my concerns to my advisor and he casually brushed them aside. He told me 
“Just have fun, it'll be fun”. | kept trying to get motivated, but things continued to get 
worse. I started seeing flaws in the foundations of Genetics and other fields. It got to 
the point where I couldn’t stop thinking about them. To make things worse, no one 
else seemed to care, which really bothered me. All these issues made it impossible 

for me to continue, so I decided to leave. 

The day after I decided to leave, my life became a living hell. I couldn’t sleep 
and my mind felt sapped. I was entirely at peace with my decision, so | knew 
something strange was happening to me. After a few days of this, two of the 
graduate students began reaching out to me. Eugene Lurie and Brandon Pekarek. I 
barely knew them, so it seemed unusual they would contact me. When I went to see 
them, they both kept pointing their finger at me saying “pew pew” like they were 
shooting a gun. They did this over and over and I kept wondering what their 
problem was. (Months after I left Houston, I was told that Eugene and Brandon were 
not human. They were tasked with making me into “the next school shooter” as they 

called it. I imagine this is why many of our school shootings take place.) 

Anyway, things slowly improved after I stopped talking with Eugene and 
Brandon, but I was mentally exhausted. | tried to figure out what to do with my life, 
but I could hardly think. Eventually, I left Texas and started applying for jobs all over 

the country. A few months later, things took a strange turn. 

OCT 2014 ~ AUG 2015 - CDA, ID 

In Spring 2015, I finally secured an interview with a food company. I thought 
1 was about to get something going with my life, but I was wrong. I couldn't sleep at 
all the night before my interview. I literally stayed awake the entire night, which had 
never happened to me before. I looked unrecognizable in the mirror the next 
morning and my mind felt sapped worse than it had in Houston. Needless to say, the 
interview didn’t go well. | couldn’t think and I had extreme difficulty with normal 
conversation. After the interview was over, I suddenly felt fine AND looked perfectly 

normal... | slept great that night then made my way to the airport the next morning. 

This is where the story gets weird. On the plane ride back home, my seat was 
taken. I asked the flight attendant and she directed me to a new seat. Once I sat 
down, an older gentleman in front of me kept glancing back until he got my 

attention. As he kept looking back, my head began to hurt and tingle. The moment 

my head began to hurt, his lips curled up into this evil looking smile. The pain and 
tingling in my head continued for the rest of the flight and got more intense as time 
went on. Every time I felt it, the man would start taking notes in a notepad. About 
halfway through the flight, someone else in front of me held up a newspaper that 
said “Psychic Reading” for like 5 minutes straight. It was blatantly obvious they 
were doing something to me, but I didn’t know what. Once we landed, the older 

gentleman kept showing me his TracFone as if to say “Get one of these”. 

I had applied to several government agencies before this happened, so | 
thought this might be their way of contacting me. Out of curiosity, I decided to go 
and buy a TracFone. I checked it every day to see if anyone messaged or called. 
About a month later, I got a text message from a man named John Padula. He invited 
me to come to church at The Altar. It seemed like a strange place to be recruiting for 
government jobs, but I went anyway. After I got there and went inside, something 
felt very wrong. I felt as if my life was in danger and I became so uncomfortable I 
had to leave. 

A couple days later, I started receiving text messages from Tim Remington. At 
first they were innocuous bible messages, but then he started threatening me. He 
sent messages talking about ‘their power’ and other things. He did all of this through 
bible verses so it would not look suspicious. I ignored everything until he sent one 
final text message, which simply said ‘angels’. I thought nothing of it until 
helicopters started flying around my house all day and all night. At this point, I knew 
I was in trouble. I knew I needed to contact them, so | made an appointment to meet 

John Padula for coffee. Little did I know, he had no intention of meeting me. 

After making the appointment to meet John, something very bizarre 
happened. I received the most unnatural erection I’ve ever had. It felt like someone 
was manually pumping blood into my penis. I don’t know how else to describe it. 
Immediately after that, a song began playing in my mind. The lyrics went: “Sister 

sister, he’s just a plaything. We wanna make him stay up all night.” I had never heard 

this song before and I had no idea what it meant. I tried to ignore it and kept 

searching for jobs. A few minutes later, the song quit playing. 

Nothing else happened until I tried to go to sleep that night. As soon as I got 
into bed, the song started again. “Sister sister, he’s just a plaything. We wanna make 
him stay up all night.” As it turned out, they weren’t kidding. I got literally zero 
minutes of sleep that night. Every time I started to drift off, 1 was woken up violently 

then the song would play. 

When the sun came up, I gave up on trying to sleep and got out of bed. I was 
relieved at first because the song had quit playing. I thought the torture was over 
until a voice entered my mind. The voice said: “You're going to be uncomfortable, all 
you have to do is breathe”. I sat there wondering what this meant until the voice 
spoke again. It told me I was going to: “ sacrificed like Jesus and get beheaded.” 
This threw me into a complete panic. My heart began racing and I started to have a 

mental breakdown. 

A few minutes later, some man knocked on my door. I answered and he gave 
me a pamphlet talking about “The Sacrifice of Jesus’. My mind started racing out of 
control and I became completely delirious. I thought for sure I was going to die. My 
thoughts shifted to my family, and all I could think about was seeing them again. 

They were in Albuquerque at the time, so | decided to buy a one-way ticket there. 

When I reached the Spokane airport, my panic subsided. Everything was fine 
until I got on the plane to Albuquerque. I sat next to this huge man who kept telling 
me (telepathically) that he was going to crash the plane. Every time after he spoke 
he would sniff emphatically. I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat there trying to 
stay as calm as possible. The ‘man’ became angry about this and started touching my 
leg. The second he touched me, I could feel him inside my mind. This caused me to 
panic until I was on the verge of causing a scene. Before I did anything, he told me to 

calm down and said: “You did a great job. You passed! Go enjoy your family. We have 

a job waiting for you when you get back.” I thanked him and felt slightly relieved, 
but I had no intention of contacting him at all. My only thought was to get as far 

away from him as possible. 

After getting off the plane, I headed to the baggage claim. A huge group of 
them surrounded me there. I watched them cautiously, then they all began sniffing 
at me. (The sniff is something they do all the time. I think it has something to do with 
dominance.) When I finally got my bag, I left the airport as fast as I could. My parents 
were right outside waiting to pick me up. I was so happy to see them again. I gave 
them big hugs and told them how much I loved them. This was my last happy 
moment in Albuquerque, however. They followed us everywhere we went after that. 
Whenever I saw one, they would sniff at me to let me know it was them. They would 

also smile, laugh, and stick their tongues out. 

As time went on, they started coaxing me to go outside alone. I was scared to 
death they would kill me, so I refused. Eventually, they threatened to harm my 
family, which caused me to give in to them. I told them I would do whatever they 
want if they left my family alone. They responded by saying “Go to church.” I knew 
they meant The Altar, so I agreed to go when I got back. 

When I went to The Altar for the first time, the people acted very strange. It 
was unhuman. As I walked into the sermon room, everyone stared at me and began 
sniffing emphatically. Needless to say, I was scared as hell, but I took a seat. When 
the service began, a man came and sat down next to me. After he sat down, I began 
smelling something. It was a smell I had never smelt before. The only thing I can 
compare it to is a reptile and vinegar. After smelling it, I became very 
uncomfortable. I tried to remain calm and just sat there quietly until the service was 
over. When the service ended, they said: “You can leave now”. After that, I knew I 
wasn’t dealing with the government anymore. I realized that whoever | was dealing 

with was extraterrestrial, so I became very scared. 

I received no further instructions from them after that, so I began applying 
for jobs again. Even though I had done exactly as I was told, they still followed me 
everywhere | went. As time went on, they started harassing me day and night. I 
began to hear voices more often and I began to hallucinate things that I knew 
weren't real. They also started playing with me sexually. Both the males and the 
females would play out their sexual fantasies in my mind. This came with random 
and uncontrollable erections as well as extreme anal stimulation. (See Brain & 

Behavior & Martian Tech) 

The harassment continued for weeks and intensified as time went on. I did 
my absolute best to maintain my sanity and tried to avoid them. This worked for a 
while, but eventually I had a huge meltdown. One day, I was in the bakery at 
Safeway when I got surrounded by a bunch of old men. Some of them looked at me 
and sniffed, so I knew it was them. They started stimulating my penis and anus 

simultaneously, then they spoke aggressively. They said: 

“Humans are nothing more than the result of a successful genetic experiment.” 

“You are a threat to the way these people think and you can no longer be free in 

“Your life is over” 

“You are nothing but a toy. Your purpose now is to suck (their penis).” 

They continued to say other explicit things that were so obscene I won't 
repeat them here. Before they finished talking, | became enraged. It took every 
ounce of willpower I had not to kill them. I left the store and tried to calm down but 
it only got worse. The rest of the night they continually stimulated my penis and I 
couldn’t stop ejaculating. It got to the point where I was in serious pain. They finally 
stopped after | broke down and became completely distraught. I knew I couldn’t 
take any more, so I attempted suicide. I filled a charcoal grill with lit coals, put it in 

my car and rolled up the windows. I reclined my seat, laid there calmly, then fell 

asleep. I should have died but they woke me up in an extreme panic, which caused 

me to get out of the car. 

