Sup. Before I start I want to say that I see alot of wannabe hackers and doxxers trying to play the role of know-it-all in reality they're as harmless as a fucking insect, doxxing is as easy as a simple search button and I started cringing seeing the amount of people talking about how they're "elite doxxers" that no one knows the secret of. 

It isn't a secret, and those people are a fucking joke. This is coming from someone who did it since 2014 on the OG troll days of 4chan where I swatted, got people arrested and of course doxxed. There's nothing special about it, and if you are one of those wannabes that claim they're doxxers and hackers then I'll laugh right in your face. Grow up faggot. 

Now let us start;


You can search all these websites on the web and get their links, the apps are also useful, if you got some extra change you can pay for the premium features which are worth it. 

1) Whitepages (free or paid) 
2) Truthfinder (free or paid & has an app) 
3) Clustrmaps (free or paid) 
4) Spokeo (free or paid & has an app) 
5) Mylife (free or paid) 
6) Fastpeoplesearch (paid & needs a USA VPN to use) 
7) Intellius (paid) 
8) FamilyTreeNow (paid) 
9) Instantusernamesearch (for peoples social media) 
10) (for IP reverse searching) 
11) (for DDOSING)
12) (for DDOSING) 
13) Facebook (for full name & number search) 
14) Skype (for Full name, username, email & number search) 
15) Instagram (for username & number search)
16) Textnow (an app to get a free fake US number)

Use full names or numbers to search on these. They work on people inside the USA only. (because the USA has an online public database)


You might be asking "what the fuck are database sites?". They're websites that collect and gather information from other websites that got their privacy, data, logins, emails, names and passwords breached. 

This is where some people try to lie to others and call themselves hackers, it's a fucking joke. You pay for the website and search up the persons email/full name/number etc 

1) (paid) 
2) (paid) 
3) (paid)


What detail doxxing is, is it's a method of doxxing that doesn't use the reverse search websites, because those are only based in the US. Now what I'll drop here is the methods to use to dox someone in an unknown place that's not in the states. 

1) Grabbing their IP, searching up their with their IP address and searching their name narrowed down to their city 
2) Searching their name (first or last name) with their city name on Facebooks search bar
3) Searching up their username on Google in the form of "@" for example I'm doxxing someone with the username as dog321 I would search up "@dog321" and the rest of their social media would pop up
4) Replacing the Facebook profile username in the url bar with their common username to see if their profile comes up
5) Saving their number in your contacts & then syncing them on social media to see if they would pop up
6) Searching their usernames on or any database search site for their passwords
7) Searching up their email/number/username on Skype for more information on them that branches out 
8) Searching up their email on Google search 
9) Trying out their passwords and emails on kik, if it logs in then search through their search history in the browser kik tab 
10) Reading through their old Facebook & posts, or any other posts they made on any forums and social media which hints and drops more info 


Believe it or not, most "doxxers" don't even dox, they just play the longer path of talking to the person and collecting any hidden hints of information they might say, whether it be their city, their number, their siblings names, the type of car they use, it all can compile up to the one big graph over time. And that's how some people would get tricked into thinking they're some type of online superiority because they memorize what people would tell them secretly or openly. Some people don't care and would say anything about their lives, makes the job easier. 

As for people on Discord, some can be tricked into turning on their screenshare, opening up their camera and finding hints on their screen or in their surroundings. (I used to screen record peoples cameras and would re-watch the recording for any hints of info) 


The fucking end of this script. I hope some of you opened your eyes and stopped worshipping some made up cunts with fake names such as 'elitedoxxer' to try and get some dumb bitches nudes by pretending to be some type of huge hacker which they aren't. I'll keep updating the script for more information 

For any inquiries and more questions HMU at;

Snapchat @ripmercury 
Discord @Schutz#2585