Credits to Administrator/Not Discord!! from

zeraX is a fortnite cheat/hack skid who's notorious for MBR wiping malware, and Dox and SWAT threats.
trash opsec and very cringe. Enjoy

name Aryan Kumar
age 17
address Muscat, Al Gubrah, Oasis residence, Muscat 113, Oman
applied College: Hewlett Packard and Nation University Of Singapore (Internation student)
aliases Riadau/FirePlayzRB/Hexareaper/furiosdestuct/xXProGamezXx/Strax/ZeraX/MBR/Eternal/Prodigal/Vanez/Vivid

his MBR wiper malware in use on a sandboxed pc u can see it analed the sandbox like it would anal a real pc
pic of his ugly ass terrorist looking face
his e-mails,,,,
all his old aliases Toxicify#5477 (604234213780357122), Hexareaper#5686, Casperr#5686, FireplayzRB#0001, Strax#7139 << Same discords (324937756029485067), riadau#7139 (530402900871217169), ! ! ! ZeraX#1895 (363657802180329473), MBR#1337 (672783402839179275), many more, currently Eternal#0404 (800640843983093820) as of 27 Jan 2021.
his prior pastes Corxin, Hexasploit/Anomity spoofer, ProdigalCheats (owned by disrupt, another notorious skid)

his school:
his school info:
mailing Address:
aBA - an IB World School,
pO Box 372, PC 115,
madinat Qaboos,
muscat - Sultanate of Oman. info (banned): furiosdestruct, Spamming / Leeching | -, Banned by: Zaida, Banned: 3 months ago (I (Not Discord) got him banned on Nulled by logging into his account, leeching and spamming, and upvoting all my posts). (this is where he sell the pasta)
fiverr: (says from Oman)
epic Games: furiosdestruct69
roblox:, says sub to XxProgamezxX 
possible Aminoapps (under xXProGamezXx):
storx pasted spoofer:
gitHack (GitHub, GitLab clone): Proof he\'s MBR (screenshot is MBR old acc, matches with email above, and when you thought it couldn\'t have been him the ID of that acc is 530402900871217169)
Aryan Kumar has spread a master boot record (MBR - which also matches with his newest acc) fucker via his old ! ! ! ZeraX#1895 (363657802180329473) account
Proof he wrote it:
I think he\'s done it to try eliminate his competition, he tried to do it to me but I was too smart to fall for a suspicious file.