As I slowly regained consciousness, | felt very upset to still be alive. | had no 
clue where to go at that point, so I decided to check myself into the VA. They shipped 
me Straight to the mental ward and I was admitted. Nothing improved while I was 
there. The medication they gave me did absolutely nothing. I just sat there 
surrounded by a bunch of psychotic people and became exasperated. I knew their 
goal was to ruin my life by making me into a crazy person. I became determined not 

to let that happen and | started fighting back. 

After leaving the VA, everything I tried to do with my life was sabotaged. 
They didn’t want me dead, but they also weren't going to let me live. In desperation, 
I went back to The Altar to ask them what they wanted from me. I didn’t know what 

else to do... 

(Before | tell you their reply, | need to make an important caveat here. I had endured so much abuse by this time 
that | was numb to them. The details of what they've done to me aren't essential to the story, so | won't include them 
here. If you want to know more about what I've been through, or more about them, write me. Just realize I've been 
tortured more than a POW.) 

Their response was: “We want you as our sex slave.” Thinking they were 
serious, I sat there waiting for them to do something. All they did was say: “Keep 
coming to church”, so I did. After a few more services, I found myself talking to Tim 
Remington face to face. He was telling me that I should consider becoming a 
minister. We were in mid conversation when he suddenly revealed himself to me. I 
have no clue how he did it, but it looked as if his human face became his real face. It 
happened for only 1-2 seconds, but I was able to draw a sketch of what I saw. His 
eyes really stood out so they captured my attention. They were huge and bulging, 
the eyelids were darker green, and the irises were yellow/brown with slit pupils. 
After witnessing this, nothing else happened. I continued attending The Altar for a 

few more services waiting for them to do something, They did nothing except for tell 

me to “submit” and “surrender”. I had no clue what they meant, so I left the church 

and never went back. 


After leaving The Altar, they gave me some breathing room. They held back 
on their harassment and I began to recover. I decided to make one final attempt at a 
normal life by pursuing a career as a pharmacist. | started taking classes at NIC to 
finish up the pre-req’s I needed. I also started volunteering at a local pharmacy. 
Unfortunately, they followed me to school. There were several of them in every class 
I took. They made it impossible for me to study, and they continually harassed me 
especially while I took tests. Even with all of this going on, I still somehow managed 

to get an A- in A&P during the fall semester. 

Sadly, my success was short lived. The pressure this semester (Spring 2016) 
is FAR too intense. Every time I go to class, they start manipulating my brain until | 
go into a blind rage. Sometimes they suppress my brain until I begin to blackout. 
They also manipulate my heart rate and flood my body with adrenaline over and 
over again making me extremely uncomfortable. The females stimulate my penis 

when they are close, and the males stimulate my anus. It’s incredibly exhausting. 

I struggled to pass my tests so they couldn’t blame this on me failing out of 
school. I want to continue, but I simply cannot. Every moment | spend in the 
classroom is absolute torture. The classes themselves are extremely difficult without 
all this added pressure. The worst part is I received an interview for ISU’s pharmacy 
program (see personal documents). Since I cannot continue with the classes, there is 
no reason to go to the interview. My chance at a normal life has been ruined. They've 

also been depriving me of sleep, so I don’t have the strength to continue. 

I was too smart for my own good, so they decided to remove me from society. 

They were worried I might change the way other people think, which could lead to 

problems. Problems in the form of scientific revolutions. If we get much smarter as a 

species, we are going to become a threat to their existence. 

If you talk to me in person, you will see that I’m not crazy at all. The Martians 
are just so good at hiding in plain sight that no one would know they exist unless 
they revealed themselves. They are able to fool us so well that what I’m saying 
sounds impossible. However, they are 100% real. Realize their technology is millions 
of years more advanced than ours. Think about that for a second. Think about the 
advancement we have made in the last 100 years. Once you've done that, try to 

imagine what millions of years of technology would look like. 

The President is well aware of them, which is why I wrote him a personal 
letter. | hope he does something about it. I have done nothing wrong to deserve 
what’s happened to me. I tried literally everything to find a job, and they sabotaged 
me at every corner. Initially, | thought the right thing to do was kill myself. After 

attempting suicide twice, it became clear they weren't going to let me die easy. 

My last resort was to take actions to bring this to the public’s attention. | 
hope something good comes of it. Just realize that I’m a good person, and I’m 
completely innocent. Also realize that the ‘people’ | killed are not what you think. 

(Read Martian Technology to understand) 

T ke it ve! r.Tim hn were NOT wild human beings. 
Wild Humans = normal people like you and I. 
Tim and John = minds were controlled from birth by Martians. 

It’s hard to imagine I know. Nonetheless, it’s all true. Why would I give up a career 

as a pharmacist to do this? 

I left out many details from my story. I wanted to write only the most critical events 
in order to make it coherent. If you want to know more, like how I discovered there 

are multiple species of them, feel free to write me. 

Why would aliens hide in a church? 
Same reason terrorists hide in Mosques. If you’re doing very bad things and 
you want to avoid getting caught, you will put up a front to make yourself 

look like a good person. 

How do you know about their technology? 
I have seen them use it, and they have talked to me about it. This was how | 
learned about their breeding stock of remote control humans. Physically, 

their humans are no different than us, they just lack a mind of their own. 

Why would they tell you so much? 
They value me because I’m smart. They were also very confident they could 
take control of my mind. Turns out they couldn’t. Anyway, in the interim, 
some of us developed a personal relationship. They are very arrogant, so they 
told me much more than they should have. This allowed me to understand 

some of the things they can do. 

What else have you seen? 

I have seen them make things appear out of nowhere. One time I was sitting 
ona couch and a dollar bill appeared on my lap. Another time while driving, 
they made a paper bag appear in my passenger seat. They used random 
unsuspecting items so no one would think anything of it. I was alone both 
times this happened. 

I’m pretty sure they can pop in and out of this dimension based on other 
things I've seen. I’m also pretty sure they can overlap our reality with an 
alternate dimension. I say this because I have gone into stores (where I know 
the employees) and suddenly there are all new employees who I've never 

seen before. 

Some of the other things I’ve seen are so strange I literally cannot describe 
them. This all makes sense though. Their technology is millions of years 

ahead of ours, so it should be incomprehensible to us. 

Why did they target you? 

They started following me after I encountered the being through meditation. 
Since my mind was so expanded from the experience, they deemed me a 
threat to the rest of society. They thought I would change the way people 
think, so they decided to remove me from society. 

I began to have profound thoughts about Genetics while ] was at graduate 
school, which is another factor. If certain ways of thinking are allowed to 
exist, revolutions will take place. They could not afford for us to have a 
revolution in Genetics. If we did, we could eliminate diseases, cancers, and 
many other things that plague us. They need us to remain ignorant and 

continue struggling, otherwise we will become a threat to them. 

(This will not make sense unless you are the President or one of his close friends. If this doesn’t pertain to you, please ignore it) 

Mr. President, 

e | want to thank you for your sacrifice to this country. 

e = It’s very upsetting to hear you talk about the things they do to you. Why do you let them? 

¢ | suppose you have no other choice. 

e I've been struggling with them myself for over a year now. 

e [had nothing to lose, so | chose this instead. | could never tolerate that much abuse. 

¢ [hope you don’t take any of their threats too seriously. Everything is a game to them. 

e Realize they consider the entire human race a plaything, including you. 

e They brag to me about what they do to you........... 

e |’m sure you already know, but he doesn’t love you. Their brains don’t even work that way. 

e [don’t know you personally, but they've shown me a lot about you. You're an amazing person. 
e {hope you stop letting them humiliate you. Why be afraid to retaliate? Kennedy wasn’t. 

e It's time someone took a stand to end this nonsense. Can you think of a better legacy than that? 
e What's worse: Having everyone know the reality of the situation, or watching some of our best 

and brightest become slaves? 

| wish you the very best with the remainder of your presidency. 
If you’re still in there, stay strong!


U.S. Senators U.S. House of Israeli Leadership 
Roy Blunt Lee Rosenberg 
Roger Wicker Dan Lipinski Afu Agbaria 
Richard Durbin Mike Quigley Haneen Zoabi 
Patty Murray Brett Guthrie Shaul Mofaz 
Tom Carper Steve Scalise Issawi Frej 
Ben Cardin Gary Palmer David Azulai 
Mitch McConnell Terri Sewell Yair Shamir 
Ron Wyden Martha McSally Shimon Solomon 
Tim Scott David Schweikert Nan Gilon 
Bill Cassidy Ruben Gallego Elazar Stern 
Barbara Mikulski Jared Huffman Gilad Erdan 
Elizabeth Warren Mike Thompson Danny Danon 
Kelly Ayotte Doris Matsui Haim Katz 
John Barrasso Nancy Pelosi Moshe Feiglin 
Jeanne Shaheen Ami Bera Yehiel Bar 
Debbie Stabenow Mark DeSaulnier Omer Bar-Lev 
David Valadao Michal Biran 
Devin Nunes Uri Ariel 
Lois Capps Eli Ben-Dahan 
Steve Knight Avi Wortzman 
Brad Sherman Eli Yishai 
Raul Ruiz Amnon Cohen 
Scott Peter Nissim Ze’ev 
John Larson Uri Maklev 
Rosa DeLauro Yisrael Eichler 
John Carney Jr. Dov Khenin 
Jeff Miller Masud Ghnaim 
Tom Rooney Ahmad Tibi 
John Lewis & every single Prime 
Hank Johnson Minister since 1948 
Austin Scott 
Tom Graves There are many 
Luis Gutierrez others from Israel. 

Luke Messer 
Andre Carson 
& more. 

Too many to list. 

This is by no means an all-inclusive list. Martians are ubiquitous. They exist at every level of 
society in every nation. Some have blue collar jobs, while others occupy positions of power. They 
control our government, our military, and Corporate America as well. They keep track of every 
‘wild’ human on the planet and manage us like animals in a zoo. Our ‘freedom’ is a carefully crafted 

Early Civilization & The Bible 

Genetic evidence has shown that modern humans originated in Africa 
~200,000 years ago. Before civilization, we lived in tribes of hunter-gatherer’s. The 
hunter-gatherer lifestyle dominated for tens of thousands of years. As our ancestors 
began to master their environment, they migrated out of Africa. They spread out 
into Europe and Asia, then began settling near bodies of water. Eventually, we 

discovered agriculture, which led to the formation of the first civilizations. 

Around 3800 BC, there was an ancient Mesopotamian city called Ur. Ur was 
one of the most important city-states of the time period. It was located near the 
mouth of the Euphrates on the Persian Gulf. It was the southern-most 
Mesopotamian city, which left it exposed. This location on the outskirts of the 
ancient world made Ur an ideal place for Martians to visit. At least two species of 
Martians visited Ur, which was documented by its inhabitants. (I was contacted by 

both of these species as well) The two species are: 

1) Amphibian-humanoids 

2) Reptilian-humanoids 

The humans living in Ur created figurines to document what they had seen. If 
you search for Mesopotamia, or Ur, you will find the sculptures these people made. 
Some of them depict amphibian-humanoids, others depict reptilian-humanoids. 
They also made many figurines of people with gigantic eyes. I’m not sure what the 

people with gigantic eyes are. 

e Ididn’t have time to finish this document. 
e The bible was inspired by Martians, not God. There is no god. 

e They created religion to keep mankind divided. 

God was a concept created by the Martians to control the minds of 
primitive man. 

Read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins if you need convincing. 

Also check: 

Jesus was a megalomaniacal fraud, a liar, and a jerk. He was no savior, 
and he certainly wasn’t unique. During Jesus’ time, many other people 
emerged claiming to be the savior of all mankind. The Martians saw 
this as a problem for their Jewish traditions, so they decided to use 
Jesus to their advantage. If they sacrificed Jesus as ‘the messiah’, then 
people would stop proclaiming themselves to be a savior. Voila, 
problem solved. 

The only good thing religion ever brought us was traditions. 
Traditions bring us together as families, as friends, and as a species. 

One more thing: God existing as a ‘trinity’ comes from the Martians. 
Write me if you want to know more. 

Our Plight 

I didn’t have time to finish this. 

“We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it.” 
-Dwight D Eisenhower 

“Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing 
opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.” 
-John F Kennedy 

Every president finds out that Martians are real. President Eisenhower warned us 
about them. President Kennedy stood up against them. 

They’re the reason we have so many languages and so many nations. They 
constantly pit nations against each other, which makes a lot of sense. If we are 
constantly at war with each other, we'll never make progress as a species. This is 
how they maintain complete and absolute control. 

Have you ever wondered why a war zone is also known as “A Theatre”? It’s because 
war is entertainment! That’s why. 

Entertainment for whom? The Martians! They enjoy watching conflict, they enjoy 
watching us suffer, and they enjoy watching death. It’s one of their most basic needs. 
When you know about their brain, this makes perfect sense. 

They try to keep us ina constant state of fear by filling the news with horror stories. 
This is another one of their most basic control mechanisms. 

They constantly stir up controversy to keep us divided: Black lives matter, violence 
against police, Islam vs. Christianity, immigrants taking our jobs, Zika, etc. (Yes, they 
can create viruses) 

Some of the top officials in our government/military are their pawns. The Martian’s 
rape them (sexually) and force them to do whatever else they want. Ask President 
Obama if you don’t believe me. 

To Martians, humans are nothing more than a plaything. 

You might be wondering: Why do they do this to us? It’s because we rejected them. 
Many times. In ancient Mesopotamia, they tried to live among us. It never worked 
out no matter how many times they tried. This caused them to develop extreme 
animosity towards us. Consequently, they have a vendetta against every wild human. 

The actual Martians themselves have zero self-esteem. This is why they live 
vicariously as humans. 

They can also take control of ‘wild’ human minds. I have seen them do this to 
multiple people, and they've done it to me as well. The only time they’re able to take 
control of my mind is when they wake me up in the middle of the night. They make 
me say extremely strange things and flail my body parts around like a puppet. 

They tried to take complete control of my mind on multiple occasions while I was at 
school. They were never able to. This angered them severely, which is why they 
caused me to drop out of school. I have no options left. They have no intention of 
letting me live a life. 

Martian Brain & Behavior 

I've observed their behavior for almost a year now. Consequently, I’ve been 
able to make several deductions about them. The first deduction is based on their 

primary characteristics, which include: 

1. They are hypersexual 
2. They are hyperaggressive 
3. They are fearful and paranoid 

In the human brain, the amygdala is responsible for all of these 
characteristics. Therefore, Martian’s must have an analogous structure, and it must 
be greatly enlarged. The morphology of their brain is also markedly different than 

ours. I know this because I’ve seen what the amphibian-humanoids look like. 

The males are extremely aggressive. In their society there is only one thing, 
and that is power. Whoever is the smartest, biggest, and strongest wins. One time, I 
was talking to a young male who kept trying to intimidate/scare me. He saw that I 
was still confident in myself and immediately became discouraged. He stopped what 
he was doing and said “you think you're better than me”, then hung his head and 
walked away. I told him that wasn’t true but he wouldn’t listen. After this, every 
time I encountered one of the males in public they would attack me (mentally) until 
they destroyed my self-esteem. They did this because they are scared to death of my 
intelligence. The only way they have the confidence to talk with me is if I’m scared 

for my life or completely despondent. 

To the males, everything is black or white. There is no middle ground. They 
are power hungry megalomaniacs obsessed with control. If they are not 100% in 

control of every situation, they panic. If something happens they aren’t anticipating, 

they get very upset. They hate surprises. I know this because I was smart enough to 

trick them a few times. 

To recap, the males are: 
1) Megalomaniacal 

Obsessed with sex 

Se oS 

Extremely aggressive 


Fearful and paranoid 


Power hungry 

Obsessed with control 


Sound familiar? Who else do you know that has these characteristics? If you 
answered: God from the bible, you are correct. Martians are responsible for the God 
myth. Martians may have created humans, as they claimed, but they are certainly 
not Gods themselves. They are just another intelligent species that evolved on a 
neighboring planet. There is no God. There is no heaven. There is no hell. Earth is as 
close to heaven as we'll ever get, and we are letting the Martians ruin it. They are 
going to destroy Earth just like they destroyed Mars if we let them. Our survival 

rests in their hands for the time being. 

Origins — Part 1 

In order to talk about life on Mars, first we need to discuss where the solar 
system came from. Before our sun or any of the planets existed, our solar system 
was part of a giant molecular cloud. The birth of our solar system began when a 
gravitational disturbance occurred inside this cloud. As gravity took over, the mass 
of the molecular cloud began collapsing on itself, which led to the formation of our 
sun. As the sun formed, a huge mass of dust began collapsing around it, which 
flattened out into a protoplanetary disk. The material of the protoplanetary disk 
then began to accrete and coalesce. This process gradually led to the formation of 

the planets, moons, asteroids, and comets in our solar system. 

During this time, the solar system was an incredibly hot place. The surface of 
the rocky planets (earth & mars) was molten. The early solar system was also 
swarming with comets and asteroids, which constantly bombarded the planets and 
their moons. The timescales of these events were massive, occurring over billions of 
years. In order to understand Origins - Part 2, you have to understand the 

fundamentals of cosmology. 

Unless you have a firm grasp on cosmology, I highly recommend using the 
links above to broaden your understanding before continuing. 

Origins — Part 2 

Once you feel comfortable with the basics of cosmology, let’s continue from 
where we left off. You'll recall that Earth and Mars were molten and being 
bombarded by asteroids. Earth and Mars developed from the same material, and 
they are positioned next to each other, so it shouldn’t surprise you that their 

composition is similar. Both have iron cores and both have volcanoes. Because of 

this, it follows that mars developed an early atmosphere very similar to earths. 

An atmosphere is one of the key requirements for biological life to exist. The 
other key ingredient is liquid water. As Mars began to cool down, it started to 
develop an atmosphere. Since Mars is further from the sun, its surface cooled much 
faster than Earths. Eventually, Mars cooled down enough that liquid water could 
accumulate on its surface. Once this happened, biological life began evolving on 

Mars. (This likely occurred before the Earth even had liquid water). 

Before we talk about life evolving on Mars, it’s important to understand the 
concept of convergent evolution. One of the best examples of convergent evolution 
comes from mammals. Mammals in Australia evolved into marsupials whereas 
mammals in North America evolved into placentals. This is an example of how two 
isolated populations can evolve similar traits even though they exist in completely 

different environments. With this in mind, let’s talk about evolution on Mars. 

Reptiles and amphibians evolved here on Earth, so convergent evolution tells 
us they should have first evolved on Mars. For whatever reason, the reptiles and 
amphibians of Mars developed intelligence while Earth’s did not. By the time 
Dinosaurs evolved on Earth, the Martians were already a technologically advanced 
civilization. They were so advanced they survived their own planets demise and 
colonized the Earth. They also converted the moon into a home, and I’m fairly 

certain they caused the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. How else do you colonize a 

planet that is covered with giant monsters who want to eat you? Anyway, there is 
loads of evidence to back this up. Look into it. Look into the orbit of the moon, and 
the fact that it does not rotate at all. Look into the fact that the moon is hollow. Look 
into the fact that there are underground bases in mountains and under the oceans. 
They don’t belong to us; they are inhabited by Martians. The truth is out there; it’s 

just submerged in a sea of disinformation! 

HEN a child ts born ita sence- 
organs are brought in contact 
with the outer world. 

The waves of sound, heat and light 
heat upon ils feeble body, its sensi- 
tive nerve-fibres quiver, the musclea 
contract and relax in obedience: a 
gasp, 6 breath, and in thi act a mary 
clous little engine, of inconceivable 
delicacy and complexity of construc 
flon, unilise any on is hitched to 
the wheelwork of tha Universe. 

Tho little engine labors and grows, 
performs more and more involved 
operations, becomes sensitive to ever 
subtler influences and now there 
manifesta itself in the fully developed 
being—Dian—a desire mysterious, in- 
serutable and irresistible: to imitate 
nature, to create, to work himself tha 
wonders he perceives, 

se 8 

Tospired to this tosk he searches, 

| discovers and invents, designs and 

| constructs, and enriches with monu- 

| mente of beauly, grandeur and avo, 
the atar of his birth, 

He descends into the bowels of the 
globe to bring forth ite hidden treas- 
ures and to untock its imavense frupeia~ 
oned energies for his use, 

Ho invades the dark depths of the 
ocean and the azure rugiona of the 

He neers into the innermost nooks 

er, Cee wee meee 

to his service the flerce, devastating 
spark of Prometheus, the titanic 
forces of the waterfall, the wind and 
the tide. 

He tames the thundering bolt of 
Jove and annihilates time and space. 
He makes the great Sun Iteclf his 
obedient toiling slave. 

Such is his power and might that 
the heavens reverberate and the whole 
earth trembles by the mere sound of 
his volce, 

o.e° @ 

What has the future in store for 

this strange being, born of a breath, | 

of perishable tissue, yet immortal, 
with his powers fearful and divine? 
What magic will be wrought by him 
in the end? What & to be his greatest 
deed, his crowning achievemant? 
Long ago he recognized that alt 
perceptible matter comes from a pri- 
mary substance, of a tenuity beyond 

| conception and filling all spece—the 

Akasa ar luminiferous ether—which is 
acted upon by the life-giving Prana or 
exentlve foreo, calling into axistenco, 
in nover onding cycles, all things and 

The primary substance, thrown. 

Into infinitesimal whitla of prodigious 
velocity, becomes gross motiers tho 
foreo subsiding, the motion conses and 
Matter disappears, reverting to the 
primary substance. 

fm nature? Can he harness her inex: 
haustible energies to perform all their 
functions at his bidding, more still— 
can he go refine his means of control 
as to put them in operation simply by 
the force of his will? 

ee - 

Tf he could do this he would have 
powers almost unilmited and super- 
natural. At his command, with but a 
alight effort on his part, old worlds 
would disappear and naw ones of his 
planning would spring into being, 

He could fix, solidify and preserve 
the ethereal shapes of his imagining, 
the Heating visions of his dreams, He 
could express all the creations of his 
mind, on any seate, in forms concrete 
and impertshable. 

He could alter the aize of this 
planet, control ila seasons, gitide it 
along any path he might choose 
through the depths of the Universe, 

He could make planets collide and 
produce his sums and stars, his heat 
and light. He could originale and de- 
valog life In ail ita Infinite forme, 

e . *. 

To create and to annihilate mater . 
fol subslance, cause it to aggregate 
In forms secording to tls desire, 
would bo the supreme manifestation 
of the: power of Man‘s mind, his-most 
comoleta triumoh aver tha nhvafeal 

Martian Technology 

“If you wish to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, 
frequency, and vibration.” 
-Nikola Tesla 

Nikola Tesla was one of the most brilliant men of all time. He laid the 
foundations for modern society by inventing alternating current. If it weren't for his 
inventions, we would not have any of the luxuries we now take for granted. Tesla 
was lightyears ahead of his time in terms of his thinking. Not only did he create AC 
power, he also invented radio, discovered electrogravitics, and stumbled upon the 
waves Martians use to communicate. Sadly, many of his discoveries are forbidden 
knowledge so they have been hidden. The species who run this planet cannot allow 
us to have the same technology they do. If we did, we would become a threat to their 
existence. This is why Tesla’s work was seized by ‘FBI agents’ immediately after his 
death. No one knows what happened to it. Fortunately, Tesla spoke enough about 
what he discovered that we can still gain a glimpse of what he knew... As Tesla said, 

the key to everything is energy, frequency, and vibration. 

If you know anything about physics or chemistry, then you know that 
everything is composed of atoms. Atoms are composed of smaller particles called 
protons, neutrons, and electrons. The protons, neutrons, and electrons themselves 
are composed of even smaller particles, and so on. The smaller you get, the stranger 
things become. Ultimately, matter and everything in the universe can be thought of 
in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. The computer you’re reading this on, 
the chair you’re sitting in, even you. Everything can be viewed in terms of waves & 

energy. Keep this fact in mind as you read the rest of this article. 

The waves Martians use to communicate are something Tesla called ‘non- 
hertzian waves’. These waves are also known as ‘longitudinal waves’ or ‘transverse 
waves’. According to Tesla, non-hertzian waves are much more efficient and reliable 

than hertzian waves (aka electromagnetic waves). They are capable of traveling vast 
distances with essentially no signal attenuation. Every other type of wave, radio for 
example, loses signal strength the further they travel from the source. You already 
know this from experience if you’ve ever traveled long distance in a car. Once you 
reach a certain distance, you can no longer listen to your local stations. With this 
distinction out of the way, let’s continue by discussing how Tesla discovered 

Martian communication signals. 

In 1899, Tesla moved to the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Colorado Springs. He 
built a receiver and transmitter that could send and receive ‘non-hertzian waves’. 
He installed this equipment on the roof of the hotel and began receiving signals of an 
unknown origin. He claimed to be talking with Martians, but no one took him 
seriously. It couldn’t make more sense though. If non-hertzian waves are superior, 
then it’s obvious the Martians would be using them. As Tesla continued with his 
research, he began to understand the sheer power of wave technology. The 

following quote demonstrates this: 

“He could alter the size of this planet, control its seasons, guide it along any 
path he might choose through the depths of the Universe. He could make 
planets collide and produce his suns and stars, his heat and light. He could 
originate and develop life in all its infinite forms.” 

-Nikola Tesla from Man’s Greatest Achievement 

It’s kind of scary to think about controlling planetary bodies with wave 
technology. Imagine the devastation that could be caused if it were used for 
destructive purposes. Say for example, colonizing a planet. Imagine back to the days 
of the dinosaurs. The Martians wanted to colonize our planet but the dinosaurs were 
in the way. Martians have the technology to harness planetary bodies, so imagine 
them sending a massive asteroid on a collision course with Earth... Voila. Dinosaurs 

are dead, colonization can commence. 


Everything in our bodies runs on electrical impulses. Our brains operate over 
a wide range of electrical frequencies shown here. Everything we experience in life 
is simply the result of electrical activity. To be more precise, everything we 
experience is the sequence of a series of action potentials occurring in the central 
nervous system. Think about that for a second. Every thought, every perception, and 
every action are all governed by electrical impulses. I won't try to expand on this 
here, but it’s incredibly important to understand the nervous system and how it 
works. If you care to learn about the nervous system from a video, I highly 

recommend checking out crash course on YouTube: 


If our perception occurs due to electrical impulses, it follows that it can be 
manipulated with the right technology. This is why Martian’s are able to directly 
alter our perception. They have the technology. They can trick our brain into: visual 
and auditory hallucinations, smelling, tasting, heart rate fluctuations, erections, and 
every other CNS event. This provides a full explanation of how they manipulated my 
penis as described in My Story. Read about the science behind an erection here if 

you're not convinced yet. 

So as you can see, Tesla was right. Energy, frequency, and vibration allow us 
to control the world around us. The Martian’s have known this for eons, and they 
use it against us. As I said before, they own a massive stock of humans, which they 
breed and control from birth. Since they have the technology to control a central 

nervous system, they can operate their ‘humans’ like remote control toys. 

Unfortunately for us ‘wild’ humans, they can control us too. 

ig hn ts Po 
Ht Nat. Hunky. 
2 bn ase alle me Wel 

wv vitces ty Ne, on 
Alte arabic tana 
di Ta ale 

TL nly-ronrer Are quel nepeatroe beeuce eae, Her, 


This Report Contains Information Subject to the Privacy Act of 1974, As Amended. 



: p 

7a. PLACE OF ENTRY INTO ACTIVE DUTY b, HOME OF RECORD AT TIME OF ENTRY (City and state, or complete address if known) 
Spokane MEPS 4108 Staples Avenue 
Spokane, WA 99201-1008 Coeur D Alene, ID 83815 

CG, Marine Corps Mobilization Command, Kansas City, MO 64147-1207 (RUC 36005 AMOUNT: $400,000 

11, PRIMARY SPECIALTY (Lisi number, title and years and months in 12, RECORD OF SERVICE YEAR(S) 

specialty. List additional specialty numbers and tiles involving periods of 
nae or piles years.) e Mu ae a. DATE ENTERED AD THIS PERIOD 

6048 - Flight Equipment Technician b, SEPARATION DATE THIS PERIOD 
(3 Years, 3 Month) 
No further entries // d. TOTAL PRIOR ACTIVE SERVICE 


43. DECORATIONS, MEDALS, BADGES, CITATIONS AND CAMPAIGN | 14. MILITARY EDUCATION (Course title, number of weeks, and month and 
RIBBONS AWARDED OR AUTHORIZED (Ail periods of service) year completed) 

Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal (w/1 Star), Avionics Technician Common Course (21 Weeks, Sept 2007). 
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Service Aircrew Survival Equipment Technician Course (Sept 2007). 
Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Letter of Appreciation (2), No further entries.// 
Certificate of Appreciation, Rifle Expert Badge, Pistol Sharpshooter 
No further entries.// 


c. ENLISTED UNDER LOAN REPAYMENT PROGRAM (10 USC Chap. 109) (if yes, years of commitment: 


[No Sie : Z S ae s s pean a 
DD FORM 214, AUG 2009 MEMBER - 4 

Adobe Designer 8.0 

Go all to oho these Tetters shall come, Greeting: 
‘The Regents of the Hniversity, upon recoumendation of the Faulty, 
and by virtue of the authority in them bested, hnive this day admitted 

Kyle Odom 
to the degree of 

Bachelor of Sctence tn Biochemistry 
Bagna Gum Eaude 

ith all the Rights, Privileges, and Honors us Gael as the Obligations ud Responsibilities 
therewuta sppertrining. Given at Mascots, Bdaho, this sixteenth day of Any, 
Hoo thousand md fourters, ix the our kunbred and Usenty-sith gear of the Zluiversity. 

vate ee Pref abr 

Idaho State 


College of Pharmacy 
Office of the Associate Dean 
921 South 8th Avenue, Stop 8288 ¢ Pocatello, Idaho 83209-8288 
1311 East Central Drive ¢ Meridian, Idaho 83642-7991 

February 8, 2016 

Kyle Odom 
4108 Staples Avenue 
Coeur d Alene, [D 83815 

Dear Kyle, 

Congratulations, you have been selected for a personal interview to be considered for 
acceptance into the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Idaho State University. This final phase 
of our selection process is mandatory in order to be considered further for admission. The 

tnterviaw dates are: 
inverview Gates are. 

Pocatello, Idaho — February 26, March 4, 10 and 11 
Meridian, Idaho — February 26, March 4, 10 and 11 

You may choose to interview in either Pocatello or Meridian, Idaho, depending on availability. 
Please note, the date or location selected for your interview does not influence your 
application status or your final site location placement. 

Call (208) 282-3475 or email Emily Edwards at to schedule your 
interview day in Pocatello or Meridian, Idaho. You are responsible for all expenses incurred 
as a result of the interview process (travel, meals, lodging, etc.). 

Plan to be at your interview location at 8:30AM and depart early afternoon, approximately 
3:00PM. The entering class is not selected until after the final interview day. Once the 
entering class is identified, we will then seek to place students at their preferred site. 

During the interviews, you may be asked to discuss your perceptions of a career in pharmacy, 
motivation, future career goals, and academic personal strengths and weaknesses. There will 
also be ethical dilemmas and critical thinking scenarios presented in a brief interview format. 
The interviews are important — dress appropriately, in a professional manner, and come 

If you are accepted into the Doctor of Pharmacy program, you will be required to submit a 
nonrefundable seat-hold fee. The fee will be credited toward your fall 2016 program fees and 
tuition. The fee is $500 for Idaho residents and $1,500 for non-Idaho residents. Site 
preferences will be assigned based on the order that seat-hold fees are received. 

We look forward to meeting you during your visit to the ISU College of Pharmacy. 


Catherine Cashmore, PharmD, MS, ANP 
Associate Dean 

Phone: (208) 282-3475 © 



Kyle Odom 

4108 Staples Avenue « Coeur d Alene, ID, 83815 - 208-699-9558 . 

PROFILE Results-driven, hard working, fast learning, quality-minded, organized. 
Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 
Strong critical and creative thinking skills. 

Great attention to detail. 


EDUCATION University of Idaho - Moscow, ID 
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry . 2011-2014 

o Graduated Magna Cum Laude. 

o Honors: Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Sigma Biological Sciences, Golden Key 

o Wona highly competitive INBRE Fellowship in Summer 2013. 

EXPERIENCE Pharmacy: Medicine Man Prairie « Hayden, ID - 2015 

o Observed the workflow ofa retail pharmacy. 

co Learned how to design ‘MedPaks’ with Parata pharmacy automation equipment. 
o. Observed inventory being accepted, scanned, and stocked. 

o Learned how to compound various medications including: Topical creams, 
morphine and fentanyl cassettes, liquid suspensions, suppositories, and pills. 
Learned how Hospice medications are billed & delivered. 

Watched the Pharmacists use ComputerRxX for: verifying patient medications, 
reviewing drug interactions, billing, and all other tasks. 


Undergraduate Research: University of Idaho - Moscow, ID - 2013-2014 

o Prepared reagents, solutions, and agar plates. 

o Performed: Transformations in E. coli and yeast, PCR, DNA preps, Western blots, 
serial dilution growth assays, yeast chronological lifespan assays, SDS-PAGE, DNA 
agarose gels, & more. 

Performed stress tolerance and lifespan experiments on yeast mutants. 

Found a positive correlation between a conserved gene and yeast lifespan. 
Discovered functions of a yeast protein called CNS1. 

Designed PCR primers. 

Tagged genes with GFP. 


Flight Equipment Technician: USMC . Camp Pendleton, CA - 2006-2010 

© Collaborated with different maintenance shops to perform multifaceted tasks on 
CH-46 Helicopters. 

o Gained leadership experience by training junior marines and learning how to 
manage a workload. 

o Awards: Good Conduct Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Sea Service Deployment 
Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal, 
Physical Fitness Award, 2 Letter’s of Appreciation, 1 Certificate of Appreciation. 

o Honorable Discharge. 

Transcript Data 


Name: Kyle A. Odom 

Curriculum Information 


B.S. Biochem. 

Program: B.S. Biochemistry 
College: Science 

Major and Department: Biochemistry, Biological Sciences 
***This is NOT an Official Transcript*** 

Graduated: B.S. Biochem. Degree Date: May 16, 2014 

Honors: Magna Cum Laude 


Subject Course Title Grade Credit Hrs Quality Points 

COMM 101 Fundamntls Public A 3 12 

cs 101 Intro to Comp Sci A 3 12 

ENGL 101 Intro to College A 3 12 

ENGL 102 College Writing & A 3 12 

INTR 101 Freshmn Transition A 1 4 

MATH 108 Intermediate Algebra A 4 16 

PEB 106 Individual & Dual B 4 3 

PSYC 101 Introduction to Psyc A 3 12 

Current Term: Attempt Passed Earned Quality GPA 

Hours Hours Hours Points 
21 21 21 83 


Unofficial Transcript 


Subject Course Title Grade Credit Hrs Quality Points 

ACCT 000 Financial Accntng A 3 12 

BUS 000 Adv Cmptr Based A 3 12 

BUS 000 Social Rspnsblty A 3 12 
& Ethics 

MATH 143 Pre-calculus Alg/ A 3 12 
Analytic Geom 

Current Term: Attempt Passed Earned Quality. ~ GPA 

Hours Hours Hours Points 

12 12 48 4.00 

Unofficial Transcript 


Subject Course Title Grade: Credit Hrs Quality Points 

AERO 000 Gen Sctn/AC Mntc P 2 0 
Tech Prgm 

BUS 000 Personal Finance P 4 0 

BUS 000 Management P 1 0 

ED 000 Intro to Education P 1 0 

ENGL 000 English P 1 0 

GNRC 000 Fund of Refrig P 3 0 

H&S 000 Industrial Safety P 1 0 

MATH 000 Fundamental Tech P 3 0 

MS 000 Basic Military Sci P 2 0 

MS 000 Basic Military Skills/ P 3 0 
Mil Sci 

MS 000 Leadership P 1 0 

MS 000 Military Studies/Sci P 5 0 

MS 0008 Land Navigation/ P 3 0 
Tactical Op 

PEB 000 Basic Martial Arts P 2 0 

PEB 000 Physical Education P 1 0 

PSYC 000 Counsling Prin & Ed P 2 0 

REC 000 Orienteering/Outdoor P 4 0 

Current Term: Attempt Passed Earned Quality - GPA 
Hours Hours Hours Points 
33 33 33 0 0 

Unoffical Transcript 


Subject Course Title ‘Grade Credit Hrs Quality Points 

GNRC 000 Aircraft Survival P 4 0 
Sys Mntc 

GNRC 000A ss Aircraft Survival P 3 0 
Sys Mnte 

GNRC 000A = Survival Sys (Insp P 3 (0) 
& Rpr) 

GNCR 000B Sewing Machine P 1 0 
Oper & Fabric 

GNCR 000B Inventory Control P 1 0 

Current Term: Attempt Passed Earned Quality GPA 

Hours Hours Hours Points 

12 12 12 0 0 

Unoffical Transcript 


Term: Spring 2014 

College: Engineering 

Major: Chemical Engineering 

Academic Standing:Good Standing 

Additional Standing: Dean’s List 

Subject Course . CampusLevel Title... Grade © Credit. . QP 

ene : we Ae ee es 

CHEM 411 Moscow UG Principles of A 4 16 
Chemistry | 

cs 112 Moscow UG _iIntro/ Prob A 3 12 
Solv & Prog 

MATH 144 Moscow UG Analytic Trig A 1 4 

MATH 170 Moscow UG Analytic Geom A 16 


PHIL 103 Moscow UG_ HON: Ethics A 3 12 
Term Totals (Undergraduate) 
Attempt Passed Earned Quality GPA 
Hours Hours Hours Points 
Current Term: 15 15 15 60 4.00 
Cumulative: 15 16 15 60 4.00 

Unofficial Transcript 

Term: Fall 2011 

College: Science 

Major: Molecular Biol & Biotechnology 

Academic Standing:Good Standing 

Additional Standing: Dean’s List 

Subject Course. Campus.Level Title... Grade Credit QP 

CHE 110 Moscow UG Intro to Chem P 1 0 
lIcal Engineering 

CHE 123 Moscow UG _ Computation- Ww 0 0 
Chem Engr 

CHEM 112 Moscow UG Principles of A 5 20 
Chemistry Il 

MATH 175 Moscow UG _ Analytic Geom A 4 16 
Etry/Calculus Il 

PHYS 211 Moscow UG _ Engineering A 3 12 
Physics | 

Term Totals (Undergraduate) 

Attempt Passed Earned . Quality . GPA 
Hours Hours Hours Points 
Current Term: 16 13 13 48 4.00 
Cumulative: 30 28 28 108 4.00 

Unofficial Transcript 

Term: Spring 2012 

College: Science 

Major: Biochemistry 

Academic Standing:Good Standing 

Additional Standing: Dean’s List 

Subject Course Campus Level Title. Grade Credit QP 

BIOL 115 Moscow UG Cells & the Evo A 4 16 

Lution of Life 

MATH 275 Moscow UG AnalyticGeome A 3 12 
Try/Calculus II 

PHYS 211L Moscow UG_ Engineering Phys A 1 4 
Ics | Lab 

PHYS 212 Moscow UG_ Engineering Phys A 3 12 
Ics Il 

PHYS 212L Moscow UG _ Engineering A 1 4 
Physics I! Lab 

STAT 251 Moscow UG Statistical A 3 12 

Term Totals (Undergraduate) 
Attempt ‘Passed = —— Earned Quality. . GPA 
Hours:Hours Hours Points 
Current Term: 15 15 15 60 4.00 
Cumulative: 45 43 43 168 4.00 

Unofficial Transcript 

Term: Fall 2012 

College: Science 

Major: Biochemistry 

Academic Standing:Good Standing 

Additional Standing: Dean’s List 

Subject Course CampusLevel Title: Grade Credit . QP 

ee Hrs . : 

ANTH 100 Moscow UG Introduction to A 3 12 

CHEM 253 Moscow UG = Quantitative A 3 12 

CHEM 254 Moscow UG = Quantitative A 2 8 
Analysis Lab 

CHEM 277 Moscow UG _ Organic Chem! A 3 12 

CHEM 278 Moscow UG _ Organic Chem! A 1 4 

Term Totals (Undergraduate) 
Attempt Passed Earned Quality GPA 
Hours Hours Hours Points 
Current Term: 12 12 12 48 4.00 
Cumulative: 57 55 55 216 4.00 

Unofficial Transcript 

Term: Spring 2013 

College: Science 

Major: Biochemistry 

Academic Standing:Good Standing 

Subject Course Campus Level Title — Grade Credit QP 

‘ aes “Hrs © 

CHEM 372 Moscow UG OrganicChemil A 3 12 

CHEM 374 Moscow UG OrganicChemll A 1 4 

MMBB 401 Moscow UG _ Undergraduate A 2 8 

PHIL 351 Moscow UG _ Philosophy of A 3 12 

Term Totals (Undergraduate) 
Attempt Passed Earned Quality GPA 
Hours Hours Hours Points 
Current Term: 9 9 9 36 4.00 
Cumulative: 66 64 64 252 4.00 

Unofficial Transcript 

Term: Fall 2013 

College: Science 
Major: Biochemistry 
Academic Standing:Good Standing 
Subject Course Campus Level Title Grade Credit ap 

; ; we : Hrs. 
BIOL 310 Moscow UG_ Genetics A 4 16 
CHEM 305 Moscow UG _ Physical Chem Ww 0 0 
MMBB 380 Moscow UG Intro Biochem A 4 16 
MMBB 382 Moscow UG Intro Biochem A 2 8 

Term Totals (Undergraduate) 
Attempt Passed Earned Quality GPA 
Hours Hours Hours Points 
Current Term: 13 10 10 40 4.00 
Cumulative: 79 74 74 292 4.00 

Unofficial Transcript 

Term: Spring 2014 

College: Science 
Major: Biochemistry 
Academic Standing:Good Standing 
Additional Standing: Dean’s List 
Subject Course Campus Level Title Grade. Credit... QP 

BIOL 432 Moscow UG_ Immunology A 3 12 
CHEM 306 Moscow UG _ Physical Chem B 3 9 
CHEM 409 Moscow UG_ Proseminar A 1 4 
MMBB 400 Moscow UG Seminar P 1 0 
MMBB 442 Moscow UG _ Advanced Bio A 3 12 

Chemistry II 

PLSC 476 Moscow UG Cell Biology A 3 12 

Term Totals (Undergraduate) 
Attempt Passed Earned * Quality GPA 
Hours Hours Hours Points 
Current Term: 14 14 14 49 3.76 
Cumulative: 93 88 88 341 3.96 

Unofficial Transcript 


Level Comments: Core Satisfied 

Attempt Passed Earned Quality GPA 
Hours Hours Hours Points 

Total Institution: 93 88 88 341 3.96 
Total Transfer: 78 78 78 131 3.96 
Overall: 171 166 166 472 3.96 

Unofficial Transcript 

Psychiatry is Jewish #flushyourmeds Anti Zionism ... 
by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry ... 
by Scott Alan Barry ... 

Psychiatry is a Jewish-Communist Weapon Against White People 
December 3, 2015 by Sinead 

The American temptation is to believe that foreign policy is a subdivision of psychiatry.” 
~ Henry A. Kissinger 

The Jewish occupation governments of the West know the value of using the mental health 
system as a weapon against the people. During the reign of the Soviet Union mental asylums 
were used to destroy people who opposed Jewish communism. The Brandon Raub case 
shows how the Freemason patsy governments of the Jews try to intimidate White people 

by using bully-boy criminal tactics. 

Psychiatry is a Jewish creation. It has no foundation in science whatsoever, being the most 
fraudulent part of the entire Jewish medical establishment. A psychiatrist can do what no police 
officer can do, what no judge can do, what no forensic laboratory can do, which is to detain 
someone under the mental health act with no evidence whatsoever. Just one word is enough, 

or a sentence taken out of context. The psychiatrist can imprison a person on the basis of one 
interview and force feed him mind altering medication. The drugs themselves are dangerous 

and can easily destabilize a normal person, so in effect the psychiatrist is creating his own clientele. 

The effect of locking a person up with other drug-damaged inmates is traumatic and adds to the 
destabilizing effect of the drugs. “See, we told you he was mad” the Psychiatrist can crow after 
having mangled a human in his or her perverted care. It is a Godless, criminal, atheist doctrine of 
Frankenstein medicine, which will condemn a man for having “racist” thoughts. How stupid and 
perverted are our medical people to base a medical system on a man named Sigmund Freud, 

who stated that man’s natural instinct was to murder his father so as to have sex with his mother?! 
He also said that babies are “orgasmic”. This is against all natural instincts and the natural order of 
creation. It is all lies. 

"Jews are still over-represented in comedy and psychiatry and underrepresented in the priesthood. 
That immigrant Jewish humor is still with us.” ~Robert Klein 

This Jewish gibberish is designed to destabilize the mind of the goy for the purpose of defeating 
White nations once and for all, for international Jewry. It is another piece of the big Jewish war 

on Whites, and the idiots swallow it hook, line and sinker. These psychotropic weapons are highly 
dangerous in the hands of our enemies. They weaponize them, having people obey their “doctor’s 
orders” without consent, under the pretense of “curing” their patients of “mental disorders”. Their 
communist/Marxist agenda is to have all humans in the world submit to them and accept them as 
the most intellectual people on the planet (something only they would claim and boast). What easier 
way to control the masses than to illegitimately sneak your way into power, stealthily kill your biggest 
enemies in the process, slander the remaining opposition, then arrest them and drug them into 
obedience? The most astonishing thing is that some humans (who are of course pawns) defend 
them for this. Are we going to get rid of these parasites, or will we continue to let them do their 
demented deeds? 

The medical/pharmaceutical industry is COMPLETELY corrupt. Doctors/family doctors/GPs push 
these chemical lobotomy pills on people for OFF-LABEL use! Migraines, insomnia, smoking, chest 

pain, etc. Here is a victim who was prescribed antidepressants for insomnia: 

And here is a testimonial from a victim’s family member: 

My very active and vibrant 69 yr old mother-in-law was stressed over her daughters mental problems. 

She went to her doctor for something to help her sleep. The doctor prescribed Lorazapam 3 times a day. 
Within 2 weeks we all noticed she was having memory problems. We did a search online and found out 

that loss of memory was one of the side effects of taking that drug. I told her she needed to get weaned 

off, and that it could be very addicting. Too late — she was already hooked. We printed out the information 
we found online and presented it to her doctor; he said she hadn’t been on it long enough to “get hooked”. 

He kept prescribing them to her. When she ran out and couldn’t get more, she would raise hell rocking & 
screaming until we had to take her to the emergency room, where they would sedate her. The hospital 

even gave her another prescription for Lorazapam! Now she would take both prescriptions!! We found 

her laid out unresponsive one day. The ambulance took her back to the hospital and said she was “dehydrated”. 
Nobody wants to take responsibility. We have been in & out of hospitals for the past two years now, and have 
finally had to put my mother-in-law in a rest home because she has anterograde amnesia, and can’t make any 
new memories. She has been found wandering in the street in freezing temperatures, not knowing where 

she is or what happened 3 minutes ago. The doctors say: dementia. We say: the drugs. 

It is so extremely sick. Actually, sick wouldn’t even describe this. This is chemical warfare against the 
White race; just another way we are being destroyed. This is the world we live in... the real world. Even 
if these pills don’t finish people off completely, everyone who takes them get damaged, whether they 
realize it or not. It lowers IQ, verbal functioning, cognitive abilities, etc. Many people end up injured, but 
not to the point of being completely brain dead. Those who don’t end up brain dead just haven’t taken 
these pills for long enough. 

It won’t be long until racism/anti-Semitsm will be considered a “mental illness”. Actually, in Sweden, this 
appears to already be the case. If you speak out against the Jews/communism, they can send you to a 
mental institution, lobotomize you, and that’s how they destroy and shut up all opponents. Eli Lilly, 
GlaxoKlineSmith, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, all Jewish companies that make psychiatric drugs. 

Jewish Scientist Nears Physical Cure For ‘White Racism.’ A Nanotechnology Lobotomy? 
Walter Freeman (jew) who lobotomized thousands of white people: 

Forget the claims of insane surgery in the concentration camps in Germany, when right here in 
America we had our own little sadistic “surgeon” performing lobotomies on victims using ice picks. 
This Jewish sadist would use his highly criticized mind-killing techniques on “hyper-active” children 
and “bored” house wives by jamming ice picks up their noses and through their eyes. Of course they 
were all performed on gentile victims. The “doctor” Walter Freeman, was a great swindler who knew 
public relations well. The Jewish controlled media fueled his artificial success rates and the sadist was 
allowed to continue mutilating peoples brains and faces. 100,000 lobotomies were performed in the US. 

The Jewish psychiatry of the Western world mirrors that of the Communists in the Soviet Union. Read 
the book Psychopoliticis: Jewish-Communist Brainwashing Techniques by Kenneth Goff. You can 
download it for free in PDF form. This was apparently the booklet issued first in Russia to The University 
of Moscow students in the 1930s. It was also being distributed to Communists in America. 

In 1956, Khrushchev denounced Stalin’s reign of terror in the USSR, in which Anti-Semitism was punishable 
by death. Following this condemnation, the communist regime and the KGB had to come up with subtler 
means to repress political dissent. They turned to psychiatry, using it as a means to silence opposition to 

the state by labeling political dissenters, racists, and anti-Semites as mentally ill and committing them to 
psychiatric prisons. Anatoly Koryagin, at the time a young psychiatrist in Siberia, describes how he was 
pressured by the Ministry of the Interior to write expert reports on “mentally disordered” individuals who 

were simply vocal political dissenters. When he resisted their demands, Koryagin himself became the object of 
persecution by the KGB. 

If we don’t do anything about this criminal conspiracy, this will be our future. This is what could happen to to 
all Pro-Whites who oppose their own genocide. In the Jewish Psychiatric DSM Manual racism/anti-Semitism 

will become a “mental illness”. Then all Jewry’s political opponents will be herded into mental institutions, 
given their de facto death sentence, and chemically lobotomized, shutting us all up forever. 

We cannot allow this to continue! 

Swedish prosecutor takes a page from the Soviet manual — Swedish Artist to be declared insane to have 
him have committed 

Anti Depressants: The New Candy 
The Hidden Enemy Inside Psychiatry’s Hidden Agenda 
Antidepressants Slice and Dice Brain 

The Brainwashing Cult 

All they really do is Stalk People Illegally and Talk Back to THEM Harassing 
THEM ... 

Communist and Jewish Based Antifa Does The SAME EXACT THING 

They also do not want to be Recorded, Just like Antifa, Non-Aggression 
Principle ... 

\ Barry 

Right Now I listen to Adam Green of Know More News and | am 
Non-Partisan. They are trying to Push Feudalism, Zionism, Communism, 
Hegelian Dialectic, Mind Control and Cultural Ideological Subversion. Both 
Democrats and Republicans are Two Sides of the Same Coin and is 
Senseless Tribalism To Pick a Side. 

We are under expert conditioning to believe that Six Million Jews Perished 
during a Holocaust and that Adolf Hitler was a mad man when he repaired 
the German Economy, got Germany out of Debt, and Turned Germany into 
a Power House. 

My brainwashing all started with Paranormal Encounters of being told 
when we die we become highly telepathic and see every segment of time 
and that we are Telepathic Ghosts when we die. It started with a Jew telling 
me things about Telepathy, Remote Viewing, and Psychic Phenomena AKA 
ESP. He told me that Jewish Supremacists are at the very top and they are 
part of the B’nai B’rith of the ADL and the Mossad, that they keep us 
under-line in control like animals in a Zoo and that Martians Destroyed this 
planet as Kyle Odom claims in his Manifesto. | am just pointing out that 
Smedly Butler was right and War really is a Racket, and that Democrats and 
Republicans are Two Sides of the Same Coin, a False Left Right Paradigm 

lam not a Zionist or a Communist or a Marxist , | am Simply Not Partisan 
and an Atheist. Another Recommended read from a non-zionist is The 
Jesus Hoax by David Skrbina PHD. You see Society is just that mentally ill. 
The B’nai B’rith is a Jew-only secret society that is made up of 100% Pure 
Blood Jews that are all Circumcised as the Magna Carta was replaced with 
Talmudic Law and Rights are Imaginary, you do not have true Intellectual 
Property Rights, Rights are a Hoax, America was and always still is a 
British Crown Colony Corporation. You have The Act of 1871, The Cestui 
Que Vie Act of 1666 AD, The Magna Carta and Constitution no longer apply 
to common man and all you have is “I am invoking my right to remain 
silent” or the fifth amendment and that is it. Mid adlantic speakers such as 
David Irving dared to Question the Holocaust and got Deported and 
Arrested for doing so. It’s a Cult of Brainwashing. Martians as they have 
said use ‘wild’ humans as Sex Slaves and Worker Slaves and the last bit is 
they started Satan, God, Heaven, Hell and Organized Religion to Divide and 
Control Mankind as a Hegalian Dialectic Tool. Just look at us now the Jews 
absolutely run Hollywood and the Porn Industry as well as the Music 
Industry which is all Lossy Degenerate filth that uses no real instruments, 
the Jewish Supremacists are solely responsible for all the Degenerate Filth 
on this Planet Earth which operates through Talmudic Law, Government, 
Uniform Commercial Code. 

Keep in mind that the Constitution and Magna Carta were replaced with 
Babylonian Talmudic Law and we Goyim are listed to be exterminated by 
Degenerate Filth. 

They want open borders, the Jews were the first to open these Borders. 
Chabad Lubavitch is Purely Zionist and Jewish and absolutely part of 
Russia and Putin, Ukraine is also Openly Zionist so don’t wast you time 
with Two Party Feudalistic Tribalism and nonsensical Garbage, that is what 
the Jews want you to do. 

“It’s a Big Club and you Ain't in it, you and I are not in the big Club.” 

What George Carlin was saying was that the Democrats and Republicans 
are Two Sides of the Same Coin and a False Left/Right Paradigm, now it’s 
an absolute clusterfuck thanks to Modern Computers, Subnet Masking, The 
Patriot Act, The Back-door in the Very BIOS of your Computer that the 
Mossad Put in there Wake UP. 

Larken Rose once said “Fuck The Troops” he had a point, they had to kill 
300 people just to kill the bad guy who was the “Actual Problem”. 

Unplug from your Programming and Look these up: 

To Be Targeted, Holocaust Hoax, Targeted Individuals, Organized Stalking, 
Gang Stalking, MK-Ultra, MKULTRA, COINTELPRO, Mossad, ADL, SPLC, 
AIPAC, Chabad Lubavitch and Putin, False Dichotomy, Hegalian Dialectic, 
Cestui Que Vie, Uniform Commerical Code, USA is a Corporation, USA is a 
Crown Colony, Founding Fathers were Frauds, The Victors Lied about 
Hitler in History Books, Six Million Lie, Expert Conditioning, Brainwashing, 
Cults, Mind Control, Coercive Persuasion, Propaganda, Feudalism, 
Zionism, Tribalism, Brainwashing, Cults All Stalk People, Voyeurism and 
Stalking is a Paraphilia and Mental Illness, Communism Was Originally 
Jewish, Left Right Paradigm, Television, Radio, Non-Partisan, Expert 
Conditioning, Antifa was originally Jewish, Karl Marx was a Jew, Porn is 
Cultural Ideological Subversion and is Jewish, Flushyourmeds*com 
Archive*today*vn*org Perma*cc, Anti Psychiatry, Anti Vaccine, 
Antipsychiatry, Signals Intelligence, Banks do not want you taking out 
money, Statins Cause Brain Damage, 40 Hz Reverses Dementia, Skywave 
Linux and Ventoy, IBM Lenovo T400/T420, Questioning Jews or Judiaism or 
the Babalonian Talmud is Amalek and Antisemitism, Racial Justice is 
Abolishing White People, Both Democrats and Republicans are Same 

Godisimaginary*com Archive*today*org Perma*cc Evilbible*com, The 
Talmud is an Anti European Book against All White People, Hanuka is 
about the Celebration and Genocide of the Greeks and other European 
Peoples, They always repeat Israel has the right to defend itself when 
Palestine does not have anything at all anyways. 

David Duke, David Irving, Adam Green of Know More News, Mark Collett, 
David Skrbina, The Jesus Hoax, Flush Your Meds by Scott A. Barry ... 

Altcensored*com, Odysee*com, Bitchute*com, D*tube, PeerTube, 

AIPAC has many Mini AIPAC’S and is part of a Big Israel Supper Lobby, 

Usury in Jewish Banking, All Banking is Jewish, The Federal Reserve, The 

The World Bank, Black People are More Likely to Commit Violent Crimes 
than White People, Jews are the Real Supremacists who Control all Major 
Media and Banking. 

The Jesus Hoax : 9781732353237 / Flush Your Meds by Scott A. Barry 

Religion is just another Fairy Tale and Cult for Retarded Adults and Another 

Controlled Remote Viewing CRV is used to do all the Organized Stalking 
and Gang Stalking is Run by Confidential Informants, Citizens on Patrol, 
and Freemasonic Cops in Law Enforcement and Sheriff's Department and 
The Federal Government Look up Nextdoor Avalon and Regional 
Information Sharing Systems and Security Industry Specialists. 

Distilled Water is the Superior Water for your Health and if you Microwave 
water and give it to a plant, that plant will die, Supplement with Baking 
Soda or Sodium Bicarbonate, Take Citricare, Take Colostrum from 
Surthrival and take Apple Pectin. 

Fasting Cures most inflamatory disease and the doctors only want to 
Poison you with Fake Vaccines and Fraud Pharmeceuticals and the CIA is 
also Behind this along with FBI’s COINTELPRO Program next to the CIA 
MKULTRA Program and Charles Manson was a Sane Man just Hitler and he 
was Wrongfully Convicted on Bogus Claims and Painted as The Poster 
Child, his Organization was ATWA and he was all about Perserving the 
Environment and Saving the Trees which put him in the Psychiatric System 
where was experimented on Illegally with drugs under Project MKULTRA 
and Cathy O’brien was also also used as a sex slave for Child Porn in this 
same CIA MK-Ultra Program that was all about Child Porn and LSD Look it 

In my dream I had one door that had Catheters, pencil thin legs, sick 
mentally retarded people to the left and the Door was called MK-Ultra, The 
other door to the right was called Satanic Ritual Abuse and | had sex in that 
door with random people. 

So Society is totally lost by Political Brainwashing and Religious 
Brainwashing so Turn off your TV and Radio, those are the least cool 
things you can do. 

Real Journalism is found on the Internet Period, people blow the whistle 
and expose Pharmeceutical Companies for Throwing Drugs in The Trash 
when they say they are ECO and Green and all that other Stupid Hippie New 
Age Bull Shit. | am glad to have a Long Wire Vintage Edison Light Bulb and 
Candles in my Home and Screw These People, | also Eat Meat and other 
Fish as well, These People are all CUNTS. 

Psychology and Psychiatry and Non-Stem Fraud Business for Big Pharma. 

Real Science comes in Lab Tests such as Analysis of Blood with a 

Or Radiometric Carbon Dating which debunks these Flat Earthers and 
Young Earth Creationists. The Earth Being More Than 5 Billion Years Old 
According to Science. 

The Jew Agenda is working, you can’t even say that we become Telepathic 
Ghosts when we die and that when humans die they see every segment of 
time Via Telepathy and that even Stasis Idiots use Telepathy to Stalk and 
Harass such as Antifa. 

Antifa is a Communist Jewish Group and Communism was Oringially 
Jewish And Karlm Marx was a Circumcised Fucking Jew, Fuck Your 
Censorship Period. 

GE, VIACOM, Time Warner, News Corp, CBS, Walt Disney = All Jewish + 
Zionist ... 

D*tube - @invalid 01-20 / 322 / 666 / 963 , Also my Organized Stalkers are 
Body Snatched Brain Worm Skin Suits Truman Show They Live 1984 
George Orwell and they are Harassing me just like and AntiFa Stasis would 
for Typing this All UP ... 

They are harassing me in my room for typing this at this very moment. 

The Statement by Scott A. Barry / Scott Barry / Scott Alan Barry : 

We are Under Mass Brainwashing, Propaganda, PSYOPS, Mind Control, 
Coercive Persuasion ... Heaven and Hell are Not Real and Martians Started 
the God Myth, God is not Real. When Humans Die They Become Telepathic 
Psychic Ghosts. Christianity is Just Zionism and the Talmud and Bible are 
Just Zionism. The Holocaust is a Hoax, Six Million My ASS. Hitler was a 
Good Man and Fixed the German Economy and Got Germany out of a 
Banking Debt and The Victors Re-Wrote Our History Books and Everything 
We Have Been Taught about WWII is BULL SHIT ... Hitler just Deported the 
Jews and the Holocaust Never Happened and College = SCAM = MK-Ultra 
So There Have That. 

Cultural Ideological Subversion and Expert Conditioning Expert 
Programming is where you see a Swastika Flag Symbol and not realize that 
it is an Ancient Symbol for Unity and Love as Alfred Schaefar has also 
Pointed Out in His Videos Exposing B’nai B’rith / ADL. 

Kosher Execution is the Most Cruel and Inhumane way to execute a Cattle 
and the Jews Sell More Kosher Circle K Circle U Products than any other 
race, they run all the Banks, They Run the Press and Mainstream Media. 

The only reason why people are diagnosed with a Mental Illness by a 
Psychiatrists which Psychiatry is a Fraud for Big Pharma Bucks is because 
they realized there is no documented evidence for the Holocaust or they 
have a world view that is not Acceptable to The Globalist Zionist Mind Set. 

You can read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of the Zion and 
realize it’s these Jewish Supremacists who want Mass Brainwashing, 
Cultural Ideological Subversion, Mass Communism, and Total Control of 
the Press. It's obvious that Karl Marx was Born with Two Jewish Parents. 

They want to supress anything and everything, Computer Code, What 
happens when we die (We Become Telepathic Ghosts that can See Every 
Segment of Time Via Remote Viewing) , All Information on Remote Viewing. 

They promote the Myth of the Holocaust and deny the existence of 
Communism, Marxism, and it’s ties to Zionism and Karl Marx a Jew Semite.